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Item No.Article descriptionTypeArticles mark
15916100 arabica blend SAN LUIS 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
208083M fat test strips 20 pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNullraum
193503M Scotch Brite Grill Cleaner (pad with handle)TÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
208603M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish 600mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
200864-hole punch Leitz 5114, silverOffice suppliesNonfood
010265-Fruit Cocktail 850mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
00606A Harzer Cheese Roll 200gCheeseNullraum
11407A Kira 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
12541A Knirps-Romadur 40% 100gCheeseNullraum
01950A. Nollen Spätburgunder dry 1 Ltr. 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
02584Aalborger Aquavit 1 Ltr. 45%A Q U A V I TCanteen
02583Aalborger Extra Aquavit 0,7 Ltr. 42%A Q U A V I TCanteen
02581Aalborger Anniversary Aquavit 1 Ltr. 40%A Q U A V I TCanteen
02589Aalborger Anniversary Aquavit 5 cl 40%A Q U A V I TCanteen
09799ABEBA safety shoes S2, SRA, HACCP, black, kitchen suitable, microfibreWorkwearNonfood
02607Absolut 100 Vodka 1 Ltr. 50%W O D K ACanteen
02603Absolut Vanilla 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02634Absolut Vodka Apeach 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
12590Absolut Vodka blue 0,05 Ltr 40%W O D K ACanteen
02604Absolut Vodka blue 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02605Absolut Vodka Kurrant 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02606Absolut Vodka Lemon 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02608Absolut Vodka Mandarin 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02633Absolut Vodka Raspberry 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02611Absolut Vodka Ruby Red 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
01839Absorbent for removing body fluids, granules, 3 ltrCleaner DiversNonfood
02492Acetaia Murani Balsamic Vinegar Cranberry 250mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
02493Acetaia Murani Balsamic Vinegar Pomegranate 250mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
20723Acetaia Murani Mango vinegar 250mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
20724Acetaia Murani Tomato vinegar 250mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
14143Aceto Balsamico 5 years Primavera 250mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
10720Aceto Balsamico di Modena 500ml WibergVinegar / LemonProvisions
07124Aceto Balsamico Mosto Sacro 250ml Casa RinaldiVinegar / LemonProvisions
13628Acetum Agretti cranberry 250mlOIL / FatProvisions
13629Acetum Agretti pomegranate 250mlOIL / FatProvisions
19485Acqua Panna 12 x 0,75 ltr. OWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
19484Acqua Panna 24 x 0,25 Ltr. OWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
18018Acqua Panna without gaz 16x0,75 ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
17417Ada Shoehorn 38,5cm Wooden 50 pcs/box HWSL038-100005ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
12149Adelholzener bottle pendantPromotionalCanteen
12139Adelholzener Classic 12 x 0,75 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
12140Adelholzener Classic 20 x 0,25 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
19239Adelholzener coasters for glassesPromotionalCanteen
12148Adelholzener metal bottle openerPromotionalCanteen
12141Adelholzener Naturell 12 x 0,75 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
12142Adelholzener Naturell 20 x 0,25 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
12145Adelholzener trayPromotionalCanteen
12146Adelholzener tray-coastersPromotionalCanteen
12147Adelholzener waiterblockPromotionalCanteen
02968Advokaat Diana Egg Liqueur 1 Ltr. 14%LiqueursCanteen
19890Affligem Dark 16x0,33 Ltr. OW Grad Plato: 15,4° Alc: 6,8%Beer / BottleCanteen
11830After Eight 200gSweetsProvisions
04322After Eight 400gSweetsProvisions
05175Agar Agar powder 25gNutritional agentsProvisions
13631Agrumolio oranges oil 200mlOIL / FatProvisions
21266Airwick fragrance oil bottle, refill 19mlToiletriesNonfood
21265Airwick fragrance plug, originalToiletriesNonfood
19593AIX Róse 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O S E W E I NCanteen
09585Ajax All Purpose Cleaner 10 Ltr.ALLZWECKREINIGERNonfood
07861Ajax Window & Groundcleaner 5 Ltr.GLASREINIGERNonfood
09403Ajvar mild 720ml/690gSeasoning sauceProvisions
20357AKO Schimmel Ex chlorfrei 500 mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
11699Alcohol sponge 100eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20588Aldersbacher Urhell 30 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,4° Alc: 5,1%Beer / BarrelCanteen
20589Aldersbacher Urhell 50 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,4° Alc: 5,1%Beer / BarrelCanteen
20590Aldersbacher Zwicklbier 24x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 12,5° Alc: 5,5%Beer / CansCanteen
21540Aldinger Merlot Grosse Reserve trocken 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21487Aldinger Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
02295Alfalfa sprouts, freshSpices / FreshFresh
13115Alfalfa sprouts, fresh (Kg)Spices / FreshFresh
21513Alfred Fischer Cabernet Franc 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21590Alfred Fischer Pinot Blanc 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
21531Alfred Fischer Zweigelt lieblich 0,75 Ltr 10,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21351Allegrini Corte Giara Amarone Della Valpolicella DOCG 0,75 Ltr. 15%R O T W E I NCanteen
21350Allegrini Corte Giara Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie DOC 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
21449Allendorf Die goldenen Jungs Landwein Rheingau Riesling 0,75 ltr 12,0%White wineCanteen
21591Allendorf Die goldenen Jungs Rheingau Riesling dry 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21594Allendorf Illusion Rosé 0,75 Ltr 11%R O S E W E I NCanteen
21603Allendorf Spätburgunder VDP Gutswein 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
20116Almdudler Original MW 24x0,35 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
18469Almond bee sting cuts 1250g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
04488Almond Biscuit Buttered Schulte 2 KgHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04489Almond Biscuits Gruyters 2 KgHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
06128Almond Croquettes -frozen-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
00915Almond Essence 1 Ltr.Essences/ColoursProvisions
00922Almond Paste cook. 12,5Kg (Kg)Baking ingredientsProvisions
00917Almond SplintersNuts / SeedsProvisions
06362Almonds, ground 2,0 Kg (kg)Nuts / SeedsProvisions
00912Almonds, plainNuts / SeedsProvisions
06166Almonds, whole peeled 2,5kg (kg)Nuts / SeedsProvisions
13822Alpenh. Brie-Snack 45% 50x25gCheeseNullraum
13823Alpenh. Schuhp. Camembert 30% 50x25gCheeseNullraum
17786Alpenschnaps Marille 1 Ltr. 35%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
21559Alphart Zweigelt Classic 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
19516Alpro Almond Drink 1 Ltr.Milk/condensate.Nullraum
13291Alpro Soya cooking cream 1 literMilk/condensate.Nullraum
13292Alpro Soya drink unsweetened 1 LtrMilk/condensate.Nullraum
02379Alpro Yoghurt Blueberry 500gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
19592Altano Quinta do Ataide BIO 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
19594Altano white 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
20003Altum Meisterstück Cuvee 0,25 ltr./btl. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
09105Aluminium Foil Large 45cm/150 Mtr.SLIDE/BACKPAP.Nonfood
20050Alustiel 140cm anodized for folding holdersVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21619Alvorada Coffee, whole bean 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
21618Alvorada Ground coffee 250gRoasted coffeeProvisions
18909Amaranth puffed 250gNuts / SeedsProvisions
00436Amaretti italian pastries 200gPastries / CrackersProvisions
02922Amaretto di Amore 1 Ltr. 21%LiqueursCanteen
02901Amaretto di Saronno 1 Ltr. 28%LiqueursCanteen
21668Amaretto di Saronno 1 Ltr. 28% #VikingLiqueursCanteen
15162Amaretto Rialto 1 Ltr. 21,5%LiqueursCanteen
02898Amarula Cream Liqeur 1 Ltr. 17%LiqueursCanteen
14630Amicelli 225gSweetsProvisions
21083Ammerlander Edamer 30% ca. 3 KgCheeseNullraum
07432Amsterdam cup 0,2 Ltr GerolsteinerPromotionalCanteen
00561Amsterdamer (Gouda) 48% ca. 4,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
14483An der Südbahn, Zweigelt, 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% #4994R O T W E I NCanteen
00170Anchovis Filet 630ml/600gCanned fishNullraum
21532Andreas Gsellmann Gabarinza 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21542Andreas Gsellmann Pannobile 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
04005Angostura Bitter 0,1 Ltr. 44,7%B I T T E RCanteen
06609Angostura Bitter 0,2 Ltr. 48%B I T T E RCanteen
18898Angus Burger Patty 72x125g /Krt.BeefTK
06452Anis Seed whole 200g/Tin WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
10739Anise, whole 1200ml/500g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
11320Anise, whole 470ml/95g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
21486Ansgar Cluesserrath Weißer Burgunder 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
13400Antipasti - Zucchini rolls 64x20gFinished productsTKTK
13496Anton 50% ca.6 KgCheeseNullraum
02152Aperol 1 Ltr. 11%LiqueursCanteen
08779Aperol italian Aperitif 15% 0,7 Ltr.LiqueursCanteen
01549Appel juice Albi 6 x 1 LtrJuices (Tetra)Canteen
13838Appenzell Alps Bitter Glass 2 clPromotionalCanteen
13516Appenzeller Alpenbitter 1 Ltr. 29%B I T T E RCanteen
19077Apple Blueberry spelled full grain cuts 1330g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
18556Apple Cake 1150g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
01030Apple Compote 720m Odenwaldbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
08229Apple Fritters 5x1000gCake/cake TKTK
04288Apple Juice 200mlJuices (Tetra)Canteen
04251Apple Juice 24 Tins / 0,33 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
01008Apple Pie 710gbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
01019Apple Pie Pieces 5/1 4000gbstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
18460Apple pie with shortcrust lattice 2500g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
01009Apple Puree 4250ml/4350gbstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
11561Apple Rings dried 500g MarylandDried fruitProvisions
18781Apple Sheet Cake 48pcs. 3800g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
01102Apple Sherbet Icecream 5 Ltr.Ice creamTK
19112Apple slices with butter crumble 3300g Erlenbacher -TK-Cake/cake TKTK
05206Apple Strudel -TK- 2375gCake/cake TKTK
00741Apple Strudel 600gCake/cake TKTK
20890Apple Tarte Tatin (nouvelle recette) 24x120gCake/cake TKTK
06993Apple Vinegar 1,00 Ltr. 5%Vinegar / LemonProvisions
18510Apple walnut cake 1.100g C & W -frozen-Cake/cake TKTK
12154Applejuice 100% 1 Ltr. Tetra GlockengoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
14177Applejuice 100% 1 Ltr. Tetra WesergoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
06059Applejuice Albi 12x0,2 Ltr. EWJuices / FL.Canteen
04065Applejuice dull 6x1 Ltr. MW BeckerJuices / FL.Canteen
04222Applejuice Granini 6x1,00 Ltr. PETJuices / FL.Canteen
04063Applejuice plain 6x1 Ltr. MW BeckerJuices / FL.Canteen
08865Apples "Granny Smith"""Fruit, freshFresh
08800Apples, greenFruit, freshFresh
08801Apples, redFruit, freshFresh
12793Apples, red BraebornFruit, freshFresh
12792Apples, red JonagoldFruit, freshFresh
13531Appleton Estate Rum 21 Years 0,7 Ltr. 43%RumCanteen
15216Appleton Rare Signature Blend 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
18383Application brush real horsehair bristles brightShoe careNonfood
18384Application brush real horsehair bristles darkShoe careNonfood
01103Apricot - Sherbet Icecream 5 Ltr.Ice creamTK
06623Apricot Curd Dumplings 65g 6Kg/BoxFinished productsTKTK
18534Apricot cuts 2100g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
20624Apricot Dumpling pre cooked&tanned 100x65g WeinbergmaierFinished productsTKTK
00511Apricot Dumplings 100x50gFinished productsTKTK
13503Apricot Fruit Spread 850g MövenpickJam port.Provisions
06130Apricot Halves, -frozen-Fruit TKTK
07149Apricot Jam 'Primafruttat' 2,5 kg 50% FruitConfit/Baking FillProvisions
01684Apricot Jam 3 kgConfit/Baking FillProvisions
21474Apricot jam 450g G&GJam port.Provisions
18574Apricot Pie 1150g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18792Apricot Sheet Cake 48pcs. 3800g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
11848Apricot-Jam portion-jar 60 x 30g Bonne MamanJam port.Provisions
01011Apricots half fruit in Syrup peeled 2650ml (2500g)bstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
01010Apricots in Syrup 850mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
01061Apricots, dried (kg)Dried fruitProvisions
08804Apricots, freshFruit, freshFresh
14681Apron Gunova, chemical resistant Universal sizeWorkwearNonfood
20176Aquavit Flyer 200 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
17792Aquavit Handout 500erViking NonfoodNonfood
18804Arcana / Sensiva Wash 1 ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18805Arcana / Sensiva Wash 5 ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18803Arcana / Sensiva Wash 500mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18801Arcana des 1 ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19327Arcana des 5 ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18800Arcana des 500mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19892Arcana Rapid disinfectant 1 Ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19816Arcana starter packageVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21465Archive box Fellowes Bankers Box 100x350x260mm, 20 pcs/BoxOffice suppliesNonfood
18901Arctic char filet with skin 200-400g *Fresh fish&TKTK
02886Ardberg 10 y 1 Ltr. 46%WhiskyCanteen
20191Ardenner ham smoked ca. 3,5 Kg (Kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
20583Ardo Caulipower Mix 1Kg frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
20582Ardo Green Wave Mix 1Kg frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
00136Ardo half avocados (Kg), frozenFruit TKTK
20584Ardo honey Pastinaken 2,5 Kg frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
00147Ardo mashed spinach portioned 6g 4x2,5kg frozen (kg)Frozen vegetablesTK
20551Ariake Clams Bouillon 5x60gKnorr / MaggiProvisions
20552Ariake Shellfish Bouillon 5x55gKnorr / MaggiProvisions
20214Arla Milk Portions 1,5% 100x20mlMilk/condensate.Nullraum
21541Armando Piazzo Barolo DOCG 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
01361Aromat Seasoningpowder 500g KnorrKnorr / MaggiProvisions
07567Aromat Universal Rafina 12 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
05911Artichoke Bottoms frozen 1VF020Frozen vegetablesTK
01077Artichoke Hearts 2650ml/2500gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
06861Artichoke Hearts 425mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
02130Asbach Urbrand 1 Ltr. 40%BrandyCanteen
12953Ashtray with wastebin chromeMiscellaneousNonfood
05650Asia Sauce Sweet And Sour 2000mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
01140Asparagus Cuts 425mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
01087Asparagus Cuts without heads 3100ml/2900gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
08405Asparagus green freshFresh vegetablesFresh
01218Asparagus green, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
01229Asparagus in pieces, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
01217Asparagus white large, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
06102Asparagus white, fresh 22/28 class 1Fresh vegetablesFresh
01142Asparagus whole 1/1Gem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
06539Asparagus, white/violett fresh 16+Fresh vegetablesFresh
20562Asprey Bar Soap 120x60g MUSK060ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20564Asprey Bodylotion 12x295ml PABL295 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20558Asprey Bodylotion 3 Ltr. EUBLB03 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20561Asprey Conditioner 200x50ml AYCO050 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20566Asprey Liquid Soap 12x295ml PALS295 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20560Asprey Liquid Soap 3 Ltr. EULSB03 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20565Asprey Shampoo 12x295ml PAHS295 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20559Asprey Shampoo 3 Ltr. EUHSB03 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20563Asprey Shower Gel 12x295ml PADG295ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20557Asprey Shower Gel 3 Ltr. EUDGB03 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20596Assenovgrad - Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 0,75Ltr. 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24769Assortement Mini Snacks 6 varieties 288x20gFinished productsTKTK
19062Assortiment de pains spéciaux,five fold sorted 25x270g Edna 8194Brötch/Croiss.TK
17752Astra beer 27x0,33 Ltr. MW Grad Plato: 11,2° Alc.: 4,9%Beer / BottleCanteen
04343Astra Premium beer tin24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,2% Alc.: 4,9%Beer / BarrelCanteen
20573Atitudine de Recas Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
17882Atlantic Cod Loin Skin Off, PBO, 140-160Fresh fish&TKTK
16692Auchentoshan Heartwood 1 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
02074Auchentoshan Single Malt Whisky Scotch 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
19891Augistijn Dark 6x0,75 Ltr. OW Grad Plato: 16° Alc.: 8%Beer / BottleCanteen
18274Aurora Spelt Wholemeal Flour 1 kgFlour / flour mixProvisions
19322Aurora wholemeal wheat flour 1 KgFlour / flour mixProvisions
14502Auslese Cuvee, 0,375 Ltr. 12% #9388White wineCanteen
06012Autan insectspray 100mlMiscellaneousNonfood
19976Autumn trumpets dried Plantin 125gSpices / MushroomsProvisions
18886Avalon bunsmix 1 150ea/boxBrötch/Croiss.TK
18887Avalon bunsmix 2 150ea/boxBrötch/Croiss.TK
20705Avalon Gluten Free Cake Mix 1148g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
13881Averna Amaro Siciliano 1 Ltr. 29%LiqueursCanteen
18409Aviko Pommes Super Crunch 9,5mm -frozen-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
02273Aviko Sweet Potato Fries 2270g prebaked, frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
05765Avocado, fresh (pcs)Fresh vegetablesFresh
08867Avocados, fresh (Kg)Fruit, freshFresh
12535B Belgian Passendale 50% ca. 4 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
24802B&B Caramel Pecan Cookie Puck 96x80g, frozenCake/cake TKTK
24806B&B Choc Chunk Cookie Puck 96x80g, frozenCake/cake TKTK
14294B&B Double Chocolate Cookie 90x50g, oven-readyCake/cake TKTK
24803B&B Macadamia & White Choc Cookie Puck 96x80g, frozenCake/cake TKTK
14296B&B Milk Chocolate Cookie 90x50g, oven-readyCake/cake TKTK
18211B&B Mini Amerikaner 100x25gCake/cake TKTK
24804B&B Raspberry White Choc Cookie Puck 96x80g, frozenCake/cake TKTK
24805B&B Triple Chocolate Cookie Puck 96x80g, frozenCake/cake TKTK
18221B&B Triple Chocolate Shortbread Cookies 60x70gCake/cake TKTK
14295B&B White Chocolate Cookie 90x50g, oven-readyCake/cake TKTK
01879B&H Easter Dish with gras 20cmHOLIDAY ITEMSNonfood
19115B60 disinfectant wipes 110 wipes / boxToiletriesNonfood
17996Baba Ghannouge 180g (aubergines/sesame paste)Seasoning sauceProvisions
08406Baby carrotsFresh vegetablesFresh
01157Baby clams in natural juice 700g/360gFresh fish&TKProvisions
08434Baby corn fresh -bag- 125gFresh vegetablesFresh
07108Baby Pears with Helve 425mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
07918Baby pineapple fresh -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
01180Babycarrots 6-14mm, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
14796Babycorn (kg)Fresh vegetablesFresh
21628Bacardi Breezer Lime 24x0,275Ltr. 4%AlkopopsCanteen
13258Bacardi Breezer Orange 24 x 0,275 Ltr. 4%AlkopopsCanteen
02310Bacardi carta blanca 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02309Bacardi carta blanca 3 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02323Bacardi carta blanca 5 cl 37,5%RumCanteen
13204Bacardi carta blanca 5 cl 40%RumCanteen
02312Bacardi carta Gold 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02311Bacardi Lemon 1 Ltr. 32%RumCanteen
02230Bacardi Lemon 1 Ltr. 35%RumCanteen
02313Bacardi Premium Black 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02317Bacardi Razz 1 Ltr. 32%RumCanteen
02319Bacardi Reserva 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02325Bacardi Reserva Superior 8y 0,7 Ltr 40%RumCanteen
02316Bacardi Reserva Superior 8y 1 Ltr 40%RumCanteen
18820Back-Camembert 4x75g TKCheeseTK
14969Backing Mix Premium 431 20 Kg (Kg)Baking ingredientsProvisions
02899Bacon fat ca. 2 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
14147Bacon Irish salted and smoked 5-7cmPorkNullraum
20731Bacon smoked "Heidegut GOLD"" sliced Kg (RA)"Smoked sausageNullraum
13083Bacon smoked "Heidegut"" sliced Kg"Smoked sausageNullraum
24801Bacon-wrapped beans 50x40gFinished productsTKTK
12990Bagels Nature 36x75g/box -frozen- EDNA 977Brötch/Croiss.TK
21063Bagettiiiii 15x120g Edna 2596Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
08460Bags 36x44x4cm 100 Pcs.MiscellaneousNonfood
19000Bags for cutlery Duni black 40x33cm 260eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13471Baguette Bread 30x280gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
10552Baguette Rolls 40x60g C&WBrötch/Croiss.TK
00843Baguette with Garlic, french 175gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
19524Baguettes 16x440g Edna 64Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
02910Baileys Irish Cream 1 Ltr. 17%LiqueursCanteen
02936Baileys Irish Cream 5cl 17%LiqueursCanteen
02908Bailoni 1 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
01079Baked Beans 425ml/415g HeinzGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
04714Baked potatoes va. 4 ea (1 Kg)FinishedNullraum
08641Baker Bag 1000 750g (1-2 buns)SLIDE/BACKPAP.Nonfood
13820Baker Chocolate Donut Milka 48x55gMini - CakeTK
11755Baker Handshoes 1 pairHAND/SHOESNonfood
20633Baker&Baker Midi Muffin Choco 32x80gMini - CakeTK
20635Baker&Baker Mini Muffin blueberry 32x80gMini - CakeTK
20942Baking cups PE brown 35x20mm 1000 pcs.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20943Baking cups PE brown 50x32mm 1000 pcs.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21267Baking fat spray 600ml LindemannSLIDE/BACKPAP.Nonfood
00885Baking Ingredients for BreadFlour / flour mixProvisions
09267Baking Paper 200m x 57cm Roll perfectSLIDE/BACKPAP.Nonfood
09273Baking Paper 40x60xm 500eaSLIDE/BACKPAP.Nonfood
14905Baking Paper 530x325mm both sides silic. 500 SheetsSLIDE/BACKPAP.Nonfood
09266Baking Paper Non Adhessive Melitta 8mx39cmSLIDE/BACKPAP.Nonfood
21243Baking paper on roll 38cm x 100mSLIDE/BACKPAP.Nonfood
07142Baking Peas 200g LeimerNutritional agentsProvisions
08831Baking PotatoesFresh vegetablesFresh
00874Baking Powder 1 kgBaking ingredientsProvisions
00711Baking-Soda 1 Kg 1PA260Baking ingredientsProvisions
02709Balisto Chocolate Cereal Mix 1ea 20x37g *SweetsProvisions
03938Balisto Yoghurt-Berry white 1er 20x37gSweetsProvisions
11980Balkan Salad 3 kgReady-made saladsNullraum
01163Balkan vegetable, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
02008Ballantines 0,5 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
01996Ballantines 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02012Ballantines 12 Years 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02007Ballantines 3 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02054Ballantines 5cl 40%WhiskyCanteen
14205Ballpen Corona oneway M Cover + Clip in leadcolour, blackOffice suppliesNonfood
12663Ballpen Corona oneway M Cover + Clip in leadcolour, blueOffice suppliesNonfood
02250Balsamic Pear Cake 90 pcs/boxCake/cake TKTK
01409Balsamic Vinegar Dressing 5 LtrSeasoning sauceNullraum
07269Balsamico Glace Classic 500ml WibergVinegar / LemonProvisions
10848Balsamico Glace Hibiscus-Chilie 500ml, WibergSeasoning sauceProvisions
10847Balsamico Glace Safran 500ml, WibergSeasoning sauceProvisions
05186Balsamico Vinegar 250mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
01383Balsamico Vinegar Aceto 1 ltr.Vinegar / LemonProvisions
19248Balsamico-Dressing 450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
02575Balsamico-Dressing 4x450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
20736Balvenie 12 years Triple Cask 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
01944Balvenie Portwood 21 Jahre 0,7 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
21157Bamboo breakfast boards 23 x 15cm 30pcs/Box (Box)Viking NonfoodNonfood
18125Bamboo spit with burl capper 15cm, 250erVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
05870Bamboo spit with leaves capper 15cm 250pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
06142Bamboo spit with leaves capper 9cm 250pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
01081Bambus Sprouts in slices 3100ml/2950gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
14215Bambusbasket Zisch 20cm 25 pcs./pakHOLIDAY ITEMSNonfood
19076Banana bread currant slices vegan 1150g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
05758Banana Chips 250gDried fruitProvisions
14255Banana Ice 5 Ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
08805Bananas, halfripeFruit, freshFresh
12788Bananas, yellowFruit, freshFresh
20567Banderols for hot beverage cups 10-16oz, cardboard, 1000pcs./boxVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
24842Banfi Grappa di Brunello 0,7 Ltr. 45%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
19568Banfi La Pettegola Vermentino Toscana IGT 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
09767Bar Napkin Uniworld silver 25x25cm 2py 3000 pcsNapkinsNonfood
06183Barack Aprikosenschnaps 1 Ltr. 38%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
21543Barbanera Governo Toscana Rosso IGT 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
00144Barbarie duck breast male 300-400g (Kg)PoultryTK
14350Barbarie Duck leg female 200-250gPoultryTK
00145Barbarie Duck leg male 300-400g (Kg)PoultryTK
13592Barbecue Sauce 3 KgSeasoning sauceNullraum
20632Barbecue-Sauce 2,15 Ltr. HeinzSeasoning sauceProvisions
05152Barbecuespice 1200ccm/904g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
14491Barbera d`Asti "Tabarin"", D.O.C. 0,75 Ltr. 13% #5710"R O T W E I NCanteen
20306Barbicide disinfectant concentrate 480mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
15668Bardinet napole. satined 1 Ltr. 36%BrandyCanteen
19262Barilla Bavette Linguine Nr. 52 5 Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
04238Barilla Canelloni no 88 12 x 250gNoodles dryProvisions
10794Barilla Cappelini 500g No 1Noodles dryProvisions
20928Barilla Conchiglie 5Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
19259Barilla Farfalle N.65 5 Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
19266Barilla Fusilli Nr. 98 5 Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
21346Barilla Lasagne di Semola 5kgNoodles dryProvisions
00746Barilla Penne Rigate 5Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
19260Barilla Sedanini Rigati Nr. 53 5 Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
19265Barilla Spaghetti No. 5 5 Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
19263Barilla Tortiglioni Nr. 83 5 Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
20899Barilla Trofie 1 Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
10491Barilla Wholemeal Farfalle 500gNoodles dryProvisions
21038Baron Otard X.O. Gold 0,7 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
20656Baron Philippe de Rothschild Cháteau d´Armailhac 2013 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
18754Baronin von Essen Capaia One 0,75 Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
20422Barton & Guestier Reserve Chardonnay 0,187 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
20421Barton & Guestier Reserve Merlot 0,187 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
19251Based dressing, liquid 10 Ltr.Seasoning sauceProvisions
19252Based Mousse 1,8 KgPudding PowderProvisions
12607Basil chopped 1000ccm/150g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
10060Basil Oil extra 500ml WibergOIL / FatProvisions
21277Basil rubbed 150g WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
18911Basil seeds 100gNuts / SeedsProvisions
08756Basil, fresh -Bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
07527Basil, fresh -Kg-Spices / FreshFresh
01256Basil, groundSpices / MushroomsProvisions
05451Basketfilter Mondo 1000eaCOFFEE FILTERNonfood
00784Basmati Rice 5 kg (kg)RiceProvisions
11778Basmati Rice 1 KgRiceProvisions
13423Bassett Winegums 190gSweetsProvisions
02912Batida de Coco 1 Ltr. 16%LiqueursCanteen
02548Batteries alkaline C 1.5V Baby C LR14 2 St/PktFILMS/BATTERIESNonfood
09715Battery 9V BlockFILMS/BATTERIESNonfood
06021Battery Alkal. Micro 1,5V AAA LR03 4PcsFILMS/BATTERIESNonfood
06020Battery Alkaline Mignon 1,5V AA 4P LR6FILMS/BATTERIESNonfood
20789Bauer fruit yoghurt 3,5% 250g sortedYoghurt / KefirNullraum
11771Bautzner Mustard 1000mlMustardProvisions
13537Bautzner mustard 5 KgMustardNullraum
13510Bavaria Premium EW 24/0,25 Ltr. Alc 5 % Plato 11,2 %Beer / BottleCanteen
01510Bavarian Cream Powder 1000gDr. OetkerProvisions
00282Bavarian Liver Cheese ca. 1,5 Kg (Kg)SausagesNullraum
12640Bavarian Liver Cheese ca. 1,5 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
02402Bavarian Liver Cheese ca. 2,3 Kg (Kg)SausagesNullraum
18857Bavarian mustard sweet 5 Kg HändlmaierMustardNullraum
01388Bavarian Mustard sweet 5 Ltr/BuckMustardNullraum
13559Bavarian Whitesausage 40g (Kg)Roast/sausagesNullraum
17972Bavarian Whitesausage 14x70g (kg) vac. MunzertRoast/sausagesNullraum
13827Bavrian Presbag, white ca. 1,8 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
12616Bay Leaves 1000ccm/50g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05076Bay Leaves 1200ccm/60g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
07839Bay Leaves fresh, -bunch-Fresh vegetablesFresh
20404Be different Body Milk 24 x 150ml TUBL150 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20401Be different Body Wash 24 x 150ml TUDG150 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20403Be different Hair Balm 24 x 150ml TUCO150 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20402Be different Hair Wash 24 x 150ml TUHS150 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
13952Beaker 0,5 LtrVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
01138Bean Sprouts 3100ml/2900g 3/1em-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01139Bean Sprouts 580mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
08829Bean Sprouts, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
01204Beans green 8-9 mm Deli -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
21302Beans green very fine, Oerlemans frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
06122Beans in Tomatoesauce 2650ml/2620g Heinzem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01092Beans white with green 4250ml/4000gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01239Beans white, dried (kg)PulsesProvisions
07956Beans, black (kg)PulsesProvisions
19220Beans, black 3000gSour Conserv.3/1Provisions
01242Beans, brown dried (kg)PulsesNullraum
06098Bear Leeks, freshSpices / FreshFresh
12491Bear Leeks-cream soup 3 kg/pakKnorr / MaggiProvisions
21617Beard mask pp white 100 pcs.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19914Beaune du Chateau Premier Cru rouge 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
00458Becel Margarine german 250gMargarineNullraum
00457Becel Portions 200 x 10g (kg)MargarineNullraum
02622Becherovka 1 Ltr. 38%W O D K ACanteen
06804Beck's bar runnerPromotionalCanteen
05301Beck's bottle openerPromotionalCanteen
07381Beck's cleaningballonPromotionalCanteen
04092Becks beer 6 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,2° Alc.: 4,9%Beer / BarrelCanteen
04105Becks beer "Blue"" (non-alcoholic) 24x0,33 Ltr. OW"Beer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
04107Becks beer 30 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,2° Alc.: 5,00%Beer / BarrelCanteen
04103Becks beer Btl. 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,2° Alc.: 5,0%Beer / BottleCanteen
07309Becks beer coaster 1000erPromotionalCanteen
04106Becks beer in Tins 24/0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,2° Alc.: 5,00%Beer / CansCanteen
04024Becks beer MW 24/0,33 Ltr.Beer / BottleCanteen
04102Becks beer tins 24x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,2° Alc.: 5,0% *Beer / CansCanteen
10196Becks Glasses Seattle 0,25 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
09553Becks Glasses Seattle 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
04158Becks Green Lemon MW 24x0,33 Ltr.Beer / BottleCanteen
13153Bed bug glue traps 10x2 Traps/PakVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20433BEE KIND Black disp. Pump for 300ML BottleVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20392BEE KIND Body Lotion 5 Ltr. B900BL5000M *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20396BEE KIND Body Lotion disp. Bottle 300ml 02900BL300ML *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20913BEE KIND Conditioner 200x30ml B950CD30MLSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20393BEE KIND Conditioning Shampoo 5 Ltr. B900CS5000M *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20395BEE KIND Liquid Soap 5 Ltr. B900LS5000M *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20399BEE KIND Liquid Soap disp. Bottle 300ml 02900LS300ML *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20397BEE KIND Shampoo disp. Bottle 300ml 02900CS300ML *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20394BEE KIND Shower Gel 5 Ltr. B900SG5000M *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20398BEE KIND Shower Gel disp. Bottle 300ml 02900SG300ML *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
18825Beef 4/5 Brasil (Beef Angus) Kg (kg)BeefTK
00020Beef boiled fillet frozenBeefTK
00027Beef Bones frozenBeefTK
01490Beef Bouillon 1 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
09505Beef Bouillon 5 Kg KnorrKnorr / MaggiProvisions
18066Beef Breast Grain Fed Südamerika -frozen-BeefTK
00015Beef Breast wo. bone german/Polen frozenBeefTK
18929Beef brisket PAD Kg (kg)BeefTK
19983Beef cheeks precooked 2,5kg/kg, -frozen-BeefTK
00113Beef Entrecote frozen -AR-BeefTK
18930Beef eye round ca. 2 Kg (kg) Polska, DBeefTK
17924Beef goulash 3 KgFinishedTK
00004Beef goulash frozenBeefTK
00389Beef Meat in AspicSausagesFresh
20894Beef roulade in sauce 30 x 180g TKBeefTK
21193Beef roulades in sauce 15 x 100g, cooked, TKBeefTK
00037Beef Rumps Aged -fresh-BeefNullraum
00054Beef Rumps, Cap off, -frozen- --BeefTK
00035beef shoulder cloude grainfed -UY- frozenBeefTK
00077Beef Striploin frozen -BR-BeefTK
00036Beef Striploin Kg (kg)BeefTK
20988Beef Striploin NZL Prime Steer sliced Kg (kg)BeefTK
10457beef table meat aspic 700gFinishedNullraum
18962Beef Tenderloin 3-4 lbsBeefTK
12462Beef Tenderloin 3-4 lbs AR frozenBeefTK
17000Beef Tenderloin 3-4 lbs, frozen -UY- ex chilledBeefTK
00019Beef Tenderloin 3-4 lbs, frozen PolenBeefTK
21611Beef Tenderloin 3-4 lbs. chain off frozen -BR-BeefTK
20865Beef Tenderloin 3/4 URU Kg (kg)BeefTK
13802Beef Tenderloin 4-5 lbs. -AR-BeefTK
00106Beef Tenderloin 4-5 lbs. ex chilled frozen -UY-BeefTK
00024Beef Tenderloin 4/5 LbS+germanBeefTK
14036Beef Tenderloin JB 4/5 PlBeefTK
24744Beef thick bug TKBeefTK
00031Beef Tongue frozenBeefTK
21610Beef Topsides cap on Tacuarembo frozen -UY-BeefTK
00010Beef Topsides frozen südamerikaBeefTK
00025Beef-Liver frozenBeefTK
03071Beefeater Dry Gin 1 Ltr. 47%G I NCanteen
20828Beefeater Dry Gin 5 cl 40%G I NCanteen
03070Beefeater Dry Gin 5 cl 47%G I NCanteen
21026BeeKind Conditioner 12x236ml B900CD236MLSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
21025BeeKind Shampoo 12x236ml B900SH236MLSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
00441Beer ham ca. 1,4 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
14329Beer ham ca. 2,6 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
13572Beer metersBEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
13574Beer mug clay 0.5 LBEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
00288Beer Sausage ca. 2,6 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
09268Beer-Draft Cleaner 1 Ltr.Cleaner DiversNonfood
20504Beercup Icon 0,4 no brandingPromotionalCanteen
19738Beerseidel Icon 0,5 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
06611Beetroot juice 0,5 Ltr. G&GJuices (Tetra)Provisions
01120Beetroot powder 1kgEssences/ColoursProvisions
00974Beetroots 1/1Sour Conserv.1/2Provisions
15911Beetroots 50g CupFresh vegetablesFresh
09926Beetroots coocked, vakuumFresh vegetablesFresh
00975Beetroots in slices 4250ml/4000g 5/1Sour Conserv.3/1Provisions
08854Beetroots, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
02015Bell`s Extra Special 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02645Beluga Gold Line Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
18779Beluga Lentils 1000gPulsesProvisions
05558Beluga Lentils, black, organic-certificate (Kg)PulsesProvisions
02670Beluga Vodka 1 Ltr. 40% *W O D K ACanteen
02655Belvedere Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
19099Bender Pinot Noir 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
18253Benedektiner Beercoasters 500erPromotionalCanteen
13547Benediktiner glass 0,5 Ltr. AUSLAUFPromotionalCanteen
13546Benediktiner Glasses 0,25 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
03064Benediktiner Wheat Beer 30 Ltr. Grad Plato:12,5° Alc.:5,4%Beer / BarrelCanteen
12693Benediktiner Wheatbeer 24x0,33 Ltr. OW Grad Plato: 12,5 ° Alc.: 5,4%Beer / BottleCanteen
02551Berentzen Apple 1 Ltr. 18%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
02507Berentzen Doppelkorn 1 Ltr. 38% A32GrainCanteen
02509Berentzen green pears 1 Ltr. 15%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
02511Berentzen Korn 1 Ltr. 32%GrainCanteen
02913Berentzen Plum 1 Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
02516Berentzen Sour Apple 1 Ltr. 16%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
17896Bergader Almcheese ca. 2 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
17658Berger baked ham 1/2 vac. ca. 2,4 Kg (KG)SausagesNullraum
14473Berger Baron Rouge, A.O.C 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% #4189R O T W E I NCanteen
17667Berger Debreziner sausage 20x50g Kg (KG)SausagesNullraum
21548Bernhard Huber Malterdinger Spätburgunder 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24824Bersano Costalunga Barbera d'Asti DOCG 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
01477Bertolli Extra Vergine Olivenoil 3 Ltr.OIL / FatProvisions
19149Beverage dispenser 12 Ltr.PromotionalNonfood
13325BGB 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% *R O T W E I NCanteen
18927bib milk 2 Ltr.Milk/condensate.Nullraum
16475Bic Pens black 20 Pcs./Pkg (Pcs)Office suppliesNonfood
16474Bic Pens blue 20 Pcs./Pkg (Pcs)Office suppliesNonfood
16477Bic Pens green 20 Pcs./Pkg (Pcs)Office suppliesNonfood
16476Bic Pens rot 20 Pcs./Pkg. (Pcs)Office suppliesNonfood
21683Bifi Original XXL 40gSmoked sausageProvisions
19066Big butter yeast plait 3x1300g Edna 1959Brötch/Croiss.TK
14046Big-Beans white 2650ml/2500gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
21152Bihun soup 600ml -TK-Finished productsTKTK
11901Bilsom 303 earplug 2er "S"" 200/Pak"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
17837BinocolarViking NonfoodNonfood
13465Bio Amaranth seeds 500gNuts / SeedsProvisions
13847Bio barley 1000gNuts / SeedsProvisions
18062Bio Bread 3-fach assorted 12x500g/box -frozen- EDNA 1124Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
07370Bio breatmix sliced 6x250g EDNA glutenfreeLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
18906Bio buckwheat puffed 250gNuts / SeedsProvisions
21233Bio Cake "Chocolate & Orange"", glutenfrei, 4x200g, EDNA 93475"Cake/cake TKProvisions
05674Bio dates without stone, dried 250gDried fruitProvisions
19517Bio Edeka rice drink 1 Ltr.Milk/condensate.Nullraum
19821Bio edible hemp seeds 1 KgNutritional agentsProvisions
05672Bio figs, dried 250gDried fruitProvisions
02468Bio Goat Yoghurt soft 3,5% 125gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
10272Bio linseeds, brown 500gNuts / SeedsProvisions
20999Bio Mandelmehl Premium 200gFlour / flour mixProvisions
24850BIO Mandelstangen mit Marzipan & Zartbitterschokolade 125gLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
12066Bio maple syrup 1000ml La ComtessDessert / SyrupProvisions
13182Bio maple syrup 250mlDessert / SyrupProvisions
18907Bio milled seed puffed 250gNuts / SeedsProvisions
19824Bio Millet whole, peeled 500g gluten freeNutritional agentsProvisions
19823Bio Quinoa black 1000gNutritional agentsProvisions
19822Bio Quinoa red 1000gNutritional agentsProvisions
12864Bio sesame 500gNuts / SeedsProvisions
10563Bio sunflower Seeds 500gNuts / SeedsProvisions
12842Bio tofu nature 2x200gNutritional agentsNullraum
19139Bio Tofu smoked 2x175gNutritional agentsNullraum
13468Bio Trail Mix (kg)Nutritional agentsProvisions
01040BIO Verival Cornflakes unsweetened 250gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
01036Bio Verival wheat Bips Honey 200gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
03092Bircher Cereals 5 KgKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
07565Birkel No. 1 Maccaroni 500gNoodles dryProvisions
07563Birkel No. 1 Ribbbon Noodles 500gNoodles dryProvisions
10506Birkel No. 1 Spaghetti Noddles 500gNoodles dryProvisions
13089Birkel No.1 Flour 250gNoodles dryProvisions
07547Birkel Noodles No. 1 Shipli 500gNoodles dryProvisions
06697Birthday Cake 500gCake/cake TKTK
09344Birthday Candle 24Pcs. with HolderCandlesNonfood
24741Biscuit mix Viking (sand biscuits, gingerbread) about 188 pieces / KrtHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
01654Biscuit Mixture "Backstube"" 400g"Pastries / CrackersProvisions
00489Biskin oil 0,75 ltr.OIL / FatProvisions
06485Bismarck Mineral Water less Gas MW 12/0,75 Ltr.WATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
06593Bismarck Mineral Water without Gas MW 12/0,75 Ltr.WATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
04207Bismarck Soda MW 12Bo/0,7 Ltr.WATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
04208Bismarck Soda with Lemon MW 12/0,7 Ltr.WATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
02138Bisquit Classic Cognac 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
05717Bisquit Flour Mix Phoenix 10 KgFlour / flour mixProvisions
14327Bit-Beercoasters 500erPromotionalCanteen
14322Bit-Cups 0,25 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
12888Bit-Cups 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
14324Bit-Cups 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
14323Bit-Cups 0,4 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
20477Bit-Cups 0,5 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
12892Bit-Cups 0,5Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
14326Bit-Holder for PapercoastersPromotionalCanteen
18397Bit-Papercoasters 900erPromotionalCanteen
14386Bitburger alcoholfree 24x0,33 Ltr. EWBeer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
04173Bitburger beer 30 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,3 ° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BarrelCanteen
04335Bitburger beer 50 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,3 ° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BarrelCanteen
07736Bitburger beer EW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,3° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BottleCanteen
04172Bitburger beer tins 24x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,3 ° Alc.: 4,8% *Beer / CansCanteen
15124Bitburger Benedictiner 0,3 Ltr. CupPromotionalCanteen
18607Bitburger Bistro apronBEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
09958Bitburger Coasters 60eaPromotionalCanteen
13891Bitburger filtering tankPromotionalCanteen
10135Bitburger Glass 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
13544Bitburger Glasses 0,25 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
10136Bitburger Mug 0,25 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
10115Bitburger mug 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
13545Bitburger mug 0,4 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
15123Bitburger munich cup 0,25LtrPromotionalCanteen
12891Bitburger trayPromotionalCanteen
12890Bitburger waiterblockPromotionalCanteen
12951Bitterballen party snacks 100 x 20gFinished productsTKTK
21634Bittermens Hellfire Habanero Bitter 0,146Ltr. 44%B I T T E RCanteen
02021Black & White 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
00815Black Bread 500gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
02082Black Bush Irish Whisky 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
06475Black Currant Jam 340gJam port.Provisions
01677Black Currant Jam 5,5 KgConfit/Baking FillProvisions
04066Black Currant Juice 6x1 Ltr. MWJuices / FL.Canteen
12156Black Currant nectar 25% 1 Ltr. TetraJuices (Tetra)Canteen
01231Black Currant, frz 1FZ025Fruit TKTK
18567Black Forest Cake 1150g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
19776Black Forest Cherry Cake with alcohol 2100g PfalzgrafCake/cake TKTK
18468Black Forest cherry cuts 1500g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
18580Black Forest Diabetic Cake 1150g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
13557Black Forest Ham nut / Hip ca. 1,2 Kg (Kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
20701Black Forest Sheet cake 48pcs. 2650g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
00709Black Forrest Cherry Cake 1400g C&WCake/cake TKTK
06293Black Forrest Peppersausages 10 pcs.=ca. 850gx5 (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
01048Black Olive Tapenade 500gFinishedNullraum
21284Black pepper ground 500g WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
10745Black Pepper, grounded 1200ml/515g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
10744Black Pepper, powdered 1200ml/555g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
13894Black rice from Piemont 500g (Venere)RiceProvisions
01133Black roots 2650ml (2500g)em-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01213Black Salsify frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
19881Black smoked Rack ca. 1,8 Kg MunzertSausagesNullraum
19878Black smoked silversides ca. 2 kg MunzertSausagesNullraum
20507Black tea Ceylon loose Julius Meinl 250gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
20882Black Tiger Shrimps P&D 16/20, 20% glace Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
20369Black TigerShrimp 13/15 wo.H.w.S. 20%Fresh fish&TKTK
17807Black Travel AdapterViking NonfoodNonfood
20923Black truffle pate with champignon mushrooms 280g La RustichellaSeasoning sauceProvisions
02030Black Velvet Reserve 8Y 1 Ltr.40%WhiskyCanteen
01222Blackberries frozenFruit TKTK
10978Blackberries, fresh -Kg-Fruit, freshFresh
03651Blanc de Blancs Chenet 0,25 Ltr. 11,5% *White wineCanteen
03845Blanc de Mer Bouchard Finlayson 0,75 Ltr. 13% *White wineCanteen
20973Blanche de Namur OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 10,00° Alc.: 4,5%Beer / BottleCanteen
17820Blank logo paper A4 1000erViking NonfoodNonfood
03091Blankenheym Oude Genever 1 Ltr. 38%G E N E V E RCanteen
17859Blanko Logo A4 1000erViking NonfoodNonfood
20387Blanton's Gold Edition 0,7 Ltr. 51,5%WhiskyCanteen
13112Blauburger Madl 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% *R O T W E I NCanteen
19941Blauer Zweigelt Pawis rouge 0.75 ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
17169Blaufränkisch Marko 0,75 Ltr. 13% *R O T W E I NCanteen
07842Blood orange fresh, -kg-Fruit, freshFresh
00919Blue Poppy SeedNuts / SeedsProvisions
08864Blueberries, freshFruit, freshFresh
19396Blueberries, fresh -Fruit, freshFresh
07272Blueberries, fresh -bag-Fruit, freshFresh
01227Blueberries, frozenFruit TKTK
20697Blueberry -Cottage Cheese sheet cake 3300g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
01029Blueberry in syrup 720mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
18889Blueberry-Cheesecake Supreme 1900g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
16487Board Markers blackOffice suppliesNonfood
16486Board Markers blue # 5001Office suppliesNonfood
16489Board Markers greenOffice suppliesNonfood
16488Board Markers redOffice suppliesNonfood
07835Bobby beans fresh, -kg-Fresh vegetablesFresh
14744Bode dosing for 350-/500ml Sterilium VirugardVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
24649Bodega Colomé Amalaya Tinto 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
24650Bodega Colomé Auténtico Malbec Salta 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24658Bodega Colomé Estate Malbec 0,75 Ltr.R O T W E I NCanteen
21367Bodegas Catena Zapata Caro Aruma Malbec 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21539Bodegas La Rosa Hereford Malbec 0,75 Ltr 12,5 %R O T W E I NCanteen
18165Bodeta Mixed Candy 2,5 KgSweetsProvisions
18766Body Lotion 100x80ml FREYJA 102701Viking NonfoodNonfood
18882Body Lotion 200x40ml/Krt. Hermes HEBL040 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20965Body Lotion Hydro Basics 198x30ml FIBL030ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
18423Body Lotion Mei Dao Organic white Lotus & Yi Yi Ren Sweet orange & cedar wood 365 x 30mlSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
09617Body Lotion Pure Herbs 160x60mlADA PRODUCTSNonfood
13902Body Lotion Verbena 192 x 30ml L'OccitaneSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
11260Body Lotion Verbena 90 x 50ml L'Occitane 98BBLC050VE0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
18763Body Wash 100x80ml FREYJA 102698Viking NonfoodNonfood
20961Bodylotion 180x40ml ADA Classic ROBL040ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
14631Bohnen grün getrocknet Flageolets 1 Kg/ BagPulsesProvisions
11120Boiled & peeled eggs 150 pcsEgg - ProductsNullraum
00443Boiling Sausage 10/90eaSausage canned foodProvisions
00292Boiling Sausage 10x100gRoast/sausagesNullraum
20209Boiling Sausage 8pcs. 1000gSausage canned foodNullraum
00345Boiling Sausage, bigRoast/sausagesNullraum
03094Bokma Jonge Genever 1 Ltr. 35%G E N E V E RCanteen
03097Bokma old Genever 1 Ltr. 38%G E N E V E RCanteen
06071Bologna sausages ca. 2,5 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
06256Bols (Orange) Curacao Triple Sec. 1 Ltr. 38%LiqueursCanteen
02916Bols Apricot 1 Ltr. 21%LiqueursCanteen
02917Bols Banana 1 Ltr. 17%LiqueursCanteen
02919Bols Blue Curacao 1 Ltr. 21%LiqueursCanteen
02921Bols Cherry Brandy 1 Ltr. 21%LiqueursCanteen
02930Bols Creme da Cacao brown 0,7 Ltr. 24%LiqueursCanteen
02931Bols Creme de Cacao white 0,7 ltr. 24%LiqueursCanteen
04270Bols Grenadine 0,75 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
07817Bols Maraschino 0,7 Ltr. 24 %LiqueursCanteen
03056Bols Menthe green 0,7 Ltr. 24%LiqueursCanteen
03078Bols Menthe white 0,7 Ltr. 24%LiqueursCanteen
02609Bombay Sapphire 1 Ltr. 47%G I NCanteen
21666Bombay Sapphire 1 Ltr. 47% #VikingG I NCanteen
14962Bommerlunder 0,7Ltr. 38%A Q U A V I TCanteen
13462Bon Choc 220g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
11930Bon Père William 0,7 Ltr 43%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
14746Bonamat Basketfilter B20 250 StCOFFEE FILTERNonfood
09188Bonamat Filters Round B20 330mm 250eaCOFFEE FILTERNonfood
20310Bonamat Renegite 1Kg
17844Book "Finse explores China"" 10pcs/box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
17846Book "Finse explores Europe"" 10 pcs. / box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
21185Book "Finse explores France"" 10 pcs. / box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
01900Book "Finse World Languages"" 10pcs/box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
20287Book „Finse explores USA & Canada“ 10 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
21050Book „Finse Explores World Foods“ 10pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
19652Book"Finse Afternoon Tea"" 10pcs/box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
19651Book"Finse explores Indochina"" 10pcs/box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
19650Book"Finse explores Italy"" 10pcs/box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
17848Book"Finse explores Russia"" 10pcs/box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
21187Book"Finse Good Manners"" 10 pcs / box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
18550Book"Finse Scandinavia 2nd Edition"" 10pcs/box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
17847Book"Finses first journey"" 10 pcs. / box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
18533Book"Making Masterpiece"""Viking NonfoodNonfood
17814Bookmark 1000 pcs./ boxViking NonfoodNonfood
21378Bookmark Papyrus 100 pcs/Pak *VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
15706Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait 12x0,375 Ltr. EW Grad Plato: 13,8° Alc.: 6,7%Beer / BottleCanteen
20124Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait 12x0,375 Ltr. EW Grad Plato: 16° Alc.: 8%Beer / BottleCanteen
19216Boon Oude Geuze 12x0,75 Ltr. OW Grad Plato.: 14,4° Alc.: 7%Beer / BottleCanteen
20975Boon oude Geuze OW 12/0,375Ltr. Grad Plato.: 14° Alc.: 6,50%Beer / BottleCanteen
02704Bordeaux Eschenhauer 0,75 Ltr.R O T W E I NCanteen
14487Bordolino Rosso Corte Seresima, D.O.C. 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% #5590R O T W E I NCanteen
01249Borlotti Beans, small dried 500gPulsesProvisions
19864Borreta grilled onions 1000gFinishedNullraum
13269Bosch Descaler tablets 6pcs.DecalcifierNonfood
21361Bottega Gold Prosecco DOC 0,2 Ltr. 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
06238Bottle Brush 1 Ltr.BÜRSTENWARENNonfood
14422Bottle Kit 750ml JD Room Care R1 6ea/box blank bottles 1204314 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
17793Bottle neck holder 1000erViking NonfoodNonfood
10836Bottles without logo (Opera) 700ml glassVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21614Bouchard Finlayson olive oil extra virgin, cold pressed 250ml *OIL / FatProvisions
21613Bouchard Finlayson Walker Bay Pinot Noir 0,75Ltr. * 13,64%R O T W E I NCanteen
20987Bouchard Finlayson Walker Bay Sauvignon Blanc 0,75 Ltr. * 14%White wineCanteen
03608Boulard Creme au Calvados 0,7 Ltr. 17%LiqueursCanteen
04331Bounty 24eaSweetsProvisions
10982Bourbon vanilla paste 1 KgEssences/ColoursProvisions
20735Bowmore 15 Y Golden & Elegant 1 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
21047Bowmore 25 years Islay Single Malt Whisky 0,7 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
18790Bowmore Single Malt BLACK ROCK, 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
14863Box-Wheat, uncut 9x805g/boxBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
21682Braised beef in sauce (kg), frozenBeefTK
21254Brändle Vita Peanut Oil 10LOIL / FatProvisions
17985Brawn in the block ca. 3 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
21052Brazil nuts 100g KluthPulsesProvisions
19574Brazin Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel 0,75 Ltr. 15,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
06519Bread Box diverse sliced 8eaBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
00776Bread Crumbs 1 Kg (Kg)Flour / flour mixProvisions
13413Bread Crumbssamlip 1 kg (Kg)Flour / flour mixProvisions
09722Bread Dumpling PfanniNutritional agentsProvisions
18888Breadcrumbs Austria Fischer, 10kg bagFlour / flour mixProvisions
08771Breadcrums 5 KG Bag/KgFlour / flour mixProvisions
17886Breakfast sausage ca. 6 Kg (Kg)Roast/sausagesTK
00393Breakfast Sausages Nuernberger Original 100 x ca. 20gRoast/sausagesNullraum
17893Bregenzer wine cheese 45% ca. 7 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
07260Bresaola, italian beef, air dried ca. 1,8 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
17835Bridge card setViking NonfoodNonfood
01153Bridor Chocolate Twist 28g - fine butter, ready to bake 100x28g, frozenCake/cake TKTK
20918Bridor Mini Apple turnover LENOTRE-Recipe #30227Brötch/Croiss.TK
21148Bridor mini Buttercroissant 165 x 40g #33250Brötch/Croiss.TK
20919Bridor Mini Nougat Finger #36821Brötch/Croiss.TK
20920Bridor Mini raisins snail #32183Brötch/Croiss.TK
13376Brie Royal 60% ca. 1,4 KgCheeseNullraum
20146Brine juice darf roast. 3 Kg HügliSeasoning sauceProvisions
11580Brioche franz 6x400gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
03062Brizard Curacao Blue Liquer 1 Ltr. 25%LiqueursCanteen
05912Broad Beans frozen 1VF021Frozen vegetablesTK
08810Broccoli, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
06674Broccoli-Caulliflowersoup 1,5 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
01171Broccoli-Roses, 40/60, 2,5kg (kg) frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
14750Broccoli-Roses, 40/60, 5,00 kg Oerlemans frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
09422Broom 28cm PVC with Winding(Auslauf)BÜRSTENWARENNonfood
09323Broom Handle Fibreglass 150cmBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
09312Broom Perfecta 30cm PBT W. ThreadBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
09307Broom Perfecta PBT 45cm W. ThreadBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
12635Broth-Sausage Göttinger ca. 2 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
17976Broth-Sausage/press bag ca. 1,3 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
14119Brother Lasertoner TN-2220 black for HL 2240 162220TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16717Brother P-Touch, 12mm, 8 m TZe-131 black on transp. # 16159TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20498Brother P-Touch, 12mm, 8 m TZe-135 white on transparentTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16709Brother P-Touch, 12mm, 8 m TZe-231 black on white # 16163TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
10931Brother P-Touch, 24mm, 8 m TZe-151 transp./black # 16210TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
13837Brother P-Touch, 24mm, 8 m TZe-251 white/black # 16212TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14691Brother Toner black TN230BKTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20861BROTHER Toner black TN230BKTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02274BROTHER Toner black TN247BKTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14692Brother Toner cyan TN230CTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14693Brother Toner magenta TN230MTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02276BROTHER Toner Magenta TN247MTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14694Brother Toner yellow TN230YTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02277BROTHER Toner Yellow TN247YTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
01237Brown basmati rice Laila 2kgRiceProvisions
05894Brown Sugar 500gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
12207Brown Sugar Sticks 1000 x 4g ScenicSugar/sweetenerProvisions
19759Brown Sugar Sticks 1000 x 4g ScenicSugar/sweetenerProvisions
14131Brown Sugar Sticks Uniworld 1000 x 4gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
01680Brownie bread mix 10 Kg (kg)Baking ingredientsProvisions
18560Brownie Cake 1000g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
09269Broxo Salt 25 Kg/BagDecalcifierNonfood
02526Brüggen Bircher Cerals 2 KgKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
01974Brüggen Crunchy Cereal 1500gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
20045Bründelmayr Grüner Veltliner Ried Käferberg Reserve Erste Lage 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%White wineCanteen
21576Bründlmayer Zweigelt Rosé 0,75 Ltr 12%R O S E W E I NCanteen
06772Brunoise Vegetables frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
12632Brunoise Vegetables Oerlemans -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
01208Brussel Sprouts 15-22mm, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
08856Brussel Sprouts, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
18622Bubble wrap 1 x 20mOffice suppliesNonfood
04459Buckwheat wholeNutritional agentsProvisions
21600Budureasca Premium Zenovius Red Cuvée 0,75 Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
04114Budweiser beer Btl 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,9° Alc.: 5,0%Beer / BottleCanteen
04300Budweiser GlassesPromotionalCanteen
19051Budweiser US Beer 24/0,33 Ltr. OW Grad Plato.: 10,96° Alc.: 5,0%Beer / BottleCanteen
17953Buendner meat sliced 50gSmoked sausageNullraum
01611Buenting greenpack Tea 500gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
20235Buffet cards blank / Sheet 50pcs/pakViking NonfoodNonfood
20135Buffet crusty bread 10x1000gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
19296Buffet crusty bread 2x2,5 Kg / boxBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
24799Bull's Eye Dark Beer 300mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
24798Bull's Eye Honey 300mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
24797Bull's Eye Steakhouse 300mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
21363Bulleit Rye Whisky 1 Ltr. 45%WhiskyCanteen
02504Bullstage stageplatform TourDeck indoor 2x1 m with 4 interchangeable feet square 60x60mm,height 20cmMiscellaneousNonfood
02005Bunnahabhain 18 Years 0,7 Ltr. 46,3%WhiskyCanteen
09263Buns small 100x55g EDNA 749Brötch/Croiss.TK
12184Bürgerspital Würzburger Stein "Hagemann"" Riesling GG 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%"White wineCanteen
04753Burgundian ham roast ca. 2,5 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
02017Burke & Barry 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
19172Burmester Ruby Portwein 20% 0,75 Ltr.Liqueur wineCanteen
09230Burn Paste 200gVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20440Burnt almonds 150g *SweetsProvisions
17839Bus magnetic signViking NonfoodNonfood
18126Butcher Foil Vipafin 24x36cm 2000pcs.MiscellaneousNonfood
00468Butter 250g (kg)Butter TKTK
01655Butter Cookies 400gPastries / CrackersProvisions
08569Butter Cookies Bahlsen Leibniz 200gPastries / CrackersProvisions
09664Butter Fish without Skin 1-7 Kg, IQF, pboFresh fish&TKTK
05968Butter hareHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
18238Butter Hearts 2 KgPastries / CrackersProvisions
00462Butter In Portions 10gButter TKTK
12826Butter plaited Yeast Bun (with raisins) 8x350g EDNA 358Cake/cake TKTK
06816Butter-Pralines 200x15gMargarineNullraum
24808Butter-Schillerlocke 72/BoxPastries / CrackersProvisions
04396Buttered Hares Pertz 2 KgHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
00578Buttermilk 500mlMilk/condensate.Nullraum
00494Buttermilk 1 Ltr.Milk/condensate.Nullraum
00647Buttermilk 500mlMilk/condensate.Nullraum
19053Buttermilk balls 150x15g Edna 1710Brötch/Croiss.TK
20155Buttermilk dessert pear vanilla instant 2 Kg HügliPudding PowderProvisions
18246Butterscotch Dessert Topping 1,81 KgDessert / SyrupProvisions
21305Button sprouts 15-22mm, Oerlemans frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
19271Cabbage Rolls Filled 40x200gFinished productsTKTK
20851Cabbage Rolls Filled, cooked & browned 30 x ca.180gFinished productsTKTK
12773Cabernet Sauvignon Bouch. Aine 0,75 Ltr. 13,0% Brogsitter #4780R O T W E I NCanteen
02760Cabernet Sauvignon Chile 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
13315Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 Ltr 14% Gebr. Anselmann *R O T W E I NCanteen
14665Cabernet Sauvignon Marko 0,75 Ltr. 13% *R O T W E I NCanteen
13316Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot Madl 0,75 Ltr. 13% *R O T W E I NCanteen
03687Cabernet Syrah Chenet 0,25 Ltr. 12,5% *R O T W E I NCanteen
13105Cabernet-Merlot"Pfandturm"" Dr. Koehler 0,75 Ltr 12,5% Rheinhessen *"R O T W E I NCanteen
18854Cacao 250g BensdorpCocoa / NesquickProvisions
01567Cacao mix nestle 10 x 1 KgCocoa / NesquickProvisions
11641Cacao-butter (chips) 2,5 KgBaking ingredientsProvisions
03063Cachaca Marinjo 0,7 Ltr. 40 %RumCanteen
21631Cachoeira de Grama 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
19243Café de Paris Paste 1,54 KgSeasoning sauceProvisions
21372Cajun Creole spice preparation 280g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
21322Cake and cookie mix 1 kg Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
07293Cake Dollie 32x45cm 250PcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
06185Cake Dollie 36x46cm 250Pcs./PackageTORTENSPITZENNonfood
20617Cake Gâteau Basque, frozenCake/cake TKTK
13693Cake mango and passion fruit in colored biscuit with logo 6pcs/BoxDessert plate VikingTK
00205Calamares in Breadcrumbs 2Kg (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
13621Calamari tubes U 10 (Viking)Fresh fish&TKTK
09015Calculator Casio SL-300 # 78510Office suppliesNonfood
02424Calcutta Rescue Greeting Cards Hand Embroidered 11x15cmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
02425Calcutta Rescue Key-Ring Hand Embroidered 6x5cmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
10980Calgon Ultra 2500gSPÜLMASCHINEN REINIGNonfood
18407Calgonit Finish machine salt 1,2 Kg/pakSPÜLMASCHINEN REINIGNonfood
18739Callebaut Callets Persipan white "Bäko"" (Kg)"Baking ingredientsProvisions
21342Callebaut Chocolate Couverture Dark 70.5% Callets 2,5 kgBaking ingredientsProvisions
21343Callebaut Chocolate Couverture milk Callets 2,5 kgBaking ingredientsProvisions
18738Callebaut dark chocolate Callets "Bäko"" (Kg)"Baking ingredientsProvisions
21462Callebaut Jura Chocolate Rhombs Plaque 0,77kg / 360 pcs.Baking ingredientsProvisions
02214Callebaut Pailleté Feuilletine 2,5kgBaking ingredientsProvisions
15232Calvados Berneroy Fine 40% 1LFRUIT FIRESCanteen
21646Calvados Dauphine 0,7 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
15148Calvados Papidoux Fine 40% 0.7 LtrLiqueursCanteen
02965Calvados Pere Magloire VSOP 1 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
01713Camel FilterCigarettesCanteen
01714Camel MildCigarettesCanteen
01710Camel without FilterCigarettesCanteen
02951Campari 1 Ltr. 28,5%B I T T E RCanteen
01935Camus Borderies VSOP 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02212Camus Borderies XO 0,7 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
19030Camus Extra Elegance 0,7 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
24386Camus Extra Elegance 0,7+0,05 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02189Camus Napoleon Cognac 0,7 Ltr.40%CognacCanteen
12581Canadian Bacon (smoked pork chop)PorkNullraum
13996Canadian Bacon (smoked pork chop) cut 1 kgPorkNullraum
02024Canadian Club 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02207Canadian Club Classic 12 yo 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
14020Canadian lobster in the block of ice 400gFresh fish&TKTK
00194Canadian lobster IQF without ice shell 5x ca.600g (Box)Fresh fish&TKTK
00284Canard breast smocked 180-200g, 3,8Kg/box frozen KemperPoultryTK
00278Canard liver mousse 1 kg (kg)SausagesTK
09085Canderol Refill 110mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
06808Canderol Refill 230mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
01352Candied orange peel 100gBaking ingredientsProvisions
11846Candies paper 35x20mm white 1000 Pcs.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09676Candies paper 60mm w/g 1000pcsMiscellaneousNonfood
13276Candle stump 50x100mm redCandlesNonfood
09254Candle Tea Light 100eaCandlesNonfood
09320Candle White 50x100mm whiteCandlesNonfood
06194Candle, White 24cmCandlesNonfood
05753Cannelloni filled with Cheese and Spinache frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
12994Cannelloni green ricotta/spinach 10 Kg/Box (Kg)Finished productsTKTK
14262Canon Ink Cartridge for MG 5150 525 PGBK = blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14261Canon Ink Cartridge for MG 5150, 526BK blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14388Canon Ink Cartridge for MG 5150, 526C cyanTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18271Canon Ink Cartridge for MG 5150, 526GY greyTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14387Canon Ink Cartridge for MG 5150, 526M magentaTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14389Canon Ink Cartridge for MG 5150,526Y yellowTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21014Canon Toner 046 HBK schwarz 6300 Seiten 1254C002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21015Canon Toner 046 HC cyan 5500 Seiten 1253C002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21016Canon Toner 046 HM magenta 5500 Seiten 1252C002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21017Canon Toner 046 HY yallow 5500 Seiten 1251C002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02453Canon Toner C-EXV 38 black 4791B002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21013Canon Toner C-EXV 43 black 15200 pages 2788B002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21678Canon Toner C-EXV 49 black 1254C002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21679Canon Toner C-EXV 49 cyan 19000 pages 1253C002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21680Canon Toner C-EXV 49 magenta 19000 pages 1252C002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21681Canon Toner C-EXV 49 yellow 19000 pages 1251C002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02263Canon Toner CRG-718BK black 2662B002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02266Canon Toner CRG-718C cyan 2661B002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02265Canon Toner CRG-718M magenta 2660B002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02264Canon Toner yellow 2659B002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
08906Cantaloupe melon fresh /pcsFruit, freshFresh
02487Cantina Campagnola Chardonnay Veneto igt 1 Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
02488Cantina Campagnola Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC 1 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
02556Cantina Campagnola Pinot Grigio, dry, 0,75 Ltr. 12%White wineCanteen
02554Cantina Campagnola villa rocca Cabernet Sauvignon, dry, 1 Ltr. 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
02553Cantina Campagnola villa rocca Merlot, dry, 1 Ltr. 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
21410Cantina di Soave La Poesie Cabernet Sauvignon Veneto 1 Ltr 11,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21415Cantina di Soave La Poesie Merlot Veneto 1 Ltr 11,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21585Cantina di Soave La Poesie Pinot Grigio 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
21494Cantine Leonardo da Vinci Vernacchia di San Gimignano 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
10523Cantor non alcoholic sparkling wine 0,75 Ltr.Sparkling wineCanteen
18401Cap with drinkhole for 200ml 20x 50 pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14636Cap with drinkhole for 300ml (weiß, Coffee to go -10x100),VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21503Cape Mentell Sauvignon Blanc - Sémillon 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
01283Capers 106mlSour Conserv.1/2Provisions
00947Capers 720mlSour Conserv.1/2Provisions
01145Capers with Stalk 370gSour Conserv.1/2Provisions
12382Capersapple 3900gSour Conserv.3/1Provisions
10592Cappucchino chocolate 500g KrügerSoluble coffeeProvisions
08705Capri Ice 50 Pieces / BoxLangnese IceTK
02322Captain Morgan Spiced 1 Ltr. 35%RumCanteen
17787Captain Dinner Manü card 600erViking NonfoodNonfood
02321Captain Morgan Black 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
15730Captain Morgan Black Spiced 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
17794Captains guest 100erViking NonfoodNonfood
17801Captain´s Dinner Envelope V1079 200erViking NonfoodNonfood
17799Captain´s Dinner Reserve Sign V1072 20erViking NonfoodNonfood
17800Captain´s Dinner Reserve Sign V1092 50erViking NonfoodNonfood
17798Captain´s Lounge 50erViking NonfoodNonfood
08866Carambola - Starfruit - (Kg)Fruit, freshFresh
08443Carambola / starfruit fresh -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
08225Caramel Sauce 1000g Menz & GasserDessert / SyrupProvisions
20698Caramel sheet cake 48pcs. 3500g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
02261Caramel-beer ice cream 3 LtrIce creamTK
18890Caramel-Brownie-Cheesecake 1950g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
19255Caramel-Köpfli 2 KgPudding PowderProvisions
11787Caramel-pastry 300 pcs in coverSweetsProvisions
05075Caraway grounded 1200ccm/470g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
12614Caraway whole 1000ccm/450g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05074Caraway whole 1200ccm/600g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
06961Caraway Whole 1200ml/600g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
10740Caraway, powdered 1200ml/600g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
09164Carbonic Acid 10eaDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
12347Carbonic Acid Cartridge Aluminium new with Filling 0,5 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
13217Carbonic Acid Cartridge Steel new with Filling 1,5 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSCanteen
13221Carbonic Acid Cartridge Steel new with Filling 10,0 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSCanteen
13218Carbonic Acid Cartridge Steel new with Filling 2,0 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
13219Carbonic Acid Cartridge Steel new with Filling 4,0 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
13200Carbonic Acid Cartridge Aluminium new with Filling 4,0 KgDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
14853Carbonic Acid Cartridge Aluminium new with Filling 6 KgDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
13210Carbonic Acid Cartridge empty Aluminium used 0,5 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
13211Carbonic Acid Cartridge empty Aluminium used 1,5 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
13215Carbonic Acid Cartridge empty Aluminium used 10,0 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
13213Carbonic Acid Cartridge empty Aluminium used 4,0 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
13214Carbonic Acid Cartridge empty Aluminium used 6,0 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
13201Carbonic Acid Cartridge empty Steel used 0,5 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
13202Carbonic Acid Cartridge empty Steel used 1,5 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
13203Carbonic Acid Cartridge empty Steel used 4,0 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSProvisions
14058Carbonic Acid Filling 0,5 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSCanteen
09147Carbonic Acid Filling 10 Kg (8,5 ltr.)BEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
06699Carbonic Acid Filling 2 KGBEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
12362Carbonic Acid Filling 2,5 KGDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
00279Carbonic Acid Filling 4 KGBEER ACCESSORIESNonfood
06571Carbonic Acid Filling 6 Kg (5,1 ltr.)BEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
00257Carciofi Spaccaatelli - Artichokes halves 1 KgFinishedNullraum
16548Card Index box A5 blackOffice suppliesNonfood
06227Card Index Box C6 # 2976Office suppliesNonfood
02429Card Printer Ribbon Black 2500IMG ZXP7 ix Series 7 ZebraTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
01995Cardhu 12YO 0,7 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
21197Care sponge blue / white 15x7x4,5cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
18814Caribbean Jerk 100gSpices / MushroomsProvisions
13982Caribica white Rum 37,5% 1 Ltr.RumCanteen
20405Caring Set 30 St./Krt KOBO052 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
02298Carinthian cheese noodles 1320g, frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
15146Carlos Primero No.1 1 Ltr. 40%BrandyCanteen
04348Carlsberg 0,0 24/0,33 Ltr. OW.Beer / BottleCanteen
04100Carlsberg 24/0,33 Ltr. Ds. Grad Plato: 10,8° Alc.: 5%Beer / CansCanteen
04345Carlsberg Elephant in Ds. 24x0,33Ltr Grad Plato: 15,8° Alc.: 7,20%Beer / CansCanteen
07795Carp Fillet frozenFresh fish&TKTK
18276Carpet Cleaning Emulsion Geissler 500mlViking NonfoodNonfood
05795Carre Caraibe - Dark choclate tablets 200x5g 66% # 0511 *Valrhona ChocolateProvisions
08146Carre Guanaja 70% 200x5g # 0510 *Valrhona ChocolateProvisions
05814Carre Jivara 40% Milk 200x5g 1896 *Valrhona ChocolateProvisions
08158Carre Manjari 64% Dark 200x5g # 1895 *Valrhona ChocolateProvisions
12485Carree-Bread mixedbox 4-fach assortet 4x840g/box -frozen- EDNA 804Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
18561Carrot Cake 1250g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18578Carrot Diabetic Cake 1250g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18785Carrot Sheet Cake 48pcs. 3500g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
01183Carrots diced, 10x10mm frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
19381Carrots mini freshFresh vegetablesFresh
01185Carrots Paris small, 10-18mm frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
19389Carrots peeled vacuumFresh vegetablesFresh
11984Carrots salad 5 kgReady-made saladsNullraum
01561Carrots Salad 5/1 TinReady-made saladsProvisions
01182Carrots sliced, frozen 1VF025Frozen vegetablesTK
21330Carrots Sticks Bâtonnet, FrozenFrozen vegetablesTK
08834Carrots with green -Bunch-Fresh vegetablesFresh
08827Carrots, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
09167Cartridge HP 901 colour # 6569TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19315Cartridge Canon C-EXV47 blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19316Cartridge Canon C-EXV47 cyanTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19317Cartridge Canon C-EXV47 magentaTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19318Cartridge Canon C-EXV47 yellowTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
13011Cartridge Canon CEXV 37BK black #2787B002TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18514Cartridge Canon CEXV18 blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
09161Cartridge HP 901XL black for C4680 # 6549TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19352Cartridge Ricoh Aficio MP C3503, MP C3003 black 841817TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19355Cartridge Ricoh Aficio MP C3503, MP C3003 cyan 841820TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19354Cartridge Ricoh Aficio MP C3503, MP C3003 magenta 841819TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19353Cartridge Ricoh Aficio MP C3503, MP C3003 yellow 841818TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12193Cary´s Sugar Free Low Calorie Syrup 354ml #10001322Dessert / SyrupProvisions
21366Casa Ferreirinha Vinha Grande 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
06074Cash register paper rolls 44mmx80x17,5mmOffice suppliesNonfood
09415Cashbox for Coins # 33804Office suppliesNonfood
18642Cashew chili 3 KgNuts / SeedsProvisions
07206Cashew Garlic - Pepper 1000gPastries / CrackersProvisions
21261Cashew kernels 320, 1000g SuntreeNuts / SeedsProvisions
04355Cashew Nuts 450 Pcs. 1000g MarylandNuts / SeedsProvisions
09405Casio Tablecalacutor MS-120 TV # 78120Office suppliesNonfood
20609Cassis Bande, frozenDessert / SyrupTK
07043Cassis Sherbet Ice-cream 5 Ltr.Ice creamTK
19789Cassis Sorbet 2x2,4 Ltr. LangneseLangnese IceTK
11762Cassisjuice Albi 6x1 LtrJuices (Tetra)Canteen
19088Castello Banfi Cum Laude Toscana IGT 0,75 Ltr. 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
00201Catfishfilet 200/400g without skin, IQF FrozenFresh fish&TKTK
14751Cauliflower big 35/60, 4 x 2,5 kg Oerlemans frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
01167Cauliflower big 35/60, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
08808Cauliflower, fresh (Kg)Fresh vegetablesFresh
08815Cauliflwoer fresh /pcsFresh vegetablesFresh
21374Cave des Vins Sancerre blanc La Crepiniere 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
20741Caves de Chambleau Oeil-de-Perdix de Neuchatel AOC 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%White wineCanteen
21518Caves de Languedoc Domaine Guinand Black Gorilla rouge 0,75 Ltr 15%R O T W E I NCanteen
18920Cavi-Art Classic 100gCanned fishNullraum
21306Caviar black 100gCanned fishNullraum
00210Caviar, German 100gCanned fishNullraum
17674Cayenne pepper 450g UbenaSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
06957Cayenne Spiceext. ground 470ml/260g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
17803CD with cover 100erViking NonfoodNonfood
19249Ceasars-Dressing 450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
02576Ceasars-Dressing 4x450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
14282Cebe Cacao 20/22% 1,0 kg/bag 1CH025Cocoa / NesquickProvisions
01190Celery Cubes frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
08879Celery Roots freshFresh vegetablesFresh
09934Celery Roots fresh pcsFresh vegetablesFresh
06995Celery Salad striped 3900g 5/1em-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
11152Celery salt 1 kg ubenaSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
01136Celery sliced 5/1 4000gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
08886Celery Sticks with greenFresh vegetablesFresh
01500Cellery-Carotts-Creamsoup 1,65 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
24646Cellier d'Or Blanc 1 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
24653Cellier d'Or Rouge 1 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24702Cepa 21 Hito 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
11587Cepes dried 250g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
08211Cepes, -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
05780Cepes, dried 250gSpices / MushroomsProvisions
02454Cereal Bar Chocolate G&G 8x25gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
13458Cereal Flakes 300g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
02456Cerealbar choco banana G&G 8x25gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
19241Cerealbar choco-banana Corny 100x25gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
19242Cerealbar strawberry-yoghurt corny 100x25gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
20758Cevapcici (Beef), frozenBeefTK
02455Ceylon Decaffeinated FOP Herbst 100gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
00563CH Appenzeller Cheese mild spicy ca. 1,7 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00607CH Cheese In Portions 36 x 20g assorted "Hofmeister"""CheeseNullraum
00514CH Emmentaler cheese 45% sliced 50 x 20g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
06115CH Gruyezer Cheese, swiss type 45% ca. 2 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
00645CH Spread Cheese in Portions 500gCheeseNullraum
13860CH Swiss Cheese Emmenthal 45% ca. 2,5 Kg (kg) AggensteinCheeseNullraum
05979CH Tete de Moine Cheese 51% ca. 900g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00654CH Tilsiter Cheese 45% ca. 3 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
00612CH Tilsiter cheese 45% sliced 50 x 20g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
02688Chablis Montgolfier 0,75 Ltr. 12,5White wineCanteen
19907Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume white wine 0,75 Ltr btl 13%White wineCanteen
24836Chalk marker Edding 4095 4 colors / ptsOffice suppliesNonfood
00134Chalk sticks mixed colour 12 pcs/PakOffice suppliesNonfood
16244Chalk sticks white 12 pcs/PakOffice suppliesNonfood
18119Chambord Liqueur 0,5 Ltr. 16,5%LiqueursCanteen
13195Chamomile Tea 250g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
07690Chamomile Tea Bags 25ea Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
14506Champagne J. M. Gobillard & Fils, Brut Rose 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% #6535ChampagneCanteen
14509Champagne J. M. Gobillard & Fils, Tradition Brut 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% #6430ChampagneCanteen
17308Champagne Jacquart Brut Mosaique 2015 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% *ChampagneCanteen
14508Champagne Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rose Brut 0,75 Ltr. 12%ChampagneCanteen
05807Champagne sorbet Icecream 5 Ltr.Ice creamTK
11839Champagner Gosset brut excellence 0,75 Ltr 12%ChampagneCanteen
17959Champagner Vinegar clovis 1 Ltr.Vinegar / LemonProvisions
01117Chanterelle 850mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
06096Chanterelle fresh (Kg)Fresh vegetablesFresh
06127Chanterelle frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
02163Chantre Brandy 0,7 Ltr. 36%BrandyCanteen
20779Char Fillet Skin on, PBO, 200-400gFresh fish&TKTK
09128Charcoal 10 KgMiscellaneousNonfood
05772Chard, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
13480Chardonnay "Rebholz"" Spaetlese, trocken 0,75 Ltr. 13% *"White wineCanteen
18414Chardonnay "Stadtmauer"" dry Kirchner 0,75 Ltr * 13%"White wineCanteen
14571Chardonnay Gmoeik, Gmeiner 0,75 Ltr. * 13%White wineCanteen
13538Chardonnay IGP Camarey 1 Ltr. 13% #6723White wineCanteen
03868Chardonnay KMG B. Finlayson 0,75 Ltr. * 13,5%White wineCanteen
13138Chardonnay Madl 0,75 Ltr. 13%*White wineCanteen
14309Chardonnay Scheiblhofer 0,75 Ltr. * 12%White wineCanteen
12768Chardonnay Spätlese 0,75 Ltr. Brogsitter 12,5% # 3550White wineCanteen
24643Charles Smith Wines The Velvet Devil Merlot 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
21419Charles Vercy Champagne Blanc 0,75 Ltr 12,5%ChampagneCanteen
21420Charles Vercy Champagne Rosé 0,75 Ltr 12,5%ChampagneCanteen
21652Charles Vercy Champagner Brut 0,375Ltr. 12,5%ChampagneCanteen
20217Charming Carrot Cube Cake 1800g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
21501Charton et Trebouchet Puligny Montrachet Blanc AOC 0,75 Ltr 13,5%White wineCanteen
03074Chartreuse green 0,7 Ltr. 55%LiqueursCanteen
24722Chartron & Trébuchet Bourgogne Chardonnay 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
24704Chartron & Trébuchet Bourgogne Pinot Noir 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24669Chartron & Trébuchet Chablis 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
24685Chartron & Trébuchet Chablis Grand Cru Bougros 0,75 Ltr 14%White wineCanteen
24757Chartron & Trébuchet Cremant de Bourgogne 0,75 ltr. 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
24698Chartron & Trébuchet Gevrey Chambertin 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
24665Chartron & Trébuchet Montagny 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
24708Chartron & Trébuchet Romanee 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
24676Chartron & Trébuchet Saint Veran 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
12770Chateau Bealieur Rose 0,75 Ltr. 12% Brogsitter # 4051R O S E W E I NCanteen
24670Château Bourdieu Bordeaux Blanc 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
21530Château Burgozone Cote du Danube Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot 0,75 Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
19920Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf-du-Pape rouge 0,75 Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
24687Château de la Galinière Côtes de Provence 0,75 Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
24664Château de la Galinière Pas du Cerf Blanc BIO 0,75 Ltr 14%White wineCanteen
19571Chateau D´Angles Grand Vin Blanc 0,75 Ltr. 14,5%White wineCanteen
04711Chateau Fabre-Denat 0,75 Ltr. 14,5% *R O T W E I NCanteen
21433Château Haut Mouleyre Bordeaux Blanc 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
24714Château Haut Mouleyre Bordeaux Cadillac 0,5 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21511Château Haut Mouleyre Bordeaux Rouge 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
24716Château Haut Mouleyre Rosé 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
20335Chateau Haut Pontet Granc Cru 0,75Ltr 13% *R O T W E I NCanteen
21061Chateau la Bridane 2014 AOC Saint Julien 0,75 Ltr. 12°5 ABVR O T W E I NCanteen
19913Chateau Lamothe-Bouscaut rouge 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24683Château Le Bruilleau Pessac Leognan Blanc 0,75 Ltr 14%White wineCanteen
24689Château Lestage Simon Haut Medoc Cru 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
17940Chateau Megyer Furmint 0,75 Ltr * 15%White wineCanteen
19923Chateau Monbrison rouge 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
02282Chateau Pigoudet Aix en Provence Première Rouge 2017 13,5% 0,75 LtrR O T W E I NCanteen
21414Château Seigneurie de Murviel Languedoc rouge 1 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
18914Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay 2017 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%White wineCanteen
20351Chateau Ste Michelle Eroica Riesling 0,75Ltr. 12% *White wineCanteen
19921Chateau Suduiraut 1er Cru Classé de Sauternes Blanc 0,75 Ltr 13,5%White wineCanteen
20856Château Thieuley AOC Bordeaux Blanc 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
21592Château Topolcianky Devin 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
19924Chateau Tour Pibran rouge 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24733Chateau Tourens Languedoc-Roussillon Minervois 0,75 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24719Château Tuilerie Costières de Nîmes Rosé 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
08903Chayote fresh /KgFresh vegetablesFresh
00591Cheese 'Emmenthal' 45% ca. 2,5 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
17901Cheese Cuminseed 55% sliced 25x20g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
17905Cheese ham sliced 25x20g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
17904Cheese herbs sliced 25x20g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
19117Cheese mandarins cuts 3200g Erlenbacher TKCake/cake TKTK
17903Cheese mixed bell peppers sliced 25x20g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
17902Cheese mixed pepper sliced 25x20g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
02358cheese sausage 10x100gRoast/sausagesNullraum
18455Cheesecake 16 pcs 3100g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
18891Cheesecake American Style 1450g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
01828CHEF chicken fond 640gFinishedProvisions
21325Chef concentrate vegetable liquid 1 ltrFinishedProvisions
01826CHEF Fish Fondue Paste 630gFinishedProvisions
20367Chef Fond Beef 1lFinishedProvisions
20366Chef Fond Poultry 1lFinishedProvisions
01827CHEF lamb fond 640gFinishedProvisions
01830CHEF Lobster Fondue Paste 560gFinishedProvisions
01829CHEF Veal Paste Paste 640gFinishedProvisions
24724Chemins des Papes Côtes du Rhône blanc 0,75 Ltr 13,5%White wineCanteen
24736Chemins des Papes Côtes du Rhône rouge 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
01032Cherries 1/1bstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
01034Cherries In Syrup 4250ml/4300g 5/1bstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
06270Cherries, freshFruit, freshFresh
08882Cherry - Tomatoes, fresh (Kg)Fresh vegetablesFresh
12790Cherry - Tomatoes, yellow (Kg)Fresh vegetablesFresh
18586Cherry Brownie (Glutenfree, lactosefree) 640g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18500Cherry buttercrumble 2.800g Erlenbacher -frozen-Cake/cake TKTK
13506Cherry Fruit Spread 850g MövenpickJam port.Provisions
02963Cherry Heering 1 Ltr. 24%LiqueursCanteen
07151Cherry Jam 'Primafrutta' 2,5 kg 50% FruitConfit/Baking FillProvisions
01686Cherry Jam 3 kgConfit/Baking FillProvisions
21475Cherry Jam 450g G&GJam port.Provisions
07112Cherry Juice "Albi"" 6x1 Ltr."Juices (Tetra)Canteen
04055Cherry Juice 6 x 1,0 Ltr.Juices / FL.Canteen
07042Cherry Topping 1000g 1PF005Dessert / SyrupProvisions
19071Cherry&Crisp Chocolate slices 2100g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
19788Cherry- Sherbet-Ice 2x2,4 ltr. LangneseLangnese IceTK
11851Cherry-jam portion-jar 60 x 30g Bonne MamanJam port.Provisions
06274Chervil, fresh -Bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
10969Chervil, fresh KgSpices / FreshFresh
01719Chesterfield Cigarettes redCigarettesCanteen
01186Chestnuts peeled frozenFruit TKTK
24727Chevalier Alexis Lichine Chardonnay 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
18910Chia seeds Kg (kg)Nuts / SeedsProvisions
10063Chianti Wine Vinegar 500ml WibergVinegar / LemonProvisions
00155Chicken - NuggetsPoultryTK
01479Chicken Bouillion 1 kg KnorrKnorr / MaggiProvisions
01478Chicken Bouillion 12,5 kg 1BA030Knorr / MaggiProvisions
10490Chicken Bouillon 12,5 kg/KnorrKnorr / MaggiProvisions
04510Chicken Bouillon 4 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
18933Chicken breast fillet 160gPoultryTK
19880Chicken Breast smoked ca. 2 Kg MunzertSausagesNullraum
05055Chicken Breast Spears Peanut 40x25gPoultryTK
00161Chicken Breast, naturePoultryTK
15200Chicken Breast, nature 160+/-10 ApolloPoultryTK
16684Chicken Breast, nature 160g SprehePoultryTK
00154Chicken Cordon Bleu 20x150gPoultryTK
19971Chicken Cordon Bleu ca. 125g, CREW Kg (kg)PoultryTK
00160Chicken Escalope in Bread CrumbsPoultryTK
01976chicken feet (Kg)PoultryTK
18950Chicken legs with rag IQFPoultryTK
00157Chicken Legs without backplate 200g (Kg) frozenPoultryTK
12749Chicken Liver blockkg (kg) frozenPoultryTK
01977chicken necks (Kg)PoultryTK
19803Chicken nuggets in cornflakes breading 3 kg (kg)PoultryTK
00334Chicken Qualiko/Katkut 1400gPoultryTK
13716Chicken tigh meat, skinless, bonless, -frozen-PoultryTK
00153Chicken WholePoultryTK
06870Chicken Wings Buffalo cooked frozenPoultryTK
05228Chicken-Grillbrust ca. 1,5 KgPoultryNullraum
00158Chickenlegs - DrumsticksPoultryTK
11894Chickenspice 800gSpices / MushroomsProvisions
10804Chickenwings (kg)PoultryTK
20826Chickpea Flour 400gArticleProvisions
02284Chickpea paddy 200x15g, frozenFinished productsTKTK
12050Chickpeas 2650ml/2600gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01841Chickpeas dried 5kgPulsesProvisions
07919Chicoree , fresh -Kg-Fresh vegetablesFresh
12610Chili Powder 1000ccm/550g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05068Chili Powder 400ml KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
07768Chili Sauce Diamond (chicken&fish) 5 ltr.Seasoning sauceProvisions
05605Chili Sauce for Chicken & Fish 850gSeasoning sauceProvisions
06956Chili Threads 470ml/45g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
09928Chilies green -fresh-Fresh vegetablesFresh
12247Chilies Jalapenos whole red 370mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
01263Chilies Powder 1SP035Spices / MushroomsProvisions
20936Chilipaste hot 100gSeasoning sauceProvisions
09779Chilisauce hot Sriracha 730mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
11585Chilistring whole dried 400ccm/45g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
01898Chilli flakes Ubena 350gSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
08470Chilli-oil 500ml WibergOIL / FatProvisions
09013Chinese Cabbage, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
14680Chinese Cabbage, fresh -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
01173Chinese Vegetable frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
04468Chio Chips Red Paprika 12x50g *Pastries / CrackersProvisions
02946Chivas Regal 0,05 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02208Chivas Regal 12 Years 0,75 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02027Chivas Regal 12 Years 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
15241Chivas Regal 25 Years 0,7 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02052Chivas Royal Salute 21Y 0,7 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
07991Chive Rolls 1000g frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
20819Chives Cheese Round 60% 1 KgArticleNullraum
08481Chives dried 1200ml/40g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
08836Chives, fresh (Kg)Spices / FreshFresh
08755Chives, fresh -Bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
13229Choc-o-lait drinking chocolate dark 40x26gCocoa / NesquickProvisions
13228Choc-o-lait drinking chocolate milk 40x26gCocoa / NesquickProvisions
14716Choco Buttercookies 130g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
24848Choco Chip Cookie 200g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
02260Chocolate & Cranberries Layer Cake 96pcs/boxCake/cake TKTK
00708Chocolate - Cream - Tart C&W 1400g -frozen-Cake/cake TKTK
06324Chocolate - Cream Tart 1900g frozenCake/cake TKTK
20824Chocolate and Pear Cake 2000g Edna 1962ArticleTK
18068Chocolate Chunks dark 39,1% Kakao 10Kg/boxBaking ingredientsProvisions
21344Chocolate Chunks Dark 40.6 %, 10KgBaking ingredientsProvisions
18069Chocolate Chunks white 10Kg/boxBaking ingredientsProvisions
21345Chocolate Chunks White 21,0%, 10KgBaking ingredientsProvisions
00902Chocolate Dark For Baking "Weinrich"" (Kg)"Baking ingredientsNullraum
04429Chocolate Eggs Massive 3 KgHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
00643Chocolate eggs massive VM 500g FriedelHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
05648Chocolate in Seashell Form Guylian 500g (44ea)SweetsProvisions
20626Chocolate layered Cake terrine 4x750ml SeubertDessert / SyrupTK
05093Chocolate Leaves Kotanyi 1200ccm/900g KotanyiBaking ingredientsProvisions
00542Chocolate Milk 0,5 Ltr.Milk/condensate.Nullraum
00543Chocolate Milk 1,0 Ltr.Milk/condensate.Nullraum
00901Chocolate Milk for Baking "Weinrich"" (Kg)"Baking ingredientsNullraum
20547chocolate mousse Tart Truffon 16x85gCake/cake TKTK
00736Chocolate Muesli/Cereal 1 KgKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
13091Chocolate Santa Claus 35x60g 17cm RiegeleHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
10608Chocolate Santa Claus 60gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
01544Chocolate Sauce 1000g Menz & GasserDessert / SyrupProvisions
14785Chocolate shell sort. Callebaut 312 EA / BOXBaking ingredientsProvisions
10483Chocolate souffle (melted heart) 40x36g EDNA 1461Pastries / CrackersTK
05094Chocolate Splits Kotanyi 1200ccmBaking ingredientsProvisions
01675Chocolate Spread 120x15g "Nutella"""Honey / NutellaProvisions
14126Chocolate Spread 450gHoney / NutellaProvisions
00926Chocolate Sprinkles (kg)Baking ingredientsProvisions
13431Chocolate stick eclat dark 1 kg 61% # 5112 *Valrhona ChocolateProvisions
13433Chocolate stick eclat dark bio 1 kg 70% #8197 *Valrhona ChocolateProvisions
13432Chocolate stick eclat whole milk 1 kg 39% #7457 *Valrhona ChocolateProvisions
00896Chocolate, White "Weinrich"" (Kg)"Baking ingredientsNullraum
01524Chocolate-cookies 500gPastries / CrackersProvisions
12105Chocolate-ice 5 Ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
17760Chocolate-tart 1300g -frozen- Gluten freeCake/cake TKTK
20543Chocolates „Ptitschja slast“ 1000gSweetsProvisions
10930Chocosticks cigarillos retro 200 PCS/PAKMini - CakeProvisions
21054Chopfab "Atlantic"" glass 0,3 Ltr."PromotionalCanteen
24826Chopin Potato Vodka 0,7 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
03846Choya Sake 15% 0,75 Ltr.White wineCanteen
02364Christinen Brunnen Carat Naturelle 24x0,5 Ltr. OW TetraWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
11175Christmas Almonds 21x100g lindtHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
07622Christmas biscuits mixtureHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04497Christmas Cakes assorted 2 Kg SchulteHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
19605Christmas Cookies, Cinnamon Stars & Coconut Macarons 150 pcs/box VikingHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
19606Christmas Cookies, Vanilla Kipferl & Linzeraugen 150 pcs/box VikingHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
10325Christmas regenerated cellulose bag 145x235mm 500 pcs ZischkaHOLIDAY ITEMSNonfood
19604Christmas stollen 3 pcs/box VikingHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
05996Christstollen 750gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
12500Ciabatta bread 16x300gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
10721Cider vinegar 500ml WibergVinegar / LemonProvisions
08082Cidre sweet 0,75 ltr. 2 %CiderCanteen
18434Cilia Filters for Tea 80eaTea - Tea bagsNonfood
09387Cilia Filters for Tea Size M 100eaTea - Tea bagsNonfood
10571Cini minis 625g nestleKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
01355Cinnamon ground (kg)Spices / MushroomsProvisions
21286cinnamon ground 500g WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
12630Cinnamon grounded 1000ccm/500g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05103Cinnamon grounded 1200ccm/600g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
06977Cinnamon grounded 1200ml/450g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
10628Cinnamon Star 175gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
24770Cinnamon Sticks 250g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
01096Cinnamon Wafer pastries Cannoli 24pcs 250gPastries / CrackersProvisions
05102Cinnamon whole 1200ccm/350g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
06976Cinnamon whole 1200ml/420g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
02815Cinzano Asti Spumante 0,75 Ltr. 7%Sparkling wineCanteen
02806Cinzano Bianco 1 Ltr. 15%W E R M U TCanteen
02807Cinzano Rosso Vermouth 1 Ltr. 15%W E R M U TCanteen
13459Cioccolini 150g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
04642Citric acid Alba 1000g 1PA250Baking ingredientsProvisions
18420Citrus oil 500ml WibergOIL / FatProvisions
20769Clam shell coocked in whole shell 1000gFresh fish&TKTK
01874Clam shell coocked in whole shell 1000gFresh fish&TKTK
01895Clan Aromatic Mixture 50gPipe tobaccoCanteen
02023Clan Mac Gregor 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
14489Claps Cabernet Sauvignon, D.O.C. 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
14552Claps Sauvignon D.O.C. 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
18270Claramat regeneration salt 2KgSPÜLMASCHINEN REINIGNonfood
02565Claude Baron Albert Champagne Perle Rose Brut 0,75 Ltr 12,5%ChampagneCanteen
02564Claude Baron Albert Champagne Saphir Brut 0,75 Ltr 12%ChampagneCanteen
02563Claude Baron Albert Champagner Saphir Brut 0,375Ltr. 12,5%ChampagneCanteen
21431Claudio Tamborini SanZeno Mosaico 0,75 Ltr 13,4%White wineCanteen
04101Clausthaler Beer OW 24/0,33 Ltr.Beer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
08651Clausthaler glass "Tokyo"" 0,3 Ltr."PromotionalCanteen
09575Clax Build forte 12 C1 20 Ltr. 7521369 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09542Clax Elegant 3CL2 20 Ltr. 6973292 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09635Clax Extra 20 Kg Bag 7508420 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
19531Clax Magic Starterkit 100883055 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09594Clax Perfect 7Ll1 20 Ltr. 6973330 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09624Clax Personril 20 Ltr. 4 KL 5 7519274 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09584Clax Profi 3 AL1 20 Ltr. 6973281 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
19198Clax Ultima 20 Kg 01210255 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
02026Claymore Whisky 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
18648clean ballPromotionalCanteen
08782Cleaner Derku Sun 10 Ltr.DishwashingNonfood
18261Cleaner Pro Clean UltaClean granules *Cleaner DiversNonfood
20984Cleaning brush V-shapeBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
09441Cleaning disposable Mask 1p. 100pcsWorkwearNonfood
12096Cleaning Liquid Somat 750mlCleaner DiversNonfood
08535Cleaning Pills 6 Pcs/PackageDecalcifierNonfood
09155Cleaning sponge large 15x9cm, green / yellowTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
04864Cleaningpaper-roll, 36cm, 3ply, blue, 1000SheetWC PAPER/KLEENEXNonfood
13904Cleaningtablettes 2,3g 200ea "Franke"""DecalcifierNonfood
09932Cleaningtablettes WMF 1,3g 100eaDecalcifierNonfood
09276Cleaningtabs Cillit 4pcs for Coffee machineDecalcifierNonfood
18262Cleaningtabs Pro Clean UltaRins 20ea *Cleaner DiversNonfood
09029Cleanser 1 Ltr.SCHEUERMIL/PULERNonfood
01905Clear Inserts Uniworld 2019 20pcs/pakVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09080Cliche ChargeMiscellaneousProvisions
09540Clip Board A4 # 43964Office suppliesNonfood
17836ClipboardViking NonfoodNonfood
24688Clos Saint Vincent Saint Emillion 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
20713Clos Saint-Michel Chateauneuf du Pape 0,75 Ltr. 15%R O T W E I NCanteen
09770Cloth fine 80x80cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
10023Clothes basket, angled, grey/bluePLASTIC GOODSNonfood
06966Cloves whole 470ml/200g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
05080Cloves, whole 1200ccm/420g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
18823Cloves, whole, 1000ccm WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
01866Clubmaster Superior Brasil Nr. 144CigarillosCanteen
18969Coalfish Pollack 180-220g 20% glaze (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
05737Coalfish Pollack ITL 227/454g, pbi (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
05825COALFISH squares in Bread Crump 150g, IQF, PBOFresh fish&TKTK
12361Coaster Tui 5000pcs/BoxVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09874Coaster Uniworld silver 9cm 8ply 6000 pcs.NapkinsNonfood
18112Coaster Viking 20000erViking NonfoodNonfood
09516Coasters for Mokka Cups oval, 17x24cm / 250 Pcs.TORTENSPITZENNonfood
19754Coasters white 9cm 8lagig 1500pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21447Cobenzl Grüner Veltliner Classic 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21448Cobenzl Wiener Gemischter Satz 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
04140Coca Cola 12 x 1,00 Ltr. MWLIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
04202Coca Cola 24 Tin/0,33 Ltr. *LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
01075Coca Cola 24x0,33 Ltr. Ds (Slim Cans)LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
06750Coca Cola Btl. 24/0,2 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
02500Coca Cola Energy 12x0,25Ltr. cans MWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
02501Coca Cola Energy Zero 12x0,25Ltr. cans MWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
08462Coca Cola glas 0,3 LtrPromotionalCanteen
04203Coca Cola Light 24 Tin/0,33 Ltr. *LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
06753Coca Cola Light Btl 24/0,2 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
04209Coca Cola Light Btl. 24/0,33 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
04134Coca Cola Light MW 12 x 1,00 Ltr.LIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
04292Coca Cola MW 24/0,33 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
11310Coca Cola Zero 12x1 Ltr MWLIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
04315Coca Cola Zero 24 tins/0,33 ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
20099Coca Cola Zero 24/0,2 Ltr. MWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
04254Coca Cola Zero 24/0,33 Ltr. MWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
01076Coca Cola Zero 24x0,33 Ltr. Ds (Slim Cans)LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
01923COCK rice flour white 400gFlour / flour mixProvisions
06055Cocktail Cherries with helve 370mlbstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
01018Cocktail Cherries without Stone 720mlbstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
20481Cocktail Halms 125mm lang, 5mm Ø black, 400 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
11075Cocktail Halms black 5mm 125mm long 100 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
06030Cocktail Halms colorful 400 Pcs. 125mmDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
12077Cocktail mix 6 x 1000gPastries / CrackersProvisions
09337Cocktail Napkins 17x17/2000ea 1LayerNapkinsNonfood
02395Cocktail Sausage 40x20gRoast/sausagesNullraum
08216Cocktail Sausage 40x20gRoast/sausagesNullraum
00385Cocktail SausagesRoast/sausagesNullraum
20772Cocktail Shrimp Peeled, Cooked, Cold water, 125/175 ctFresh fish&TKTK
01216Cocktail Shrimp Peeled, Cooked, Cold water, 125/175 ctFresh fish&TKTK
19268Cocktail-Dressing 450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
02578Cocktail-Dressing 4x450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
11595Cocoa Fantasy 1000g CF4Cocoa / NesquickProvisions
06053Cocoa Fantasy Dark Sticks 100 x 25gCocoa / NesquickProvisions
00554Cocoapowder 250g (Kg)Cocoa / NesquickProvisions
18587Coconut Flower (Glutenfree, lactosefree) 880g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
20216Coconut macarons 80 pcs frozenPastries / CrackersTK
18795Coconut Sheet Cake 48pcs. 2800g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
19819Coconut water innoc 500mlWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
14032Coconut, descicated 200gBaking ingredientsProvisions
20699Coconut- Raspberry Mousse sheet cake 3150g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
14095Coconut-Milk 1 Ltr. TetraMilk/condensate.Provisions
00508Coconut-Milk 400ml unsweetenedMilk/condensate.Provisions
05819Coconut-Sherbet-Ice 5 ltr. 1MK485Ice creamTK
00235Cod Filet ITL 225/455g, pbi (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
19896Cod fillet skin on Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
00188Cod Liver in Tins 115gCanned fishFresh
13896Coffee cream 1000g 10%Cream/sour creamNullraum
21386Coffee Decaf Whole Bean KUZ 500 grs. Bag « Arcaffè »Roasted coffeeProvisions
21385Coffee Espresso Whole Bean 78/22 1 Kg BagRoasted coffeeProvisions
21384Coffee Espresso Whole Bean Alto Palomar 500 grs. BagRoasted coffeeProvisions
09172Coffee filters 24,5/250pcsCOFFEE FILTERNonfood
09141Coffee filters 4 100Pcs.COFFEE FILTERNonfood
09171Coffee filters B10/43.8/250eaCOFFEE FILTERNonfood
11295Coffee filters B5 110x360mm 250StCOFFEE FILTERNonfood
10217Coffee filters Saro M100 90x250mm 1000eaCOFFEE FILTERNonfood
14257Coffee Ice 5 Ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
01363Coffee King decaffeinated, whole beans, certified 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
00503Coffee Milk 1 ltr. 7,5%Milk/condensate.Nullraum
21313Coffee whitener sticks 500x2,5gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
00502Coffee-Cream in port. 10% 240 x 7,5gMilk/condensate.Nullraum
14635Coffee-Cup Exclusiv 12oz/300ml (Premium Hot - 20x50)VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14970Coffeemaschine cleaningtabs 30x2g Dr BecherDecalcifierNonfood
02933Cointreau 1 Ltr. 40%LiqueursCanteen
01509Cold Fruitsoup assorted 1 KgPudding PowderProvisions
19737Cold pack 19 x 25 x 2,5 cmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
01573Cole-slaw riveradvice salad 10 KgReady-made saladsNullraum
13117Coleslaw-Salad 3 kgReady-made saladsNullraum
01170Coleslaw-Salad 5 kg VikingReady-made saladsNullraum
24817Collegium Wirtemberg Trollinger "Im Holzfass gereift"" dry 0,75Ltr. 12,5%"R O T W E I NCanteen
07948Colmans English Mustard 2250mlMustardProvisions
20339Columbia Crest Private Reserve Walter Clore 0,75Ltr. 14,5% *R O T W E I NCanteen
06005Comb Plastic "diamant"""ToiletriesNonfood
20719Compagnie de Burgondie Bourgogne Chardonnay 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
10441Completegloss 1000g #810423Dessert / SyrupNullraum
17815Complimentary card A6 200erViking NonfoodNonfood
14054Concentrated Orange Juice 0,8 Ltr. -TK-Juices (Tetra)TK
17822Concierge sheet 1000erViking NonfoodNonfood
21504Condesa de Leganza Verdejo Blanco VDT 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
18765Conditioner 100x80ml FREYJA 102700Viking NonfoodNonfood
20960Conditioner 180x40ml ADA Classic ROCO040SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
18881Conditioner 200x40ml/Krt. Hermes HECO040 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
18424Conditioner Sweet orange & cedar wood Organic Argan Oil & Eucalyptus 365 x 30mlSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
13901Conditioner Verbena 192 x 30ml L'Occitane G&PSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
11262Conditioner Verbena 90 x 50ml L'Occitane 98BBAS050VE0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
19801Confiserie Heidel Easter bag "Easter Nostalgia"" 11x49g"HOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
01878Confiserie Heidel Small heart 32gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04492Conny's Bakery Gingerbread Mix, ca. 375ea, 2,5 KG/EIHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
02418Construction boots S5 yellow PVC oil and acid resistant size 42WorkwearProvisions
02419Construction boots S5 yellow PVC oil and acid resistant size 43WorkwearProvisions
02421Construction boots S5 yellow PVC oil and acid resistant size 45WorkwearProvisions
02422Construction boots S5 yellow PVC oil and acid resistant size 46WorkwearProvisions
18809Container tap for 5/10 ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20442Continental rice waffles milk chocolate 100g *SweetsProvisions
11122Convocare concentrate 1 LtrCleaner DiversNonfood
11121Convoclean Forte 10 LtrCleaner DiversNonfood
01952Cooked and peeled crayfish meat in brine 1,5 Kg / 900g ATGCanned fishNullraum
20770Cooked Chilean musselsFresh fish&TKTK
00491Cooked Ham 5 Kg (box)Sausage canned foodNullraum
00318Cooked Ham ca. 2,5 Kg (Kg)SausagesNullraum
08298Cooked Ham, france ca. 4,5 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
17977Cooked Krakauer ca. 0,8 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
00342Cooked Sausages, smoked 10x90g (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
02342Cookie Chunks 5 Ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
12668Cookies Double Choc. & Hazelnut 200g/pakPastries / CrackersProvisions
12058Cookies double chocolate chip 200 x 40gCake/cake TKTK
12061Cookies oatmeal raisin 200 x 40gCake/cake TKTK
12667Cookies Triple Choc. 200g/pakPastries / CrackersProvisions
06652Cooking Cream 15% 1 Ltr.Cream/sour creamNullraum
01418Cooking Wine, red 2 Ltr. 10%Cooking wineProvisions
01419Cooking Wine, white 2 Ltr. 10%Cooking wineProvisions
19048Coors Light 24/0,33 Ltr. OW Grad Plato: 10,6° Alc.: 4%Beer / BottleCanteen
20142Coors Light 24/0,33 Ltr. OW Grad Plato: 9.27° Alc.: 4%Beer / BottleCanteen
01660Copp. Vanille Cookies (Biscuits) sugarfree 200g *Pastries / CrackersProvisions
05987Coppa Parma ca. 1 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
02281Copy Paper A3 160g white 250eaOffice suppliesNonfood
21691Copy Paper A3 80g blue 500eaOffice suppliesNonfood
21692Copy Paper A3 80g pink 500eaOffice suppliesNonfood
21693Copy Paper A3 80g yellow 500eaOffice suppliesNonfood
06217Copy Paper A3/500ea whiteOffice suppliesNonfood
11611Copy Paper A4 120g 250pcs/Pkt. SF # 14120Office suppliesNonfood
20648Copy paper A4 120g white 250pcs/Pak.Office suppliesNonfood
13025Copy paper A4 160g 250 sheets/pakOffice suppliesNonfood
21688Copy Paper A4 160g light blue 250eaOffice suppliesNonfood
21689Copy Paper A4 160g light green 250eaOffice suppliesNonfood
21690Copy Paper A4 160g pink 250eaOffice suppliesNonfood
02329Copy Paper A4 160g yellow 250eaOffice suppliesNonfood
07418Copy Paper A4/500 Papers 80g champagner UniworldOffice suppliesNonfood
09363Copy Paper A4/500ea 80g blue # 780Office suppliesNonfood
09290Copy Paper A4/500ea 80g whiteOffice suppliesNonfood
09863Copy Paper green A5/500 sheetOffice suppliesNonfood
06391Copy Paper Yellow A4/500 Sheets 80g # 780Office suppliesNonfood
09362Copy Paper, pink A4/500 Sheets 80gOffice suppliesNonfood
05784Coriander / Kg freshFresh vegetablesFresh
06967Coriander ground 470ml/200g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
19195Coriander Seeds 160g/470ml WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05776Coriander, fresh-bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
01267Coriander, groundSpices / MushroomsProvisions
21582Cormons Sauvignon Blanc 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
21523Cormons Venezia Giulia Caberner Franc 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
07352Corn Bread with Lineseed 500g glutenfreeLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
17625Corn cob holdersVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
01816Corn fed chicken supreme (kg), frozenPoultryTK
19778Corn fed chicken supreme 140-170g (kg) frozenPoultryTK
18610Corn fed chicken supreme 160-180g (kg) frozenPoultryTK
04960Corn Lemon Cream Wafers 2 x 75gLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
07711Corn On Cob 3100ml/3000g 3/1em-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01165Corn On Cob Frozen 48 x app. 250g 1VF060Frozen vegetablesTK
06301Corn on Cob, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
06496Corn Special 8x500g/box -frozen- EDNA 660Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
00780Corn Starch 400gNutritional agentsProvisions
10293Corn starch 400g G&GNutritional agentsProvisions
00294Corned Beef 340gSausage canned foodProvisions
19025Corned Beef 6 lbs (2720g)Sausage canned foodFresh
00446Corned Beef german 1,5 Kg (tin)Sausage canned foodNullraum
14781Cornet in paper optics for fish & chips 100pcs/pakVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
08709Cornetto Hazelnut 24 Pieces / BoxLangnese IceTK
08710Cornetto Strawberry 24 Pieces / BoxLangnese IceTK
02947Cornflakes 750gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
00943Cornichons 2650ml/2450gSour Conserv.3/1Provisions
09699Cornichons 5/1Sour Conserv.3/1Provisions
11301Corny nuttily 100 x25gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
14678Corny nuttily 100 x25g schokoKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
04129Corona beer Btl 24/0,33 Ltr.Beer / BottleCanteen
02549Correcting ball pen white 9mlDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
02555Corte Pietra Ripasso Valpolicella, dry, 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%White wineCanteen
14561Corte Seresina Bardolino Chiaretto D.O.C. 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% #5600R O S E W E I NCanteen
20858Cosmetic towels 2-ply 100pcs white 36 pak/boxWC PAPER/KLEENEXNonfood
09148Cosmetic towels 2-ply 100pcs white 40 pak / box (pak)WC PAPER/KLEENEXNonfood
13542Cotes du Rhone AOP 1 Ltr. 13% Brogsitter #4675R O T W E I NCanteen
00624Cottage Cheese 200gQuark/Hut cheeseNullraum
00598Cottage raw Ham coarse ca. 2 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
12878Cotton Buds (3er) 500 pcsADA PRODUCTSNonfood
12968Cotton gloves white Gr. LHAND/SHOESNonfood
20114Cotton gloves white Gr. SHAND/SHOESNonfood
12967Cotton gloves white Gr. XLHAND/SHOESNonfood
18555Cotton gloves white Gr.MHAND/SHOESNonfood
19181Cotton pads 3 in foil 500 pcs / box LOKP000ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
19810Cotton swabs 3 pcs. 1000 pcs. / box CBLO004COM-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
19596Coudoulet de Beaucastel Rouge AOC 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
19974Country cervelat sausage medium fine ca. 2 KgSausagesNullraum
17981Country smoke salami ca. 1,2 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
19463Courvoisier Artisan Double Oak VS 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
21648Courvoisier Artisan VSOP Triple Oak 1Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
10094Courvoisier VS 0,05 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02147Courvoisier VS 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
04985Cous Cous 1000gNutritional agentsProvisions
05958Cover Transparent 100ea / A4 not perforated # 27Office suppliesNonfood
08784Crab salad 1 kgReady-made saladsNullraum
18747Crackers salted 200g LorenzPastries / CrackersProvisions
21588Cramele Recas Feteasca Regala 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
21519Cramele Recas Nonius Feteasca Neagra Shiraz 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21553Cramele Recas Paparuda Syrah Estate Selection 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
19777Cramele Recas Überland Cuvée 0,75 Ltr. 15%R O T W E I NCanteen
01056Cranberry 5 kgbstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
01054Cranberry in Syrup 212mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
14415Cranberry Juice 1,00 Ltr. Ocean SprayJuices (Tetra)Canteen
14181Cranberry Juicefruit Drink 13% 1 Ltr. Tetra WesergoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
05773Cranberrys, -frozen-Fruit TKTK
21237Cranberrys, dried 1000g MarylandDried fruitProvisions
06282Crawfish 20-30 in dill -frozen-Fresh fish&TKTK
18020Crawfish tails 5 oz cuba frozen, IQFFresh fish&TKTK
21137Crawfishmeat 150-200, Kg (kg) frozenFresh fish&TKTK
06284Crayfish butter 425ml/380gCanned fishNullraum
09142Crayfishsoappaste 425mlCanned fishNullraum
21240Cream Capsules for Cream Appliances, 24 pcs.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
07092Cream Cheese Cake 2000gCake/cake TKTK
01651Cream Crackers 200g 1YE051Pastries / CrackersProvisions
07775Cream Curd Cheese Milchland 40% 250gQuark/Hut cheeseNullraum
00455Cream Fraiche 1 Ltr. / Tetra 24%Cream/sour creamNullraum
00485Cream Fraiche 5,0 ltr. 30%Cream/sour creamNullraum
08961Cream Fraiche plain 200gCream/sour creamNullraum
14089Cream fresh 33% 5 Ltr. MilramCream/sour creamNullraum
10436Cream Joghurt 150g ZottYoghurt / KefirNullraum
18461Cream Puff filled Frz. 1000gCake/cake TKTK
00529Cream Rigid 1 kg Dr. OetkerDr. OetkerProvisions
06943Cream Soup with Leek Taste 2,4 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
10593Cream whip it 1 KgBaking ingredientsProvisions
00538Cream Yoghurt 150gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
11103Creative - straws 50 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
24778Creative Cuisine Xanthan 600gNutritional agentsProvisions
10402Crema di Balsamico 500 mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
10403Crema di Balsamico bianco 500 mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
19256Creme Brülee 2 KgPudding PowderProvisions
17906Creme brulee 450g Dr. OetkerFinishedProvisions
03041Creme de Cassis, Massenez 1 Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
11798Creme Patissiere 10 KgBaking ingredientsProvisions
20154Creme rhubarb Vanilla 2 Kg HügliPudding PowderProvisions
18425Creme Soap Mandarin & Mint 328 x 25g Sweet orange & cedar woodSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
19056Cremedessert precut three fold sorted 3x612g Edna 2533Brötch/Croiss.TK
20634Crepe nature unsweeted 160x25g frozenFinished productsTKTK
19520Crepes nature 80x50gFinished productsTKTK
08379Cress blueFresh vegetablesFresh
08798Cress, fresh -Cup-Spices / FreshFresh
18515Cress, fresh kgSpices / FreshFresh
17824Crew Tip Envelope 500 pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
14494Crianaza Finca Antiqua, 0,75 Ltr. 13,5% #9813R O T W E I NCanteen
07749Crispbread Assorted 100 x 2 Pcs. "Wasa"""Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
11674Crispbread glutenfree and lactosefree 190gLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
08518Crispbread Wasa "Mjoelk"" 230g"Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
10988Crispbread Wasa rye thin 205gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
07743Crispbread wasa sesam 200gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
00861Crocant Sprinkles 100g BackstubeBaking ingredientsProvisions
15219Croft Fine Ruby Porto 0,75 Ltr. 20%Liqueur wineCanteen
14909Croissant á la francaise 220g Dr. Schär -TK-Lact/Gluten-freeTK
24775Croissant Bridor, -TK- 180x65g / KrtBrötch/Croiss.TK
14082Croquettes cone, frozen 2,5kg/kgKartoff/NoodleTKTK
01197Croquettes long, frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
01211Croquettes round, frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
21257Crown Royal 0,7 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02097Crown Royal 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
21664Crown Royal 1 Ltr. 40% #VikingWhiskyCanteen
21067Crunchy baguette crate, 4 assorted 24x280g Edna 201Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
11856Crunchy-Kaiser rolls 40x65g EDNA 27Brötch/Croiss.TK
04965Crunchy-Rools dark 80x70g/box -frozen- EDNA 97Brötch/Croiss.TK
24828Crushed Ice 5Kg, frozenMiscellaneousTK
09224Crystal Cleaner 1,00lCleaner DiversNonfood
08871Cucumber fresh /pcs.Fresh vegetablesFresh
14098Cucumber green, japanese Style 200gSour Conserv.1/2Nullraum
08858Cucumbers, fresh (Kg)Fresh vegetablesFresh
18395Cumberland-Sauce 1000mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
11589Cumin grounded 1 kgSpices / MushroomsProvisions
08479Cumin grounded 250g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
19321Cumin whole dried 400ccm/165g KotanyiSpices / MushroomsProvisions
14231Cuminseed ground Tin 800gSpices / MushroomsProvisions
01289Cuminseed whole (kg)Spices / MushroomsProvisions
08850Cumquat, freshFruit, freshFresh
19169Cup Cake (Tulip) brown 160x160x50mm 200pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19756Cup Mats "This round the Wonder is on you"" 7-layers, white 250ea/pak"TORTENSPITZENNonfood
19755Cup Mats "We have wonder on trap"" 7-layers, white 250ea/pak"TORTENSPITZENNonfood
19757Cup Mats "You aren´t here to just drink in the... "" 7-layers, white 250ea/pak"TORTENSPITZENNonfood
06250Cup Mats 1000 pcs./9cmTORTENSPITZENNonfood
01293Curcuma ground (kg)Spices / MushroomsProvisions
12611Curcuma ground 1000ccm/550g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
11583Curcuma ground 400ccm/190g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
06958Curcuma ground 470ml/280g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
00673Curd Cheese 10 kg 1CE020Quark/Hut cheeseNullraum
00667Curd Cheese 250g 0% FatQuark/Hut cheeseNullraum
00989Curd Cheese 40% 5 KgQuark/Hut cheeseNullraum
00672Curd Cheese 5 KgQuark/Hut cheeseNullraum
00663Curd Cheese with Herbs 200gQuark/Hut cheeseNullraum
12612Curry grounded 1000ccm/500g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05070Curry grounded 1200ccm/590g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
07406Curry Madras hot 400ccm/175g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
05887Curry Paste green 400g 1SP201Seasoning sauceProvisions
05888Curry Paste red 400gSeasoning sauceProvisions
01118Curry Paste yellow 400Seasoning sauceProvisions
06953Curry Powder 1200ml/560g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
05889Curry Powder Madras (kg)Spices / MushroomsProvisions
21282Curry powder madras 500g WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
00307Curry Sausage 20x160g in own skinRoast/sausagesNullraum
01439Curry spiced ketchup Hela 800mlKetch./Searett.Provisions
20150Currysauce pastös 4 Kg HügliSeasoning sauceProvisions
15150Curver laundry gathering white 45 ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
15151Curver laundrybox anthracite 60 Ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
00839Custard Cream Powder 400gPudding PowderProvisions
11052Cuttingmachine A3/A4Office suppliesNonfood
02197Cutty Sark Whisky 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
13477Cuvee "little cross"" 0.75 Ltr. 14% *"R O T W E I NCanteen
19940Cuvée Moritz rouge 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
04053Cynar Amaro 1 Ltr. 16,5%LiqueursCanteen
11219D Ammerländer Jadegut (gouda) 45% ca. 3 kgCheeseNullraum
00565D Bavaria Bue Tart with Mushrooms 70% ca. 1,2 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
10775D Bavariablu 150gCheeseNullraum
04571D Biarom caraway45% ca. 1,5 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
04570D Biarom green pepper cheese 45% ca. 1,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
11217D Biarom with herbs 45% ca. 1,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
11218D Biarom with peppers and onions 45% ca. 1,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00592D Blue Cheese Bergader ca. 2,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
05690D Bonifaz with Garlic ca. 1,2 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
05689D Bonifaz with green Pepper ca. 1,2 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00571D Bonifaz with Herbs ca. 1,2 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00564D Bonifaz with Mushrooms 1,2 kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00572D Buko Fresh Cheese 200gCheeseNullraum
00573D Butter Cheese 45% ca. 3 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00101D Butter cheese sliced 45% 50 x 20g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00311D Buttjer Smoked Cheese 45% ca. 3 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
10774D Cambozola 150gCheeseNullraum
14659D Cambozola Champignon 70% 400g/pakCheeseNullraum
05644D Cambozola Cheese ca. 2,2 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00576D Camembert 125gCheeseNullraum
08585D Cheese Glockenzeller Type 45% ca. 3 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00620D Cheese Limburg 20% 200gCheeseNullraum
08669D Cream Cheese with Herbs 300gCheeseNullraum
12948D Diplomat Cheese with Cummin 55% ca. 2 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
12365D Exquisa 70 % 1,5 KgCheeseNullraum
13146D Goat cheese roll "Soignon"" 45% of 1 kg"CheeseNullraum
05682D Goat`s Milk Cheese Rolled "Melusine"" 45% 1 kg (kg)"CheeseNullraum
00603D Gouda Cheese 45% ca. 3 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
00594D Gruenlaender smoked Cheese 48% ca. 3 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00562D Hand Cheese 62,5g/PieceCheeseNullraum
11644D Milkana Soft cheese assortet 100x20gCheeseNullraum
00622D Milkana spread Cheese 200gCheeseNullraum
00650D Milkana spreadcheese 8/8 500g CreamCheeseFresh
11645D Mushroom Limburg 40% 200gCheeseNullraum
10772D Obaza bavarian cheese 1,5 KgCheeseNullraum
00630D Pepper Cheese 60% 1 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
05618D Pizza Cheese grated 1 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
07933D Rambol with Pepper Taste 125gCheeseNullraum
00635D Smoked Cheese 2 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
08516D Toast Cheese 250gCheeseNullraum
00660D Walnut Cheese 55% 1 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
09697D Wild Garlic / Cheese with Herbs 48% ca. 2,7 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00674D Wilstermarsch Cheese 45% ca. 3 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
02392D-Day trifold map 200Pcs/BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
00528D-Yoghurt with Fruit 1,5% fat 125g FrankenlandYoghurt / KefirNullraum
13252Dalmore King Alex III 0,7 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
21469Dalwhinnie Highland Single Malt 15 Jahre 0,7Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
02036Dalwhinnie Single Malt Whisky 15 J. 1 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
01852Dannemann Moods 20eaCigarillosCanteen
01851Dannemann Moods Filter 20eaCigarillosCanteen
21226Dannemann Moods Silver 8x12 CigarilloCigarillosCanteen
00351Danone Actimel Drink 100g assortedYoghurt / KefirNullraum
05976Danone Activia Yoghurt 4 x 115g sortedYoghurt / KefirNullraum
18526Dany cream Bourbon vanilla 100gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
09502Dany Cream Chocolatepudding 115gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
01498Dany Cream Vanillapudding 4x115gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
02612Danzka Currant Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02614Danzka Danish Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02613Danzka Danish Vodka 1 Ltr. 50%W O D K ACanteen
02610Danzka Vodka Lemon 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
18896Darbo apricot jam 5KgHoney / NutellaProvisions
20123Darbo stewed plums 4,45 Kgbstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
13189Darjeeling Tea 500g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
04684Darjeeling Tea Bags 50ea Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
11562Darjeling Royal First Flush 250gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
13688Dark spiral 80 pcs./pakDessert plate VikingTK
14102Dashi no moto, Fishsoupfond 1 KgFinishedProvisions
00085Dates large 200gDried fruitProvisions
01722Davidoff Classic CigarettesCigarettesCanteen
01958Davidoff Gold (Light)CigarettesCanteen
01858Davidoff mini Special CigarillosCigarillosCanteen
20321Day lable Friday "Shelf Life"" 51x51mm, Dissolve-A-Way, 250 pcs/Rll"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20317Day lable Monday "Shelf Life"" 51x51mm, Dissolve-A-Way, 250 pcs/Rll"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20322Day lable Saturday "Shelf Life"" 51x51mm, Dissolve-A-Way, 250 pcs/Rll"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20323Day lable Sunday "Shelf Life"" 51x51mm, Dissolve-A-Way, 250 pcs/Rll"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20320Day lable Thursday "Shelf Life"" 51x51mm, Dissolve-A-Way, 250 pcs/Rll"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20318Day lable Tuesday "Shelf Life"" 51x51mm, Dissolve-A-Way, 250 pcs/Rll"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20319Day lable Wednesday "Shelf Life"" 51x51mm, Dissolve-A-Way, 250 pcs/Rll"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19459De Kuyper Advocat 0,7 Ltr. 14,8%LiqueursCanteen
21638De Kuyper Apricot Brandy 0,7 Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
15640De Kuyper Apricot Brandy 0,7 Ltr. 24%LiqueursCanteen
03096De Kuyper Bessen Genever 1 Ltr. 20%G E N E V E RCanteen
21468De Kuyper Blue Curacao 0,7Ltr. 24%LiqueursCanteen
19456De Kuyper Blue Curacao 1,0 Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
19460De Kuyper Creme de Banana 1,0 Ltr. 15%LiqueursCanteen
21639De Kuyper Creme de Cacao brown 0,7 Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
03073De Kuyper Creme de Cacao brown 0,7 Ltr. 24%LiqueursCanteen
13143De Kuyper Creme de Cacao white 0,7 Ltr. 24%LiqueursCanteen
19457De Kuyper Creme de Cassis 0,7 Ltr. 15%LiqueursCanteen
03098De Kuyper Jonge Genever 1 Ltr. 35%G E N E V E RCanteen
19452De Kuyper Menthe green 1 Ltr. 24%LiqueursCanteen
19451De Kuyper Menthe white 0,7 Ltr. 24%LiqueursCanteen
19461De Kuyper Peach Schnaps 1,0 Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
15713De Kuyper Sour Apple 0,7 Ltr. 15%LiqueursCanteen
19458De Kuyper Triple Sec. 1,0 Ltr. 40%LiqueursCanteen
13187Decaf English Breakfast Tea 250g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
18164Deco grass Eastern green 30gHOLIDAY ITEMSNonfood
06041Deco-Picker Flags 500 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
19464Deco-Picker Flags 8cm Switzerland 100 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
13849Deco-Picker Flags Switzerland 250 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
06035Deco-Sticks Palms 144 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
01924Decor flower mix 25g WibergSpices / MushroomsProvisions
24847Decorsnow 1 KgBaking ingredientsProvisions
00465Deep Frying Fat 1OI051OIL / FatNullraum
14279Deep Frying Fat Ökobox 10 Ltr.OIL / FatProvisions
02356Deep Frying Fat Ökobox 10 Ltr. VandermoorteleOIL / FatProvisions
01917Deep Sea Scallops 8/12 with water, raw, without roe, glazed 20%, IQF, frozenFresh fish&TKTK
05774Deer Legs without Bones frozenwildTK
02359DehumidifiersVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
02803Deinhard Carlton 0,75 Ltr. 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
08582Delicate Mini-Snacks 156x30g ED1067Finished productsTKTK
01471Delicious Broth 1 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
10489Delicious broth 12,5 kgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
13236Delight ice vanille lactosefree and glutenfree 36x80mlIce creamTK
00680Delight Line Fuerst Pueckler ice with sweetener (strawberry, vanille, chocolate) 36x80mlIce creamTK
01364Demi Glaze 3 Kg (kg)Knorr / MaggiProvisions
20720Dental kit 200 pcs./box L'occitane 98BBACDENNT3CosmeticsNonfood
06006Deo Spray For Man "8x4"" 150ml"ToiletriesNonfood
14083Deposist Bottle for Carbonic Acid 0,5 KgPledge moneyCanteen
14059Deposist Bottle for Carbonic Acid 1,5 KgPledge moneyCanteen
09889Deposist Bottle for Carbonic Acid 6 KgPledge moneyProvisions
09889Deposist Bottle for Carbonic Acid 6 Kg *Pledge moneyCanteen
10005DepositPledge moneyProvisions
10006DepositPledge moneyProvisions
10007DepositPledge moneyProvisions
19419Deposit Bottle * (Sans Souci)Pledge moneyCanteen
09891Deposit 10 Btl. + CasePledge moneyCanteen
09891Deposit 10 Btl. + CasePledge moneyCanteen
19564Deposit 12 bottles PET / TinPledge moneyCanteen
09898Deposit 12 Btl + CasePledge moneyCanteen
09898Deposit 12 Btl + Case *Pledge moneyCanteen
19418Deposit 12 Btl + Case * (Sans Souci)Pledge moneyCanteen
18145Deposit 12 Btl + Case (Gasteiner)Pledge moneyCanteen
09988Deposit 12 plastic hump + CasePledge moneyProvisions
17750Deposit 15 Btl. + Case *Pledge moneyCanteen
18019Deposit 16 Btl + CasePledge moneyCanteen
09894Deposit 18 PET BottlesPledge moneyProvisions
09899Deposit 20 bottle MW/Case *Pledge moneyCanteen
09899Deposit 20MW Btl + CasePledge moneyProvisions
09890Deposit 24 Btl + CasePledge moneyProvisions
20118Deposit 24 Btl + Case (Almdudler)Pledge moneyCanteen
09890Deposit 24 Btl + Case *Pledge moneyCanteen
17749Deposit 24 Btl + Case PET *Pledge moneyCanteen
18144Deposit 24 Btl + Case (Gasteiner)Pledge moneyCanteen
09882Deposit 30 Btl + CasePledge moneyCanteen
19337Deposit 6 Btls PETPledge moneyCanteen
09888Deposit 6 Btls + CasePledge moneyProvisions
09888Deposit 6 Btls + Case *Pledge moneyCanteen
17743Deposit 6 Btls + Case PETPledge moneyCanteen
09895Deposit Becks BarrellPledge moneyProvisions
10000Deposit Becks BarrellPledge moneyProvisions
13768Deposit Beer 10x0,33 Ltr. *Pledge moneyCanteen
19399Deposit Beer 11x0,5 Ltr.Pledge moneyCanteen
13799Deposit Beer 20x0,33 Ltr. *Pledge moneyCanteen
20301Deposit Beer 20x0,33 Ltr. * (Stiegl)Pledge moneyCanteen
09892Deposit Beer 20x0,5 Ltr.Pledge moneyCanteen
09892Deposit Beer 20x0,5 Ltr. *Pledge moneyCanteen
09884Deposit Beer 24 Btls. + CasePledge moneyCanteen
09884Deposit Beer 24 Btls. + Case *Pledge moneyCanteen
17753Deposit beer 27 x 0,33ltr. MWPledge moneyCanteen
09886Deposit BeerbarrelPledge moneyProvisions
13797Deposit Beerbarrel 6 Ltr. *Pledge moneyCanteen
19786Deposit Beerbarrel 6 Ltr. + Case *Pledge moneyCanteen
09886Deposit Beerbarrel *Pledge moneyCanteen
19886Deposit Beerbarrel 6 Ltr. + casePledge moneyCanteen
19504Deposit Beerbarrel KronenbourgPledge moneyCanteen
13568Deposit Beerbarrel 10-20 ltr.Pledge moneyCanteen
09885Deposit BeerbottlePledge moneyCanteen
09885Deposit BeerbottlePledge moneyProvisions
09900Deposit Beerbottle 6 pcs/PakPledge moneyProvisions
13257Deposit Beerbottle 6 pcs/PakPledge moneyCanteen
13798Deposit Beerbottle FlensburgerPledge moneyCanteen
09905Deposit big (vegetable)Pledge moneyProvisions
09905Deposit big (vegetable)Pledge moneyProvisions
09800Deposit BitburgerPledge moneyProvisions
18146Deposit Bottle 0,33 Ltr. (Gasteiner)Pledge moneyCanteen
18147Deposit Bottle 0,75 Ltr. (Gasteiner)Pledge moneyCanteen
20117Deposit bottle AlmdudlerPledge moneyCanteen
13261Deposit Bottle for Carbonic Acid 0,5 KgPledge moneyCanteen
13260Deposit Bottle for Carbonic Acid 1,5 KgPledge moneyCanteen
20524Deposit bottle StieglPledge moneyCanteen
13475Deposit box for eggs *Pledge moneyProvisions
09878Deposit Carbonic Acid 2KgPledge moneyProvisions
09878Deposit Carbonic Acid 2Kg *Pledge moneyCanteen
09879Deposit Carbonic Acid 4 KgPledge moneyProvisions
13259Deposit Carbonic Acid 4 Kg *Pledge moneyCanteen
09880Deposit Carbonic Acidbottle 10 KgPledge moneyProvisions
09880Deposit Carbonic Acidbottle 10 Kg *Pledge moneyCanteen
09883Deposit Empty CasePledge moneyProvisions
09883Deposit Empty Case *Pledge moneyCanteen
20119Deposit Empty Case * (Almdudler)Pledge moneyCanteen
19762Deposit Empty Case * (Gösser)Pledge moneyCanteen
19420Deposit Empty Case * (Sans Souci)Pledge moneyCanteen
20523Deposit Empty Case StieglPledge moneyCanteen
18148Deposit Empty Case (Gasteiner)Pledge moneyCanteen
19761Deposit Gösser Beer 24 Btls. + Case *Pledge moneyCanteen
10001Deposit Grolsch BarrellPledge moneyProvisions
09896Deposit Holsten BarrellPledge moneyProvisions
10002Deposit Holsten BarrellPledge moneyProvisions
09887Deposit Lemonade BottlePledge moneyProvisions
09887Deposit Lemonade Bottle *Pledge moneyCanteen
09882Deposit PET / TinPledge moneyProvisions
19882Deposit PET / TinPledge moneyCanteen
09881Deposit PET / Tin 6eaPledge moneyProvisions
13474Deposit Plastic humps for eggs *Pledge moneyProvisions
09893Deposit Premix 18 Ltr.Pledge moneyProvisions
10003Deposit premix 18 Ltr.Pledge moneyProvisions
09923Deposit small (fruits and vegetable)Pledge moneyProvisions
20375Deposit small (fruits and vegetable)Pledge moneyProvisions
09897Deposit Veltins BarrellPledge moneyProvisions
09810Deposit Warsteiner BarrellPledge moneyProvisions
09877Deposit winebottlePledge moneyProvisions
13256Deposit winebottlePledge moneyProvisions
00339Derestrainer 1 Ltr.DecalcifierNonfood
08759Derestrainer 12 kgDecalcifierNonfood
09007Derestrainer Renegite 15 x 50g BonamatDecalcifierNonfood
13270Descaler Powder 1 Kg eilfixDecalcifierNonfood
17621Descaling tablets 3 Pcs/PackageDecalcifierNonfood
12933Desco Bohrerbad 2 Ltr.Cleaner DiversNonfood
05616Dessert - Tartelettes 5cmx5cm, sweet 162erMini - CakeProvisions
01921Dessert sauce chocolate Dr.Oetker without cooking 1 kgDr. OetkerProvisions
14018Dessert tartelettes 5cm 184 St/BOXMini - CakeProvisions
17782Dessertbox without gluten-/lactose 135pcs/BoxDessert plate VikingTK
05843Dessertpaste mocca 1 kg DsEssences/ColoursProvisions
24740Dessertpaste mocca 1 kg Ds Martin BraunEssences/ColoursProvisions
13237Dessertsauce Vanille 2 Ltr. DebicDessert / SyrupNullraum
17817Destination Folder 650erViking NonfoodNonfood
21072Detergent Coral 1,1 Ltr./22 WL Black VelvetWashing powderNonfood
11927Dettling Réserve 0,5 Ltr 41%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
13850Develey Munich white sausage mustard 875mlMustardProvisions
24844Develop Toner for Ineo 227 TN323KTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20221Devils Chocolate Cube Cake 2000g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
02034Dewars White Label 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
20431DF cold smoked salmon slicedFresh fish&TKTK
14821DI Mini rolls box mix, 4 assorted 120x35g EDNA 809Brötch/Croiss.TK
14733Diebels Beer 6 Ltr. Perfect DraftBeer / BarrelCanteen
18604Diebels glass 0,3 LtrPromotionalCanteen
00725Diet Pills ind. 2000x2 pcs (1 Tab=0,044g) 176gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
07990Dill 1000g frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
06670Dill frozen 250g/bagFrozen vegetablesTK
21278Dill tips rubbed 150g WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
01270Dill, dried 1HE060 NS2Spices / MushroomsProvisions
08816Dill, fresh (Kg)Spices / FreshFresh
08754Dill, fresh -Bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
19633Dim Sum Mix 360gAsia FoodTK
02037Dimple Whisky 12 Y 0,7 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02011Dimple Whisky 15 Years 1 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
21253Diora La Petite Grace Pinot Noir 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
19054Dip Mix Minis, sixfold 360x19,2g Edna 1988Brötch/Croiss.TK
19037Diplomatica Reserva Exclusiva 0,7 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
09010DISHWASHING LIQUIDDishwashingNonfood
18187Dishwashing Tabs 40x21g G&GDishwashingNonfood
02144Dishwashing Tabs 60x18gDishwashingNonfood
20969Dispensernapkins, Tork Universal, 1-lg, 25x30cm, white 36 x 300 St.NapkinsNonfood
13330Dispensing cleanerBEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
10705Disposible Gloves Polyethylen, L "Men"" hammered 100 pcs"HAND/SHOESNonfood
19770Distillate Water 1 Ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
06247Distillate Water 5 Ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18602Dithmarscher Pils- Beugelbuddelbeer 20x0,33 Ltr. MWBeer / BottleCanteen
02373Dittmann artichocke bottoms 390gGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
07871Djuvec-Vegetables 1/1Gem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
00580DK Castello Dana Blue 150gCheeseNullraum
00648DK Cave Cheese 50% ca. 4,4 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00611DK Cheese nature 60% ca. 4 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00610DK Cheese spicy 55% ca. 4 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00609DK Cheese With Chives 55% ca. 4 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
05611DK Cheese with Dill 55% ca. 4 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00585DK Danbo Danish Cheese 45% ca. 6 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00589DK Danish Blue Cheese 50% ca. 2,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00593DK Danish Esrom Cheese 45% ca. 1,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00627DK Rambol Cheese with Pineapple Pieces 125gCheeseNullraum
09571DL Cream R 7 16 x 0,5 Ltr. 7510901 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
18565Dobos Cake 1400g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
02327Dobos Cake 1500g, sliced, frozen (Viking)Cake/cake TKTK
02154DOM Benedictine 1 Ltr. 40%LiqueursCanteen
21665DOM Benedictine 1 Ltr. 40% #VikingLiqueursCanteen
24693Domaine Beauvaquière Vacqueras 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21450Domaine Boyar Chardonnay 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
24672Domaine Clavel Clair de Lune 0,75 Ltr 13,5%White wineCanteen
24662Domaine Clavel Régulus Blanc 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
24697Domaine Clavel Régulus Rouge 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
24671Domaine Clavel Syrius Blanc 0,75 Ltr 13,5%White wineCanteen
24703Domaine Clavel Syrius Rouge 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24715Domaine de la Baume Rosé 0,75 Ltr 13%R O S E W E I NCanteen
24728Domaine de la Madone Picpoul de Pinet 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
24701Domaine de la Ranche Moulin a Vent 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24721Domaine des Hauts Plateaux Rosé 0,75 Ltr 13%R O S E W E I NCanteen
24663Domaine du Cléray Sauvignon blanc 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
21526Domaine du Manoir Grand Cru Réserve du Domaine 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
24732Domaine Hospices de Beaujeu Beaujolais Morgon 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
20718Domaine JeanJean Grain de Sable 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
02491Domaine Louis Max Mercurey Les Caudroyes AOC 2017 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
24667Domaine Maldant Pauvelot Aligoté 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
24709Domaine Maldant Pauvelot Aloxe - Corton 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24696Domaine Plan de l'Homme Omega Sapiens BIO 0,75 Ltr 15%R O T W E I NCanteen
24730Domaine Saint Cyriaque Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Rosé 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
24680Domaine Saint Paul Viognier blanc BIO 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
12326Domaines Schlumberger Pinot Blanc "Les Princes Abbés"" 0,75 Ltr. 13% *"White wineCanteen
21492Domäne Wachau Grüner Veltliner Terrassen Smaragd 0,75 Ltr 13,5%White wineCanteen
21160Domeniile Recas Syrah 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
09133Domestos bleach 1250mlBleachNonfood
06089Domimpoes Lamberts 250gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04487Dominoes unskimmed Milk 3 KgHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
18498Donauwave 2.100g Erlenbacher -frozen-Cake/cake TKTK
02258Donauwelle Patisserie Walter 72pcs/boxCake/cake TKTK
17631Donut Chocolate doony´s "The Original"" 48x51g"Mini - CakeTK
11254Donut with sugar doony´s "The Original"" 72x49g"Mini - CakeTK
14313Donuts nature 72x44g/boxMini - CakeTK
02934Dooley`s Toffee Liqueur 1 Ltr. 17%LiqueursCanteen
21224Doom Bar Ale 24/0,33 Ltr. OW Grad Plato: 11,5° Alc.: 4,3%Beer / BottleCanteen
20254Door hang tag 200pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
02467Door hang tag polishing to perfection 0,5mm, 30 pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
17789Door hanger 200erViking NonfoodNonfood
09472Door plate "please do not disturb"" 100 pcs"MiscellaneousNonfood
02525Doornkaat 1 Ltr. 38%GrainCanteen
11545Doppelweckbrötchen dark 60 x 80g EDNA 578Brötch/Croiss.TK
13312Dornfelder Raddeck 0,75 Ltr. 13,5% *R O T W E I NCanteen
18755Dornfelder Barrique 0,75 Ltr. 13,5% #3197R O T W E I NCanteen
13106Dornfelder Kirchner 0,75 Ltr 12,5% *R O T W E I NCanteen
12497Dornfelder sweet 0,75 Ltr. 11,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
15000Dosing Cap 20ml with Tube Ecolab 10200426VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
17726Dosing Cap 60ml with Tube Ecolab 10200425VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18932Dosing Pump 500ml/1 Ltr.DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
18559Double Chocolate Cake 900g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18577Double Chocolate Diabetic Cake 900g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18784Double Chocolate Sheet Cake 48pcs. 2500g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
13552Double Elephant Bulgur 500gNutritional agentsProvisions
18613Double wall Coffee Cup 10/15 200ml 24 x 35 pcs VikingViking NonfoodNonfood
13954Double wall Coffee Cup 8oz/200ml 20 x 25 pcs VikingViking NonfoodNonfood
02460Double-walled cup with logo (U) incl. Resealable lid, 400mlViking NonfoodNonfood
20484Dr. Becher protall metal cleaner 500mlMETAL POLISHNonfood
17943Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler Riesling trocken 0,75 Ltr. 11% *White wineCanteen
02300Dr. Schär Cereal Bar 25gLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
11046Dr. Schär cereals fruit glutenfree 375gLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
11051Dr. Schär cornflakes glutenfree 250gLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
02522Dr. Schär Löffelbisquit Savoiardi 200g glutenfreeLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
21235Dr. Zenzen "Z"" Kerner QbA lieblich 1,0 Ltr. 10%"White wineCanteen
09801Drahtsackverschluss 1.6x200mm1000erMiscellaneousNonfood
02940Drambuie Whisky Liquor 1 Ltr. 40%LiqueursCanteen
02863Drappier Carte D`or 0,75 Ltr. 12%ChampagneCanteen
06231Drawing Pins 100 Pcs. # 282Office suppliesNonfood
21294Dreidoppel Aromapaste Almond 1 kgEssences/ColoursProvisions
21295Dreidoppel Aromapaste Cappuccino 1 KgEssences/ColoursProvisions
21296Dreidoppel Aromapaste Lemon 1 KgEssences/ColoursProvisions
21297Dreidoppel Aromapaste rum jamaika 1 KgEssences/ColoursProvisions
21298Dreidoppel Aromapaste vanilla bourbon 1 KgEssences/ColoursProvisions
05842Dreidoppel Hazelnut paste 1 KgEssences/ColoursProvisions
20977Dreidoppel Pistazien Paste 1KgDessert / SyrupProvisions
24827Dreidoppel vanilla paste Moroni 1kgEssences/ColoursProvisions
17849Dressing cards A4 100erViking NonfoodNonfood
05660Dressing with herbs 5 LtrSeasoning sauceNullraum
00394Dried Beef Buendner (Grisons Style) ca. 1 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
21032Dried Kaffir lime leaves 50gSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
01049Dried Tomato paste with extra virgin olive oil 750gFinishedProvisions
10947Drillapparat für DrahtsackverschlussMiscellaneousNonfood
09116Drop StopMiscellaneousNonfood
20458Drum Konica Minolta DR-120 for Bizhub 190FTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
01904Drum without Papers 50gFine cut tobaccoCanteen
00895Dry Yeast 450g 1YE020Baking ingredientsProvisions
10983Dual adhesiv tapeOffice suppliesNonfood
01201Duchess Potatoes frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
15252Duchesse de Bourgogne OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plaoto.: 16° Alc.: 6,2%Beer / BottleCanteen
18948Duck breast ca 200g (Kg)PoultryTK
18949Duck grill ready 1900-2300gPoultryTK
07035Duck Liver (Kg)PoultryTK
17998Duck stock 1.35 KgFinishedProvisions
12249Ducks whole ungarian 2,4 Kg (w/o entrails)PoultryTK
02157Dujardin Golden Keys 3,0 Ltr. 36%BrandyCanteen
02156Dujardin Imperial 1 Ltr. 38%BrandyCanteen
13868Dumpling (wan tan) with Vegetables 12x675gFinished productsTKTK
00327Dumpling 60x100gFinished productsTKTK
06445Dumpling Pastry 2.5 Kg/BagNutritional agentsNullraum
02439Dumpling Powder half & half 2 x 2KgNutritional agentsProvisions
00769Dumpling Powder Half + Half 5 Kg (kg) PfanniNutritional agentsProvisions
07200Dumpling sliced frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
01025Dumpling with vegetables Gyoza Mandu 12x540g, frozen, AllgrooFinished productsTKTK
05551Dumplinghelp, white Haco 100x5gNutritional agentsProvisions
01716Dunhill BurgundyCigarettesCanteen
12348Dunhill Fine Cut BlueCigarettesCanteen
01723Dunhill International beigeCigarettesCanteen
21189Duni Napkins 40x40cm 3-layer bordeaux 250 Pieces 1/4 falzNapkinsNonfood
02165Dupeyron VS Armagnac 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02432Duschdas Deo Men 150 ml SportToiletriesNonfood
02433Duschdas Deo Women 150 ml MagnoliaToiletriesNonfood
01925Duschhaube White & Black in Kartonage 200 St/Krt. ACDH024ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
08103Dust masks FFP2 8822WorkwearNonfood
11638Dustbag numatic NVM 2B/NVM 1C 10eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20327Dustbags for Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux z951 10 pcs./PakVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09095Dustbags for Vacuum Cleaner Tapiset 10eaMiscellaneousNonfood
11773Dustpan and brush with long handle (Aluhandle, plastic bucket)BÜRSTENWARENNonfood
09325Dustpan Tinplate Perfecta 21cm PBTBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
13899Dutch Gouda old 48% ca.12 Kg (Kg) matured 18 monthsCheeseNullraum
09285Dutch honey cake 350gPastries / CrackersProvisions
18418Dutch wafers filled with caramel 15x8 PCSPastries / CrackersProvisions
02417DVD blanks Intenso 4.7 GB 25 spindleOffice suppliesNonfood
16719Dymo band 12mm x 4m 16951 black on clearOffice suppliesNonfood
04015Dymo Band 12mm x 7m black on transparent # 74010Office suppliesNonfood
16532Dymo Band 45013 12mm x 7mOffice suppliesNonfood
09221Dymo Letra Tag XR TapeOffice suppliesNonfood
21368D´Arenberg The High Trellis Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 Ltr. 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
14086Earl Grey Tea Bags 25er Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
04685Earl Grey Tea Bags 50ea Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
04689Earl Grey Tea Saddlepack 500g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
19530Early fattened goose 3 kg (Kg)PoultryTK
21649East India Madeira Old Reserve 10y 0,75 Ltr. 19%Liqueur wineCanteen
01875Easter eggs chocolate 200gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04435Eastercups eggshaped 25 Pcs.HOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
18885Eau de Cologne in bottle 121x30ml/Krt. Hermes HEEC030 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
18204Eclair Chocolat 40x65g 75329Brötch/Croiss.TK
20610Eclair Paris-Brest, frozenMini - CakeTK
18240Eclair Vanille 40x65 75331Brötch/Croiss.TK
20520ECO LINE nail file in cartonage 1000 pcs./Box. NFBO004NAT-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
20518ECO LINE sewing set in cartonage 500 pcs./Box. SWBO004NAT-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
20521ECO LINE shoe sponge in cartonage 210 pcs./Box. SPBO004NAT-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
20517ECO LINE shower cap in cartonage 500 pcs./Box. SCBO004NAT-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
20898ECO LINE vanity Set in cartonage 500 pcs./Box. VABO004NAT-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
20568Eco straws made of paper in bamboo design 144eaDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
20108Ecobrite Neutraliser IT 21 Kg 9077670EcolabNonfood
09548Ecolab Star holder+cover 60cmEcolabNonfood
00590Edam Cheese in Wax 40% ca. 2,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00587Edam Cheese Loaves 40% ca. 3 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
21179Edamame, Soybeans in pod, unsalted, blanched 1 KgPulsesTK
00376Edamer cheese 40% sliced 50 x 20g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
09412Edding 1300 assortedOffice suppliesNonfood
16483Edding 1300 blackOffice suppliesNonfood
16484Edding 1300 redOffice suppliesNonfood
09187Edding 3000 assorted # 83000Office suppliesNonfood
16479Edding 500 blackOffice suppliesNonfood
16478Edding 500 blueOffice suppliesNonfood
16481Edding 500 greenOffice suppliesNonfood
16480Edding 500 redOffice suppliesNonfood
21065Edeka Banana nectar 6x1 Ltr. PET OWJuices / FL.Canteen
20144Edeka Italia Cannelloni 250gNoodles dryProvisions
20143Edeka Italia Lasagne 500gNoodles dryProvisions
02426Edeka mango nectar 6x1L PET OWJuices (Tetra)Canteen
20888Edeka truffle butter 100gMargarineNullraum
13497Edelfels Gourmet (Felsi) 45% ca. 4,3 KgCheeseNullraum
08550Edible Snail 800g 10 DouzenFinishedProvisions
06087Edible Snail 850mlFinishedProvisions
01823Eduscho Cafe a la Carte 500gRoasted coffeeProvisions
15224Eduscho Cafe a la Carte 500g Gala mediumRoasted coffeeProvisions
01822Eduscho Gala Caffè Crema 1.000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
18541Eduscho Gala Espresso 1.000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
11265Effervescent Sugar Cube Revitalizing 200 x 33gSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
07099Egg Noodels China 500gNoodles dryProvisions
13007Egg spoon white 6erPLASTIC GOODSNonfood
05731Egg White 1 Ltr.Egg - ProductsNullraum
08954Egg White 1 Ltr. frozen 1EG007Egg - ProductsTK
08038Egg White Powdered 1 KgEgg - ProductsProvisions
15732Eggenberg Samichlaus 24x0,33Ltr EW 28° 14%Beer / BottleCanteen
08217Eggmix 1 ltr.Egg - ProductsNullraum
08951Eggmix 10 Liter Bag in box frozenEgg - ProductsTK
06549Eggmix 10 ltr. Bag in BoxEgg - ProductsNullraum
08802Eggplant freshFresh vegetablesFresh
00794Eggs ca. 53g - 63g, Size MEgg - ProductsNullraum
13472Eggs ca. 53g - 63g, Size M 12x30 pcs/box (plastic box)Egg - ProductsNullraum
05965Eggs Coloured, CookedEgg - ProductsNullraum
06649Eifix Scrambled Egg Wiesenhof 1 Ltr.Egg - ProductsNullraum
09937Eilles Tea accrylstep for 8 teatinsPromotionalProvisions
11576Eilles Tea Bio English Breakfast Tea 150pcs/BoxTea - Tea bagsProvisions
14005Eilles Tea Camomile 20eachTea - Tea bagsProvisions
11563Eilles Tea Ceylon Orange Pekoe 250gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
14004Eilles Tea Herbal Garden 20eachTea - Tea bagsProvisions
14006Eilles Tea Peppermint 20eaTea - Tea bagsProvisions
11691Eilles Tea Tea Time Sheets decaffeinated 250gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
12094Eilles Teabag english select cylon paper 25eaTea - Tea bagsProvisions
09935Eilles TeatinPromotionalProvisions
12173Einzigacker Pinot blanc, dry 0,75 LTR 13,5%White wineCanteen
09356Elastic Rubber Band 1 Kg/ Paket 85mm # 593Office suppliesNonfood
09361Elastic Rubber size 13 50gOffice suppliesNonfood
01946Elbländer Basil Tomato Cheese, lactose-free ca. 1,5kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
21659Elbländer nature, sliced cheese 45% cow´s milk ´ca. 1,5Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
01947Elbländer Nutty with Bockhorn Clover ca. 1,5kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
19807Elder Syrup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
13092Elderberries 10 Kg frz.Fruit TKTK
13418Elegance milk 160 St. (Chocolate plaques)Baking ingredientsProvisions
19052Elephant London Dry Gin 0,5 Ltr Alc.: 45%G I NCanteen
21562Elio Filippino Barbera d‘Alba Nuela DOC 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
13888Elkos sunmilk LSF20 250mlToiletriesNonfood
21039Elkos trans. sun screen spray LSF30 200mlToiletriesNonfood
05720Ellbow Noodles (kg)Noodles dryProvisions
01807Eltra 6Kg 1011210EcolabNonfood
24838Embassy No. 1CigarettesCanteen
21544Emilio Moro Ribera del Duero DO 0,75 Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
00826Emperor bread roll 100x70g-TKBrötch/Croiss.TK
12789Endives redSaladsFresh
21413English Bacon frozenPorkTK
12086English breakfast tea bags 25ea Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
04686English Breakfast Tea Bags 50ea Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
04690English Breakfast Tea Saddlepack 500g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
21195English Muffin 56g, 24 Pak. x 6 pcs.Brötch/Croiss.TK
21352Enrico Serafino Gavi di Gavi DOCG 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
16467Envelope white A5 500pcsOffice suppliesNonfood
09492Envelope wo window 11x22cm 1000pcsOffice suppliesNonfood
09349Envelopes A4/250 Pcs. (C4) # 946Office suppliesNonfood
10149Envelopes A4/250 Pcs. (C4) without windowOffice suppliesNonfood
09350Envelopes A5/500 Pcs. (C5) brown # 966Office suppliesNonfood
06218Envelopes C6/1000 Pcs. wo. window white # 802Office suppliesNonfood
14241Envelopes with brickbottom brown C 4 120g 100ea/boxOffice suppliesNonfood
20980Epson Druckerpatrone 35XL black 41,2ml C13T3591TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20981Epson Druckerpatrone 35XL cyan 20,3ml C13T3592TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20982Epson Druckerpatrone 35XL magenta 20,3ml C13T3593TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20983Epson Druckerpatrone 35XL yellow 20,3ml C13T3594TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20954Epson ink cartidge T0711 black, 7 mlTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20955Epson ink cartidge T1002 cyan, 11 mlTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20956Epson ink cartidge T1003 magenta, 11 mlTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20957Epson ink cartidge T1004 yellow, 11 mlTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
06232Erasor 0140 Plast 65x21x12Office suppliesNonfood
13969Erdinger alcohol free 12x0,5 Ltr. OWBeer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
06651Erdinger beerglass 0,5 LtrPromotionalCanteen
09913Erdinger Bierglas 0,3 LtrPromotionalCanteen
18599Erdinger Bierglas 0,3 LtrPromotionalCanteen
12449Erdinger dark 20 x 0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato: 12,9° Alc.: 5,3%Beer / BottleCanteen
04341Erdinger Pikantus EW 12x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 16,7° Alc.: 7,3%Beer / BottleCanteen
16690Erdinger Pikantus OW 12x0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato: 16,7° Alc.: 7,3%Beer / BottleCanteen
14899Erdinger Summerbeer OW 24x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 11,35° Alc.: 4,6%Beer / BottleCanteen
08156Erdinger Weatbeer MW 20x0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato: 12,3° Alc.: 5,3%Beer / BottleCanteen
08424Erdinger wheat beer (bright) 12x0,33 Ltr. EW Grad Plato: 12,6° Alc.: 5,3%Beer / BottleCanteen
21640Erdinger wheat beer 24x0,5 Ltr. Cans 5,3% 12,6°Beer / BottleCanteen
10943Erdinger Wheat Beer 30 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 12,7° Alc.: 5,3%Beer / BarrelCanteen
04186Erdinger Wheat Beer bright 12/0,5 Ltr. OW Grad Plato: 12,3° Alc.: 5,3%Beer / BottleCanteen
13205Erdinger Wheat Beer dark 12/0,33Ltr. EW Grad Plato: 12,8° Alc.: 5,3%Beer / BottleCanteen
07577Erdinger Wheatbeer Non Alcoholic 20/0,5 Ltr.Beer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
14029Erdinger Wheatbeer Non Alcoholic MW 24/0,33 Ltr.Beer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
14424Erdinger Whitebeerglass Alkoholfree 0,5 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
05879Escarole LettuceSaladsFresh
19575Eschendorfer Lump Silvaner 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
01024Esterhazycake 50x20g, frozen, TeufnerCake/cake TKTK
18794Eszterházy Sheet Cake 48pcs. 2500g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
01175Euro vegetables 2,5Kg/Kg -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
03060Evan Williams Black, 7 Jahre Kentucky Straight Bourbon 1 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
18035Evian 12x0,75 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
18034Evian 20 x 0,33 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
07941Evian Mineral Water 6x1,5 Ltr. OW PETWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
04276Evian Mineral Water OW 24/0,33 Ltr. PET *WATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
04214Evian Pet 24x0,5 Ltr.WATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
02294Evolis black ribbon Mono chrome for NewPebble YMCKOTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02291Evolis High Trust Regular Cleaning KitTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02293Evolis High Trust YMCKO Color Ribbon (Yellow, Cyan, Magenta)TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02292Evolis Monochrome black ribbonTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
17096Excellence sparkling wine dry 0,75Ltr. Alc.: 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
18380Exclusive Care 100ml pot with black metal screwShoe careNonfood
18381Exclusive Care 100ml pot with dark brown metal screwShoe careNonfood
18379Exclusive Care 100ml pot with neutral metal screwShoe careNonfood
18208Exhaust filter dart 1+2+3VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20183Explore More Magazine 2017 25 pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
20359Explore More Magazine 2018Viking NonfoodNonfood
01778F6 Fine FlavourCigarettesCanteen
09308Fabric Softener 4 Ltr.SoftenerNonfood
18884Face cream in tube 200x15ml/Krt. Hermes HEGC015 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
12677Face Mask fleece 2-ply, white, with Earloop 50ea/pakWorkwearNonfood
20271Face wipes 500pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
14363Facial tissues bracket, chrom 20ea/Box HWKH021ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
21555Falernia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21569Falernia Number One 0,75 Ltr 15%R O T W E I NCanteen
02552Famille Lafage Narassa, dry, 0,75 Ltr. 15%White wineCanteen
20910Famille Perrin Vacqueyras blanc 0,75 Ltr. 13,5 %White wineCanteen
09843Family Cappuccino Krueger 500gSoluble coffeeProvisions
02039Famous Grouse 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02038Famous Grouse 4,5 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02033Famous Grouse Gold 12Y 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
04210Fanta 24tin/0,33 Ltr. *LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
04147Fanta 12 x 1,00 Ltr. PET MWLIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
06752Fanta Btl. 24/0,2 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
04138Fanta Btl. 24/0,33 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
00280Farm House Ham smoked, wo. rind ca. 3,3 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
12794Farmer baguettel 22x290g/box -frozen- EDNA 1587Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
14345Farmer frying sausage smoked end 75g (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
17971Farmer smoked pork chop bonded with herbs ca. 2 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
17999Fastener D-Clip 80mm red 100ea (incl. Cards) #40504Office suppliesNonfood
18084Fastener D-Clip 80mm red 20ea (incl. Cards) #40504Office suppliesNonfood
20638Fastener paper clamps Rapesco FC020850 Line-up tape + cover rail, 50 pcs.Office suppliesNonfood
11015Fat Solvent Eloma Mulit Clean 10 ltr.Cleaner DiversNonfood
21012fattenend duck sliced ca. 40-60g frozenPoultryTK
19916Faugeres Reserve rouge 0,75 Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
12358Fazer Danish Licorize Turkish Pepper 400gSweetsProvisions
03708Fazer Mint Chocolates 300gSweetsProvisions
18392Febreze 300mlToiletriesNonfood
02414Feder Stahl Müller-Thurgau 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
16618Fee Brother Cranberry Bitters 4,1% 150mlB I T T E RCanteen
16619Fee Brother Gin Barrel Aged Orange 9% 150mlB I T T E RCanteen
16620Fee Brother Grapefruit Bitters 17% 150mlB I T T E RCanteen
03011Feeney`s Irish Cream 1 Ltr. 17%LiqueursCanteen
19379Fennel mini freshFresh vegetablesFresh
19163Fennel Seed 250gSpices / MushroomsProvisions
19196Fennel seed 390g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05899Fennel Tea 20 bags 1TE065Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
08823Fennel, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
04010Fernet Branca 1 Ltr. 39%B I T T E RCanteen
08178Ferrero Rocher 200g 16 Stk.SweetsProvisions
19585Fessy Beaujolais Villages 0,75Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
19480Fever - Tree Ginger Ale 24 x 0,20 Ltr. EWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
19481Fever - Tree Ginger Beer 24 x 0,20 Ltr. EWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
19477Fever - Tree Indian Tonic Water 24 x 0,20 ltr. OWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
19479Fever - Tree Mediterranian Tonic Water 24 x 0,20 Ltr. EWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
19478Fever - Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water 24 x 0,20 Ltr. EWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
19482Fever - Tree Sicilian Lemonade 24 x 0,20 Ltr. EWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
19483Fever - Tree Soda Water 24 x 0,20 Ltr. EWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
19178FF Bachsaibling with skin 150/400g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
13520FF Catfish fillet 200/400g Kg (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
18849FF cod fillet 200/400g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
18043FF Flunder 40/120g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
18853FF haddock fillet 200/700g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
19409FF halibut black 100/400g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
21037FF Mini Brioche Burger 70x30g Edna 2390Brötch/Croiss.TK
19175FF mullet 80g with skin Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
13521FF Nile perch fillet 300/600g Kg ( Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
18852FF pike fillet 200/400g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
18042FF Plaice fillet Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
19135FF raisin bun 60x60g EDNA 950Brötch/Croiss.TK
12844FF Redfish fillet 120g+ Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
19177FF salmon trout fillet with skin 150/400gFresh fish&TKTK
20881FF Sea bream fillet, skin on, PBO, IQF 180-240 gFresh fish&TKTK
12847FF Seabass fillet 100/140g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
12257FF Seabass fillet Sk/OnFresh fish&TKTK
12845FF Seabream fillet 100/140g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
18850FF seasalmonfillet 200/400g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
18848FF trout fillet 150-250g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
21071FF-Bio Kaiser buns 40x50g Edna 1143Brötch/Croiss.TK
19055FF-Ciabatta with on-top cut 40x60g Edna 2203Brötch/Croiss.TK
19065FF-Gourmet Burger round, cut 40x100g Edna 1600Brötch/Croiss.TK
19060FF-Laugen-Minimix three fold sorted 90x40g Edna 1889Brötch/Croiss.TK
19061FF-Mini Cookie mix, three fold sorted 150x13g Edna 2151Brötch/Croiss.TK
21481FF-organic mixed bun box rustic, 3-fold 75 x 73g Edna 1132Brötch/Croiss.TK
08796Field Lettuce, freshSaladsFresh
00911Figs dry nature Jumbo 500gDried fruitProvisions
08446Figs fresh -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
08824Figs, freshFruit, freshFresh
00200Filet Herring in tomatoe 200g/TinCanned fishNullraum
15914FILTER C 100% Arabica : Samambaia Brazil, Sidamo Selection Ethiopia 500gRoasted coffeeProvisions
18489Filterbags Sebo dart 7029 10pcsViking NonfoodNonfood
20495Fingerfood skewer 18cm ''Pinch'' 250 StVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19462Fingerfood skewer 7cm, black end, red pearl, 250pcs/pakDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
14777Fingerfood skewer Papstar "knop"" 10cm 250ea /pak"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12345Fingerfood skewer Papstar "knop"" 6cm 250ea"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14779Fingerfood skewer Papstar "nature"" 11cm 200ea / pak"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14778Fingerfood skewer Papstar "twister"" 11cm 100ea / pak"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20172Finish classic XXL 85 tabs/pakSPÜLMASCHINEN REINIGNonfood
21630Finlandia Coconut 1 Ltr. 37.5%W O D K ACanteen
02599Finlandia Cranberry 1 Ltr. 37,5%W O D K ACanteen
02617Finlandia Wodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
10599Finnenbread 8x500gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
07028Finnenbrötchen 60x50g/box -frozen- EDNA 555Brötch/Croiss.TK
03085Finsbury Dry Gin 1 Ltr. 37,5%G I NCanteen
18692Finse Explores Skandinavia, Finse Explores Skandinavia 1=1 Book eachViking NonfoodNonfood
18690Finse Slipcase With Four BooksViking NonfoodNonfood
19435First aid bag, Trevel, blue-red, 17x12x6cmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20544Fischer Olaszriszling 0,75 Ltr. 12%White wineCanteen
20147Fischsauce pastös 1,35 Kg HügliSeasoning sauceProvisions
11317Fish - caribian seasoning salt 1200ml WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
19438Fish carcasses Codfisch/Coalfisch PollackFresh fish&TKTK
06980Fish del Mare 1200ml/1100g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
07413Fish Fond 1 Ltr. KnorrKnorr / MaggiProvisions
06627Fish Fond 400gKnorr / MaggiNullraum
20579fish rolls Julienne unbr. Ca. 35x145g frozenFinished productsTKTK
05602Fish Sauce 750mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
01274Fish Spices Maridor 1 KgSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
20444Fisherman's mint 24x25g *SweetsProvisions
20446Fisherman's mint sugarless 24x25g *SweetsProvisions
13550Fishing net 220cmx275cmDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
19683Five Spices Powder 500gAsia FoodProvisions
02458Five Star orangejuice 100% 12x250ml *Juices / FL.Canteen
02459Five Star tomatojuice 99,7% 12x250ml *Juices / FL.Canteen
24763Fixfertig Milk-Cream 15kgBaking ingredientsProvisions
02644Fjodor Wodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
19156FK Cevapcici 256x30gFinished productsTKTK
10633Flag 100x150 cmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20607Flan Maxi, frozenCake/cake TKTK
14987Flap lid box 1000ml white 500eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21517Fläsch Pinot Noir Gemswändler 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
00866Flat Cake Bottom 200gPastries / CrackersProvisions
19779Flat Iron Steak Kg (kg) TKBeefTK
15519Flatwarepollishingcloth white-greenTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
20295Fleaseedcoats ground bio 500gNutritional agentsProvisions
17958Fleckerl noodles 1000gNoodles dryProvisions
02950Flensburger Dokator 1 Ltr. 35%LiqueursCanteen
04056Flensburger Pils MW 20x0,333 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,3° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BottleCanteen
19344Fleur de Sel 1000gSaltProvisions
06029Flew - Straws 210mm/1000 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
14939Flew - Straws 210mm/250 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
09127Flew Straws 240mm/250 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
18527Flew Straws 240mm/500 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
08744Flew Straws Fruits 240mm 100eaDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
08982Flew Straws Palms 240mm 100eaDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
06680Flipchartbloc chequered, 68X99 cm, white, 5 Pcs. a 20 Pa.Office suppliesNonfood
21247Floor Cleaner Polymer Viking River Cruises Edition 1000mlViking NonfoodNonfood
10777Floral Acacia honey sticks 100 x 8g HellmaHoney / NutellaProvisions
20760FlounderFresh fish&TKTK
09745Flounderfilet wo. black skin 120/160g (kg) frozenFresh fish&TKTK
07375Flour Breadmix glutenfree 1 Kg (bright)Lact/Gluten-freeProvisions
00765Flour for Croquettes 2,5 Kg (kg)Nutritional agentsProvisions
04972Flour Tortillas 25cm 4er=280gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
00775Flour Type 405 1 KgFlour / flour mixProvisions
21059Flute 15x250g Edna 2295Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
04903Focaccia Panini 40x95gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
11676Focacciaboard with rosemary 4 x 730gFinished productsTKTK
11932Foie Gras slices 25/40g, frozenPoultryTK
07113Folder DINA4 # 599Office suppliesNonfood
20499Folder shipping box, variable packing height 35-80mm, i. d. 320x290x80mmOffice suppliesNonfood
20049Folding holder 50cm, plastic with double hingeVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
08066Fondant Sugar 15 Kg/Kg 1SU030Sugar/sweetenerProvisions
24774Fondant with Tainori Chocolate by Valrhona 20x90g frozenPastries / CrackersTK
01413Fondue Sauce assorted Kuehne 250mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
07097Food Coloring Green 50g PowderEssences/ColoursProvisions
07095Food Coloring Red 50g PowderEssences/ColoursProvisions
02486Food colour blue 2 x 4g AZO-freeEssences/ColoursProvisions
00908Food Colour Cherry - Red 1000gEssences/ColoursProvisions
02485Food colour green 2 x 4g AZO-freeEssences/ColoursProvisions
02484Food colour Red 2 x 4g AZO-freeEssences/ColoursProvisions
07987Food Colouring Blue 50g PowderEssences/ColoursProvisions
14880Food Colouring green 1 ltr. UnifineEssences/ColoursProvisions
00909Food Colouring Green 1000gEssences/ColoursProvisions
14879Food Colouring red 1 ltr. UnifineEssences/ColoursProvisions
00905Food Colouring Yellow 1PA030Essences/ColoursProvisions
14878Food Colouring Yellow 1 ltr. UnifineEssences/ColoursProvisions
07096Food Colouring Yellow 50g PowderEssences/ColoursProvisions
18558Forest Fruit Cheese Cake 1150g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18576Forest Fruit Cheese Diabetic Cake 1150g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18783Forest Fruit Cheese Sheet Cake 48pcs. 4000g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18573Forest Fruit Pie 1150g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
06470Forestberry Jam 340gJam port.Provisions
20629Förster Terrine vom Schwein 4x500g Swiss GourmetFinished productsTKTK
11829Fortune bug 45x6,25g RiegeleinHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
07508Fortune Cookie Kaiserp. app. 275 PiecesPastries / CrackersProvisions
18464Four Layers Chocolate Cake 24 cm 1900g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
02040Four Roses 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
24718Fournas Corbieres Rosé BIO 0,75 Ltr 13%R O S E W E I NCanteen
00162Fowls, Big 3,2 kg (kg)PoultryTK
00575FR Boursin Pepper 150g 70%CheeseNullraum
00426FR Boursin with Herbs 150g 70%CheeseNullraum
00566FR Bresso Cheese with Herbs 150gCheeseNullraum
00567FR Bresso herbs cheese 1,5 kgCheeseNullraum
05739FR Brie De Meaux 45% ca. 2,5 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
00569FR Brie-Cheese 60% 200gCheeseNullraum
09090FR Camembert "Rotkaeppchen"" 55% 125g"CheeseNullraum
00642FR Camembert Champignon 125gCheeseNullraum
00600FR Camembert Geramond 200g 60%CheeseNullraum
00269FR Camembert Vallee 250gCheeseNullraum
00570FR Camenbert Reverend 250g 50%CheeseNullraum
04701FR Chaource AOC Tradit, 50% cheese 500gCheeseNullraum
05686FR Chaumes Cheese 50% ca. 2 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
12910FR Comte 45% ca. 500g / KGCheeseNullraum
05736FR Comte - Cheese 45% ca. 5 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
00641FR Fourme d'Ambert 50% (BluFou) ca. 2,1 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
05685FR Fresh Cheese with Goat Milk Chavroux 150gCheeseNullraum
13990FR Fresh goat cheese honey 1 kg of 45%CheeseNullraum
11048FR Gaperon 350gCheeseNullraum
10958FR Goatcheese St. Maure 45% 200gCheeseNullraum
13056FR La Brique goat cheese 150gCheeseNullraum
10418FR langres aoc petit 50% 180gCheeseNullraum
24837FR Le Merlemont Coupe 55% ca. 1,4kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
05733Fr Morbier - Cheese 45% ca. 7 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
00629FR Munster Cheese 50% ca. 1000g (kg)CheeseNullraum
18198FR Pont L'Eveque 350gCheeseNullraum
05474FR President french soft cheese 200gCheeseNullraum
18963FR Reblochons AOC cheese 50% ca. 600g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00637FR Roquefort Cheese original ca. 650g (kg)CheeseNullraum
11216FR Softcheese la brique 60% ca. 900g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
05909FR St. Albray 180g 60%CheeseNullraum
06532FR St. Albray Cheese 56% ca. 2 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
04698FR St. Nectaire AOC Affi. cheese 45% ca. 1,7 kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00657FR Tart Brie 50% ca. 3 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
07350FR Tomme de Savoir Cheese 48% ca. 1,7 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
13002Fragrance oil Lemon Grass ethereal 75mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12195Framboise Nusbaumer 0,7 Ltr. 45%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
24647Francois Dulac Allemand Vis Blanc 1 Ltr. 11,5%White wineCanteen
24661François Montand Vin Mousseux Method Tradionelle blanc 0,2 Ltr 12%Sparkling wineCanteen
20743Franconian grilled sausage 100x25gRoast/sausagesNullraum
02158Frangelico Liquor 1 Ltr. 20,00%LiqueursCanteen
21142FRANKE Special cleaner for milk and cream appliances 1 ltr.DecalcifierNonfood
18495Frankfurter Collar 2.000g -frozen-Cake/cake TKTK
12403Frankfurter Collar 2.400g, 28cm, uncut, frozen, PfalzgrafCake/cake TKTK
01918Frankfurter sausage with natural string 20x50g (Kg)Roast/sausagesNullraum
21686Frankfurter Sausages in natural string 20x80gRoast/sausagesNullraum
20541frankish mini grilled sausage 40x25gRoast/sausagesNullraum
12177Franz Anton Pinot blanc, dry, in Barrique aged 0,75 Ltr. 13,0% #3095White wineCanteen
14075Franziskaner alcoholfree 20x0,5 Ltr. MWBeer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
04200Franziskaner Dark Beer 20x0,5l OW Grad Plato: 11,75° Alc.: 5,0%Beer / BottleCanteen
13144Franziskaner glass 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
18598Franziskaner glass 0,5 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
07300Franziskaner glass 0,5 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
18608Franziskaner glass non alk. 0,5 LtrPromotionalCanteen
04155Franziskaner Wheat Beer 20/0,5l MW Grad Plato: 11,8° Alc.: 5%Beer / BottleCanteen
04159Franziskaner Wheat Beer 20x0,5l OW Grad Plato: 11,75° Alc.: 5,0%Beer / BottleCanteen
15144Franziskaner Wheat Beer unfiltered 30 Ltr. Alc.: 5,0% Grad Plato: 11,75°Beer / BarrelCanteen
04091Franziskaner Wheatbeer 6 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,7° Alc.: 5,0%Beer / BarrelCanteen
06188Freezing Bags 6 Ltr. / 45 Pcs.FREEZER/VAC-BEUNonfood
20801Fregola sarda tostata 500g Rustichella d'abruzzoNoodles dryProvisions
02824Freixenet Cord. Negro 0,75 Ltr. 12,00%Sparkling wineCanteen
02822Freixenet Semi Secco 0,75 Ltr. 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
01450French Dressing 1 Ltr.Seasoning sauceNullraum
01199French Fries frozen 2,5 kg (kg)Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
12983French fries TWISTER -frozen- 4x2,5 KgKartoff/NoodleTKTK
18581French Lemon Diabetic Tart 1050g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18569French Lemon Tart 1050g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
01846French Rolls 90x90g, frozenBrötch/Croiss.TK
02823French Sparkling Wine red 0,75 Ltr. 10,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
02821French sparkling wine white 0,75l 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
01426Frenchdressing 5 LtrSeasoning sauceNullraum
21441Frère Dubois Saint Saphorin Grand Cru 0,75 Ltr 12,2%White wineCanteen
19874Fresh Cheese Cream Cake 1950g PfalzgrafCake/cake TKTK
05140Fresh Cheese plain 2,5 KgCheeseNullraum
07161Fresh Egg Wafers 12x250gPastries / CrackersProvisions
00509Fresh Milk 0,5 Ltr.3,5%Milk/condensate.Fresh
19780Fribourger 48% ca. 1,5 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
08313Fried Onions 1 KgSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
01200Fried Potatoes small frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
04856Fried. Easter-Poults 24x12,5gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04389Friedel big pair of rabbits 150gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
08438Frisee lettuce fresh -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
08825Frisee Salad freshSaladsFresh
10826Frog legs, frozenwildTK
14370Frotteeslippers Tornado, closed 100ea/Box SLTO523ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
19269Fruchtpüree Cassis 1 Kg HügliPudding PowderProvisions
15159Früh Kölsch 20x0,5 Ltr. EW Grad Plato.: 11° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BottleCanteen
21328Fruit Sauce (Coulis) Strawberry, Frozen 500mlFruit TKTK
20441Fruit bar peach apricot 35g *SweetsProvisions
09868Fruit Cereals 1 KgKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
01027Fruit Cocktail 3/1 2650ml/2500gbstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
19515Fruit fly trapVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20935Fruit juice binder 7,5 Ltr.Pudding PowderProvisions
20156Fruit puree apricot 1 Kg HügliPudding PowderProvisions
06023Fruit purée mango 1 kg, frozenFruit TKTK
20158Fruit puree raspberry 1 Kg HügliPudding PowderProvisions
20157Fruit puree strawberry 1 Kg HügliPudding PowderProvisions
21327Fruit Sauce (Coulis) Mango, Frozen 500mlFruit TKTK
20623Fruit Sauce (Coulis) Raspberry Frozen 500mlFruit TKTK
21329Fruit Sauce (Coulis) Red Currant, Frozen 500mlFruit TKTK
20732Fruit Sauce (Coulis) Wild Apricot Frozen 500mlFruit TKTK
20622Fruit Sauce (Coulis) Wild Blueberry Frozen 500mlFruit TKTK
01551Fruit Syrup Cherry 5 ltr. 1JU004Dessert / SyrupProvisions
01553Fruit Syrup Lemon 5 Ltr.Dessert / SyrupProvisions
01557Fruit Syrup Orange 5l 1JU006Dessert / SyrupProvisions
05247Fruit Syrup Raspberry 5 Ltr. 1JU003Dessert / SyrupProvisions
01552Fruit Syrup Strawberry 5 Ltr.Dessert / SyrupProvisions
20510Fruit tea Kir Royal loose Julius Meinl 250gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
15549Fruitpuree apricot 1 Kg -TK-Fruit TKTK
07318Fruitpuree Cassis -frozen-Fruit TKTK
19257Fruitpuree mango 1 kg HügliPudding PowderProvisions
07321Fruitpuree passionfruit 1kg -frozen-Fruit TKTK
15548Fruitpuree raspberry 1 Kg -TK-Fruit TKTK
04383Fruitpuree strawberry 1 kgFruit TKTK
13198Fruity Berries Tea 250g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
00938Frutto del Cappero - Capers Antipasti 1 KgSour Conserv.1/2Nullraum
00180Frying Herring 3 Ltr.Canned fishNullraum
05240Frying Herring 500gCanned fishNullraum
19726Frying Sausage 15x100g MeemkenRoast/sausagesNullraum
10936Frying Sausage Snail coarse 50x ca. 80g frozen (kg)Roast/sausagesTK
02397Frying Sausage, coarse 10x100gRoast/sausagesNullraum
12654Frying Sausage, coarse 10x100g MunzertRoast/sausagesNullraum
17861Fuddle Wuddle 20 St. / BOXViking NonfoodNonfood
02871Fuerst von Metternich 0,75 Ltr. 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
10856Fumesalt 1,1 KgSaltProvisions
02160Fundador Brandy 1 Ltr. 40%BrandyCanteen
09567Fürst Bismarck 0,7 l 38%GrainCanteen
01906G&G Cashew-Peanut Mix Honey & Salt 200gPastries / CrackersProvisions
21437G&G mini Kabanos mild 250gSmoked sausageNullraum
21472G&G Mini Zimtos 2x375gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
19406G&G Tomatoe ketchup 500mlKetch./Searett.Nullraum
02389G+P Apricot Sheet Cake 48pcs. 3800g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
02382G+P Black Forest Diabetic Cake 1150g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
02383G+P Carrot Diabetic Cake 1250g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
02387G+P Cherry Brownie (Glutenfree, lactosefree) 640g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
02388G+P Coconut Flower (Glutenfree, lactosefree) 880g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
02384G+P Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cake 900g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
02385G+P Gluten Free Eszterházy cake 920g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
02386G+P Gluten Free Mango-Raspberry cake 1050g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
02390G+P Gluten Free Mojito Sheet Cake with Pumpkin Seed Flour 1480g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
02391G+P Sugar Free Strawberry-Lime cake 1050g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
14479Gabarinza, aged in Barrique, 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21685Gado Gado sauce powder Indonesia 500gKnorr / MaggiProvisions
08652Gaffel Koelsch GlassesPromotionalCanteen
04148Gaffel Koelsch MW 24x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 11,2° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BottleCanteen
18016Gaffel Koelsch TraysPromotionalCanteen
07270Gaffel Kölsch 10 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 11,2° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BarrelCanteen
13644Gaffel Kölsch Bistro apronBEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
18592Gaffel Kölsch rackBEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
13645Gaffel Kölsch wreath bigBEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
13643Gaffel Kölsch wreath open metalBEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
17719Gaffell Kölsch beer coasterPromotionalCanteen
21198Gagliano Limoncello 0,7 Ltr. 28%LiqueursCanteen
20726Galbani Mozzarella Mini Bufala 52% 50x10gCheeseNullraum
06437Galia Melon -fresh-Fruit, freshFresh
08445Galia melon fresh -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
24720Galinière Rosé BIO 0,75 Ltr 13%R O S E W E I NCanteen
02955Galliano 0,7 Ltr. Vanille 30%LiqueursCanteen
02153Galliano l'autentico 0,7 Ltr. 42,30%LiqueursCanteen
02220Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
02221Gamla Chardonnay 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
21645Gammel Opland Aquavit 41,5% 0,35 Ltr.A Q U A V I TCanteen
21644Gammel Opland Aquavit 41,5% 1 Ltr.A Q U A V I TCanteen
02960Gammeldansk 1 Ltr. 38%B I T T E RCanteen
21371Garam Masala Indian spice preparation 200g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
04302Garbage Bags 120 Ltr. 700x1100 T100 60µGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
06192Garbage Bags 120 Ltr. 700x1100 T60 29µ blueGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
18620Garbage Bags 120 Ltr. black 700x1100mm T100 65µ #15006GARBAGE BAGSNonfood
09534Garbage Bags 120ltr. transparent 25µGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
18798Garbage Bags 120ltr. transparent 60µGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
09185Garbage Bags 16 ltr / 50pcs. 5µGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
09214Garbage Bags 24 ltr. / 50pcs 5µGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
09527Garbage Bags 240 Ltr transparent 60µGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
06191Garbage Bags 240 Ltr. large black 70µGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
05953Garbage Bags 30 Ltr./50Pcs. T10 grey 5µGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
09216Garbage Bags 6 ltr. / 50pcs 5µGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
09341Garbage Bags 60 Ltr / 50 PcsGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
13943Garbage Bags 60 Ltr. 25pcs. T60 blackGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
24760Garbage Bags 700 x 1100 mm, 120 Ltr black 25µGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
21244Garbage bags 800x1000mm, ca 140 Ltr. Blue 36μGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
14017Garbage Bags red 120 Ltr. T 60 25Pcs/rllGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
09183Garbage bags, solid 140 Ltr, T100 blue 70µGARBAGE BAGSNonfood
19244Garden herb dressing 450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
02571Garden herb dressing 4x450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
08357Garlic - PowderSpices / MushroomsProvisions
19566Garlic cubes 4x4mm 5x1Kg (kg)Frozen vegetablesTK
01285Garlic granulated 1 KgSpices / MushroomsProvisions
10138Garlic granules 1200ccm/885g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
18282Garlic granules Wiberg 870gSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
19387Garlic peeled vacuumFresh vegetablesFresh
24773Garlic Salt 900g UbenaSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
08832Garlic, fresh (Kg)Fresh vegetablesFresh
08789Garlic, fresh (string)Fresh vegetablesFresh
10960Gärtensberger 48% ca. 4 KgCheeseNullraum
06802Gas Bottle for Burner 190gVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09535GasburnerVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18402Gasteiner GlassPromotionalCanteen
01726Gauloises Blondes blueCigarettesCanteen
01724Gauloises Blondes redCigarettesCanteen
01732Gauloises Blondes yellowCigarettesCanteen
01725Gauloises without FilterCigarettesCanteen
16616Gavroche Red Ale 12x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 17 ° Alc. 8,5% *Beer / BottleCanteen
16587Gavroche Red Ale 24x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 17 ° Alc. 8,5% *Beer / BottleCanteen
19799GB Cheddar cheese ca. 2,6 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
00881Gelantine Leaves 1 Kg 1PA015Baking ingredientsProvisions
19272Gelateria milk caramel 5,5 ltr. LangneseLangnese IceTK
00882Gelatine Powder, white 1PA010Baking ingredientsProvisions
21394Gelato Classico coffee ice cream 2.4LIce creamTK
02435Gelato Classico Premium lemon sherbet 2,4lIce creamTK
02436Gelato Classico Premium mango sherbet 2,4lIce creamTK
02437Gelato Classico Premium raspberry sherbet 2,4lIce creamTK
17975Gelbwurst parsley ca. 1 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
19922Gentle blanc 0,75 ltr 13%White wineCanteen
19590Gerard Bertrand Chateau L´Hospitalet Reserve Rouge 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
02489Gerinol-Spray for combating bedbugs, 400 mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21382German caviar red, 100gFresh fish&TKNullraum
20009German pot roast "Sauerbraten"" from Beef Eye Round 6Kg/buck"BeefTK
18605Gerolsteiner bottlecoolerPromotionalCanteen
12815Gerolsteiner Gourmet Sprudel Jar 24x0,33 Ltr./EWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
04174Gerolsteiner Gourmet with gaz 12x0,75 Ltr MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
11601Gerolsteiner Naturell 6x1 Ltr. PET EWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
19212Gerolsteiner Naturell Jar 15x0,75 Ltr./EWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
11588Gerolsteiner Naurell Gourmet 24x0,25 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
12716Gerolsteiner Sprudel glass 15x0,75 Ltr./OWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
17720Gerolsteiner waiterblockPromotionalCanteen
11590Gerolsteiner Water 6x1 Ltr. PET EWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
11593Gerolsteiner with gaz 24x0,25 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
11592Gerolsteiner without gaz 12x0,75 ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
24809Geschwister Köwerich Riesling dry 0,75Ltr. 11,5%White wineCanteen
18752Gewürztraminer Reserve 0,75 Ltr. 13% #3623White wineCanteen
20538Gift box 110x40x150 mm silver 440 pcs.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
24738Gift roll "Raffia paper matt silver"" (natural look, 7mm / 30m)"Viking NonfoodNonfood
03083Gilbeys Gin 1 Ltr. 47,5%G I NCanteen
07813Gilthead filet frz. 80-120g 1FI002, IQF, pbiFresh fish&TKTK
20761Gilthead Seabream filet skin on 150gFresh fish&TKTK
02297Gilvesy Martinus Olaszrizling 0,75 Ltr. 13% *White wineCanteen
15714Gin Mare 1 Ltr. 42,7%G I NCanteen
21675Gin Mare 1 Ltr. 42,7% #VikingG I NCanteen
19039Gin Vine Floraison 1 Ltr. 40%G I NCanteen
21676Gin Vine Floraison 1 Ltr. 40% #VikingG I NCanteen
13196Ginger & Lemon Tea 250g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
01891Ginger candied, moist, 1kgDried fruitProvisions
02374Ginger ground 470ml/180g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
05441Ginger grounded 800g, ALBASpices Can/Gl.Provisions
12051Ginger pickled 110g (55g)Spices / MushroomsProvisions
05781Ginger Roots, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
11193Gingerbread - Witchhouse 4000g in cellophaneHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
19603Gingerbread assorted, in gift Package for Guest Stateroomes 20bag á 3pcs VikingHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
02357Gingerbread assortment 845gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
11828Gingerbread hearts, stars and prezels 2,5 Kg SchulteHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
10041Gingerbread spice Wiberg 470mlSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
11918Ginseng Oolong Tea Bags 25ea Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
21570Glaetzer Bishop Shiraz Barossa Valley 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
15517Glaspollishingcloth 1011 yellowTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
20593Glass bottle with clip closure 0.8 ltrVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
00767Glass Noodles 1000gNoodles dryProvisions
15518Glass polishing cloth 50x70cm white-yellow 10pcs/pakVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14290Glassplacingmat transparent 500x61cmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
10837Glasstopfen rund 20mmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
02043Glen Grants 5 Years 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
21199Glen Scotia Whisky Double Cask 0,7 Ltr. Alc.: 46%WhiskyCanteen
02044Glenfarclas 105 1 Ltr. 60%WhiskyCanteen
21655Glenfarclas 10y. Speyside Single Malt 0,7 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02041Glenfarclas 12 Y 1 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
02887Glenfiddich 12 Y 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
21647Glenfiddich 15y Distillery Edition 1 Ltr. 51%WhiskyCanteen
21365Glenfiddich Select Cask 0,05L 40%WhiskyCanteen
02124Glenglassaugh Revival GB Whisky 0,7 Ltr. 46%WhiskyCanteen
01931Glengoyne 21 YO 0.7Ltr. 43,00%WhiskyCanteen
02025Glenmorangie 10 Y 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02326Glenmorangie Signet 0,7 Ltr. 46%WhiskyCanteen
19746Gloria Maxi Gnocchi Rucola 500gNoodles dryNullraum
05893Glucose Syrup 12,5 Kg (kg)Baking ingredientsNullraum
12414Glue stick corona 10g without solventOffice suppliesNonfood
11344Glueground 10eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18585Gluten Free Black Forest Cake 1150g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18583Gluten Free Carrot Cake 1250g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
20695Gluten Free Coconut Cake 1300g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18582Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cake 900g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
20696Gluten Free Eszterházy cake 920g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
20702Gluten Free Mojito Sheet Cake with Pumpkin Seed Flour 1480g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18584Gluten Free Peach Yoghurt Cake 1150g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
19081Gluten free-cut-duo 12pcs/boxLact/Gluten-freeTK
06653Glutenfree Flour dark 1000g Dr.SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
19573Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
21430Gnocchi di Patate 10 Kg frozen (Bon Pastaio) (Kg)Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
00142Gnocchi with sweet potatoes frozen 2x2,5kg BuergerKartoff/NoodleTKTK
08218Gnocchi, frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
13927Goat camembert 45% 180gCheeseNullraum
04149Goesser Märzen MW 24/0,33 Ltr. Btl Grad Plato: 11,9° Alc.: 5,2%Beer / BottleCanteen
18912Goji berries 500gDried fruitProvisions
01919Golden Crown Apple segments 2,5kg -TK-Fruit TKTK
18831Golden Duo orange and yellow carrot slices Bonduelle 2,5 Kg TKFrozen vegetablesTK
19662Goldfischli original 100gPastries / CrackersProvisions
14144Gölles Balsam winevinegar dryberrysorting 250mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
09619Good Sense Fresh 6 x 0,75 Ltr. 7512911 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
18595Goose Legs 1000g (HU)PoultryTK
00151Goose Legs 750g (2 legs) HungaryPoultryTK
00150Goose Whole 5,4 Kg (KgPoultryTK
06679Gooseberries -frozen-Fruit TKTK
02619Gorbatschow 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
03080Gordon Gin 1 Ltr. 47,30%G I NCanteen
21650Gordon Gin 5cl 37,5%G I NCanteen
03082Gordon Gin 5cl 40%G I NCanteen
21642Gorgona Coffee 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
06036Gösser glasses 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
00604Gouda Benjamin cheese 48% ca. 3 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00558Gouda cheese 48 % sliced 50 x 20g (Kg)CheeseNullraum
08674Goulash from Deer -frozen-wildTK
17926Goulash soup 3 KgFinishedTK
12375Gourmet Vanille powdered 100g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
10055GR Balkan cheese Bayernland 1 kg (tin)CheeseNullraum
06113GR Feta Cheese chequered in Brine 1,8 KgCheeseNullraum
21362Grahams 10 Years Old Tawny 0,75 Ltr. 20%Liqueur wineCanteen
03107Grahams 20 Years Old Tawny 0,75 Ltr. 20%Liqueur wineCanteen
21147grain baguette 22 x 310g Edna 1645Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
20998Grammelknödel 200x45g roh Innviertlerart WeinbergmaierFinished productsTKTK
15300Grammelschmalz, Lard with ham, greaves and onions 800gSausagesNullraum
15240Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila Platinum 0,7 Ltr. 40%T E Q U I L ACanteen
02970Grand Marnier rouge 1 Ltr. 40%LiqueursCanteen
24822Grande Toque Rouge Cotes du Luberon AOC 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
17937Grandmas Linzer tart 1050gCake/cake TKTK
06047Granini Apple Juice 24Bo/0,2 Ltr. MWJuices / FL.Canteen
05555Granini Multivitamini 6x1,00 Ltr. PETJuices / FL.Canteen
09423Granini Orangejuice 6x1 Ltr. PETJuices / FL.Canteen
06069Granini Peach Juice 6x1 Ltr. PETJuices / FL.Canteen
03816Granini Pineapple Juice MW 6x1 Ltr.Juices / FL.Canteen
05993Granini tomato Juice 24Bo/0,2 Ltr. MWJuices / FL.Canteen
02050Grants Family Reserve 0,5 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
02047Grants Family Reserve 1 L 43%WhiskyCanteen
12955Grape Juice Premium 100% 1 Ltr. TetraJuices (Tetra)Canteen
14179Grape Juice red 100% 1 Ltr. Tetra WesergoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
01539Grape Juice red Albi 6 x 1 Ltr.Juices (Tetra)Canteen
19191Grape leaves in Lake 430g/260gSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
12152Grapefruit Juice 100% 1 Ltr. TetraJuices (Tetra)Canteen
04269Grapefruit Juice Albi 6x1,00 Ltr.Juices (Tetra)Canteen
01023Grapefruit Pieces 3/1bstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
08444Grapefruit rose -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
09000Grapefruit yellow -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
08822Grapefruit, pinkFruit, freshFresh
08821Grapefruit, whiteFruit, freshFresh
08874Grapes, blueFruit, freshFresh
09075Grapes, greenFruit, freshFresh
12791Grapes, seedlessFruit, freshFresh
13862Grappa Alexander Platinum Amarone 0,7 Ltr. 48%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
02974Grappa Braulino Giovanne 0,7 Ltr 40% A30FRUIT FIRESCanteen
03012Grappa Chardonnay di Nonino 0,7 Ltr. 41% B25FRUIT FIRESCanteen
02954Grappa Julia 0,7 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
02987Grappa Merlot di Nonino 0,7 Ltr. 41% B25FRUIT FIRESCanteen
02986Grappa Nonino Antica Cuvee 0,7 Ltr. 43% B25FRUIT FIRESCanteen
02956Grappa Nonino Cuvée 0,7 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
19032Grappa Nonino Monovitigno Lo Chardonnay in Barriques 0,7 Ltr. 41%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
13533Grappa Riserva Carlo Bocchino 0,7 Ltr. 43 %FRUIT FIRESCanteen
02681Grasovka Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
15550Grated chocolate KgBaking ingredientsProvisions
17827Gratuity Cover Folder Europe 500erViking NonfoodNonfood
18616Gratuity envelopes - program-director 500erViking NonfoodNonfood
20242Graturity Envelope "EU"" Staff"Viking NonfoodNonfood
18847Graturity envelopes - EU Programm Direktor 500erViking NonfoodNonfood
18113Graturity envelopes - EU Staff 500erViking NonfoodNonfood
13108Grauburgunder-Chardonnay"Pfandturm"" Dr. Koehler 0,75 Ltr Rheinhessen * 13%"White wineCanteen
01913Graved salmon skinless, sliced, 900-1200g, frozeen (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
06553Graved Salmon, sliced ca. 1 kg, IQF, PBOFresh fish&TKTK
01401Gravy Paste 1,4 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
07568Gravy Paste 10 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
01407Gravy Paste instant 1 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
07666grazing sheep loins, frozen (New Zealand)LambTK
09189Grease Proof Paper, large 12,5 KgSLIDE/BACKPAP.Nonfood
17683Greek yogurt, natural 5 Kg 10%Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
01086Green Beans 4250ml/4000gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
19432Green beans very fine Bonduelle 2,5 Kg TKFrozen vegetablesTK
11988Green cabbage salad with bacon 5 kgReady-made saladsNullraum
24792green cabbage Westfro 2,5Kg (kg) -TK-Frozen vegetablesTK
04679Green Jasmin Blossom Tea Bags 50ea Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
04691Green Jasmin Blossom Tea Saddlepack 500g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
01178Green Kale coarse -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
08843Green Pepper BellsFresh vegetablesFresh
10743Green pepper in brine 800g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05163Green Pepper Seed 740g/500g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
05105Green pepper tinned 205g/100g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
04688Green Sencha Tea Bags 50ea Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
04692Green Sencha Tea Saddlepack 500g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
20509Green tea jasmine loose julius Meinl 250gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
20184Greeting Card 1000 pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
15153Gregorius Engelszell OW 20/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 14° Alc.:6,9%Beer / BottleCanteen
18040Gregorius Engelszell OW 20/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 22° Alc.:10,5% *Beer / BottleCanteen
00800Grey Bread 500gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
19769Grey Corn Bread 360g frozenBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
15552Grey Corn Bread sliced 12x750gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
00835Grey Corn rolls, frozen 2x40 pcs C&W 50gBrötch/Croiss.TK
02628Grey Goose Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
21667Grey Goose Vodka 1 Ltr. 40% #VikingW O D K ACanteen
20443Griesson Chocolate Cookies Classic Minis 125g *SweetsProvisions
10730Grill barbecue spiced salt 910g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
09098Grill cleaner 10 Ltr.OFEN/GRILL-REINIGERNonfood
02475Grill scrapper spatula Stainless steel with plastic handle 220x100x15 mmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18833Grill vegetables Bonduelle Andalusia 1 Kg TKFrozen vegetablesTK
05157Grill-Argentinia Spicemixture 1200ccm/900g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
18952Grilled chicken 1200-1300 g without gibletsPoultryTK
04372Grimbergen Blonde OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 14,7° Alc. 6,7%Beer / BottleCanteen
21373Grimbergen Cup 0,25 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
04373Grimbergen Double-Ambree OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 14,7° Alc. 6,5%Beer / BottleCanteen
13066Grisini 125gPastries / CrackersProvisions
06821Grisini 16x125gPastries / CrackersProvisions
20862Grissini Salt 125gPastries / CrackersProvisions
01319Grit Balls 1 Kg Dr. OetkerDr. OetkerTK
10487Grit balls 20g, frozen, Bürger -TK-Finished productsTKTK
00364Grit Pudding "Landliebe"" 150g"Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
06204Ground Cloth Perfecta 50x60cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
17695Ground coffe roma blend 250gRoasted coffeeProvisions
17696Ground coffee decaf blend 250gRoasted coffeeProvisions
20066Grouper Filet Sk/On 170/230gFresh fish&TKTK
17944Gruener Veltliner Nikolaihof 0,75 Ltr. 11% *White wineCanteen
14544Grüner Veltliner "Nussberg"" 0,75 Ltr. 13,5% #5284"White wineCanteen
12113Grüner Veltliner 1 Ltr 12% HuberWhite wineCanteen
14539Grüner Veltliner Classic D. A.C. 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% #4816White wineCanteen
11416Grüner Veltliner Ried Gärtling Weingut Nigl 0,75 Ltr. 11% 2011White wineCanteen
13319Grüner Veltliner Trio Gmeiner 0,375 Ltr. 12,5% *White wineCanteen
13109Grüner Veltliner"Trio""Wagram/Austria Gmeiner 0,75 Ltr 12% *"White wineCanteen
12271Grüner Vetliner Dornenvogel Glatzer 0,75 Ltr. 13%*White wineCanteen
21602Gsellmann Zweigelt Heideboden 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
18810Guacamole 500g TKFinished productsTKTK
18892Guacamole el rey classic 12 x 500g TK SalomonFinished productsTKTK
20245Guest Check 2000 pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
21029Guest Passport sheets 300/Box.Viking NonfoodNonfood
08050Guinea Fowl 'Supreme' 180-220g (kg)PoultryTK
19345Guiness Beer Tn 24x0,44 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 9° Alc.: 4,2%Beer / CansCanteen
09953Guinnes glas 0,3 LtrPromotionalCanteen
10027Guinness 24 x 0,33 Ltr. MW Grad Plato: 11° Alc.: 4,1%Beer / BottleCanteen
05410Guylian Seashells 250gSweetsProvisions
21550GWF Frankenwein Silentium Largo Cuvée Rot 0,75 Ltr 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
21586GWF Frankenwein Silvaner Bockbeutel 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21552GWF Frankenwein Tilman Spätburgunder 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
14627Gyros tartare marinaded / KgPorkTK
24657H. Blin Brut 0,75 Ltr 12,5%ChampagneCanteen
20269HACCP BookletViking NonfoodNonfood
07604Haddock Filet ITL 150-240g without skin, pbiFresh fish&TKTK
01334Hag coffee grounded 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
05699HAG Coffee In Port. 8x25x1,8g 200bagSoluble coffeeProvisions
14643Hag Coffee Instant 100g jarSoluble coffeeProvisions
01602Hag Coffee whole beans (decaffeinated) 500gRoasted coffeeProvisions
05985Hair and Body Shampoo 10 Ltr. DreiturmToiletriesNonfood
13741Hair and Body Shampoo ECO Smart Care System 30x300mlADA PRODUCTSNonfood
06805Hair Broom 28cmBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
09432Hair Broom 40cm WoodBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
19766Hair ties, white, individually wrapped 100 pcs. / box.CosmeticsNonfood
06731Hake filets with skin 150/300g (kg) frozenFresh fish&TKTK
20774Hake Fillet Skin off 200-300g, 20% glaceFresh fish&TKTK
20630hakefilet skin off Haut 400-600g, IQF, PBO, 20% GlaseFresh fish&TKTK
21042half oyster UHP Size 3, raw, 48 pcs/cartonFresh fish&TKTK
13610Halibut 160gFresh fish&TKTK
20912Halibut 160g (G&P)Fresh fish&TKTK
00199Halibut Filet ITL 400g/800g (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
14021Halibut, coldsmoked 1200-1400g, slicedFresh fish&TKTK
00198Halibut, hot smokedFresh fish&TKTK
00197Halibut-Filet, white skinless IQF 1-4kg/StFresh fish&TKTK
14156Halloumi cheese 250gCheeseNullraum
09795Ham "Serrano"" spanish ca. 2 kg (kg)"Smoked sausageNullraum
02405Ham Bacon ca. 1,4 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
12650Ham Bacon ca. 1,4 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
00400Ham Bacon ca. 1,4 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
00372Ham Pelatello ca. 4,8 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
00383Ham Prague ca. 3,5 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
17952Ham smoked, ca. 2,2 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
05857Ham spiced with Honey ca. 2,2 Kg (Kg)SausagesNullraum
12649Ham spiced with Honey ca. 2,2 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
20742Ham without rind 1/2 pieces ca. 2.4 KgSausagesNullraum
08107Hamburger 80x62,5g BoxBeefTK
19183Hamburger Angus 56x150g (Kg) frozenBeefTK
20748Hamburger Angus 80x150g (Kg) TKBeefTK
21324Hamburger bread 300g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
20971Hamburger Bun Brioche 20x80g baked frozen 4inch M&MBrötch/Croiss.TK
00837Hamburger Buns 48x55g frozenBrötch/Croiss.TK
14245Hamburger Paddies Foodworks 62,5g 5Kg/Krt.BeefTK
09794Hamburger sauce Homann 450 mlMayo / RemouladeNullraum
18298Hamburger soft sesame buns 2x12x80g -TK-Brötch/Croiss.TK
21564Hammeken Cellars Beloki Crianza 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
00552Hamsausage ca. 1,4 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
14332Hamsausage ca. 2,6 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
09302Hand Brush Perfecta 29cm LengthBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
09444Hand Brush WoodBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
20569Hand fans made of bamboo Uniworld *VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
01902Hand, Hair + Body Wash 30x330ml COAO330*ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
07762Handle bag 38x45x5cm 100 St.MiscellaneousNonfood
17821Handout paper A4 1000erViking NonfoodNonfood
09374Handshoes, red 35cm, Size 10HAND/SHOESNonfood
02731Hannibal B. Finlayson 0,75 Ltr. 14% *R O T W E I NCanteen
02330Hansen blue 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02331Hansen President Rum 1 Ltr. 42%RumCanteen
24846Happy Day Grapefruitsaft 1Ltr.Juices (Tetra)Canteen
02536Hardenberger Doppelkorn 1 Ltr. 38%GrainCanteen
13169Hardys Mill Cellars Rosé 0,75 Ltr. 12%R O S E W E I NCanteen
14585Haribo "Goldbaearen"" minibags 100er"SweetsProvisions
04369Haribo "Goldbaerchen"" 500g"SweetsProvisions
14829Haribo Berries 3 KgSweetsProvisions
06819Haribo Candies "Fliegerparade"" 500g"SweetsProvisions
13043Haribo Chamallow BBQ 300gSweetsProvisions
04367Haribo Colorado 500gSweetsProvisions
04340Haribo Confectionary 500gSweetsProvisions
14828Haribo Goldbären 3 KgSweetsProvisions
07499Haribo Happy Cola 500gSweetsProvisions
24762Haribo Licorice snails 1,5 kgSweetsProvisions
21049Haribo Licorice snails 3 kgSweetsProvisions
04366Haribo Liquorized Snails 500gSweetsProvisions
06636Haribo Tropifrutti 500gSweetsProvisions
01565Haring Salad red 1 KgReady-made saladsNullraum
08555Haring Salad white 1 KgReady-made saladsNullraum
18839Harissa (chilli spice) LE PHARE DU CAP BON 0,135Kg/tinSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
18813Harissa 100gSpices / MushroomsProvisions
20637Harvest Carrot Cake 1560gCake/cake TKTK
02944Harvey`s Bristol Cream 1 Ltr. 17,5%S H E R R YCanteen
20829Hascheeknödel 100g 2x40Stk/Krt -TK-Finished productsTKTK
12885Hasseröder beer 6 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,3° Alc.: 4,9%Beer / BarrelCanteen
07667Hasseröder glasses 0,3 ltr.PromotionalCanteen
04022Hasseroeder beer MW 24/0,33 Ltr.Beer / BottleCanteen
18247Hats Paper Chefs 20cm / 50pcsWorkwearNonfood
09234Hats paper chefs 23cm 10pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09380Hats Paper Cook 100pcsWorkwearNonfood
02814Haus Hochheim Wine 0,75 Ltr. 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
17015Hauser Rowanberry Schnaps 0,7 Ltr. 35%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
02337Havana Club Anejo Especial 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02338Havana Club Rum 3 Y 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02332Havana Club Rum 7 Y 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02117Havanna Club 7 Y 0,75 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
10346Havanna Club Barrel Proof 1 l 45%RumCanteen
06165Hazelnut whole 2,5kg (kg)Nuts / SeedsProvisions
00890Hazelnut, Ground (kg)Nuts / SeedsProvisions
00891Hazelnut, peeled (kg)Nuts / SeedsProvisions
00892Hazelnut-Crocant Kg (kg)Nuts / SeedsProvisions
17716Hazelnuts 400g with shellNuts / SeedsProvisions
14256Hazelnuts Ice 5 Ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
01733HB Classic BlendCigarettesCanteen
10597Hearts and Stars / Gingerbread chocolate mix 500gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
03066Heaven Hill Bourbon 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
21452Heberer Applecrumble frozen 24x115gCake/cake TKTK
10171Heftstreifen Corona 25 Stck.Office suppliesNonfood
13500Heidi Alps spicy cheese 48% ca. 5 KgCheeseNullraum
18842Heineken Beerglass 0,35 ltr.PromotionalCanteen
04125Heineken OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,4° Alc.: 5,0%Beer / BottleCanteen
04118Heineken Tins 24/0,33 Ltr.Beer / CansCanteen
14598Heinrich Red 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% W. HeinrichR O T W E I NCanteen
20370Heinz 57 Gherkin Relish 875 mlKetch./Searett.Provisions
02372Heinz mayonnaise 495mlKetch./Searett.Nullraum
21331Heinz Mustard 5 KgMayo / RemouladeProvisions
01444Heinz Tomatoeketchup 300mlKetch./Searett.Provisions
01443Heinz Tomatoeketchup 750mlKetch./Searett.Provisions
07172Heinz Tomatoeketchup Spender 500mlKetch./Searett.Provisions
21164Heinz yellow mustard mild 400mlKetch./Searett.Provisions
09774Heinze Tomatoeketchup Squeze 875mlKetch./Searett.Provisions
02259Heiße Liebe (Vanilla-raspberry-parfait) 48pcs/boxCake/cake TKTK
20384Hela Currywurst Sauce 300mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
09009Hemdchen Tragetaschen 500erMiscellaneousNonfood
10735Hendl spice preparation 1200ml/560g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
03049Hendricks Gin 1 Ltr. 44%G I NCanteen
02826Henkel Dry 0,75 Ltr. 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
02827Henkel Dry Picc. 0,2 Ltr. 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
15158Hennessy Paradis 0,7 Ltr. Alc.: 40%CognacCanteen
02169Hennessy VS 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02171Hennessy VSOP 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02176Hennessy XO 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
24717Henri Gaillard Rosé 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
24782Herbacuisine Basic Texturizer 1,5kgNutritional agentsProvisions
20512Herbal cocktail loose Julius Meinl 100gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
20508Herbal tea blend ginger lemon loose Julius Meinl 250gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
12613Herbs Provenciales 1000ccm/200g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
06962Herbs Provenciales 1200ml/220g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
08662Herbs Vinegar Kuehne 500mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
04027Herforder Pils MW 27x0,33 Ltr.Beer / BottleCanteen
18883Hermes soap 80x100g/Krt. HESD100 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
15235Herradura Plata 40% 0.7LT E Q U I L ACanteen
04371Herrenhäuser EW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,8° Alc.: 5%Beer / BottleCanteen
01897Herring, skin off, in curry sauce 2kgCanned fishNullraum
01894Herring, skin off, in herb marinade 2kgCanned fishNullraum
12419Herringfilet covered in Tomato-Cocktail 200gCanned fishNullraum
00265Herringfillet in Creamdip 1 KgCanned fishNullraum
21333Hershey's chocolate 43gSweetsProvisions
20193Herve a la biere AOP 45% 200gCheeseNullraum
18349HH Men Crew midlayer Jacket navy LViking NonfoodNonfood
18348HH Men Crew midlayer Jacket navy MViking NonfoodNonfood
18347HH Men Crew midlayer Jacket navy SViking NonfoodNonfood
18350HH Men Crew midlayer Jacket navy XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18346HH Men Crew midlayer Jacket navy XSViking NonfoodNonfood
18351HH Men Crew midlayer Jacket navy XXLViking NonfoodNonfood
18303HH Men Daybreaker Fleece Jacket Navy LViking NonfoodNonfood
18302HH Men Daybreaker Fleece Jacket Navy MViking NonfoodNonfood
18301HH Men Daybreaker Fleece Jacket Navy SViking NonfoodNonfood
18304HH Men Daybreaker Fleece Jacket Navy XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18305HH Men Daybreaker Fleece Jacket Navy XXLViking NonfoodNonfood
18328HH Men Vancouver Jacket navy LViking NonfoodNonfood
18327HH Men Vancouver Jacket navy MViking NonfoodNonfood
18326HH Men Vancouver Jacket navy SViking NonfoodNonfood
18329HH Men Vancouver Jacket navy XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18330HH Men Vancouver Jacket navy XXLViking NonfoodNonfood
18333HH Men Vancouver Jacket red LViking NonfoodNonfood
18332HH Men Vancouver Jacket red MViking NonfoodNonfood
18331HH Men Vancouver Jacket red SViking NonfoodNonfood
18334HH Men Vancouver Jacket red XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18335HH Men Vancouver Jacket red XXLViking NonfoodNonfood
18359HH Men VCR Riftline Polo Shirt red LViking NonfoodNonfood
18358HH Men VCR Riftline Polo Shirt red MViking NonfoodNonfood
18357HH Men VCR Riftline Polo Shirt red SViking NonfoodNonfood
18360HH Men VCR Riftline Polo Shirt red XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18361HH Men VCR Riftline Polo Shirt red XXLViking NonfoodNonfood
18364HH Men VCR Riftline Polo Shirt navy LViking NonfoodNonfood
18363HH Men VCR Riftline Polo Shirt navy MViking NonfoodNonfood
18362HH Men VCR Riftline Polo Shirt navy SViking NonfoodNonfood
18365HH Men VCR Riftline Polo Shirt navy XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18366HH Men VCR Riftline Polo Shirt navy XXLViking NonfoodNonfood
18656HH Men VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket red LViking NonfoodNonfood
18657HH Men VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket red MViking NonfoodNonfood
18659HH Men VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket red SViking NonfoodNonfood
18660HH Men VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket red XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18661HH Men VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket red XXLViking NonfoodNonfood
18377HH UNISEX VCR Baseball Cap navyViking NonfoodNonfood
18378HH UNISEX VCR Baseball Cap rotViking NonfoodNonfood
19104HH W Lyness Coat navy L femaleViking NonfoodNonfood
19103HH W Lyness Coat navy M femaleViking NonfoodNonfood
19102HH W Lyness Coat navy S femaleViking NonfoodNonfood
19105HH W Lyness Coat navy XL femaleViking NonfoodNonfood
19108HH W Lyness Coat red L femaleViking NonfoodNonfood
19107HH W Lyness Coat red M femaleViking NonfoodNonfood
19106HH W Lyness Coat red S femaleViking NonfoodNonfood
19109HH W Lyness Coat red XL femaleViking NonfoodNonfood
18355HH Women Crew midlayer Jacket red LViking NonfoodNonfood
18354HH Women Crew midlayer Jacket red MViking NonfoodNonfood
18353HH Women Crew midlayer Jacket red SViking NonfoodNonfood
18356HH Women Crew midlayer Jacket red XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18352HH Women Crew midlayer Jacket red XSViking NonfoodNonfood
18324HH Women Mount pro Stretch Fleece Jacket Red LVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18323HH Women Mount pro Stretch Fleece Jacket Red MVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18325HH Women Mount pro Stretch Fleece Jacket Red XLVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18322HH Women Mount pro Stretch Fleece Jacket Red SVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18321HH Women Mount pro Stretch Fleece Jacket Red XSVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18319HH Women Mount pro Stretch Fleece Jacket Navy LVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18318HH Women Mount pro Stretch Fleece Jacket Navy MVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18317HH Women Mount pro Stretch Fleece Jacket Navy SVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18320HH Women Mount pro Stretch Fleece Jacket Navy XLVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18316HH Women Mount pro Stretch Fleece Jacket Navy XSVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18339HH Women Vancouver Jacket navy LViking NonfoodNonfood
18338HH Women Vancouver Jacket navy MViking NonfoodNonfood
18337HH Women Vancouver Jacket navy SViking NonfoodNonfood
18340HH Women Vancouver Jacket navy XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18344HH Women Vancouver Jacket red LViking NonfoodNonfood
18343HH Women Vancouver Jacket red MViking NonfoodNonfood
18342HH Women Vancouver Jacket red SViking NonfoodNonfood
18345HH Women Vancouver Jacket red XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18341HH Women Vancouver Jacket red XSViking NonfoodNonfood
18373HH Women VCR Dove Polo Shirt navy LViking NonfoodNonfood
18372HH Women VCR Dove Polo Shirt navy MViking NonfoodNonfood
18371HH Women VCR Dove Polo Shirt navy SViking NonfoodNonfood
18374HH Women VCR Dove Polo Shirt navy XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18369HH Women VCR Dove Polo Shirt red LViking NonfoodNonfood
18367HH Women VCR Dove Polo Shirt red SViking NonfoodNonfood
18370HH Women VCR Dove Polo Shirt red XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18662HH Women VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket navy LViking NonfoodNonfood
18663HH Women VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket navy MViking NonfoodNonfood
18664HH Women VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket navy SViking NonfoodNonfood
18665HH Women VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket navy XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18666HH Women VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket navy XSViking NonfoodNonfood
18667HH Women VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket red LViking NonfoodNonfood
18668HH Women VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket red MViking NonfoodNonfood
18669HH Women VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket red SViking NonfoodNonfood
18670HH Women VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket red XLViking NonfoodNonfood
18671HH Women VRC Daybreaker Fleece Jacket red XSViking NonfoodNonfood
18368HH Women/Unisex Ristline Polo Shirt red MViking NonfoodNonfood
21698Highclere Castle Gin 0,7Ltr 43,5%G I NCanteen
01984Highland Park Ragnvald 0,7 Ltr. 44,6%WhiskyCanteen
16492Highlighters blueOffice suppliesNonfood
16491Highlighters greenOffice suppliesNonfood
16494Highlighters orangeOffice suppliesNonfood
16493Highlighters pinkOffice suppliesNonfood
18124Highlighters red # 48000Office suppliesNonfood
16490Highlighters yellowOffice suppliesNonfood
20293Hilgert red QW dry 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% sulfite-freeR O T W E I NCanteen
20294Hilgert white QW dry 0,75 Ltr. 12,8% sulfite-freeR O T W E I NCanteen
24791Hitchcock Bio Ingwer Juice 200mlJuices / FL.Canteen
19467HMK R155 Basic Cleaner - acid-free 1 Ltr.Cleaner DiversNonfood
12961Hobart Hygiene Tabs 15x50gCleaner DiversNonfood
17672Hochr. turkey salami ca. 1 Kg (KG)Smoked sausageNullraum
04042Hoegaarden Beer OW 6x 0,75 Ltr. Grad P° 11,7 Alc. 4,9%Beer / BottleCanteen
19021Hoegaarden glass 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
15155Hofstettner Granitbock OW 20/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 17° Alc.: 7,3%Beer / BottleCanteen
21506Högl Grüner Veltliner Federspiel vom Donauufer trocken 0,75 Ltr 12,5 %White wineCanteen
21440Högl Grüner Veltliner Terrassen Spitzergraben Federspiel 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21583Högl J & G Grüner Veltliner Federspiel 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21491Högl J & G Grüner Veltliner Hauswein 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
21589Högl J & G Riesling Hauswein 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
02462Hoi Sin Sauce 2270g LKKSeasoning sauceProvisions
05628Hoi Sin Sauce 440ml DiamondSeasoning sauceProvisions
09501Hole Puncher # 20027Office suppliesNonfood
13821Holl. Käse-Sticks 48% 20x50gCheeseNullraum
01416Hollandaise Sauce 1 ltr. LukullSeasoning sauceNullraum
07701Hollow Ball Bitter choc. 504x2,7gBaking ingredientsProvisions
02415Hollow Ball milk choc. 504x2,7gBaking ingredientsProvisions
07702Hollow Ball white choc. 504x2,7gBaking ingredientsProvisions
19905Homburger Silvaner Asphodill GG blanc 0,75 ltr 14,5%White wineCanteen
18456Home cakes plums 1750g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
07301Honey 2,5kgHoney / NutellaProvisions
06618Honey 500gHoney / NutellaProvisions
08958Honey dew melon /pcsFruit, freshFresh
09024Honey Dew MelonsFruit, freshFresh
08564Honey in portions 96x20gHoney / NutellaProvisions
12004Honey port. jar 60 x 28g DarboHoney / NutellaProvisions
11847Honey portion-jar 60 x 30g Bonne MamanHoney / NutellaProvisions
10524Honey Wheat 750g G&GKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
13491Honey Woodsmoke 465gSeasoning sauceProvisions
19718Honeycomb 4 pieces ca. 3 Kg Hungary / TurkeyHoney / NutellaProvisions
11891Hoover bag Nilfisk GD1005 5eaMiscellaneousNonfood
08901Hoover bag Nilfisk GD930 S2 10pcsMiscellaneousNonfood
11166Hoover bag Nilfisk GM80/GS90/BRM545 10eaMiscellaneousNonfood
01434Horseradish "Thomy"" 85g Tube"Ketch./Searett.Nullraum
01429Horseradish hot 700g KochKetch./Searett.Provisions
01425Horseradish Steirer Kren 500gKetch./Searett.Nullraum
01457Horseradish with Cream 670gKetch./Searett.Provisions
08838Horseradish, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
12701Horst Sauer Silvaner 2015 0,75 Ltr. 12%White wineCanteen
01818Hot Dog Beef, 25x60gRoast/sausagesNullraum
20916Hot Dog Bun Edna 80302820Brötch/Croiss.TK
05639Hot Dog Buns 16 x 40gBrötch/Croiss.TK
16730Hot Dog de Luxe 40x120g 1469Finished productsTKTK
13087Hot Dog Sausages 50-60g 50% beef share (Kg)Roast/sausagesNullraum
00353Hot Dog Sausages 50gRoast/sausagesNullraum
00132Hot smoked mackarel fillet naturalFresh fish&TKTK
21057House bread, dark 4x1000g Edna 126Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
02825House Sparkling Tankgaerung Brut 0,75 Ltr. 11% Sektgut St.Laurentius *Sparkling wineCanteen
05873HP - Steak-Sauce 255gSeasoning sauceProvisions
02288HP Inc Cartridge 302 XL blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02289HP Inc Cartridge 302 XL Tri-colorTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20989HP Laser toner 201X black CF400XTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20990HP Laser toner 201X cyan CF401XTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20992HP Laser toner 201X magenta CF403XTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20991HP Laser toner 201X yellow CF402XTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20947HP Laser toner 203X cyan CF541XTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20949HP Laser toner 203X magenta CF543XTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20946HP Laser toner 203X schwarz CF540XTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20948HP Laser toner 203X yellow CF542XTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02370HP Laser Toner CF244A blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19299HP Laser Toner CF287A black / 9000 pagesTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19505HP Lasertoner 26A black CF226ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21658HP Lasertoner 26X black CF226XCTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02472HP Lasertoner 410A cyan CF411A 2300 PagesTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02474HP Lasertoner 410A magenta CF413A 2300 PagesTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02471HP Lasertoner 410A schwarz CF410A 2300 PagesTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02473HP Lasertoner 410A yellow CF412A 2300 PagesTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20994HP Lasertoner 410X black CF410XC 6500 pagesTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20995HP Lasertoner 410X cyan CF411XC 5000 pagesTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20997HP Lasertoner 410X magenta CF413XC 5000 pagesTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20996HP Lasertoner 410X yellow CF412XC 5000 pagesTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19308HP Lasertoner 507A black CE400ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19309HP Lasertoner 507A cyan CE401ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19311HP Lasertoner 507A magenta CE403ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19310HP Lasertoner 507A yellow CE402ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19506HP Lasertoner 508A black CF360ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19507HP Lasertoner 508A cyan CF361ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19509HP Lasertoner 508A magenta CF363ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19508HP Lasertoner 508A yellow CF362ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12930HP Lasertoner black CF280ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19312HP Lasertoner black CF281A /10500 pagesTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16568HP Lasertoner CE255A blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14654HP Lasertoner CF280X black HVTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02268HP printer cartridge 973X black L0S07AE 10000 SeitenTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02269HP printer cartridge 973X cyan F6T81AE 7000 SeitenTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02270HP printer cartridge 973X magenta F6T82AE 7000 SeitenTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02271HP printer cartridge 973X yellow F6T83AE 7000 SeitenTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18419HP Toner CE285A blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
10927HUG dessert tartelettes choco 6 cm 210 pcsMini - CakeProvisions
01884HUG Mini-snack-tarteletts "tomato/basil"" 160pcs/box"Mini - CakeProvisions
00409Hungarian salami 375g (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
01417Hunter Sauce instant 1 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
00549Hunter Sausage 1,4 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
12634Hunter Sausage 1,4 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
14330Hunter Sausage ca. 2,6 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
24761Huttwiler roll mixed carton, gluten-free (4x6 pcs.) 65 / 70gBrötch/Croiss.TK
13137Hygiene washing brush 18 c Poly. D=0,50BÜRSTENWARENNonfood
20085Hygienebag Refillbox 48 pak a 25 bag/box HBBO004COM-N-1VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14308Hygienebag Refillbox 48 Pkg a 25 bag/Box HWHB 001ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
14362Hygienebag wallbracket, chrom 25ea/Box HWHH021ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
14361Hygienebag wallbracket, white 25ea/Box HWHH020ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20794Hygienic overcoat for Headphones made of soft PP, 11cm, black 100 pairsMiscellaneousNonfood
07860Ice Confectionary 24 Pieces / BoxLangnese IceTK
02262Ice Cream sour cream 3 Ltr.Ice creamTK
09016Ice cubes 5kgMiscellaneousTK
01535Ice Pudding Sauces 125ml, Schwartau assortedDessert / SyrupNullraum
08279Ice-Cream Vanillacream Wafers 2 kg 500pcs StengerPastries / CrackersProvisions
08278Ice-Cream Wafer Rolls 200pcs 600g StengerPastries / CrackersProvisions
18426Ice-Cream Wafers "Laura"" 50x130mm 500er"Pastries / CrackersProvisions
08276Ice-Cream Wafers Heart 200pcs 700g StengerPastries / CrackersProvisions
06034Ice-Umbrella 144 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
21158Icecream-cup paper 125ml fruitmotive 200 pcs./PakMiscellaneousNonfood
06563Icetea Instant Lemon 1 Kg KrügerTea - Tea bagsProvisions
05865Icetea Instant Peach 1 Kg KruegerTea - Tea bagsProvisions
04219Icetea Lemon 24 Tins / 0,33 Ltr. Lipton *LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
20314Icewaffle-Sharped Rolletto 200er 120mm StengerPastries / CrackersProvisions
00582IE Cheddar-Cheese Irish ca. 5 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
19324Igloo Cooling Box with rolls Marine Quantum 52, 49l whiteVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
02753IGP Syrah Collines Rhodaniennes – Première Note 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
20463illy Cappuccinocup 170c³ inkl. saucers 12pcs/Box *PromotionalNonfood
20464illy Cappuccinocup 200c³ inkl. saucers 12pcs/Box *PromotionalNonfood
20460illy Coffee Bean Decaff. 250g can *Roasted coffeeProvisions
20461illy Coffee Bean S-Röstung 1500g can *Roasted coffeeProvisions
20470illy Cup "TO GO"" 10oz Cappuccino 200c³ - without lid 21pcs/Box *"PromotionalNonfood
20472illy Cup "TO GO"" 12oz Latte Macciato 300c³ - without lid 20 pcs/PAK *"PromotionalNonfood
20468illy Cup "TO GO"" 6oz Lungo 150c³ - without lid 50pcs/PAK *"PromotionalNonfood
20462illy Espressocup 60c³ inkl. saucers 12pcs/Box *PromotionalNonfood
20465illy Latte Macchiato glasses 6pcs/Box *PromotionalNonfood
20474illy Rührstäbchen 50pcs/Pak *PromotionalNonfood
13160Inc Cartridge HP no 301XL black (for HP 4630) 480 pages #5630TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
13161Inc Cartridge HP no 301XL colored (for HP 4630) 330 pages #5640TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21192Infinity Hand Lotion, Organic Mandarin&Mint BLBT300INF 6 x 300mlSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
18918Infinity Hand Lotion, Refill, Organic Mandarin&Mint BLBT001INF 6x1 Ltr.SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
21191Infinity Liquid Soap, Organic Mandarin&Mint SOBT300INF 6 x 300mlSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
18917Infinity Liquid Soap, Refill, Organic Mandarin Mint SOBT001INF 6x1 Ltr.SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
19228Ink cartridge Canon CLI-551 BK photo-black for MG7550TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19231Ink cartridge Canon CLI-551 C cyan for MG7550TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19229Ink cartridge Canon CLI-551 GY grey for MG7550TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19232Ink cartridge Canon CLI-551 M magenta for MG7550TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19230Ink cartridge Canon CLI-551 Y yellow for MG7550TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20929Ink cartridge Canon CLI-581XL BK foto-black für TR8550TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20932Ink cartridge Canon CLI-581XL C cyan für TR8550TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20930Ink cartridge Canon CLI-581XL M magenta für TR8550TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20931Ink cartridge Canon CLI-581XL Y yellow für TR8550TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19233Ink cartridge Canon PGI-550 PGBK black for MG7550TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20933Ink cartridge Canon PGI-580XL PGBK black for TR8550TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19445Ink cartridge Epson 16XL T16314010 blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19446Ink cartridge Epson 16XL T16324010 cyanTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19447Ink cartridge Epson 16XL T16334010 magentaTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19448Ink cartridge Epson 16XL T16344010 yellowTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20198Ink cartridge Epson 27XL T27154012 multipackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20197Ink cartridge Epson 27XXL T27914012 blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
17652Ink cartridge Epson T2621 blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
17653Ink cartridge Epson T2632 cyanTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
17654Ink cartridge Epson T2633 magentaTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
17655Ink cartridge Epson T2634 yellowTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20281Ink Cartridge HP No. 903 XL blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20282Ink Cartridge HP No. 903 XL cyanTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20283Ink Cartridge HP No. 903 XL magentaTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20284Ink Cartridge HP No. 903 XL yellowTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18229Ink Cartridge HP No. 935 XL cyan C2P24AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18230Ink Cartridge HP No. 935 XL magenta C2P25AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18231Ink Cartridge HP No. 935 XL yellow C2P26AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18228Ink Cartridge HP No. 935 XL Black C2P23AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19500Ink Cartridge HP-652 black for deskjet advance 4535TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19501Ink Cartridge HP-652 clolored for deskjet advance 4535TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18254Ink Catridge HP C2P04AE nr. 62 blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18255Ink Catridge HP C2P06AE nr. 62 coloredTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
00904Insect Repellent 400mlMiscellaneousNonfood
01583Instant Coffee Nescafe Classic 200gSoluble coffeeProvisions
15090instrument tray 3l OHS white, with a sieve and slip lidVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
17806Invitation card "VES club"" 200er , now 18111"Viking NonfoodNonfood
18722Invitation card "VES club"" 750er"Viking NonfoodNonfood
20236Invoice Sleeve 690 pcs. / BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
00639Iodized Salt 500gSaltProvisions
00894Ireks - PrimatFlour / flour mixProvisions
21606Isle of Jura Turas Mara 1 Ltr. 42%WhiskyCanteen
05947Isomalt Sugar 3 kgSugar/sweetenerProvisions
05681IT Bel Paese Cheese 54% ca. 2,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
20333IT Buffalo mozzarella 100gCheeseNullraum
11237IT Buffalo mozzarella 125gCheeseNullraum
13722IT Dolcelatte Blue Cheese 59 % ca. 1,5 KgCheeseNullraum
00597IT Gorgonzola Cheese 48% ca. 1,5 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
04662IT Gorgonzola with Mascarpone ca. 1 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00664IT Mascarpone Cheese 500gCheeseNullraum
05130IT Mozzarella Galbani 45% 1 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
14246IT Mozzarella Goldsteig 1 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00625IT Mozzarella italian 45% 1 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
07746IT Mozzarella Minis 1 KgCheeseNullraum
19157IT Parmesan grana padano 18 months matured ca. 2,3 kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
05676IT Parmesan Grana Padano ca. 2,3 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
12035IT Parmesan Grana Padano, grated 1 Kg (Pkt)CheeseNullraum
00628IT Parmesano Cheese, grated 1 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
05734IT Pecorino cheese 53% ca. 3,5 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
05675IT Provolene ital. Cheese 45% ca. 1 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
00595IT Ricotta 1,5 Kg BuckCheeseNullraum
07317IT Taleggio 48% ca. 2,2 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
04639Ital. bologna sausage ca. 2,5 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
13558Ital. Mountain ham without rind (Kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
18546Ital. Mustard with figs Lazzaris 710gMustardProvisions
11211Ital. pancetta ca. 1,5 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
11210Ital. salami with fennel (Finocchino) ca. 2,8 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
19246Italia-Dressing 450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
19449Italian hard wheat noodles Cavatelli 5Kg/KgNoodles dryProvisions
14886Italian hard wheat noodles Farfalle 5 Kg/KgNoodles dryProvisions
10768Italian hard wheat noodles Gnocco-Rigato 5Kg/KgNoodles dryProvisions
14814Italian hard wheat noodles Makkaroni 5 Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
14833Italian hard wheat noodles Penne Rigate 5 KgNoodles dryProvisions
07054Italian hard wheat noodles ribbon Noodles coloured 5 kg (kg)Noodles dryProvisions
14795Italian hard wheat noodles Rigatoni (Tortiglione) 5kg/kgNoodles dryProvisions
14882Italian hard wheat noodles Spaghetti 5 Kg/KgNoodles dryProvisions
13735Italian hard wheat noodles Spaghettini 5 Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
06714Italian hard wheat noodles Spiral noodles 5 kg (kg)Noodles dryProvisions
11306Italian hard wheat noodles Strozzapreti 5Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
14816Italian hard wheat noodles Tagliatelle 5 Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
01451Italian Salad Dressing 1 Ltr.Seasoning sauceProvisions
02573Italien-Dressing 4x450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
02058J & B Rare Whisky 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
21364Jack Daniel's Black Label 0,05L 40%WhiskyCanteen
02057Jack Daniel's Black Label 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02110Jack Daniel's Silver Selection 0,7 Ltr. 50%WhiskyCanteen
13536Jack Daniels Single Barrel 0,7 Ltr. 45%WhiskyCanteen
01934Jack Daniel`s Sinatra Select 1 Ltr. 45%WhiskyCanteen
18893Jackfall Duett 2013 0,75 Ltr. 13% *R O T W E I NCanteen
18926Jacobs Classic Roast UTZ liquid coffee concentrate 2 ltr.Soluble coffeeTK
13737Jacobs Coffee Bankett Caffè Crema, whole bean 1 Kg/PktRoasted coffeeProvisions
12353Jacobs Cronat Gold 8x25x1,8gSoluble coffeeProvisions
18925Jacobs Decaf Roast liquid coffee concentrate 2 ltr.Soluble coffeeTK
04935Jacobs Ecreme Milkpowder 500gMilk/condensate.Provisions
13744Jacobs Gold Special 500gSoluble coffeeProvisions
01588Jacobs Kroenung, ground 500gRoasted coffeeProvisions
21355Jacobs Krönung cup serving instant 10x10x1,8g / KrtSoluble coffeeProvisions
07162Jacobs Nachhaltige Entwicklung Bohne Crema 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
01987Jacobs Professional coffee creamer 240x7,5gCream/sour creamNullraum
07164Jacobs Royal Elegant gemahlen 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
10367Jacobs scallops 10/20 wo. fry (jacobsmussels), IQFFresh fish&TKTK
01986Jacobs sugar sticks 900x4gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
04020Jaegermeister 1 Ltr. 35%LiqueursCanteen
21672Jaegermeister 1 Ltr. 35% #VikingLiqueursCanteen
19064Jägersandwich 20x150g Edna 174Brötch/Croiss.TK
01663Jam 4-Fruit 12,5kg 1JA064Confit/Baking FillProvisions
01678Jam extra in portions 100x20g "light"""Jam port.Provisions
07148Jam Forest Berry 'Primafrutta' 2,5 kgConfit/Baking FillProvisions
06431Jam in Port. 100x20gJam port.Provisions
06551Jam Orange 3 kgConfit/Baking FillProvisions
01666Jam Raspberry 3kg 1JA083Confit/Baking FillProvisions
01316Jamaica Pepper, groundSpices / MushroomsProvisions
14230Jamaica Pepper, whole tin/600gSpices / MushroomsProvisions
21546Jamek Spätburgunder trocken 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
02068Jameson Whisky 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
10018Jamin rice 20 kg bagRiceProvisions
18236Jan Hagel Cookies 8x250gPastries / CrackersProvisions
02172Janneau Armagnac VS 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02166Janneau VSOP Tin 0,7 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
07205Japanese Bouls 700gPastries / CrackersProvisions
01914Japanese Chopsticks Black 5 Pcs.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
07812Jasmin rice 1000gRiceProvisions
12570Jasmin-bottle 0,70 Ltr. white, OberbandmündungVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13191Jasmine Pearls Tea 250g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
14734JD ET Divermite plus System (D1 Dispenser) # 67067 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
14735JD ET Divermite S System (D10.1 Dispenser) # 67791 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09645JD ET Soap Dispenser Soft Care Line 7514295 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
17917JD Jonmaster pro scouring mop 40cm 5 pcs. 7515474 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
17918JD Jonmaster ultra Damp mop 40cm, 10Pcs. 7518447 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
17916JD Jonmaster Ultra mopfram 40cm 7514597 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
17914JD Jonmaster Ultra T-Handle 100-170 cm 7520277 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
17915JD Jonmaster Velcor strips 40cm 7514631 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
18730JD Taski mop box lid 40 7517255DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
17920JD Taski mop container 7517252 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
17919JD Taski standard dry mop 40cm, 20 pcs. 7518123 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
21407Jean Loret Cidre doux 0,75 Ltr.CiderCanteen
19577Jean Stodden Herrenburg Spätburgunder GG 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
19576Jean Stodden Spätburgunder dry 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21578Jean-Christopher Porret Oeil-de-Perdrix 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
24742Jeera Cumin whole 100g TRSSpices / MushroomsProvisions
01507Jelly Powder CherryPudding PowderProvisions
09836Jelly Powder RaspberryPudding PowderProvisions
09835Jelly Powder WoodruffPudding PowderProvisions
19902Jermann Vinnae Ribolla Gialla 0,7 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
20663Jermann Were Dreams… Venezia-Giulia IGP 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%White wineCanteen
04167Jever Pilsener 24/0,33 Ltr. EW Grad Plato: 11,30° Alc.: 4,9%Beer / BottleCanteen
04130Jever Pilsener MW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,30° Alc.: 4,9%Beer / BottleCanteen
24700JF Protheau Macon 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21587Jidvei Feteasca Alba 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
02060Jim Beam Whisky 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
08133Jivara Lactee 3 Kg 4658Valrhona ChocolateProvisions
12255Joghurt-ice Langnese 5 LtrLangnese IceTK
06441John Dory Filet 60/110g (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
01933John Walker & Suns XR 21 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
20553John's Lime Juice 0,75 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
20554John's Lemon Squash 0,75 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
02111Johnnie Walker black 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02112Johnnie Walker blue 0,7 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02128Johnnie Walker Explorers Royal Route GB 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02078Johnnie Walker red 0,05 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02065Johnnie Walker red 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02066Johnnie Walker red 4,5 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02121Johnnie Walker Swing 0,7 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
18921Jordans Crunchy Oat Granola 750gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
20349José Pariente Varietal Verdejo 0,75Ltr. 13% *White wineCanteen
20453Jour Handsemmel 100x25g frozen TeufnerBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
20489Jour Wachauer 100x25g frozen TeufnerBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
20585Jour Wachauerspitz 100x25g TK TeufnerBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
20410Jour-Salzstangerl 100x25g frozen TeufnerBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
01162Julienne Vegetables frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
02959Julischka, Slivovitz 1 Ltr. 25%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
08102Jumbo Straw black 135pcsDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
11814Jung basis rühr 25 KgBaking ingredientsProvisions
01353Juniper Berries (kg)Spices / MushroomsProvisions
05101Juniper Berries 1200ccm/390g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
12628Juniper Berry whole 1000ccm/300g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
08482Juniper Berry whole 1200ml/400g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
21249JURA cleaning tablets 2- phases 25 pcs.DecalcifierNonfood
21248JURA descaling tablets 36 pcs.DecalcifierNonfood
07376Jus for Lamb 450g / Tin KnorrKnorr / MaggiProvisions
13208Justinos Fine Rich Madeira 1 Ltr. 19%Liqueur wineCanteen
20487Käfer heatherbeer sorbet 2x 2,5 ltr.Ice creamTK
02967Kahlua Coffeeliqueur 1 Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
00830Kaiser Rolls 80x35g/box EDNA 100Brötch/Croiss.TK
10182Kaiserbierschinken ca. 1,8 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
09198Kaiserschmarn Vienna Kind 5 KgFinished productsTKTK
06617Kalalmata olive black without stone 3000g 3/1OlivesProvisions
18988Kamareta cleaning tablets 10eaCleaner DiversNonfood
12331Kanaki / Filot dough 40x50cm ca. 11pcs 450g -frozen-Baking ingredientsTK
13876Kant Salami Quadrati mit Sesam ca 1,6 Kg (Kg)SausagesNullraum
21478Kapern 720ml non-pareilles ATG 450gSour Conserv.1/2Provisions
08167Kara-Malz 24x0,33 Ltr. Ds.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
12068Kardamom green whole 470ml/200g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
14632Kärntner Kasnoodles 5x2 Kg -TK-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
00075Kassel chop triggered frozenPorkTK
18041Kasteel Rouge OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 18° Alc.: 8,0% *Beer / BottleCanteen
00537Kefir 500g / Cup 1AS042Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
19721Kefirferment 3x5gYoghurt / KefirProvisions
13326Kékfrankos Winelife 2016 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% *R O T W E I NCanteen
10223Kelloggs all bran 500gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
01844Kelloggs Chocos 700gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
01842Kelloggs Chocos Krispies Chocos 720gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
02470Kelloggs Corn Flakes 750gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
02508Kelloggs Crunchy Nut 330 gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
21473Kelloggs Frosties 600gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
01845Kelloggs Frosties 700gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
02416Kelloggs Honey Loops 330gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
05656Kelloggs Honey Loops 375g 1CR009Kelloggs / MuesliProvisions
01843Kelloggs Smacks 330gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
13754Kelloggs Special K 300gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
02463Kelloggs Special K 600gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
06094Kenia Beans, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
21426Kesselring Pinot Mineur Blanc de Noir Sekt Brut 0,75 Ltr 12%Sparkling wineCanteen
21577Kesselring Rosé trocken 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
00230Keta Caviar 100gCanned fishNullraum
18267Keta-Caviar 250gCanned fishNullraum
05900Ketchup in portion 100x17ml HeinzKetch./Searett.Provisions
11868Ketchup portion-jar 80 x 33ml HeinzKetch./Searett.Provisions
03099Ketel 1 Jonge Genever 1 Ltr. 35%G E N E V E RCanteen
10895Ketel 1 Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
19275Kettle Chips Sea Salt 8x150gPastries / CrackersProvisions
21326Kettle Chips sea-salt 40gPastries / CrackersProvisions
13429key card holder (Uniworld) *VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18115Key card Holder 300 pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
17816Key card holder 300erViking NonfoodNonfood
20434Key card holder Black (U by Uniworld) *VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18295Key card magnetic Crew 500pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
18294Key card magnetic Guest 500pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
20683Key cards mifare COB (RLD 8752) (200 pcs. / box)Viking NonfoodNonfood
21174Key Cards RFID Crew #9547 200 Pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
20682Key cards RFID Crew COB (RZX 6720)Viking NonfoodNonfood
18292Key cards RFID Guest #6719 200 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
16727Keyring BottleholderArticleNonfood
16218Keyring pendantOffice suppliesNonfood
21146Kibbelinge from Alaska-Coalfish Pollack ca. 20g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
01243Kidney BeansPulsesProvisions
01106Kidney Beans 2650mlem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01105Kidney Beans 850mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
21445Kiefer Grauburgunder 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21505Kiefer Mit den Wolken ziehen Weißweincuvee 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
21551Kiefer Spätburgunder 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21180Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce garlic 250mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
01028Kimchi Sesame 120gAsia FoodNullraum
14377King Cornetto 16ea/BoxLangnese IceTK
19084King Prawns "Torpedo"" 26 / 30s breaded with tail segment 1 kg/pak"Fresh fish&TKTK
13620King Prawns 8/12 headless without shellFresh fish&TKTK
00688King Roll IcecreamLangnese IceTK
14162Kinjirushi Wasabi powder horseradish, green 1 Kg ChinaSpices / MushroomsProvisions
04028Kirsberry 1 Ltr. 19,5%LiqueursCanteen
04346Kit Kat 24eaSweetsProvisions
21153Kitchen towels 2-layer 4 Rollen a 64 sheetsTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
15520Kitchentowel blue/greyTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
08788Kiwi fresh -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
08788Kiwi fresh /pcsFruit, freshFresh
02446kiwi slices dried, untreated 200gDried fruitProvisions
08830Kiwis, freshFruit, freshFresh
20653Kleeblatt Bauerncheese pikant 1/1 Laib 50% ca. 12KgCheeseNullraum
21080Kleen Purgatis Long Life Deo 1 Ltr.Cleaner DiversNonfood
15121Kleenex facial tissues dicebox 12 pack 2-layer (90 towels/Box, 122x110x100mm)WC PAPER/KLEENEXNonfood
02973Kleiner Feigling 1 Ltr. (Fig Liquor) 20%LiqueursCanteen
09020Klorix Bleach 1,5 Ltr.BleachNonfood
06235Klorix bleach 5 ltr.BleachNonfood
21512Klumpp Spätburgunder trocken 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21442Klumpp Weißburgunder Kirchberg 0,75 Ltr 13,0%White wineCanteen
18388KnirpseViking NonfoodNonfood
19043Knob Creek Rye Whisky 0,7 L 50%WhiskyCanteen
02061Knob Creek Whisky 0,7 L 50%WhiskyCanteen
19503Koenig Ludwig dark wheat beer 20x0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato: 12,50° Alc.: 5,10%Beer / BottleCanteen
04032Koenig Ludwig Wheat Beer 20x0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato: 12,60° Alc.: 5,50%Beer / BottleCanteen
04095Koenig Pilsener OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,5° Alc.: 4,90%Beer / BottleCanteen
12459Kohrsolin extra 20mlToiletriesNonfood
15524Kohrsolin FF surface desinfection 125x40ml 9753821ToiletriesNonfood
09537Kohrsolin Universal Antivirum 5 ltr.ToiletriesNonfood
21064Kollwentz Steinzeiler red 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
02464Komet lightergas 100ml aluminum canTABAKZUBEHÖRNonfood
05928Komplet Bavarian Farmers 25 Kg (Kg)Flour / flour mixProvisions
05933Komplet Brioche 25Kg (Kg)Flour / flour mixProvisions
11597Komplet Brown Bread "30"" 10Kg (Kg)"Flour / flour mixProvisions
11600Komplet Choquit 10Kg/KgFlour / flour mixProvisions
11598Komplet French Baguette 25 Kg (Kg)Flour / flour mixProvisions
04716Komplet Gold Muffin Mix 10 Kg (Kg)Baking ingredientsProvisions
02481Komplet Honey Gingerbread baking mix 15 KgFlour / flour mixProvisions
04720Komplet poppyseed filling dry 10 Kg (Kg)Baking ingredientsProvisions
18265Konica Toner TN-321K black Bizhub 284eTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21444Kopp Grauburgunder 0,75 Ltr 12,0%White wineCanteen
20737Kopp Meridio Merlot bianco 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
24768Korrell Mahlzeit Rosé 0,75 Ltr. 11%R O S E W E I NCanteen
19578Korrell Steinmauer Burgunder Cuvee 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%White wineCanteen
19579Korrell von den großen Lagen Riesling 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
03100Köstritzer black beer EW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 11,4° Alc.: 4,8% H16Beer / BottleCanteen
24383Köstritzer Black Beer TN 24x0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 11,4° Alc.: 4,80%Beer / CansCanteen
11281Köstritzer glasses 0,3 LtrPromotionalCanteen
21571Kracher Auslese Cuvee 0,375 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
18551Kraft Mayonnaise 5 Kg 50%Mayo / RemouladeNullraum
02299Kraft Salat-Mayonnaise Premium 50% 10kgMayo / RemouladeNullraum
20921Kraft Tomatoe ketchup Extra 10 kgKetch./Searett.Nullraum
00313Krainer With Cheese 10x100gRoast/sausagesNullraum
01840Krainer With Cheese 20x50gRoast/sausagesNullraum
02394Krainer With Cheese 20x50gRoast/sausagesNullraum
11247Krainer With Cheese 20x50g MunzertRoast/sausagesNullraum
13489Krakauer cold cuts ca. 3 KgSausagesNullraum
00346Krakow Sausages 10x100gRoast/sausagesNullraum
02830Krim Sparkling Wine red 0,75 Ltr. 12%Sparkling wineCanteen
17373Krim Sparkling Wine red 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
17374Krim Sparkling Wine white 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
02831Krim Sparkling Wine white 0,75 Ltr. 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
01066Krombacher "Hell"" Glas 0,3 Ltr."PromotionalCanteen
01064Krombacher 0,0% 24x0,33 Ltr. OWBeer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
04119Krombacher beer MW 24/0,33 Ltr.Beer / BottleCanteen
04126Krombacher beer OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,6° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BottleCanteen
15733Krombacher Pils 24x0,33Ltr. TN Grad Plato:11,6° Alc.:4,8%Beer / CansCanteen
10533Krombacher Radler MW 24x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 10,29° Alc.: 2,5%Beer / BottleCanteen
18609Kronebourg glass 0,5 LtrPromotionalCanteen
14848Kronenbourg 1664 30 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 11,3° Alc.: 5,0%Beer / BarrelCanteen
18150Kronenbourg 1664 Bier 24/0,33 Ltr. EW Alc.: 5,0% Grad Plato: 11,3°Beer / BottleCanteen
20904Kronenbourg 1664 non-alcoholic OW 24x0,25 Ltr.Beer / BottleCanteen
20215Kronenbourg glass 0,25 LtrPromotionalCanteen
19872Krüger Ice Tea apple 400gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
19871Krüger Ice Tea blood orange 400gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
19870Krüger Ice Tea Wild Berries 400gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
02972Kuestennebel Behn (Anise Liquor) 0,5 Ltr. 21,8%LiqueursCanteen
17834Kugelschreiber Viking pen 50erViking NonfoodNonfood
21245Kühne Enjoy vegetable chips with herbs 10x75gPastries / CrackersProvisions
20089Kühne red cabbage 5 KgReady-made saladsProvisions
21626Kupferberg Gold dry 0,75 Ltr. 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
18277Kuverts Programm Director EU 500erViking NonfoodNonfood
01749L & M blueCigarettesCanteen
01748L & M redCigarettesCanteen
21332L&P Worcestershire sauce 568mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
20707La Chablisienne Chablis "La Pierrelee"" 0,75Ltr 13%"White wineCanteen
20346La Chablisienne Chablis 1er Cru Grande Cuvée 0,75Ltr. 13% *White wineCanteen
21454La Chablisienne Chablis Dame Nature 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
20710La Chablisienne Chablis Grand Cru “Chateau Grenouilles” 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
21422La Cuvée Laurent-Perrier 0,75 Ltr 12%ChampagneCanteen
24656La Roche Vin Mousseux brut 0,75 Ltr 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
21223La Sagra Premium 24/0,33 Ltr. OW Grad Plato: 13,5° Alc.: 5,4%Beer / BottleCanteen
18039La Trappe Triple OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 17° Alc.: 8,0% *Beer / BottleCanteen
19948La Vieille Ferme blanc 0,75 ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
02427La Vieille Ferme Rosé 0,75 Ltr.R O S E W E I NCanteen
19947La Vieille Ferme rouge 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
12559Labelfresh labels 70x45mm Friday 500ea/rollVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12555Labelfresh labels 70x45mm Monday 500ea/rollVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12560Labelfresh labels 70x45mm Saturday 500ea/rollVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12561Labelfresh labels 70x45mm Sunday 500ea/rollVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12558Labelfresh labels 70x45mm Thursday 500ea/rollVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12556Labelfresh labels 70x45mm Tuesday 500ea/rollVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12557Labelfresh labels 70x45mm Wednesday 500ea/rollVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12562Labelfresh Pro-Starterkit eti 70x45mm dispenser stainless steelVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
15100LabelLord labels deepfreezer english 250eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13958LabelLord labels deepfreezer german 250eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
11671LabelLord labels refrigeration english 250eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13960LabelLord labels refrigeration-storage german 250eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21190LabelLord labels reserve sample english 250eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13959LabelLord labels reserve sample german 250eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18052LabelLord labels storage english 250eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21241Labels 70 x 36mm 100 sheets a 24pcs.Office suppliesNonfood
05470Labels Herma 38x1 x 21,2mm 4810 # 24810Office suppliesNonfood
09408Labels Zweckform 17,8x10m 6750 pcs. # 4730Office suppliesNonfood
05422Labels Zweckform 45,7 x21,2mmOffice suppliesNonfood
07944Labels Zweckform 48,5x16,9mm, 6400pcsOffice suppliesNonfood
09524Lace Paper Doilies 30x40cm 250/PackageTORTENSPITZENNonfood
09247Lace Paper Doilies, round 12cm/250eaTORTENSPITZENNonfood
09246Lace Paper Doilies, round 15cm/250eaTORTENSPITZENNonfood
09245Lace Paper Doilies, round 18cm/250eaTORTENSPITZENNonfood
21154Lace Paper Doilies, round 22cm 250 St./PktTORTENSPITZENNonfood
11756Lace Paper Doilies, round 26cm 250eaTORTENSPITZENNonfood
01975Lace Paper Doilies, round 30cm white 250eaTORTENSPITZENNonfood
09243Lace Paper Doilies, round 30cm/250eaTORTENSPITZENNonfood
01915Lace Paper Doilies, round 36cm 250eaTORTENSPITZENNonfood
04568Lactosefree yoghurt nature 3,5% 150gLact/Gluten-freeNullraum
00490Laetta Halffatmargarine 500gMargarineNullraum
02075Lagavulin Whisky 16 Y 0,7 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
20752Lake Whitefish skin on 120-170g, 20% Glace, IQF, PBIFresh fish&TKTK
06921Lamb back LegsLambTK
19219Lamb hip with lid Kg (kg)LambTK
00130Lamb Leg boneless New ZealandLambTK
20476Lamb Leg boneless New Zealand VikingLambTK
06982Lamb Loin whole Kg (kg)LambTK
21607Lamb neck Boneless frozen (Kg)LambTK
00122Lamb Racks Frenched 75mm (New Zealand)LambTK
21259Lamb shanks 350-450g frozenLambTK
00124Lamb shanks, app. 500g per piece frozenLambTK
01158Lamb stew "Lamb Navarin"" 3 Kg, frozen, Viking"Finished productsTKTK
21625Lambert & Butler Bright GoldCigarettesCanteen
21654Lambert & Butler SilverCigarettesCanteen
10619Lamberts dominos 175gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
01667Lambertz Composition 1000gPastries / CrackersProvisions
00128Lambloin Boneless frozenLambTK
13940Lamm Chops 75 mm TK (kg)LambTK
18398Lammsbraeu beer alcohol-free gluten-free 10/0,33 Ltr MWBeer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
13563Lammsbraeu beer gluten free 10/0,33 Ltr MW Grad Plato: 11,5° Alc.: 4,7%Beer / BottleCanteen
20652Landana Blue 60% ca. 4,5KgCheeseNullraum
20651Landana cheep cheese mild 50% ca. 4,5KgCheeseNullraum
02217Landbrot 275g Dr. SchärBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
24815Landerer Grauburgunder dry 0,75Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
21396Landkost low fat margarine 39% fat 120x10gMargarineNullraum
00363Landliebe Yoghurt with fruits 150gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
19147Langnese Amarena ice 5 Ltr. Carte D’OrLangnese IceTK
07419Langnese Calippo Cola 24 PiecesLangnese IceTK
00687Langnese Cappuccino-Ice 5 Ltr.Langnese IceTK
06743Langnese Carte Dór pistachio 5 ltr.Langnese IceTK
19792Langnese Carte'D'or apple sherbet with glaced appfles 2x2,4 LtrLangnese IceTK
19784Langnese Carte'D'or banana ice 2x2,4 Ltr.Langnese IceTK
19785Langnese Carte'D'or coconut ice 2x2,4 LtrLangnese IceTK
19783Langnese Carte'D'or Rum Raisin 2x2.4 Ltr.Langnese IceTK
10609Langnese chocolate ice 5 Ltr.Langnese IceTK
20141Langnese coffee ice 5,5 Ltr.Langnese IceTK
10702Langnese Domino ice cream 42 pcs/boxLangnese IceTK
08263Langnese Hazelnut Icecream 5 Ltr.Langnese IceTK
21461Langnese Honey Acacia 250gHoney / NutellaProvisions
08680Langnese Honey Spender Wildflower 500g SqueezeHoney / NutellaProvisions
10703Langnese Ice Cream Morsels 30 pcs/boxLangnese IceTK
19986Langnese King Cone Vanille 16 pcs/box -frozen-Langnese IceTK
08269Langnese Lemon-ice 5 Ltr.Langnese IceTK
19987Langnese Magnum Double Caramel 20x88ml pcs./box -frozen-Langnese IceTK
20170Langnese Magnum Double Coconut 20 pcs/boxLangnese IceTK
12573Langnese MangoMelon ice 5 ltr Carte D’OrLangnese IceTK
08712Langnese Solero Exotic 25 Pieces / BoxLangnese IceTK
08262Langnese Strawberry-Ice 5 Ltr.Langnese IceTK
08267Langnese Vanilla Icecream 5 Ltr.Langnese IceTK
19078Langnese Vanilla Icecream 5 Ltr. lactose freeLangnese IceTK
12230Laphroaig Whisky 10 Jahre 40% 0,7Ltr.WhiskyCanteen
12516Laposa Szürkebarat (Pinot Gris & Pinot Grigio) 0,75 Ltr. 12% *White wineCanteen
00482Lard 250g (Kg)MargarineNullraum
00483Lard with Greaves 2 Kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
02174Larsen Special VS 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02183Larsen VSOP 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
00755Lasagne Sheets yellow 500g BarillaNoodles dryProvisions
20832Laschori Burger 100g, 50Stk/KrtBeefTK
12371Latex gloves black 100ea size LHAND/SHOESNonfood
14940Latex gloves black 100ea size MHAND/SHOESNonfood
07939Latex Gloves Marigold Size XLHAND/SHOESNonfood
08170Latex Gloves powdered 100ea Size XLHAND/SHOESNonfood
07978Latex Gloves with Powder 100ea Size LHAND/SHOESNonfood
12502Latex Gloves with Powder 100ea Size SHAND/SHOESNonfood
10161Latex gloves with powder size m 100 pcsHAND/SHOESNonfood
11282Latex gloves without powder 100ea size LHAND/SHOESNonfood
11283Latex gloves without powder 100ea size mHAND/SHOESNonfood
12501Latex gloves without powder 100ea size XLHAND/SHOESNonfood
18828Latex gloves without powder black 100ea size XLHAND/SHOESNonfood
18827Latex gloves without powder black 100ea sizeSHAND/SHOESNonfood
18470Latte Macchiato cuts 1500g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
21145Laundry Bag 100eaViking NonfoodNonfood
12679Laundry bag, hotwater dissoluble, 600x800mm 25ea/rollVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
05944Laundry bags pvc 500 pcs/box HWWB000-ALLAUADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20234Laundry card 100pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
17788Laundry List EU 2800erViking NonfoodNonfood
18105Laundry Service price list 500 pcs./ boxViking NonfoodNonfood
20267Laundry Sticker (Sheet á 12 pcs.) 50 pkg. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
17791Laundry sticker 3600erViking NonfoodNonfood
06963Laurel Leaves 1200ml/60g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
20572Lautarul Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 Ltr.R O T W E I NCanteen
20570Lautarul Riesling 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
01587Lavazza Crema Dolce 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
06769Lavazza Rossa Coffee 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
18869Lavender Pillow MIST 120x15ml/Krt 98BBBO015LV0 L´Occitane *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
05543Lavender, dried 25gSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
18522Lavette Super Spültuch blue 51x36cm 10ea/pakTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
02253Layered Coconut Mango Cake 100pcs/boxCake/cake TKTK
02254Layered Wine Gateau 84pcs/boxCake/cake TKTK
21318Lays salted potato chips 175gPastries / CrackersProvisions
21166Le Blanc Sec de Suduiraut 0,75 Ltr.White wineCanteen
24648Le Bonjour Vis Blanc 1 Ltr. 10,5%White wineCanteen
24651Le Bonjour Vis Rosé 1 Ltr 12,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
19946Le G de Chateau Guiraud blanc 0,75 ltr 13,5%White wineCanteen
21579Le Grand Chais Vive La Vie Blanc non-alcohol 0,75 Ltr 0,5%White wineCanteen
21580Le Grand Chais Vive la Vie Rosé non-alcohol 0,75 Ltr 0,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
21581Le Grand Chais Vive la Vie Rouge non-alcohol 0,75 Ltr 0,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21388Le Grand Restaurant Chic Chardonnay 1 Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
21400Le Grand Restaurant Chic Merlot Rosé 1 Ltr 12,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
21397Le Grand Restaurant Chic Sauvignon Blanc 1 Ltr 11%White wineCanteen
13502Le Gruyere 1/16 mild 49% ca. 2 KgCheeseNullraum
13539Le Paravel Sauvignon Blanc IGP Vicomte D´Aumelas 1 Ltr. 12,5% #3719White wineCanteen
21043Le Rochois soft cheese 220gCheeseNullraum
14516Le Sauvignon du Domaine Guihelm , Vin de Pays d`Oc I.G.P. 0,75 Ltr. 12% #3963White wineCanteen
09357Lead Pencil 12 pcs. Corona # 1Office suppliesNonfood
20542Leberkäs of pork ca. 2000gSausagesTK
14761Lecithine 250gNutritional agentsProvisions
06221Lecture Note Book A4/ 80 Sheets # 67842Office suppliesNonfood
02340Lee Kum Kee Teriyakisauce 1800mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
19378Leeks mini freshFresh vegetablesFresh
01202Leeks sliced -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
08848Leeks, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
04036Leffe Beer 6 Ltr. Grad Plato: 15,6° Alc: 6,6%Beer / BarrelCanteen
19366Leffe Blond EW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 15,6° Alc: 6,5%Beer / BottleCanteen
07652Leffe Blonde EW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 15,6 ° Alc: 6,65%Beer / BottleCanteen
04043Leffe Blonde OW 6x 0,75 Ltr. Grad P° 15,6 Alc. 6,6%Beer / BottleCanteen
04044Leffe Brune OW 6x 0,75 Ltr. Grad P° 15,6 Alc. 6,5%Beer / BottleCanteen
19020Leffe glass 0,33 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
01189Leipziger mixed VegetableFrozen vegetablesTK
06236Leitz-Files 52mm widthOffice suppliesNonfood
19787Lemon - Sherbet-Ice 2x2,4 ltr. LangneseLangnese IceTK
00690Lemon - Sherbet-Ice 5 ltr.Ice creamTK
09003Lemon -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
01384Lemon Acid Liquid 100mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
06101Lemon Balm -Bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
06564Lemon Cake 400gCake/cake TKProvisions
05268Lemon Candied peel 100gBaking ingredientsProvisions
18492Lemon cream role 400g C+WCake/cake TKTK
00934Lemon Essence 1 Ltr.Essences/ColoursProvisions
06303Lemon Grass, freshSpices / FreshFresh
08931Lemon Jelly 340g, ChiversConfit/Baking FillProvisions
04232Lemon Juice 100% 0,75l WesergoldJuices / FL.Canteen
13903Lemon Juice 100x4ml TeekanneVinegar / LemonProvisions
20218Lemon Kiss Cube Cake 2050g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
05415Lemon melisse -kg-Spices / FreshFresh
19247Lemon Mustard Dressing 450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
02574Lemon Mustard Dressing 4x450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
21256Lemon pepper 750g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
02445Lemon sherbet with pieces 3L MetroIce creamTK
12402Lemon-collar 1.100g, 22cm, uncut, frozen, PfalzgrafCake/cake TKTK
14254Lemon-ice 5 Ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
24845Lemonjuice 100% 1Ltr. PET WesergoldJuices / FL.Canteen
05167Lemonpepper 400ccm/230g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
08883LemonsFruit, freshFresh
18482Lemonwreath 1200g EDNA 1386Cake/cake TKTK
20308Lens Cleaner 50pcs (Uniworld) *TÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
01248Lens Mount Lenses 1000gPulsesProvisions
01107Lentils with green 4250ml/4000gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
10809Lentils yellow 1 kgPulsesProvisions
06163Lentils, dried red (kg)PulsesProvisions
02524Lentils, dried red 1kgPulsesProvisions
01246Lentils, Dry, green (kg)PulsesProvisions
21572Lentsch Beerenauslese 0,375 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21549Lentsch Blauer Zweigelt Classic 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21560Lentsch Blaufränkisch Classic 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21425Lentsch Frizzante Muskat Ottonel trocken 0,75 Ltr 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
21406Lentsch Grüner Veltliner 1 Ltr 11%White wineCanteen
21601Lentsch Heideboden Classic Cuvée 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21403Lentsch Rosé Blaufränkisch 1 Ltr 11,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
21405Lentsch Zweigelt 1 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21533Lentsch Zweigelt trocken 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24654Les Bonjour Vis Rouge 1 Ltr 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
24666Les Grand Chais de France Bistrot Chic - de la mer blanc 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
24655Les Grand Chais de France Grand Restaurant Chic - Merlot 1 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21408Les Grand Chais de France Grand Restaurant Chic Cabernet Sauvignon 1 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
24652Les Grand Chais de France La Pichette Vis 8GR rouge 1 Ltr 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
24699Les Gravières de Marssac Margaux 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
12796Lesmona Applejuice with Gas 12x0,7 Ltr. MWLIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
12495Lesmona Mineralwasser with Gaz 12x0,7 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
12496Lesmona Mineralwater medium 12x0,75 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
09783Letscho 720mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
14096Lettuce romaine fresh, -box-Fresh vegetablesFresh
07833Lettuce romaine fresh, -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
08857Lettuce, germanSaladsFresh
08928Lettuce, germanSaladsFresh
08853Lettuche Romain freshSaladsFresh
09589Lever Dove Cr.Wa.28x300ml 6966900DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
21228Lexmark drum black for MX310dn, 60000 sheets #50F0Z00TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20497Lexmark toner 602 black for MX310dn 2500 sheets # 60F2000TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20496Lexmark toner 602H black für MX310dn 10000 sheets # 60F2H00TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
13694Licher beer glass 0,25 ltr.PromotionalCanteen
13695Licher beer glass 0,4 ltr.PromotionalCanteen
13696Licher mug with handle 0,3 ltr.PromotionalCanteen
02902Licor 43 1 Ltr. 31%LiqueursCanteen
20471Lid for "TO GO"" 10oz Cappuccino 200c³ 100pcs/PAK *"PromotionalNonfood
20473Lid for "TO GO"" 12oz Latte Macciato 300c³ 100pcs/PAK *"PromotionalNonfood
20467Lid for "TO GO"" 4oz Espresso 120c³ 100pcs/PAK *"PromotionalNonfood
20469Lid for "TO GO"" 6oz Lungo 150c³ 100pcs/PAK *"PromotionalNonfood
13281Lid for plastic boxMiscellaneousNonfood
02724Liebfraumilch 1 Ltr. 9,5%White wineCanteen
03444Light Live red, nonalcoholic wineR O T W E I NCanteen
17961Light Live rose, nonalcoholic wine 0,75 ltr.R O S E W E I NCanteen
03443Light Live white, nonalcoholic wine 0,75 ltr.White wineCanteen
20599Liliac Feteasca Alba 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
20600Liliac Feteasca Regala 0,75 Ltr. 12%White wineCanteen
20598Liliac RED Cuvée 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
13517Lillet Blanc 0,75 Ltr. 17%W E R M U TCanteen
07106Lima Beans, whitePulsesProvisions
18127Lima-Beans 1 KgPulsesProvisions
02257Lime Cake 88pcs/boxCake/cake TKTK
06104LimesFruit, freshFresh
08442Limes fresh -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
11505Limoncello 30% 0,7 LtrLiqueursCanteen
03760Lindeman's BIN 45 0,75 Ltr. Lindeman's Winery 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
02755Lindeman's BIN 65 0,75 Ltr. Lindeman's WineryWhite wineCanteen
18818Lindor Milk bullet 3 KgSweetsProvisions
05822Lindt Chocolate Easterhares 32x50gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
19800Lindt classic specialties 8x144g / boxHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
02465Lindt Exell. 70% Minis 200x5,5g/BoxSweetsProvisions
12924Lindt Exell. 70% Minis 70x5,5g/pakSweetsProvisions
12925Lindt Exell. Milk Minis 70x5,5g/pakSweetsProvisions
13861Lindt Gold Bunny 100gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
20130Lindt Gold Bunny 200gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
12396Lindt Gold-Bells 100g 12 ea/boxHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
20646Lindt Goldhase 500gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
02469Lindt Lindor Milk bullet 1 KgSweetsProvisions
02505Lindt Lindor White 1 KGSweetsProvisions
12964Lindt Mini Pralines 100gSweetsProvisions
04848Lindt Mini-gold rabbits 20x10gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
13678Lindt Mini-gold rabbits 5x10gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
12397Lindt Santa Claus 40g 45ea/boxHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
05728Lineseeds (Kg)Nuts / SeedsProvisions
00195Ling fillets pbi Skinless 400/800 interleaved (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
13434Lingot Gianduja 2 Kg #3782Valrhona ChocolateProvisions
02521Linguine de Cecco 3Kg No.7 (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
00782Linguine de Cecco 500g No.7Noodles dryProvisions
02585Linie Aquavit 1 Ltr. 41,5%A Q U A V I TCanteen
12273Linseed oil 250ml Kunella LausitzOIL / FatProvisions
18998Linseeds, brown 500gNuts / SeedsProvisions
18245Linzer eye 192x18gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
20447Lion Chocolate bar 24x42g *SweetsProvisions
01389Lionmustard extra 200ml-TubeMustardNullraum
06847Lionmustard extra hot 100ml TubeMustardNullraum
01637Lipton Breakfast Tea 25 bagTea - Tea bagsProvisions
01624Lipton Teabags 100pcs 1TE017Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
11928Liqcore Nocino 0,5 Ltr 28%LiqueursCanteen
09648Liquid Cream Soap 30x300ml Classic ADA PWLS300-100300ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
13742Liquid Cream Soap ECO Smart Care System 30x300mlADA PRODUCTSNonfood
19430Liquid Hickory Smoke 340mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
11920Livarot 40% 250gCheeseNullraum
02408Liver Cheese coarse ca. 1,6 Kg (Kg)SausagesNullraum
17978Liver Cheese coarse ca. 1,6 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
17907Liver Cheese crude ca. 1,2 Kg (Kg)SausagesNullraum
07121Liver Dumplings 50x75g -frozen-Finished productsTKTK
00357Liver Pate port. Wilx 100x25g (box)SausagesNullraum
00362Liver sausage coarse natural intestinal ca. 1 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
00361Liver sausage fine natural skin ca. 1 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
02403Liver sausage gold ca. 1 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
12642Liver sausage gold ca. 1 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
02404Liver sausage in, ca. 1 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
12643Liver sausage in, ca. 1 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
00358Liverpate "Luettich"" 2 Kg (Kg)"SausagesNullraum
20466lly Cup "TO GO"" 4oz Espresso 120c³ - without lid 50pcs/PAK *"PromotionalNonfood
19580Loberger Gewurtztraminer Weingarten 0,75 ltr. 13,5%White wineCanteen
18149Lobster Bodies Raw frozenFresh fish&TKTK
06300Lobster Butter 380g Jürgen LangbeinCanned fishNullraum
00203Lobster Paste 425mlCanned fishNullraum
21288Lobster Tail 7/8 oz, FrozenFresh fish&TKTK
12884Loewenbräu beer 6 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,8° Alc.: 5,2%Beer / BarrelCanteen
19293Loewensenf Mustard extra hot 250mlMustardNullraum
10406Löffelbisquit glutenfree 150g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
20400Loking bracket (hanger) 001E610LOCK *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
19364Lollipop VikingViking NonfoodNonfood
07829Lollo Bianco, fresh -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
08413Lollo Rosso, fresh -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
02035Long John Whisky 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02081Long John Whisky 1 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
01956Longdrink Sticks "Glitter - Diamond"" 16,5cm, 100 pcs/pak"DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
13096Longdrinksticks 'bulb' 25 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
18435Longdrinksticks Seafruit 100eaDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
10376Longlife butter milk 1 Ltr.Milk/condensate.Nullraum
00515Longlife Cream 1,0 ltr. 30%Cream/sour creamNullraum
13158Longlife Cream 1000g 32%Cream/sour creamNullraum
00497Longlife Milk 0,5 Ltr. 3,5%Milk/condensate.Nullraum
14088Longlife Milk 1 Ltr. 1,5%Milk/condensate.Provisions
14087Longlife Milk 1 Ltr. 3,5%Milk/condensate.Provisions
00496Longlife Milk 1.0 Ltr. 0,3%Milk/condensate.Provisions
08400Longlifemilk 1,5% 1 ltr. lactose freeLact/Gluten-freeNullraum
02984Lörch Obstwasser 1 Ltr. 38% A31FRUIT FIRESCanteen
01750Lord ExtraCigarettesCanteen
20374Lorenz Geistesblitzer Nut Mix 800gPastries / CrackersProvisions
24807Loudenne Le Chateau Medoc Cru Bourgois 0,75Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21595Louis Eschenauer Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21593Louis Eschenauer Cinsault Sauvignon Rosé 0,75 Ltr 12%R O S E W E I NCanteen
21596Louis Eschenauer Merlot 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21451Louis Eschenauer Sauvignon Blanc 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
24734Louis Eschenauer Syrah 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
20716Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages "Combe aux Jacques"" 0,75 Ltr. 13%"R O T W E I NCanteen
18913Louis Jadot Macon Villages 2018 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
20334Louis Jadot Morgon Chateau des Jacques 0,75Ltr. 13% *R O T W E I NCanteen
20347Louis Jadot Pouilly Fuissé AOC 0,75Ltr. 13% *White wineCanteen
21443Louis Klipfel Gewürztraminer 0,75 Ltr 13,5%White wineCanteen
21458Louis Klipfel Pinot Blanc 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21338Louis Klipfel Riesling 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
19906Louis Latour Bourgognered wine 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
19586Louis Latour Meursault 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%White wineCanteen
21653Louis Roederer Premium Brut 0,75 Ltr. 12%ChampagneCanteen
10413Loup de mer fillet 140g-160g , PBOFresh fish&TKTK
11336Lovage dried 1200ml/130g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
18474Löwenbräu glas 0,3 LtrPromotionalCanteen
04093Löwenbräu Hefe-Weissbier Ds 24/0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,65° Alc.: 5,0%Beer / CansCanteen
12083Loyner with mushrooms ca. 1,5 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
02401Loyner with mushrooms ca. 3 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
12639Loyner with mushrooms ca. 3 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
01758Lucky Strike redCigarettesCanteen
01759Lucky Strike SilverCigarettesCanteen
01825Lucky Strike Smooth Flow FilterCigarettesCanteen
20240Luggage label black 1500 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
17830Luggage label blue 1500 pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
20275Luggage label brown 1500 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
17831Luggage label green 1500 pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
20239Luggage label grey 1500 pcs. / Box.Viking NonfoodNonfood
20270Luggage label light orange 1500 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
17804Luggage label orange 1500 pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
17805Luggage label pink 1500 pcs./ boxViking NonfoodNonfood
20238Luggage label purple1500 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
17832Luggage label red 1500 pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
17808Luggage label türkis 1500 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
20246Luggage label white 1500 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
18964Lump Crab Meat pasteurized 454gCanned fishNullraum
09250Lunchbags with Handle 275x105x180mmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
10756Lunchbox set - knife, fork, teaspoon, napkin 250 PCS/BOXVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20353Lurton Piedra Negra Pinot Gris Alta Coleccion 0,75Ltr. 12,5% *White wineCanteen
20342Lurton Piedra Negra Reserva Malbec 0,75Ltr. 14% *R O T W E I NCanteen
24765Lutosa Potato Flakes 5mm 2x5kgNutritional agentsProvisions
00796Lütticher waffers 55x100gPastries / CrackersTK
12138Lux soap 125g "soft & creamy"""SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
09091Lux Soap 85gSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
15233Luxardo Maraschino 32% 0,7LLiqueursCanteen
08845LycheesFruit, freshFresh
10778Lyoner Brät (kg)SausagesTK
00551Lyoner Sausage Pepper ca. 1,4 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
02413Lyoner Sausage Pepper ca. 1,4 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
12637Lyoner Sausage Pepper ca. 1,4 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
14331Lyoner Sausage Pepper ca. 2,6 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
08161M&Ms with Peanuts 250g *SweetsProvisions
21460M&M´s Peanut 24x45gSweetsProvisions
17678M-Tork roles wall bracket with white centerfeedVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09165M-Tork RollsWC PAPER/KLEENEXNonfood
19581M. Chapoutier Les Meysonniers Crozes Hermitage AOC 0,75 Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
01940Mac Baren Mixture 50gPipe tobaccoCanteen
01945Mac Baren Navy Flake 100gPipe tobaccoCanteen
01943Mac Baren Plum Cake 100gPipe tobaccoCanteen
01068Macadamia Nuts 125gNuts / SeedsProvisions
13073Macallan Amber 0,7 Ltr. 40 %WhiskyCanteen
21637Macallan Enigma 0,7 Ltr. 44,9%WhiskyCanteen
21694Macallan Lumina 0,7 Ltr. 41,3%WhiskyCanteen
02100Macallan Malt Select OAK 1 Ltr. Single Malt Whisky 40%WhiskyCanteen
18992Macarons Rive Droite 72 pcs / boxPastries / CrackersTK
00553Maccaroni Barilla 500g no.44Noodles dryProvisions
00757Maccaroni NoodlesNoodles dryProvisions
07436Mackarel Filet spiced, smoked FiestaFresh fish&TKTK
00233Mackarels 300-500, whole frozenFresh fish&TKTK
00232Mackarels cold smoked with pepperFresh fish&TKTK
00224Mackarels filet smoked skin on fresh Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKNullraum
05742Mackerel 100-150g Fillets frozen 1FI191Fresh fish&TKTK
00234Mackerels cold smoked "nature"""Fresh fish&TKTK
11096Mackintosh Toffees 438gSweetsProvisions
20007MacSweens Traditional Haggis, Chieftan 3,68kg/Stk -frozen-Finished productsTKTK
20129Maculan Dindarello 0,75 Ltr. 11,5%White wineCanteen
13485Magdalena 4x50g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
10589Maggi grained broth 1 kgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
01374Maggi seasoning liquid 810ml 1BA125Knorr / MaggiProvisions
14108Magic Sponge penClean-rubber, white 10 pcs.TÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
12712Magnetholder 50cm # 10000007EcolabNonfood
08708Magnum Almond 20 Pieces / BoxLangnese IceTK
08707Magnum Classic 20 Pieces / BoxLangnese IceTK
08204Magnum white Chocolate 20pcs/BoxLangnese IceTK
09690Magnum Yoghurt Fresh 20 Pieces / BoxLangnese IceTK
17877Mahi mahi filet skin off 140/160g 20% GlazeFresh fish&TKTK
09418Mailing bags B4 250x353mm 250 Pcs.Office suppliesNonfood
21477Maille Dijon Mustard 500mlMustardProvisions
20978Maintenance Card 250pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
19658Maisel & Friends glass 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
19046Maisel & Friends Indian Pale Ale OW 24/0,33Ltr. 6,3% Alc. Grad Plato.: 14,4°Beer / BottleCanteen
19045Maisel & Friends Pale Ale 24/0,33 Ltr. OW Alc.: 5,2% Grad Plato: 12,3°Beer / BottleCanteen
20428Maitre Dessert Topping Strawberry 750mlDessert / SyrupProvisions
21264Maitre sugar sticks 1000x4gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
06964Majoram 1200ml/95g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
21279Majoram rubbed 100g WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
06272Majoram, fresh -Bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
10970Majoram, fresh KgSpices / FreshFresh
19809Make-up pads 3 pcs. 1000 pak/ box CPLO004COM-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
02053Maker`s Mark Whisky 1 Ltr. 45%WhiskyCanteen
14259Malaga Ice 5 Ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
18758Malbec Sottano 0,75 Ltr. 13,5% #9926R O T W E I NCanteen
20087Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 250g EnglandSaltProvisions
02988Malibu Coconutliqeuer 1 Ltr. 21%LiqueursCanteen
07597Malt-Vinegar 568mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
02590Malteser Aquavit 1 Ltr. 40%A Q U A V I TCanteen
21023MAMA Instant Cup Noodles Chicken 16x70gAsia FoodProvisions
21136MAMA Instant Cup Noodles Tom Yum creamy 16x70gAsia FoodProvisions
21022MAMA Instant Cup Noodles vegetables 16x70gAsia FoodProvisions
20145Mama Lucia Bavette Linguine 5 Kg (kg)Noodles dryProvisions
20173Mama Lucia Fettucini 2 KgNoodles dryProvisions
20833Mama Lucia Stortini 5Kg (Kg)Noodles dryProvisions
18499Mandarins cheese cream bars 2.000g Erlenbacher -frozen-Cake/cake TKTK
13197Mango & Strawberry Tea 250g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
07055Mango Chutney 800gSeasoning sauceProvisions
18496Mango cream Fruit Bars 1.100g Erlenbacher -frozen-Cake/cake TKTK
06133Mango cubed, -frozen-Fruit TKTK
20692Mango Drink 19% 1 Ltr. Tetra GlockengoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
08414Mango fresh -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
02252Mango Lassie Cake 56pcs/boxCake/cake TKTK
19790Mango sorbet 2x2,4 Ltr. LangneseLangnese IceTK
07263Mango Sorbet 5 Ltr.Ice creamTK
08841Mango, freshFruit, freshFresh
20546Mango-Panna-Cotta-Dessert on cokos Crumble 16x90gCake/cake TKTK
06180Mango-Passion Fruit Nectar 6x1 Ltr. AlbiJuices (Tetra)Canteen
20330Manner Neapolitaner Big Giftbox 1350gSweetsProvisions
18987Manner orig. Neapolitaner 12x75gSweetsProvisions
20331Manner Original Neapolitaner Giftbox 600gSweetsProvisions
14271Manucure Set Neutral 200 St./Krt. 98BBACLIMNT2SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
01116Maple Syrup 454gDessert / SyrupProvisions
21455MAPU Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay Cuvee Rothschild 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
10782Marabou milkchocolate 250gSweetsProvisions
10783Marabou milkchocolate with nuts 250gSweetsProvisions
19791Maracuja - Sherbet-Ice 2x2,4 ltr. LangneseLangnese IceTK
18483Marble cake 1100g EDNA 1407Cake/cake TKTK
13461Marble Cake 250g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
13745Marble-Polishing "Moeller"" HMK M 529"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12197Marc de Champagne 0,7Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
24681Marcel Martin La Chenaye Sancerre 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
24723Marcel Martin La Perclaire Sauvignon blanc 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
24677Marcel Martin La Rochetais Pouilly Fume 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
24675Marcel Martin Les Roches Noires Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
21575Marcel Martin Rose d Anjou La Jaglerie 0,75 Ltr 10,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
00470Margarine 2,5 kg Pieces (kg)MargarineNullraum
12521Margeriten cookie black/white 2 kg/boxHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
09800Marinated Egg Plant 1000gFinishedNullraum
09791Marinated Zuccini 1000gFinishedNullraum
19949Marius Blanc 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
20642Marius rouge 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
12617Marjoram grounded 1000ccm/80g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05077Marjoram grounded 1200ccm/100g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
00135Marking points 19mm, 100 pcs/PakOffice suppliesNonfood
21337Markus Molitor Haus Klosterberg Riesling BLACK EDITION trocken 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
01765Marlboro Flavor MixCigarettesCanteen
01756Marlboro gold 100CigarettesCanteen
01764Marlboro Menthol (Blue fresh)CigarettesCanteen
01760Marlboro redCigarettesCanteen
01767Marlboro red 100CigarettesCanteen
01766Marlboro white MentholCigarettesCanteen
08112Marmite 24x8gSeasoning sauceProvisions
14808Marmite Original spicepaste with yeast 125gSeasoning sauceProvisions
20200Marmor Guglhupf 6x700g Brommler TKCake/cake TKTK
20194Maroilles AOP Ferme Pont Loup 720g 50%CheeseNullraum
21353Marques de Riscal Reserva Rioja DOC 0,75 Ltr. 14%White wineCanteen
24678Marquis de Goulaine Chardonnay 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
19925Marquis de Mons rouge 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
12386Mars 24x51g *SweetsProvisions
05205Mars Celebrations 186gSweetsProvisions
06184Marsala Cremava 0,75 Ltr. 14,5%LiqueursCanteen
21124Marsala Fine D.O.C. 17% 0,75Ltr.Liqueur wineCanteen
02223Martell 3-Sterne VS 0,7 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02180Martell Cordon Bleu 0,7 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02224Martell Medium VSOP 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02228Martell XO 0,7 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
24818Martin Waßmer Markgräflerland Spätburgunder dry 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
03053Martini Bianco 1 Ltr. 15%W E R M U TCanteen
02998Martini D'Oro 1 Ltr. 9%W E R M U TCanteen
02992Martini Extra Dry 1 Ltr. 18%W E R M U TCanteen
03119Martini Rosato 1 Ltr. 15%W E R M U TCanteen
03058Martini Rosso 1 Ltr. 15%W E R M U TCanteen
19775Marzipan cake 2550g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
20887Marzipan Oxeye 7x200gPastries / CrackersProvisions
08287Marzipan Roll 1000gBaking ingredientsProvisions
01467Mashed Pea Soup 4600g ErascoFinishedProvisions
08922Mashed Potatoes 3 Kg PfanniNutritional agentsProvisions
06024Mateus Rose 1 Ltr. 11%R O S E W E I NCanteen
12314Matjes hering 10 pcsFresh fish&TKTK
00237Matjes Herring in oil 2,5 Ltr.Canned fishNullraum
02527Matthew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding 100gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
20864Matzen flour 454gFlour / flour mixProvisions
00844Matzenbrot 260gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
01590Maxwell instant freeze dried 500gSoluble coffeeProvisions
01801Maxx Into Clean3 Sanitärreiniger 1Ltr. 9095890EcolabNonfood
01812Maxx Magic2 1Ltr. 9084460EcolabNonfood
07759Mayonnaise 10 kg 80%Mayo / RemouladeNullraum
00477Mayonnaise 10 Kg BucketMayo / RemouladeNullraum
08739Mayonnaise 500ml 80% BottleMayo / RemouladeNullraum
09751Mayonnaise Homann 1 KgMayo / RemouladeNullraum
00473Mayonnaise portion 100x20mlMayo / RemouladeNullraum
11866Mayonnaise portion-jar 80 x 33ml HeinzMayo / RemouladeNullraum
21429Mayschoss Blanc de Noir Spätburgunder, trocken 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21529Mayschoss Frühburgunder trocken 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21547Mayschoss Nikolaus N. Ahr-Spätburgunder Qba trocken 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21535Mayschoss Pinot Noir „R“ Qba unfiltriert 0,75 Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
21574Mayschoss Spätburgunder Rosé trocken 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
01948ME to WE Pillow Chocolate 200 x 6g / Krt*SweetsProvisions
05063Meat Cuts 6x Assorted 1/2 pcs. ca. 1,3 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
00414Meat in Aspic with Parsley 2 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
00312Meat Sausage in Ring, Bremer Type 500g (kg)SausagesFresh
08811Meat Tomatoes, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
19611Meatballs fried 10x100gBeefNullraum
00658Meatsoup 12 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
17938Meeting chart table topOffice suppliesNonfood
09968Meggle Alpenbutter Becher 100x10gButter TKTK
24780Meister Apricot Filling 6kgConfit/Baking FillProvisions
20098Meisterbäcker classic 300g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
21323Meisterbäckers Vital 350g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
02177Meisterbrand 1 Ltr. 36%BrandyCanteen
07672MELITTA Cleaning Pills 200 Pcs/PackageCleaner DiversNonfood
07671MELITTA RFM liquid concentrate 1 Ltr.Cleaner DiversNonfood
08813Melon "Cantaloupe"" /Kg"Fruit, freshFresh
13561Mendel bacon from South Tyrol 5 ***** without rind ca. 2,1 KgSmoked sausageNullraum
17860Menü card paper A4 1000 pcs./ Krt.Viking NonfoodNonfood
17845Menü card paper A5 1000erViking NonfoodNonfood
20263Menue Cover A4 (envelope) 800pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
20528MER & MISTRAL Conditioner 98x50ml 98BBAS050MM0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20526MER & MISTRAL FRESH Body gel 98x50ml 98BBLC050MM0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20525MER & MISTRAL FRESH Shower gel 98x50ml 98BBGD050MM0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20527MER & MISTRAL Shampoo 98x50ml 98BBSH050MM0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20529MER & MISTRAL Soap 50g 120x50g 98BBSA050MM1SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
13370Meraner Mocca Edel 0,7 Ltr. 25%LiqueursCanteen
04406Merci Chocolate 250gSweetsProvisions
13832Merguez Beef, Atmos 20x60g, 8Btl/boxBeefTK
07976Meringue mass 'Germania S' 3 KgPudding PowderProvisions
17900Meringue-Tartelettes, ø 7,5 cm, Hug, 966g, 120 StMini - CakeProvisions
11883Merlot 0,75 Ltr. 14,5% Amy Wine *R O T W E I NCanteen
18029Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon XL Kirchner 0,75 Ltr 14% *R O T W E I NCanteen
02774Merlot Delle Venezie IGT Berivini 1 Ltr. 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
18028Merlot Kirchner 0,75 Ltr 14% *R O T W E I NCanteen
14311Merlot Rose Scheiblhofer 0,75 Ltr. 11,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
01620Meßmer Camomile Tea 25pcsTea - Tea bagsProvisions
07852Meßmer Camomile tea 25pcs Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08264Meßmer Ceylon 25pcs Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
09640Meßmer Classic 25x1,75g Bags blue lineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
20380Meßmer classic decaf. 25x1,75gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08375Meßmer Darjeeling 100g Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08260Meßmer Darjeeling 25pcs Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08265Meßmer Earl Grey 25pcs Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
05449Meßmer English Breakfast 100g Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
07887Meßmer English Breakfast Tea 20x4g Tea BuddysTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08273Meßmer English Breakfast Tea 25pcs Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
07886Meßmer Finedarjeeling 20x4g Tea BuddysTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08328Meßmer Fruit tea 25ea Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08374Meßmer Green Tea 25pcs Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
07853Meßmer herbage tea 25pcs Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
01613Meßmer Mint Teabags 25pcsTea - Tea bagsProvisions
07883Meßmer nobel green Darjeeling 100g Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08213Meßmer nobel green Darjeeling 20x4g Tea BuddysTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08119Meßmer Passion of Herb 20x4g Tea BuddysTea - Tea bagsProvisions
07888Meßmer Pepermint tea 20x3,5g Tea BuddysTea - Tea bagsProvisions
07854Meßmer Peppermint tea 25pcs Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08275Meßmer Roibos Vanilla 25pcs Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08285Meßmer Rose hip 25pcs Blue LineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
01617Meßmer Rosehip Tea 25pcsTea - Tea bagsProvisions
01614Meßmer Tea Black - Classic 25pcsTea - Tea bagsProvisions
01612Meßmer Tea green 25 bag 1TE026Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
06685Meßmer Tea with Fennel 25 BagsTea - Tea bagsProvisions
06135Meßmer Tea with Fruits 25 BagsTea - Tea bagsProvisions
04465Meßmer Tea with Herbs 25eaTea - Tea bagsProvisions
11294Meßmer TeeboxPromotionalProvisions
21250Meßmer Wildberry 15x4g Tea BuddysTea - Tea bagsProvisions
08291Meßmer Wildberry tee 25er blue lineTea - Tea bagsProvisions
20213Messmer Ingwer Tea 20x2gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
19796Metal drinkbottle with carbine 350ml Uniworld * 2019VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
06195Metal scourer, bigTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
02178Metaxa ***** 1 Ltr. 38%BrandyCanteen
02179Metaxa ******* 1 Ltr. 40%BrandyCanteen
09270Methylated SpiritusVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
24746Metro Chef Ice Cream Latte Macchiato 3 Ltr.Ice creamTK
21525Meyer-Näkel Spätburgunder G trocken 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21568Michele Satta Piastraia Bolgheri Superiore DOC 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
19357Micro Roll (Roll with 200 cloth) 25x35cm extreme tearproofTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
13141Microfasertuch Taski Pro Window Cloth blue ea 5 pcs *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
15510Microfibrecloth B-061 blue 40x40cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
15513Microfibrecloth B-061 green 40x40cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
15512Microfibrecloth B-061 pink 40x40cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
15511Microfibrecloth B-061 yellow 40x40cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
09612Microfibrecloth blue 32x32cm 20Pcs. *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09609Microfibrecloth green 32x32cm 20Pcs *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09611Microfibrecloth red 32x32cm 20 Pcs. *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09610Microfibrecloth yellow 32x32cm 20Pcs *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
02989Midori Melonliquor 1 Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
12085Mie noodles 500gNoodles dryProvisions
00756Mie Nudeln 250gNoodles dryProvisions
19597Miguel Torres Fransola 0,75 Ltr. 14%White wineCanteen
17213Mikkeler American Dream Hoppy OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 12° Alc.: 4,6%Beer / BottleCanteen
17416Milchmädchen, Milk with sugar 400gMilk/condensate.Provisions
18241Mildew remover 1000mlCleaner DiversNonfood
00547Milk 340g "Barenmarke"" 10%"Milk/condensate.Nullraum
00872Milk 340g "Barenmarke"" 4%"Milk/condensate.Nullraum
08153Milk 340g 7,5%Milk/condensate.Nullraum
06629Milk FishFresh fish&TKTK
07008Milk fresh 1 Ltr. 1,5% LLMilk/condensate.Nullraum
00500Milk fresh 1 Ltr. 3,5% LLMilk/condensate.Nullraum
10381Milk frother cleaner 1 Ltr.Cleaner DiversNonfood
13227Milk Oolong Tea 250g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
07703Milk Rice Mueller 200g assortedYoghurt / KefirNullraum
19190Milka milkchoclate eggs 100 x 9gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04400Milka Naps 1 KgSweetsProvisions
00510Milkpowder 2,5 kg 1MK015Milk/condensate.Provisions
01568Milkpowder Gloria 10x500gMilk/condensate.Provisions
00712Milkrice 10 kg (kg)RiceProvisions
05853Milkrice 500g G&GRiceProvisions
11101Milky Way 28eaSweetsProvisions
20729Mille Feuille Individual, frozenCake/cake TKTK
19744Millet 2 KgNuts / SeedsProvisions
00229Milwa 3000 Washing Powder 10 KgWashing powderNonfood
08546Minced lamb -frozen-LambTK
06639Minced Meat Balls -frozen-BeefTK
00023Minced Meat BeefBeefTK
20061Minced meat poultry Kg (kg) frozenPoultryTK
00437Minced Meat with Onions, fresh ca. 1 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
12960Minced Meat, Pork+Beef " Premium"""BeefTK
00012Minced Meat, Pork+Beef Kg (kg)BeefTK
17638Mineral Water with Gaz 24/0,5 Ltr. PET San BendedettoWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
04217Mineral Water with Gaz 6 x 1,5 Ltr. PETWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
21051Mineral Water with Gaz ELITE 6 x 1 Ltr. PET San BenedettoWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
14862Mineral Water without Gas 6/0,5 Ltr. PETWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
17639Mineral Water without Gaz 24/0,5 Ltr. PET San BenedettoWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
04216Mineral Water without Gaz 6 x 1,5 Ltr. PETWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
17640Mineral Water without Gaz EASY 6 x 1 Ltr. PET San BenedettoWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
14780Mineralwater with Gas 6/0,5 Ltr. PETWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
17772Mini apple crown 120x46g/boxMini - CakeTK
01122Mini Apple Turnover 150x40g, frozenCake/cake TKTK
19133Mini Bagel Sesame 70x40gBrötch/Croiss.TK
14722Mini Baguette 150g Dr. Schär (2x75g)Lact/Gluten-freeProvisions
07102Mini Berliner with a raspberry- red currant filling 100x36g / box. -TK- EDNA 6203/1973Mini - CakeTK
06234Mini Butter Applebags 120x35g DeliMini - CakeTK
01147Mini butter raisin whirl 150x30g, frozenCake/cake TKTK
02452Mini Butter-Sandwich TK 300st/krtBrötch/Croiss.TK
12824Mini cheese krusti 80x30g EDNABrötch/Croiss.TK
24783Mini Chocolate bars 3,5g Nicko Cruises 1000St/KrtSweetsProvisions
12816Mini Ciabatta with olives 80x40g EDNA 52Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
17773Mini cinnamon swirl 120x43g/boxCake/cake TKTK
20727Mini Croissant Bake up 130x40g Edna 2365Brötch/Croiss.TK
20796Mini Croissant Bridor, -TK- 240x30g / KrtBrötch/Croiss.TK
21056Mini danish box, 5 assorted 100x39g Edna 1692Mini - CakeTK
12020Mini Donut mixbox with chocolate and icing 64 x 30gCake/cake TKTK
18234Mini Elise Gingerbread 120x25g LambertzHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
12688Mini farmer bun 110x50g/boxBrötch/Croiss.TK
14158Mini Frying Sausage herbs 60x25g/Box frozenRoast/sausagesTK
14160Mini grilled sausage 60x25g/Box frozenRoast/sausagesTK
02451Mini Hamburger Box 32Pcs/Box Edna 4611Finished productsTKTK
10040Mini Kaiser Rolls mix 100x40g TKBrötch/Croiss.TK
18778Mini knuckle 200/230 g frozenPorkTK
19101Mini Kornspitz 120x35g EDNABrötch/Croiss.TK
21005Mini Madeleines Butter Frozen 140x18gCake/cake TKTK
21004Mini Madeleines Chocolate Frozen 140x18gCake/cake TKTK
21003Mini Madeleines Lemon Frozen 140x18gCake/cake TKTK
21002Mini Madeleines Vanilla Frozen 140x18gCake/cake TKTK
17775Mini maple pecan 120x44g/boxPastries / CrackersTK
20140Mini Muffin Blueberry 60x45gMini - CakeTK
19121Mini Muffin Cappucino 60x45gMini - CakeTK
19119Mini Muffin Cheesecake Mandarin 60x45gMini - CakeTK
19120Mini Muffin Chocolate Coco 60x45gMini - CakeTK
07131Mini Nut Snail 90x50g Frozen Ed410Mini - CakeTK
18136Mini Pastry pate Hubertus type ca. 0,6 Kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
08417Mini Pears Souffle (#920013) 80x70gFinishedTK
19068Mini Plunderbäck assortment, 5-fold sorted 120x42,7gMini - CakeTK
12823Mini Pretzel Stick 180x45g EDNABrötch/Croiss.TK
06603Mini Pudding Snail 90x40g/box -frozen- EDNA 411Mini - CakeTK
01593Mini raisin snail 150x30gMini - CakeTK
18196Mini Ring cake lemon 250gPastries / CrackersProvisions
18529Mini ring cake marble 250g G&GPastries / CrackersProvisions
06319Mini Rolls - Assorted 120x35g/box-frozen- EDNA 808Brötch/Croiss.TK
14157Mini smoked sausages 60x25g/Box frozenSmoked sausageTK
21162Mini snacktartlets olive/rosemary 4,2cm 160pcs/boxMini - CakeProvisions
19475Mini spray rings with cinnamon and sugar 84x15gPastries / CrackersTK
06397Mini Spring Rolls Beef (#810027) 48x20g frozenFinished productsTKTK
12034Mini Springroll vegetarian DALOON(#8100760) 48 x 20gFinished productsTKTK
17770Mini vanilla crown 120x43g/boxPastries / CrackersTK
19063Mini Waffles gold line mix 180x4,8g Edna 70257Brötch/Croiss.Provisions
06478Mini-breakfast buns 5x35x40gBrötch/Croiss.TK
06088Mini-Butter-Croissant 160x25g S 3189 DelifranceBrötch/Croiss.TK
00834Mini-Choco-Croissant 160x25g S3255 DelifranceBrötch/Croiss.TK
06173Mini-Pie-Puff-Pastry 96pcs 480g (Box)FinishedProvisions
11783Mini-prezel-rolls 100 x 40g EDNA 5090Brötch/Croiss.TK
07117Mini-Springrolls vegetarian 50x20g -frozen-Finished productsTKTK
20595Minkov Brothers Red Cuvee 0,75Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
07513Minolta Cartrdige TN 320 black A202053TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18396Minolta Cartridge TNP-48K black bizhub C3850TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18394Minolta Konica Toner TN 322TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12932Minolta Toner black TN-618, black for Bizhub 552TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
13942Minolta Toner TN 513 blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20356Minolta Toner TN-325, black for Bizhub 368TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21033Minolta Toner TN-326, black for Bizhub 308eTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20326Minolta Toner TN-515, black for Bizhub 558TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20945Minolta Toner TN-516, black for Bizhub 558eTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19277Minolta Toner TNP-48C, cyan bizhub C3850TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19278Minolta Toner TNP-48M, magenta bizhub C3850TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19279Minolta Toner TNP-48Y, yellow bizhub C3850TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19393Mint Jelly 200gSeasoning sauceProvisions
18590Mint Jelly 340gSeasoning sauceProvisions
07840Mint red fresh, -bunch-Fresh vegetablesFresh
08407Mint, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
08797Mint, fresh -Bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
04192Mint-Sauce Lion 200gSeasoning sauceProvisions
21307Minus L lactose-free butter 125gMargarineNullraum
21082Minus L natural yoghurt 3,8% 400gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
17218Mirabelle 0,35 Ltr. 43% ABVFRUIT FIRESCanteen
21393Mirin seasoning sweetened max 1% Alc. 400mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
05458Mirinda 24 tin/0,33 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
19723Miso relishpaste (Aka Miso) red 500gSeasoning sauceProvisions
12949Miso relishpaste (Shiro Miso) clear 500gSeasoning sauceProvisions
13098Mississippi BBQ Sauce 510gKnorr / MaggiProvisions
07846Mix-salad fresh -kg-Fresh vegetablesFresh
07830Mix-salad, fresh -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
15555Mixed bread assorted sliced 12x750g EDNA 655Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
01067Mixed Fruits 2,5Kg (Kg)Dried fruitProvisions
08542Mixed Mini Candy 3 Kg / PackageSweetsProvisions
06878Mixed Mushrooms - frozen -Frozen vegetablesTK
12089Mixed mushrooms 250gSpices / MushroomsProvisions
01114Mixed Mushrooms, bright 850mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
01598Mixed Pickles 5/1 (4000g)Sour Conserv.3/1Provisions
01221Mixedberries, frozenFruit TKTK
01912MKN Cleaning cartridges for combi steamer (2 in1)Cleaner DiversNonfood
21470MM Beans Black, dried 5Kg (Kg)PulsesProvisions
13556MM Chick Peas dry 1KgPulsesProvisions
01988MM Quinoa white 2000gNutritional agentsProvisions
19200MM wholegrain brown rice parboiled 2 KgRiceProvisions
13294Moe Mahe 1886 0,7 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02840Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial 0,75l 12%ChampagneCanteen
21567Moillard Grivot Gevrey-Chambertin 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
09817Moistener Laueuf 85mmOffice suppliesNonfood
19919Mon Plaisir Sainte Victoire rouge 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
00788Mondamin dark 1 KgNutritional agentsProvisions
00772Mondamin Starch 2.5 Kg (kg)Nutritional agentsProvisions
20340Mondavi Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75Ltr. 14% *R O T W E I NCanteen
20350Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay 0,75Ltr. 13% *White wineCanteen
20915Mondodelvino Rotwein 10 Ltr. BiB 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
20914Mondodelvino Weisswein 10 Ltr. BiB 12%White wineCanteen
17894Mondseer LB 45% ca. 3,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00410Monin Almondsyrup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
13424Monin Blackberrysirup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
19957Monin Blue Curacao Sirup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
11371Monin brown sugar syrup 0,7 LtrB A R-S I R U PCanteen
14583Monin caramel for coffee Syrup with english label 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
13854Monin Cinnamon Syrup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
04241Monin Coconut-mix 0.7ltrB A R-S I R U PCanteen
10008Monin Elderflowersirup, 0,7 LtrB A R-S I R U PCanteen
18540Monin ginger 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
06614Monin Grenadine 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
13425Monin Guavasirup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
14582Monin hazel-nut for coffee Syrup with english label 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
19958Monin Lavender Sirup 0,7 LtrB A R-S I R U PCanteen
07074Monin Mango Syrup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
06174Monin Passionfruit Syrup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
07873Monin Peach Syrup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
07755Monin Peppermint green 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
14712Monin PumpVARIOUS NONFOODCanteen
10503Monin Raspberry Sirup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
24793Monin Sirup Salty Caramel 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
02366Monin Sirup Winter Spice 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
06026Monin Strawberrysyrup 0,7B A R-S I R U PCanteen
20502Monin Syrup Cucumber 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
20835Monin Syrup green apple 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
20837Monin Syrup Hibiscus 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
21358Monin syrup honey 0,7 ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
24795Monin syrup Lemongrass 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
21360Monin syrup litschi 0,7 ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
24794Monin syrup Maple Spice 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
21359Monin syrup mojito mint 0,7 ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
20120Monin Syrup Pear 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
20834Monin Syrup Pink Grapefr.0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
20491Monin Syrup Rose 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
24796Monin syrup White Chocolade 0,7 LtrB A R-S I R U PCanteen
21356Monin syrup yellow banana 0,7 ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
04291Monin Vanilla Syrup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
11343MonitortrapVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19041Monkey 47 Black Forrest Gin 0,5 Ltr. 47%G I NCanteen
20759Monkfish Loins, skinless, BnlsFresh fish&TKTK
19908Montagny Premier Cru blanc 0,75 ltr 13%White wineCanteen
20341Montes Ltd Selection Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenère 0,75Ltr. 14% *R O T W E I NCanteen
20352Montes Outer Limits Sauvignon Blanc 0,75Ltr. 13% *White wineCanteen
14013Montezuma Tequila Gold 1 Ltr. 40%T E Q U I L ACanteen
13981Montezuma Tequila Silver 1 Ltr. 40%T E Q U I L ACanteen
17895Moosbacher 45% ca. 7 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
20051Mop 50cm microfiber, whtie-blueVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20149Morchelrahmsauce pastös 1,3 Kg HügliSeasoning sauceProvisions
02376Morels whole dried Wiberg 55g/470mlKotanyi SpicesProvisions
06974Morels whole dried Wiberg 65g/470mlKotanyi SpicesProvisions
17974Mortadella with egg and peppers ca. 1,3 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
00555Mortadella with Pistaccio ca. 1,4 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
12636Mortadella with Pistaccio ca. 1,4 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
14333Mortadella with Pistaccio ca. 2,6 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
24758Moselland Bio Regent dry Mosel 0,75 ltr., 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
21434Moselland Chardonnay 0,75 Ltr 12,0%White wineCanteen
21457Moselland Cuvée Weiß 0,75 Ltr 11,0%White wineCanteen
24759Moselland Dornfelder Spätburgunder Rotwein dry Mosel BIO VEGAN 0,75 ltr., 7,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21446Moselland Grauer Burgunder trocken 0,75 Ltr 13,0%White wineCanteen
21597Moselland Pinot Noir Feinherb 0,75 Ltr 11,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21598Moselland Regent 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21336Moselland Riesling Hochgewächs trocken 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
24755Moselland Riesling Steillage Hochgewächs dry 0,75 ltr., 13%White wineCanteen
24754Moselland Riesling Steillage Kabinett half-dry 0,75 ltr., 9%White wineCanteen
24756Moselland Riesling Steillage Spätlese dry 0,75 ltr., 13%White wineCanteen
21401Moselland Rosé Spätburgunder 1 Ltr 12,0%R O S E W E I NCanteen
21605Moselland Saar Riesling feinherb 0,75 Ltr 8,5%White wineCanteen
21584Moselland Sauvignon Blanc 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
21417Moselland Spätburgunder 1 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21545Moselland Spätburgunder trocken 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21398Moselland Weißburgunder 1 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
21399Moselland Weißburgunder lieblich 1 Ltr 10%White wineCanteen
02632Moskovskaya 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02630Moskovskaya 0,5 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02624Moskovskaya Pertsovka 0,5 L 37,5%W O D K ACanteen
02626Moskovskaya Zubrowka 0,5 Ltr. 37,5%W O D K ACanteen
10061Most-Pear Vinegar 500ml WibergVinegar / LemonProvisions
21695Mount Gay Eclipse Rum 0,7 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02348Mount Gay Rum 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
17095Mount Gay Rum Extra Old 0,7 Ltr. 43%RumCanteen
12977Mount Hermon Yarden red koscher 14% 0,75 Ltr.R O T W E I NCanteen
12978Mount Hermon Yarden white koscher 13,5% 0,75 Ltr.White wineCanteen
19253Mousse au Chocolat 2,4 KgPudding PowderProvisions
10054Mousse au chocolat blanc 1kg dr.oetkerDr. OetkerProvisions
19254Mousse au Chocolat Blanc 2,4 KgPudding PowderProvisions
01512Mousse au Chocolat Dr. Oetker 1000gDr. OetkerProvisions
01513Mousse au Vanilla Dr. Oetker 1000gDr. OetkerProvisions
11041Mousse english mint 1000g Dr. OetkerDr. OetkerProvisions
20153Mousse Jogh.-blood orange 2,1 Kg HügliPudding PowderProvisions
09191Mousse Noisette 1000g Dr. OetkerDr. OetkerProvisions
01511Mousse Stracciatella 1,6 KgPudding PowderProvisions
20055Mövenpick the heavenly ground 500gRoasted coffeeProvisions
13913Mövenpick Yoghurt 150gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
15731Mozar Liqueur white 1 Ltr. 15%LiqueursCanteen
02997Mozart Gold Liqueur 0,7 Ltr. 17%LiqueursCanteen
20058Mozart Gold Likör 17% 0,05 Ltr.LiqueursCanteen
05038Mozart Thaler in Box 325g MirabellSweetsProvisions
05032Mozartkugeln 300g 18ea MirabellSweetsProvisions
04211Mozzarella Breadedsticks 33-36 pcs 1000gFinished productsTKTK
21001Mozzarellla Burrata Cow 53% 200gCheeseNullraum
21030Mozzarellla Burratina 53% 120gCheeseNullraum
09828Mueller Milk assorted 400mlMilk/condensate.Nullraum
11251Muffin Blueberry 40x82gMini - CakeTK
02466Mugil Cephalus filet with skin 140-170g, PBI (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
05907Mulled Wine Nuernberger Christkindel 1 Ltr.HOLIDAY ITEMSCanteen
12988Müller Thurgau dt.QW dry 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% Franken-SilberWhite wineCanteen
17651Müller Zweigelt Selektion 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
19942Müller-Thurgau Pawis blanc 0,75 ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
13470Multi Grain Baguette 30x280gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
14043Multi-fruit - cerials 400g glutenfreeLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
00876Multigrain Rolls 100x88g Edna 5211Brötch/Croiss.TK
11520Multivitamin juice Albi 6 x 1 Ltr TetraJuices (Tetra)Canteen
12157Multivitamine Nectar 50% 1 Ltr. TetraJuices (Tetra)Canteen
14184Multivitamine Nectar 50% 1 Ltr. TetraJuices (Tetra)Canteen
04064Multivitaminejuice 6x1 Ltr. MW BeckerJuices / FL.Canteen
02844Mumm Dry Piccolo 0,2 Ltr. 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
24851Mumm Dry Piccolo 0,2 Ltr. 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
02843Mumm Sparkling Wine Dry 0,75 Ltr. 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
02853Mumm Sparkling Wine Extra Dry 0,75 Ltr. 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
19602Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine sur Lie 0,75Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
01465Mushroom Cream Soup 2,7Kg 1BA055Knorr / MaggiProvisions
09872Mushroom Heads in Marinade 1000gFinishedNullraum
08929Mushrooms big, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
01089Mushrooms I. Choice 850mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
09866Mushrooms Choice 2650ml/2550gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01094Mushrooms III.rd Choice 850mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
01090Mushrooms sliced 2650ml/2550gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
08812Mushrooms, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
06095Mushrooms, fresh roseeFresh vegetablesFresh
01172Mushrooms, sliced FrozenFrozen vegetablesTK
12686Mussana Desinfektionscleaner for Creammachine 1 ltr. *Cleaner DiversNonfood
13622Mussel 40/60erFresh fish&TKTK
18059Mussel Juice 820ml/tinCanned fishProvisions
06358Mussel Meat 200-300 (kg) rozenFresh fish&TKTK
06079Mussel Meat, 300/500 FrozenFresh fish&TKTK
19525Mussel rolls bright 80x80g Edna 705Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
06398Mussels green 1/2 peeledFresh fish&TKTK
21044Mussels in ShellFresh fish&TKTK
01396Mustard 5 Kg BucketMustardNullraum
07057Mustard Dijon 850gMustardProvisions
08575Mustard hot 200ml "Thomy"""MustardNullraum
13857Mustard in portions 150x10mlMustardProvisions
01337Mustard in Tubes 100ml "Thomy"""MustardNullraum
01338Mustard Kernels, whole (kg)Spices / MushroomsProvisions
14232Mustard Kernels, whole 1 KgSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
01392Mustard medium hot 250mlMustardProvisions
01397Mustard Pommery Type 500g (Jar)MustardProvisions
11867Mustard portion-jar 80 x 33ml HeinzMustardProvisions
05542Mustard Powder 454g, Colman-EnglandSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
10748Mustard Seed 470ml/380g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
00060Mustard sweet Kuehne 250mlMustardNullraum
18243Mustard with figs 750gMustardProvisions
02350Myer's Rum 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
14936Nagelfeile White & Black 500er ACNF024-102120-5ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20286Nail file neutral 8,3cm refill for vanity box 500pcs/box LONF001-100005ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
19814Nail files 1000 St / Krt NFLO004COM-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
17795Name card cabin stewardess 200erViking NonfoodNonfood
20539Name Tag Blank for Crew 50pcsViking NonfoodNonfood
08055Napkin Bavarian 33x33cm 1 lay 100 Pcs. 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
18096Napkin rings 500erViking NonfoodNonfood
20255Napkin rings, paper 500pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
17796Napkin wrap 1200erViking NonfoodNonfood
24781Napkins '' Scenic Tours'' 24x24cm 3 ply, 1/4 fold black, 2500 pcs/boxNapkinsNonfood
21011Napkins 24 x 24cm, 2-coat, 1/4 fold, white 10x300 pcs/box "Viking-Logo"""NapkinsNonfood
20415Napkins 24x24cm 2Layers 1/4 Fold black 100 pcs./pakNapkinsNonfood
20418Napkins 24x24cm 2Layers 1/4 Fold white 100 pcs./pakNapkinsNonfood
18520Napkins 24x24cm 2Layers 250 ea white 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
02441Napkins 24x24xcm, 2-lay. 1/4-fold 300 pcs/Pak. BlackNapkinsNonfood
02440Napkins 24x24xcm, 2-lay. 1/4-fold 300 pcs/Pak. whiteNapkinsNonfood
13866Napkins 33ea 3l 250ea 1/4 Fold orange Duni 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
13865Napkins 33x33cm 3-layer 250 pcs Giovanni Duni 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
19367Napkins 33x33cm 3-layer white 150 Pieces 1/4 falzNapkinsNonfood
02378Napkins 33x33cm 3-layers blue 1/4 Falz 150pcsNapkinsNonfood
10922Napkins 33x33cm, 3ply. 250 pcs Duni 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
20580Napkins 40x40cm 3 Layers 1/8 Fold white 250 pcs.NapkinsNonfood
02480Napkins bavarian 32x32 cm, -lay. 1/4-fold 400 pcs/Pak.NapkinsNonfood
09223Napkins blue 33ea 3l 250ea 1/8 Fold 1/8 FalzNapkinsNonfood
09204Napkins blue 33x33cm 3-layers 250pcs 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
13867Napkins blue 33x33cm 3l 250ea 1/4 Fold Bayern diamond DuniNapkinsNonfood
09377Napkins blue 40x40/250ea 3-LayersNapkinsNonfood
11066Napkins Duni Classica 40x40cm bordeaux 50pcs 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
11067Napkins Duni Classica 40x40cm champagner/cream 50pcs 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
11094Napkins Duni Classica 40x40cm dark blue 50pcsNapkinsNonfood
09439Napkins Duni Classica 40x40cm white 50pcs 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
08429Napkins Duni Classica 40x40cm yellow 50pcsNapkinsNonfood
20906Napkins Dunisoft Airlaid black 1/8 BF 60pcsNapkinsNonfood
20907Napkins Dunisoft Airlaid white 1/8 BF 60pcsNapkinsNonfood
04451Napkins Easter mood 33x33cm 3-layer 250 Pieces 1/4 falzNapkinsNonfood
07863Napkins green 33ea 3layers 250 Pcs. 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
08042Napkins green 40x40/250ea 3-layers 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
07864Napkins red 33ea 3layers 250 Pcs. 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
18440Napkins white 24x24 3layers 250Pcs. 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
19305Napkins white 33ea 3l 150ea 1/8 Fold 1/8 FalzNapkinsNonfood
09193Napkins white 33x33cm 2layers 250ea 1/8NapkinsNonfood
19237Napkins white 39x39/ 100 Pcs. 3-layersNapkinsNonfood
09425Napkins white 40x40/250 Pcs. 3-layersNapkinsNonfood
09196Napkins wite 500ea 33x33 1 Layer 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
07865Napkins yellow 33ea 3 Layers 250 Pcs. 1/4 FalzNapkinsNonfood
02184Napoleon St. Remy 1 Ltr. 40%BrandyCanteen
02185Napoleon VSOP 1 Ltr. 36%BrandyCanteen
12529Napolitains 1000g in carrying box, 9 x 1Kg/Box (Kg)SweetsProvisions
00727Natreen sugarfreepillsSugar/sweetenerProvisions
01047Natreen-Peaches in Jar 370mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
01044Natreen-Pears in Jar 370mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
01046Natreen-Tangerine in Jar 370mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
18861natural tempeh 394g -TK-Nutritional agentsTK
13938Natural yoghurt 3.5% 150g WiesehoffYoghurt / KefirNullraum
13328Natureo Torres M. Penedes Syrah 0,75 Ltr. alcohol-free *R O T W E I NCanteen
08839Nectarines, freshFruit, freshFresh
13036Needles mound container 0,5 LtrVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
02638Nemiroff Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
20784Neoprene/latex chemical protection glove, black, size 10HAND/SHOESNonfood
20781Neoprene/latex chemical protection glove, black, size 7HAND/SHOESNonfood
20782Neoprene/latex chemical protection glove, black, size 8HAND/SHOESNonfood
20783Neoprene/latex chemical protection glove, black, size 9HAND/SHOESNonfood
12351Nescafe Classic 10 pak a 10 cupSoluble coffeeProvisions
01596Nescafe Gold 200gSoluble coffeeProvisions
14978Nescafe Mokambo Decaff 12x250gSoluble coffeeProvisions
14009Nescafe Tradition Mokambo 12x500gRoasted coffeeProvisions
20603Nespresso Cappucino kit disposable ( straws + Nozzle) 100 pcsDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
18257Nespresso capsule Arpeggio 10eaRoasted coffeeProvisions
12874Nespresso capsule Linizio Lungo 10ea *Roasted coffeeProvisions
18256Nespresso capsule Lungo Fortissop 10eaRoasted coffeeProvisions
11329Nespresso capsule Vivalto Lungo 10ea *Roasted coffeeProvisions
18296Nespresso capsule Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato 10ea *Roasted coffeeProvisions
15041Nespresso Descaling Set AGENT NDA-16, 2x100ml *DecalcifierNonfood
12982Nespresso Espresso Decaffeinato 50 PadsRoasted coffeeProvisions
12980Nespresso Espresso Forte 50 PadsRoasted coffeeProvisions
12981Nespresso Espresso Leggero 50 PadsRoasted coffeeProvisions
20941Nespresso Espresso Leggero 50 Pads (Viking)Roasted coffeeProvisions
14112Nespresso Kapseln Ristretto 10pcs *Roasted coffeeProvisions
09964Nespresso Lungo Decaffeinato 50 Pads *Roasted coffeeProvisions
20940Nespresso Lungo Decaffeinato 50 Pads * (Viking)Roasted coffeeProvisions
09962Nespresso Lungo Forte 50 Pads *Roasted coffeeProvisions
20939Nespresso Lungo Forte 50 Pads * (Viking)Roasted coffeeProvisions
09963Nespresso Lungo Leggero 50 Pads *Roasted coffeeProvisions
08394Nespresso Origin India 50 Pads *Roasted coffeeProvisions
09961Nespresso Ristretto 50 PadsRoasted coffeeProvisions
00544Nesquik 500g RefillableCocoa / NesquickProvisions
14801Nesquik Instant Chocolate Powder 900gCocoa / NesquickProvisions
20377Nest Napkin Rings Metal 3x4 pcs/pakViking NonfoodNonfood
13945Nestle Cheerios 8x375gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
06566Net for rolled Roast 18erVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20901Netzer Rösti Rustiko 75x60gKartoff/NoodleTKTK
18032Neuburger & Muskat Gmeiner 0,75 L * 13%White wineCanteen
17759New York Cheesecake 1930gCake/cake TKTK
12894Nic Nac`s 6x 800g LorenzPastries / CrackersProvisions
02862Nicko Tours Sparkling Wine 0,75 Ltr. 11%(Auslauf)Sparkling wineCanteen
21466Niederegger Marzipan-Hearts 80x12,5gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
20177Nightly rounds tent CardViking NonfoodNonfood
19583Nik Weis Riesling Bockstein Kabinett 0,75 Ltr. 8,5%White wineCanteen
24645Nik Weis Single Post Riesling QbA 0,75 Ltr.White wineCanteen
01998Nikka Japan Whisky,from the Barrel 0,5 Ltr. 51,4%WhiskyCanteen
12395Nitrill blue glove L Semp. 200er/BoxHAND/SHOESNonfood
12394Nitrill blue glove M Semp. 200er/BoxHAND/SHOESNonfood
13807Nitrill blue glove S Semp. 200er/BoxHAND/SHOESNonfood
13808Nitrill blue glove XL Semp. 180er/BoxHAND/SHOESNonfood
20787Nitrill white glove L 200pcs / boxHAND/SHOESNonfood
20786Nitrill white glove M 200pcs / boxHAND/SHOESNonfood
20785Nitrill white glove S 200pcs / boxHAND/SHOESNonfood
20788Nitrill white glove XL 180pcs / boxHAND/SHOESNonfood
12658NL Gouda Cheese, middle aged ca. 3 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00659NL Gouda Pikantje 48% 1/4 Laib ca. 3 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00616NL Leerdamer, dutch Cheese 45% ca. 2,8 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
04424NL Maasdamer 45%, ca. 3 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
17889NL Polderkaas green pesto 50% ca. 4,5 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
13925Nocino Ratafia Tamborini 0,7 Ltr 25%LiqueursCanteen
08706Nogger Original 35 Piece / BoxesLangnese IceTK
06402Noilly Prat 1 Ltr. 16%W E R M U TCanteen
04255Noilly Prat 1 Ltr. 18%W E R M U TCanteen
13530Nolet´s Dry Gin Silver 0,7 Ltr. 47,6%G I NCanteen
13529Nolet´s Dry Gin The Reserve 0,75 Ltr. 52,3%G I NCanteen
21696Nonino Grappa Vendemmia 40% 1LtrFRUIT FIRESCanteen
00752Noodles assorted, Birkel 250gNoodles dryProvisions
21188Nordic Style - Recipe Book Viking 10 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
10639NordmanntanneHOLIDAY ITEMSNonfood
06389Nori Leaves 10pcs/Pak.Spices / MushroomsProvisions
02494Norvege stacking cup glass 200clMiscellaneousNonfood
09359Note Pad A 5/50ea # 1051Office suppliesNonfood
09358Note Pad A4/50ea # 15004Office suppliesNonfood
18117Notepad A6 100 pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
10787Nougat Bits 750g G&GKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
06660Nougat DarkBaking ingredientsNullraum
20616Nougat Glacé Individual, frozenIce creamTK
02519Nougat Glacé Individual, frozen 8x84gIce creamTK
13957NSF Adapter for Telescopic Handle 10093851EcolabNonfood
02272NSF adoption for Bottle tray 10096579EcolabNonfood
13134NSF Alu-handle 1,47mtr x 210m/mEcolabNonfood
17153NSF Bottle 650ml oval 10036414EcolabNonfood
17194NSF Bottle tray blue 10022816EcolabNonfood
17154NSF Caution Label Wet Floor 10000112EcolabNonfood
20128NSF Dustbags for Blue Vac 10 pcs VIKINGViking NonfoodNonfood
17189NSF Dustbags for Blue Vac 10 pcs 10109216VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18450NSF Eltra 40 extra desinfection 8,3 Kg 9092120 *EcolabNonfood
17200NSF Flip Top cap for Oasis Pro 64/Toilet 10013190EcolabNonfood
13125NSF Hand Tec cleaning gloves CS ea 50 PcsEcolabNonfood
13121NSF Microclin blue Cleaning clothes ea 50 PcsEcolabNonfood
13124NSF Microclin green cleaning cloth CS ea 50 PcsEcolabNonfood
13122NSF Microclin red cleaningclotht ea 50 PcsEcolabNonfood
13123NSF Microclin Yellow Cleaningcloth ea 50 PcsEcolabNonfood
13127NSF Polifix microclin flex-cover replacement pak ea 5 PcsEcolabNonfood
13126NSF Polifix microclin flex-holder f. slip cover High DusterEcolabNonfood
12713NSF Rasant Basic 50cm # 10108451EcolabNonfood
17190NSF Spraybottle oasis pro 14/MULTI 10038282EcolabNonfood
17196NSF Spraybottle oasis pro 40/Glass 10038285EcolabNonfood
17199NSF Spraybottle oasis pro 62/All Bath 10038283EcolabNonfood
17192NSF Spraybottle oasis pro 64/Toilett 10039123EcolabNonfood
17191NSF Spraybottle Oasis Pro Acid Bath 10038286EcolabNonfood
17193NSF Sprayheads white ecolab 10108446EcolabNonfood
20420NSF Taxat angora Flüssiges Spezial-Feinwaschmittel 5 Ltr. 1014000EcolabNonfood
12710NSF Xpress mini cover, 30cm # 10038166EcolabNonfood
12709NSF Xpress mini Kit blue/red #10004915EcolabNonfood
00560Nuernberger Sausages 40x25gRoast/sausagesNullraum
02393Nuernberger Sausages 40x25gRoast/sausagesNullraum
11414Nussbrunner Riesling Hattenheimer Wisselbrunnen 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% 2011White wineCanteen
19773Nut cream cake 1900g PfalzgrafCake/cake TKTK
02412Nut ham ca. 1 KgSausagesNullraum
19885Nut ham ca. 1 Kg MunzertSausagesNullraum
24800Nutella in portions 64x25g glassHoney / NutellaProvisions
02339Nutella piping bag 1kgHoney / NutellaProvisions
12618Nutmeg grounded 1000ccm/500g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05079Nutmeg grounded 1200ccm/540g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
21270Nutmeg whole 200g WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05159Nutmeg whole 400ccm/210g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
06965Nutmeg whole 470ml/300g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
01296Nutmeg, ground (kg)Spices / MushroomsProvisions
04408Nuts Chocolate Bar 24ea *SweetsProvisions
18244Nuts nutty 98x35gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
21432Nyakas Aligvárom 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21436Nyakas Budai Irsai Oliver 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
21435Nyakas Don Olivér 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
13293O-Gin 0,7 Ltr. 45%G I NCanteen
08440Oak leave salad fresh -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
08806Oak Leaves LettuceSaladsFresh
08005Oat Drink 1 Ltr. lactosefreeLact/Gluten-freeNullraum
00743Oat Flakes 500g 1WH061Nutritional agentsProvisions
19818Oat Flakes frail gluten-free 400gNutritional agentsProvisions
00832Oat Groats 250g BrueggenNutritional agentsProvisions
02449Oats Base Porridge 375 gNutritional agentsProvisions
04928Oban 14 Years 0,7 Ltr. 43%WhiskyCanteen
01534Obstgarten 'Danone' 125g assortedYoghurt / KefirNullraum
24841Octomore 8.2 Single Malt Whisky 0,7 Ltr. 58,4%WhiskyCanteen
13618Octopus 0,8-1,2 Kg (Viking)Fresh fish&TKTK
18210Odolmed 3 Toothpaste 100mlToiletriesNonfood
09248Office Boy pencil holder # 635Office suppliesNonfood
03018Offley Ruby Porto 1 Ltr. 19,5%Liqueur wineCanteen
21293Oil Vegetable Long Life Liquid Prep 15 Ltr.OIL / FatProvisions
12913OKI drum B411 B431TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20199OKI toner black 12000 Sheets for MB491, B431 # 44917602TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18299OKI toner for 12000 pagesTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12294Oktoberfest Bierkrug 1 Ltr.PromotionalNonfood
17947Old Amsterdam 48% ca. 5,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
02084Old Bushmills 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
02086Old Bushmills Single Malt Whisky 10J. 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
21263Old el Paso taco bowls 12er, 156gPastries / CrackersProvisions
03061Old Pascas dark Rum 0,7 Ltr. 37,5%RumCanteen
19074Oldenburger green cabbage kg (kg) -TK-Frozen vegetablesTK
02540Oldesloher Doppelkorn 1 Ltr. 38%GrainCanteen
02539Oldesloher Korn 1 Ltr. 32%GrainCanteen
20006Olive Bows 22cm VikingViking NonfoodNonfood
21156Olive cutting boardViking NonfoodNonfood
00957Olive green filled with paprika 935ml/950gOlivesProvisions
00956Olive green stuffed 156mlOlivesProvisions
06111Olive oil 5 ltr.OIL / FatProvisions
11167Olivenbaguette 12x280g/box EDNA 1555Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
00963Olives black with stone 5/1 (4300g)OlivesProvisions
06393Olives Black without Stone 4250ml/4100g 5/1OlivesProvisions
00967Olives black, stoneless 935ml/950gOlivesProvisions
08226Olives green stoneless 935ml/950gOlivesProvisions
06392Olives green without Stone 4250ml/4100g 5/1OlivesProvisions
18780Olivesoil 0,5 Ltr. Ext. Vergine 100% ItalianoOIL / FatProvisions
00478Olivesoil 1 Ltr.OIL / FatProvisions
18589Olivesoil Extra 500ml KotanyiOIL / FatProvisions
01664Olivesoil Extra Vergine 1 Ltr.OIL / FatProvisions
11540Olivesoil extra vergine 5 ltr.OIL / FatProvisions
07253Olivesoil with pepperoncino aroma 250mlOIL / FatProvisions
03043Olmeca Tequila Gold 1 Ltr. 40%T E Q U I L ACanteen
01819Oma Bob Bitterballen 54x30g, frozenFinished productsTKTK
17857Onboard Brochure Ocean 32erViking NonfoodNonfood
17858Onboard Brochure River 41erViking NonfoodNonfood
20185Onboard Cruise Certificate Holder 100pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
18189Onboard Cruise Certificate UKViking NonfoodNonfood
18190Onboard Cruise Certificate US 200 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
18174Onboard selling Voucher holder 200erViking NonfoodNonfood
18100Onboard selling, Flyer - Join Us 500 St./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
18101Onboard selling, Flyer save $ 100 500 pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
21632OneOcean sparkling wine 0,75 Ltr. 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
01991Oneway LightersTABAKZUBEHÖRNonfood
04966Onion Acute 70x40g/box -frozen- EDNA 59Brötch/Croiss.TK
10843Onion Baguette 30x280gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
06607Onion Dices frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
18281Onion granules Wiberg 690gSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
02407Onion meat (kg)SausagesNullraum
17888Onion meat Kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
00824Onion Ring thin cut 1000g -frozen-Finished productsTKTK
09788Onion slices, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
08887OnionsFresh vegetablesFresh
19388Onions peeled vacuumFresh vegetablesFresh
08881Onions, redFresh vegetablesFresh
08877Onions, spanish, largeFresh vegetablesFresh
02586OP Anderson 1 Ltr. 40%A Q U A V I TCanteen
20608Opera Bande frozen 3x810g / boxDessert / SyrupTK
24751Opitz U-Cuvée red 1,5 Ltr. 13% *R O T W E I NCanteen
24752Opitz U-Cuvée rose 1,5 Ltr. 12% *R O S E W E I NCanteen
24750Opitz U-Cuvée white 1,5 Ltr. 12,5% *White wineCanteen
01978OPP blanks 9x12cm 20μ clear 16000 pcs / krt.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
05839Orange - Esscence - Paste 1 kgEssences/ColoursProvisions
04062Orange Juice 6 x 1 Ltr. MW BeckerJuices / FL.Canteen
01550Orange juice Albi 6 x 1 LtrJuices (Tetra)Canteen
20655Orange juice with pulp 1 Ltr.Juices (Tetra)Canteen
21255Orange pepper 770g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05818Orange Sherbet Ice 5 Ltr.Ice creamTK
05792Orange-Jam Koo Orange 450gJam port.Provisions
11852Orange-jam portion-jar 60 x 30g Bonne MamanJam port.Provisions
04253Orange-Juice 0,2 Ltr.Juices (Tetra)Provisions
12233Orangejuice 100% 0,33Ltr Krt/6 FlJuices / FL.Canteen
14186Orangejuice 100% 1 Ltr. Tetra GlockengoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
14182Orangejuice 100% 1 Ltr. Tetra WesergoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
06052Orangejuice Albi 12x0,2 Ltr. OW *Juices / FL.Canteen
06048Orangejuice Granini 24Bo/0,2 MWJuices / FL.Canteen
18597Orangejuice mild orange 1 Ltr. PET EdekaJuices (Tetra)Canteen
08840Oranges, freshFruit, freshFresh
04932Orecchiette Pasta noodles 500gNoodles dryProvisions
01303Oregano 1HE040Spices / MushroomsProvisions
12620Oregano chopped 1000ccm/85g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
07897Oregano chopped 1200ccm/135g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
08409Oregano fresh /KgFresh vegetablesFresh
19598Oremus Tokaj Aszú 5 Puttonyos 0,5 Ltr. 19%White wineCanteen
13584Organic Quinoa white 1000gNutritional agentsProvisions
21677Organic soy drink nature 1 Ltr EdekaMilk/condensate.Nullraum
06228Organizer Leitz A4 8cm Width # 1080Office suppliesNonfood
20379Organza bag 13x18cm - white 25pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19150Organza Bags 420x175mm Uniworld 1000pcs HTW A063-147233-1 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
17935Orig. Bayonner ham 10 months matured ca. 6 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
17898Orig. sheep cheese 48% ca. 2 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
06968Origanum chopped 1200ml/90g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
13395Original Alsatian Tarte 10x180g EDNA 1896Finished productsTKTK
01063Original cream Muh-Muhs Toffees 250gSweetsProvisions
21381Original irish butter in portion 500 x 10g, salted, frozenButter TKTK
19749Orignal veal cutlet austria 40x150gVealTK
18757Ornellaia Le Volte 0,75 Ltr. 14,0%R O T W E I NCanteen
15704Orval 24x0,33 Ltr. EW Grad Plato: 14° Alc.: 6,2%Beer / BottleCanteen
03015Osborne Fino Pale Dry Sherry 1 Ltr. 15%S H E R R YCanteen
03021Osborne Medium Dry Sherry 1 Ltr. 15%S H E R R YCanteen
03016Osborne Rich Golden 1 Ltr. 15%S H E R R YCanteen
03017Osborne Solera No.103 1 Ltr. 36%BrandyCanteen
02203Osborne Veterano 1 Ltr. 30%BrandyCanteen
12037Österkron 55% ca. 1,25 KgCheeseNullraum
18539Ottakringer 0,3 Ltr. CupPromotionalCanteen
02999Ouzo 12 1 Ltr. 40%APPERITIFCanteen
12627Overcoatshoes, CPE, blue, with elastic band, extra big 100ea/pak 60-70myToiletriesNonfood
13729Ox Cheeks á 2 Kg ca. 20 Kg/box -frozen-BeefTK
01489Ox Tail Soup 2,7KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
13826ox-muzzle salad 3 Kg buckSaladsNullraum
00017Ox-Tails, frozenBeefTK
06097Oyster-Mushrooms, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
06835Oystersauce 510gSeasoning sauceProvisions
05627Pacific cliche fluke 120/160gFresh fish&TKTK
08556Pacific Seabass Hoki nature filet 140/160g, IQF, pboFresh fish&TKTK
20015Packable Bagpack NavyViking NonfoodNonfood
20014Packable Bagpack RedViking NonfoodNonfood
20908Packaging cup transparent with lid PP 250ml 250 pcs/boxVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
17676Packing case 600x330x340mmMiscellaneousNonfood
02079Paddy Old Irish Whisky 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
01927Padlock 40/60VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13006Pain Au Chocolat mini 224x26gBrötch/Croiss.TK
20795Pain Au Chocolate, Bridor -TK- 240 Stk/KrtBrötch/Croiss.TK
08497Pakchoy freshFresh vegetablesFresh
13795Paladin blue cheese 50% ca. 2,5 Kg (Kg)CheeseNullraum
00325Palatin Liver Sausage ca. 8x625g (Kg)SausagesNullraum
14971Palatschinken nature 50x60g, 23cm, frozenFinished productsTKTK
02457Palatschinken nature 80x65g, frozenFinished productsTKTK
01755Pall Mall Alaska/MentholCigarettesCanteen
01771Pall Mall Filter redCigarettesCanteen
01789Pall Mall San Francisco blueCigarettesCanteen
19044Pallini Limoncello 26% 1 Ltr.LiqueursCanteen
05829Palm Hearts 1/1Gem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
06686Pancake Mix Complete (Kg)Flour / flour mixProvisions
08307Pancakes 50x60g -frozen-Finished productsTKTK
07083Panettone X-Mas Cake 1000gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
12286Pangasius fillet skinless (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
20097Panini Rolls 225g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
20852Panini tomato mozarella 24x160g Edna 2173Brötch/Croiss.TK
19049Panini with sesame and nigella seeds, cut 40x70g Edna 900Brötch/Croiss.TK
06586Panna Cotta Powder Dr. Oetker 1,1 KgDr. OetkerProvisions
13323Pántlika Olaszrizling 0,75 Ltr. * 11%White wineCanteen
09126Pantry towel 50x70cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
12122Pantry towel 50x70cm blue/white 10eaTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
09097Pantry towel 50x70cm red-white 10eaTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
13393Papagayo Golden Rum 0,7 Ltr. 37,5%RumCanteen
06298Papaya Cubes FrozenFruit TKTK
07848Papaya fresch -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
06439Papayas freshFruit, freshFresh
13835Paper A5 white 160g 500 sheets/pakOffice suppliesNonfood
13895Paper bag 22x12x30cm, brown 250 St.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18260Paper carrying bag 18,5x10x22cm 70g 250ea whiteMiscellaneousNonfood
07504Paper carying bag 22x11x28cm 250ea whiteMiscellaneousNonfood
01041Paper drinking straw with kink red/white striped Ø6mm, l: 20cm, 100 pcs/PakDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
09351Paper Fastener 26mm 1000pcs. Corona # 26000Office suppliesNonfood
14935Paper ice cream cone shellsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12075Paper plate 9 x 15cm 250eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
06229Paper Scissors 21,5cm # 638Office suppliesNonfood
07802Paper Tablecloth 1x10m RauteVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
17150Paper Towels 15 x 210 pcs 10000006EcolabNonfood
24745Paper Towels 25x23cm green 5000 pcs.TÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
20358Paper Towels 25x23cm natur 5000 pcs./BoxTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
21010Paper Towels 25x23cm natur 5000 pcs/boxTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
05959Paper-Clips 50mm 100 pcs.Office suppliesNonfood
01265Paperbag for Bora vacumat hoover /Cleanfix S 10 10ea/pakMiscellaneousNonfood
00390Paperplate 23cm 100pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13070Papertowel 25x21cm 2lg white 3200 Bl. 20x160pcsTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
18732Papertowel Spender white 33x44x15cm size L #331010MiscellaneousNonfood
04986Papertowel Spender white H270mmxB270mmxT130mmMiscellaneousNonfood
17633Pappadums natural 110gPastries / CrackersProvisions
06509Pappardelle ribbon noodles 500gNoodles dryProvisions
05082Paprika noble sweet 1200ccm/640g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
02434Paprika red noble sweet 1000ccm/450g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
12621Paprika red noble sweet 1000ccm/500g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
21687Paprika Spice hot 1kg AlbaSpices / MushroomsProvisions
21283paprika sweet 500g WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
10741Paprika, noble sweet 1200ml/600g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
02141Parade Vieux Cognac 1 Ltr. 35%CognacCanteen
06581Paradise Cream Cream-Caramel 1000gDr. OetkerProvisions
01518Paradisecream Chocolate Dr. Oetker 1000gDr. OetkerProvisions
01520Paradisecream Peach Passionfruit Dr. Oetker 1000gDr. OetkerProvisions
01516Paradisecream Strawberry Dr. Oetker 1000gDr. OetkerProvisions
01519Paradisecream Vanilla 1 kg Dr. OetkerDr. OetkerProvisions
20823Paraje Sotuelamos Manchego PDO 2 months 50% fat ca. 3,2KgCheeseNullraum
00783Parboiled Rice 10 kg (kg)RiceProvisions
08919Parboiled rice 1000gRiceProvisions
19900Parmigiano Reggiano 36 month ca. 4,5 Kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
01195Parsley 1000g -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
07838Parsley fresh, -bunch-Fresh vegetablesFresh
06084Parsley Roots, freshSpices / FreshFresh
01308Parsley, driedSpices / MushroomsProvisions
06100Parsley, flatleaved (Kg)Spices / FreshFresh
08846Parsley, freshSpices / FreshFresh
08753Parsley, fresh -Bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
06443Parsnip freshFresh vegetablesFresh
18957Party grill piglet stuffed, cooked 11-12KgPorkTK
19610Party Potatoes 6x2 Kg PEKAFresh vegetablesNullraum
18266Party Pretzel 90x45g EDNA 1062Brötch/Croiss.TK
10388Party-meatball app. 240x25g / box (kg)Finished productsTKTK
08859Passion Fruit freshFruit, freshFresh
14180Passionfruit Nectar 25% 1 Ltr. Tetra WesergoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
05824Passionfruit Sherbet Icecream 5 Ltr.Ice creamTK
03004Passoa Fruitliqueur 1 Ltr. 17%LiqueursCanteen
00440Paste for Beefsoup 400gKnorr / MaggiProvisions
00427Paste for Chickensoup 400gKnorr / MaggiNullraum
02996Pastis 51 1 Ltr. 45%APPERITIFCanteen
06381Pastrami cooked Beefbreast ca. 1 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
12644Pastrami cooked Beefbreast ca. 1 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
06801Pastry Cornet Disposable 100Pcs/RllVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14148Pastry Egg White 1 Ltr.Egg - ProductsNullraum
05835Pastry for Potatoe Pancake 1 KgKnorr / MaggiNullraum
18067Pastry pig's ear 1300g/pak SchultePastries / CrackersProvisions
20137Pastry plate Bürger 1 Kg -TK-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
08272Pastry Tarts Selection 800gCake/cake TKTK
10285Pastrysticks salted 150g AROPastries / CrackersProvisions
19034Patron Tequila Anejo 1,0 Ltr. 40%T E Q U I L ACanteen
19033Patron Tequila Silver 1,0 Ltr. 40%T E Q U I L ACanteen
19035Patron Tequila XO Cafe 1,0 Ltr. 35%T E Q U I L ACanteen
19588Paul Kerschbaum Blaufränkisch Hochäcker 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
19589Paul Kerschbaum Cuvee Impressario 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
09554Paulaner Beerglasses 0,5 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
09399Paulaner beermug 0,5 LtrPromotionalCanteen
07379Paulaner glasses 0,3 LtrPromotionalCanteen
04347Paulaner unfiltered beer EW 24x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato : 12,5 ° Alc.: 5,5%Beer / BottleCanteen
04112Paulaner wheat beer MW 20/0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato: 12,5° Alc.: 5,5%Beer / BottleCanteen
20195Pave a la Leffe Blonde ca. 3,2Kg 50%CheeseNullraum
09861Pavillongarniture 70cm 3-Pcs. *HOLIDAY ITEMSCanteen
01111Peach - Sherbet Icecream 5 Ltr.Ice creamTK
19793Peach cheese cream slice 425g gluten and lactose free ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
19772Peach cream cake 2250g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
24753Peach Nectar 50% 1 Ltr. TetraJuices (Tetra)Canteen
14185Peach Nectar 50% 1 Ltr. Tetra GlockengoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
18264Peach puree 1Kg white -frozen-Fruit TKTK
18566Peach Yoghurt Cake 1150g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18579Peach Yoghurt Diabetic Cake 1150g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
01050Peaches half fruit 1/1 820gbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
01051Peaches half fruit 2650ml/2500gbstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
08847Peaches, freshFruit, freshFresh
06784Peanut butter 240x10gHoney / NutellaProvisions
21387Peanut Butter Crunchy 350g La ComtessHoney / NutellaProvisions
21383Peanut butter in portions 80x15gHoney / NutellaProvisions
00290Peanut-Butter 340gHoney / NutellaProvisions
04445Peanutflips 200gPastries / CrackersProvisions
13936Peanuts Pure 3 KgPastries / CrackersProvisions
04349Peanuts salted 200g G&GPastries / CrackersProvisions
07583Peanuts Salted, peeled 6 x 1000g LorenzenPastries / CrackersProvisions
06812Peanuts spicy 6x1000g LorenzPastries / CrackersProvisions
19771Pear Helene Cake 2450g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
09831Pearl barley, medium 250g, BrüggenNutritional agentsProvisions
01015Pears half fruit in Syrup 2650ml (2500g)bstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
01014Pears in Syrup 850mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
06369Pears mustard sauce furore 180gSeasoning sauceProvisions
01890Pears XL dried, 1kg sulfurizedDried fruitProvisions
08807Pears, freshFruit, freshFresh
01176Peas & Carrots cubes frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
01097Peas green 4250mlem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
18542Peas snow frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
18832Peas very fine Bonduelle 2,5 Kg TKFrozen vegetablesTK
01241Peas, green driedPulsesProvisions
00851Peas, green splitPulsesProvisions
14752Peas, very fine 8,2mm, 4 x 2,5 kg Oerlemans frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
01174Peas, very fine 8,2mm, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
01247Peas, yellow driedPulsesProvisions
18544Pema oat fitnessbread 10x2 pcs 500gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
00244Penfolds Bin 2 Shiraz Mataro 0,75Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
20355Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay 0,75Ltr. 12% *White wineCanteen
20344Penfolds Max Shiraz Cabernet 0.75Ltr. 14% *R O T W E I NCanteen
07359Penne Rigate glutenfree 500gLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
09873Peperoni alla Griglia - Peppers grilled in Marinade 1 KgFinishedNullraum
10383Peperoni Lombardi 4250ml/4000gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
10337Pepino Peach 0,7 l 15%LiqueursCanteen
08783Pepper bell mixed freshFresh vegetablesFresh
12625Pepper black 1000ccm/500g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
12624Pepper black grounded 1000ccm/550g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05085Pepper black grounded 1200ccm/600g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
05086Pepper black kibbled 1200ccm/630g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
02355Pepper black kibbled 1Kg FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
01311Pepper black whole (kg)PepperProvisions
05084Pepper black whole 1200ccm/600g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
06988Pepper black whole Wiberg 1200ml/630gKotanyi SpicesProvisions
01310Pepper black, ground (kg)PepperProvisions
01309Pepper green, dryPepperProvisions
01314Pepper in port. 2000 bag x 0,3gPepperProvisions
05089Pepper mixed coloured 1200ccm/570g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
06973Pepper pink whole dried Wiberg 470ml/160gKotanyi SpicesProvisions
02400Pepper Salami ca. 1,8 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
12647Pepper Salami ca. 1,8 kg (kg) MunzertSmoked sausageNullraum
00601Pepper Salami ca. 2 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
01423Pepper Sauce Powder 1 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
01358Pepper Stripes -red-green-yellow- frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
01312Pepper white ground (kg)PepperProvisions
20452Pepper white ground Wiberg 1200ml/720gKotanyi SpicesProvisions
12629Pepper white grounded 1000ccm/600g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05088Pepper white grounded 1200ccm/650g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
01313Pepper white whole (kg)PepperProvisions
21273Pepper white whole 600g WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
01305Pepper, noble sweet kg 1SP105Spices / MushroomsProvisions
11504Pepper-cuvee grounded 470ml/240g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
11200Pepper-ham 1/2 ca. 2 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
12622Peppercorn pink whole dried 1000ccm/250g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
01101Peppermint - Sherbet Icecream 5 Ltr.Ice creamTK
13193Peppermint Tea 150g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
04680Peppermint Tea Bags 25ea Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
01633Peppermint Teabags 20 BagTea - Tea bagsProvisions
07109Pepperoni, mild 2650ml/2350gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
06091Pepperonis, green, hotFresh vegetablesFresh
06092Pepperonis, red, hotFresh vegetablesFresh
05460Pepsi cola 24 tin/0,33 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
20753Perch Fillets skin on 60-80g, 10% GlaceFresh fish&TKTK
20196Pere Joseph ca. 2,4Kg 50%CheeseNullraum
12460Perform Disinfecting granules 60x40gVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19817Perform disinfecting powder 900gDIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
03008Pernod Absinthe 0,7 Ltr. 68%APPERITIFCanteen
02995Pernod 1 Ltr. 40%APPERITIFCanteen
18033Perrier 24x0,33 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
19521Perrier mineral water 12x0,75 Ltr. OW glassWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
19910Perrin Reserve Cotes Du Rhone blanc 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
20714Perrin Reserve Rouge 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
02346Persil Duo Caps Universal 30WLWashing powderNonfood
05904Persipanstollen 1000gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
18761Pesquere 0,75 Ltr. 14,5% #4136R O T W E I NCanteen
24776Pesto alla Genovese with Grana Padano 1kgFinished productsTKTK
17873Pesto Rosso 900gFinishedProvisions
05661Pesto Sauce Genovese 580mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
17872Pesto Verde alla Genovese 900gFinishedProvisions
01777Peter StuywesantCigarettesCanteen
02286Petit Crolines cheese 91x22g, frozenFinished productsTKTK
02287Petit Crolines mushroom 91x22g frozenFinished productsTKTK
02285Petit Crolines salmon 91x22g, frozenFinished productsTKTK
21315Petits Fours Tradition 8f.48x14,5g baked EDNA 144301Cake/cake TKTK
24690Peychaud Cotes de Bourg rouge 0,75 Ltr 15%R O T W E I NCanteen
24691Peyredoulle Cotes de Blaye 0,75 LTr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
21499Pfaffl Gemischter Satz Harmony 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
24816Pfaffmann Chardonnay Selection Silberberg dry 0,75Ltr. 13,5%White wineCanteen
24825Pfaffmann Dornfelder Rosé dry 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
11453Pfaffmann Dornfelder trocken Nussdorfer Bischofskreuz 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
24813Pfaffmann Grauburgunder "Nußdorfer Bischofskreuz"" dry 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%"White wineCanteen
24820Pfaffmann RED VINEYARD 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24811Pfaffmann Riesling "Walsheimer Silberberg"" dry 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%"White wineCanteen
20136Pfaffmann Riesling Auslese Walsheimer Silberberg 0,75 Ltr. 8,5% *White wineCanteen
20825Pfalzgraf Apple Cake 2250gLact/Gluten-freeTK
24819Pfannebecker "Fass 23"" dry 0,75Ltr. 13%"R O T W E I NCanteen
24810Pfannebecker Gutswein Weißburgunder dry 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
24814Pfannebecker Ortswein Weissburgunder trocken 0,75Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
10519Pfanner Ice tee sort. 2 LtrJuices (Tetra)Canteen
17690Pfeiffer Krakow Sausages ca. 3 KgRoast/sausagesNullraum
08464Pflaumenkur 0,75 Ltr.Juices / FL.Canteen
24767Pflaumenwähe -TK- 24pcs/Box a ca. 140gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
18476PG Tips- Black Tea 200 pcs./box.Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
20100Phase Butter 250gButter TKNullraum
01481Phase Butter Flavour 12x0,9 Ltr.Butter TKNullraum
11173Pheasant breast -frozen-PoultryTK
19415Philadelphia balance herbs 42% 1,65 kgCheeseNullraum
01784Philip Morris SupremeCigarettesCanteen
13181Philips Perfect Draft dispenser 6 Ltr *VARIOUS NONFOODCanteen
08751Physalis -fresh- (Kg)Fruit, freshFresh
08441Physalis fresh -bowl-Fruit, freshFresh
13953Piccobelli Margherita 36x30g/box -frozen- EDNA 1698Finished productsTKTK
02283Piccobelli mixing box 160x30g , frozen, EDNA 1658Finished productsTKTK
00941Pickled Cucumbers 2400mlSour Conserv.3/1Provisions
00942Pickled Cucumbers 55/60 10 ltr.Sour Conserv.3/1Provisions
00940Pickled Cucumbers 720 mlSour Conserv.1/2Provisions
13239Pidy tartelettes "Iris"" 96St/BOX"Mini - CakeProvisions
00392Pie with Mushrooms ca. 1,6 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
04750Piglet cold cut ca. 2,8 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
19739Pigs Ossobuco ca. 180gPorkTK
12284Pike Perch filet skin on 800g+Fresh fish&TKTK
18975Pike Perch Filet with Skin 120-170g, IQFFresh fish&TKTK
11925Pike Perch Filet with Skin 120/170g (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
07783Pike Perch Filet with Skin 170/230g, IQF (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
20885Pike perch fillets, skin on, glased Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
09763Pilchard -frozen-Fresh fish&TKTK
04154Pilsner Urquell OW 24/0,33 Ltr Grad Plato: 11,75° Alc.: 4,4%Beer / BottleCanteen
21641Pilsner Urquell 24x0,5 Ltr. Cans 4,4% 11,75°Beer / CansCanteen
18841Pilsner Urquell glass 0.33 literPromotionalCanteen
20802Piment d´Espelatte Poudre 50gSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05081Pimento whole 1200ccm/480g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
03007Pimm`s No. One 1 Ltr. 25%LiqueursCanteen
03003Pina Colada 1 Ltr. 14,5%LiqueursCanteen
09514Pinafore Plastic 100 Pieces 20µPLASTIC GOODSNonfood
07534Pine Seeds peeled, whole 1000gNuts / SeedsProvisions
08907Pineapple fresh /pcsFruit, freshFresh
11560Pineapple pieces dried 200g marylandDried fruitProvisions
01003Pineapple sliced 850mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
12153Pineapplejuice 100% 1 Ltr. Tetra GlockengoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
14176Pineapplejuice 100% 1 Ltr. Tetra WesergoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
04204Pineapplejuice Albi 6x1 Ltr. tetraJuices (Tetra)Canteen
01005Pineapples in pieces 3100ml/3035gbstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
01004Pineapples sliced 3100ml/3033gbstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
08799Pineapples, freshFruit, freshFresh
12473Pingasius Filet 170/230g, IQF, PBO (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
04416Pingvin Salt Pastilles 310gSweetsProvisions
18415Pink Vineyard Q.b.A dry 2014, Pfaffmann 0,75 Ltr. 12%R O S E W E I NCanteen
12172Pino B., Quality wine dry, in Barrique aged 0,75 Ltr 12,5% #4512White wineCanteen
17939Pinot Blanc dry Raddeck 0,75 Ltr * 13%White wineCanteen
14537Pinot Blanc Reserve Blanc de Blancs A.O.C. 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% #4579White wineCanteen
14548Pinot Grigio San Benedetto delle Venezia I.G.T. 0,75 Ltr. #5170 12,5%White wineCanteen
14793Pinot Grigio Verduzzo, Masianco 0.375 ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
14914Pinot Noir Classic Scheiblhofer 0,75 Ltr. 13,5% *R O T W E I NCanteen
14441Pinot noir Cuvee, dry Parzival Barrique 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% #3135R O T W E I NCanteen
03869Pinot Noir Galpin Peak B.F. 0,75 Ltr. 14% *R O T W E I NCanteen
12221Pinot Noir.QW dry Rheinhessen 1 Ltr 13,5% #3390R O T W E I NCanteen
00182Pipe cleaner 1 ltr DranoSANITARY REINIGERNonfood
09434Pipe Cleaner CleaningpowderCleaner DiversNonfood
09433Pipe Cleaning Sponge Balls 20pcsPromotionalCanteen
17960Pipettes 600 St./PktVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
03001Pisang Ambon 1 Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
20329Pischinger Nussecken almond Minis 200gSweetsProvisions
20328Pischinger Nussecken hazelnut Minis 200gSweetsProvisions
06167Pistacchio green, whole 1000gNuts / SeedsProvisions
14258Pistaccio Ice 5 Ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
18870Pita bread Wheat medium 72x80g/box , round ø 14 cmBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
20813Pitu Cachaca Rum 1 Ltr. 38%RumCanteen
03002Pitu Cachaca Rum 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
05607Pizza Dough Sheet 10x600g 28cm Dr. Oetker -frozen-Finished productsTKTK
01318Pizza SpiceSpices / MushroomsProvisions
00373Pizza-Salami ca. 2 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
06710Plaice Filet 120/160g (kg), IQFFresh fish&TKTK
00258Plaice Filet, Bread Crumb 160-180g, IQF, PBO (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
19091Plaice Fillet 140/180g Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
19123Plaicefilet 120/160g Skin onFresh fish&TKTK
21463Plaited Tray, Bourgogne, 17x17x2,5cmViking NonfoodNonfood
19038Plantation 20th Anniversary 0,7 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
10144Plastic bucket blue with metal holder 5 ltr.PLASTIC GOODSNonfood
10234Plastic bucket blue with metal holder and scale 10 ltr.PLASTIC GOODSNonfood
18623Plastic bucket green with metal holder 5 ltr.PLASTIC GOODSNonfood
11290Plastic bucket red with metal holder and scale 10 ltr.PLASTIC GOODSNonfood
11285Plastic bucket red with metal holder and scale 5 ltr.PLASTIC GOODSNonfood
13021Plastic bucket white with metal holder 5 ltr.PLASTIC GOODSNonfood
09200Plastic bucket white with metal holder and scale 10 ltr.PLASTIC GOODSNonfood
19889Plastic bucket yellow with metal holder and scale 10 ltr.PLASTIC GOODSNonfood
09391Plastic coffee spoons 100eaPLASTIC GOODSNonfood
09638Plastic Cup white 0,2 Ltr. 100pcsPLASTIC GOODSNonfood
09257Plastic Cups 0,4 Ltr. 50 Pcs.PLASTIC GOODSNonfood
19374Plastic Cups 0,5 Ltr. 50 Pcs.PLASTIC GOODSNonfood
09110Plastic Food Wrap Large 44cm/280m 8,5µSLIDE/BACKPAP.Nonfood
09124Plastic Forks 17cm 100eaPLASTIC GOODSNonfood
09179Plastic Knife white 17cm 100 PiecesPLASTIC GOODSNonfood
06038Plastic Party-Sticks 500 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
09766Plastic Plates 100 Pcs/Pack.PLASTIC GOODSNonfood
09182Plastic Spoons 100eaPLASTIC GOODSNonfood
12452Plastic Stick - Sword 500Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
07801Plastic Stick Longdrink 100eaDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
06033Plastic Stick Ships 155mm/100 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
07297Plasticcups 0,3 Ltr. lucent 75eaVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
05798Plum Butter 3kg 1JA081Confit/Baking FillProvisions
07077Plum Butter 450g 1JA081Confit/Baking FillProvisions
20647Plum Dumpling pre cooked&tanned 100x65g WeinbergmaierFinished productsTKTK
18571Plum Pie 1150g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18462Plum slice with crumble 2750g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
06762Plums blue 1/2 fruit frozenFruit TKTK
01071Plums dried without Stone (kg)Dried fruitProvisions
01057Plums halves in syrup 4100g 5/1bstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
08849Plums, freshFruit, freshFresh
14407Poffertjesmix 400gBaking ingredientsProvisions
20639Poggio al Sole Chianti Classico 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
24712Poggio al Tesoro Il Seggio 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
11457Point Cuveé 0,75 Ltr Weingut Nigl 2009 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
06162Pointed - Morels 100g DriedSpices / MushroomsProvisions
06462Pointed cabbage, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
12194Poire Williams Nusbaumer 0,7 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
08068Polenta Semolina 1 KgNutritional agentsProvisions
10977Poliboy leather care 200 mlCleaner DiversNonfood
12843Poliboy Staubmeister Spray 300mlCleaner DiversNonfood
14374Polish file Hydro Basics 400ea HKPF001-100200ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
14212Polish file Uniworld Boutique HKPF001-147233 400pcs *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
21070Polish sausage in pork intestine 10x ca. 120gSmoked sausageNullraum
18385Polishing brush 17cm real horsehair bristles brightShoe careNonfood
18386Polishing brush 17cm real horsehair bristles darkShoe careNonfood
14812Polybag 200x300mm 100 pcs T30 blockedVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
08404Pomeganate freshFruit, freshFresh
10130Pomegranate -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
10638Pomegranate Juice Happy Day 1 Ltr.Juices (Tetra)Canteen
00133Pomegranate Kernels (kg) IQF, frozenFruit TKTK
21292Pomegranate vinegar Wiberg 500mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
07781Pommes Chips -frozen-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
01206Pommes Julienne -frozen-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
14646Pommes Stealth Fries 9x9 Lamb Weston 4x2,5 Kg/KgKartoff/NoodleTKTK
21317Pommes Stealth Fries skin on 9x9 Lamb Weston 4x2,5 Kg/Kg S24Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
01207Pommes Williams -frozen-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
04657Pommes-Forks 85mm 1000 pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09819Pomodori Condit - Tomatoes dried in Marinade 1 KgFinishedNullraum
24694Pont de Pierre Lussac St Emilion 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
20485Ponte Prosecco Spumante Millesimato Extra Dry DOC 0,75 Ltr. 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
24692Pontet Nivelle Bordeaux Rouge 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
19199Ponzu soy sauce with lemon juice 355mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
07685Popcorn Bags 105x60x170mm, white, 1000 pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13915Popcorn cup size 1 500 pcs/boxVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
08071Popcorn Seeds 500g KluthPulsesProvisions
21312Popcorn-Mais MBG 22,68KgFinishedProvisions
19111Poppy seed crumble Cuts 2350g Erlenbacher -TK-Cake/cake TKTK
06459Poppy Seeds 1000g / Pack. groundedNuts / SeedsProvisions
10937Poppyback 250gBaking ingredientsProvisions
11170Porcelain cleaner 1 Ltr. EtolitCleaner DiversNonfood
18982Pork belly as grownPorkTK
00094Pork belly, bonelessPorkTK
10521Pork belly, bonelessPorkTK
00365Pork Bologna coarse 1 A ca. 2,5 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
19747Pork Cutlet in Breadcrumbs 100x60gPorkTK
07953Pork Cutlet in Breadcrumbs 40x150gPorkTK
19748Pork Cutlet in Breadcrumbs 60x120gPorkTK
19702Pork Gyoza 10x600gAsia FoodTK
18983Pork hind haxe ca. 1200 g (Bavarian Haxe) TKPorkTK
00059Pork Knuckles frozenPorkTK
00091Pork LiverPorkTK
00051Pork Loin, boneless frozenPorkTK
01198Pork Loin, boneless, frozen (kg)PorkTK
05173Pork Neck smoked boneless frozenPorkTK
00053Pork Neck, boneless, vac.PorkTK
06291Pork Net frozenPorkTK
00093Pork Paws, frozenPorkTK
20866Pork Rack on the bone -TK-PorkTK
19204Pork shanks in madeira sauce, slow cooked 500gPorkTK
20805Pork shoulder Thick bow with rind -TK- 1,8-2,5Kg (Kg)PorkTK
00115Pork Shoulder, boneless frozenPorkTK
00120Pork Spare - Ribs, frozenPorkTK
09849Pork Stewed Steak, frozenPorkTK
00105Pork TopsidesPorkTK
00108Porkleg with Bone, -frozen-PorkTK
06394Porkleg without Bone, -frozen-PorkTK
14343Porkleg without Bone, cured -TK-PorkTK
00083Porkloin Bone in, frozenPorkTK
00082Porkloin sliced, frozenPorkTK
00097PorkTenderloin with head, without chain frozenPorkTK
07415Porree rings -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
07580Porridge redSausagesNullraum
17842Port location card 300 pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
17818Port location card 5000erViking NonfoodNonfood
20257Port location sticker RecommendationViking NonfoodNonfood
07831Porulac, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
17843Post card "Grand European Tour"" 100er"Viking NonfoodNonfood
17853Post card"Romantic Danube"" 200er"Viking NonfoodNonfood
06220Post It Fastening Notes 12 75x75 mm # 465400Office suppliesNonfood
06189Postit's 12 Bloc a 50x75mmOffice suppliesNonfood
06209Postit`s 12 Bloc a101x76mmOffice suppliesNonfood
19608Potato cleavages 6 x 2 Kg PEKAFresh vegetablesNullraum
11985Potato salad "schwäbisch"" 5 kg"Ready-made saladsNullraum
19082Potato salad 5 KgReady-made saladsNullraum
19160Potatoe Chips 21x200gPastries / CrackersProvisions
07754Potatoe Chips salted 10 x 175gPastries / CrackersProvisions
20134Potatoe Pancakes 4x1,5 Kg -frozen-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
01562Potatoe Salad with Eggs / 5 KgReady-made saladsNullraum
00764Potatoe-Flour-Starch 1WH061Nutritional agentsProvisions
08828PotatoesFresh vegetablesFresh
08378Potatoes blueFresh vegetablesFresh
06129Potatoes Dauphin frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
01226Potatoes Macaire -frozen- 2,5kg/kgKartoff/NoodleTKTK
13095Potatoes peeledFresh vegetablesFresh
08837Potatoes RedFresh vegetablesFresh
08437Potatoes sweet fresh -Kg-Fresh vegetablesFresh
08817Potatoes, new cropFresh vegetablesFresh
02360Pott Rum 1 Ltr. 54%RumCanteen
02361Pott Rum 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
12633Poultry Beer ham ca. 1,4 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
00320Poultry Beer Ham ca. 2,6 kg (kg)Diet sausageNullraum
05860Poultry Herbs Coldcut ca. 2,6 kg (kg)Diet sausageNullraum
00316Poultry Hunter Sausage ca. 2,6 kg (kg)Diet sausageNullraum
00315Poultry Meat cold cut ca. 2,6 kg (kg)Diet sausageNullraum
06289Poultry-Vienna-Sausage 16x50gRoast/sausagesNullraum
02483Powder color yellow, 50g AZO-freeEssences/ColoursProvisions
06582Powder for Griessflamerie Dr. Oetker 2,5 KgPudding PowderProvisions
00719Powder sugar 10 kg (kg)Sugar/sweetenerProvisions
06361Powder sugar 250gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
19526Powerade 12x0,5 Ltr. Mountain BlastJuices / FL.Canteen
19527Powerade 12x0,5 Ltr. Wild CherryJuices / FL.Canteen
19753Pralinen Brasil 336x10g LäderachSweetsProvisions
02431Pralines Nougat Cream 1800gSweetsProvisions
02430Pralines Sandorn Orange 1400gSweetsProvisions
01815Präsentation Tray ANTIQUE BLEU 230x100x10 mm TRL0024RIT-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
09815Prawns 41/50 without Head + ShellFresh fish&TKTK
05903Prawns 8/12 raw wo Head with Shell, IQFFresh fish&TKTK
21615Premiere Sekt 0,75 Ltr. 11.5%Sparkling wineCanteen
18454Premium Apricot yogurt cake 1600g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
20313premium fat Cuisine dÓr 2,5Kg (Kg)OIL / FatNullraum
21309Prep Gourmet m. Butteraroma 2lArticleProvisions
12380Presentpaper Transparent 50m x 70cmMiscellaneousNonfood
12080Preserving glass Fido clear 162cl/1500gVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20621President Professional Creme Brulee 1LtrPudding PowderNullraum
20620President Professional Mousse au Chocolat 1LtrPudding PowderNullraum
17979Press bag grey ca. 1,25 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
21150Pretzel 72x100g vegan -frozen- EDNA 2604Brötch/Croiss.TK
01252Pretzel 84x100gBrötch/Croiss.TK
20691Pretzel standBEER ACCESSORIESNonfood
13573Pretzel stand ( Viking )BEER ACCESSORIESNonfood
04356Pretzel Sticks 28 x 250gPastries / CrackersProvisions
04964Prezel-rolls 80x90g/box -frozen- EDNA 5053Brötch/Croiss.TK
20133Pril Sensitiv 500mlDishwashingNonfood
02656Primakov Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
01835Primello mini-roll herbs 100gCheeseNullraum
01793Prince MentholCigarettesCanteen
01779Prince Rich TasteCigarettesCanteen
01776Prince Rich Taste 100'sCigarettesCanteen
01780Prince Rounded TasteCigarettesCanteen
06305Princess Beans -8mm -, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
08809Princessbeans, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
21515Principe de Viana Brana Vieja tinto 0,75 Ltr 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
21524Principe de Viana Cuvee rot 0,75 Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
21416Principe de Viana Palomeras Tinto 3 Riberas 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21599Principe de Viana Pleno Syrah Crianza 0,75 Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
04305Pringles Originale 12x40gPastries / CrackersProvisions
21171Printed Lids (caps) 1000 pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
12430Printer Cartridge 932XL - black CN053AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12431Printer Cartridge 933XL - black CN054AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12432Printer Cartridge 933XL - magenta CN055AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12433Printer Cartridge 933XL - yellow CN056AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
09661Printer Cartridge HP Deskjet 5940 black 21ml No. 339TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
09662Printer Cartridge HP DeskJet 5940 Color 14ml No.344TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16466Printer Cartridge HP Nr. 364 cyan CB318EETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16495Printer Cartridge HP Nr. 364 photo black CB317EETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12929Printer Cartridge HP Nr. 950XL black CN045AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12927Printer Cartridge HP Nr. 951XL cyan CN046AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12926Printer Cartridge HP Nr. 951XL magenta CN047AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12928Printer Cartridge HP Nr. 951XL yellow CN048AETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16465Printer Cartridge HP Nr.364 magenta CB319EETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16464Printer Cartridge HP Nr.364 yellow CB320EETONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
09657Printer Cartridge no 338 C8765EE black 11mlTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18391Printer Cartridge no 343 C8766EE colored 7mlTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
02428Printer Cleaning Card For Use On Zebra ZXP Series 7TMTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18473Printer roll of thermal paper Ingenico 57mm / 18m / 12mmOffice suppliesNonfood
06225Pritt Glue Stick 10g # 890Office suppliesNonfood
09252Pritt Gluepin 40gOffice suppliesNonfood
14557Private Edition Pinot noir Rose, dry 0,75 Ltr. 12% #3520R O S E W E I NCanteen
14429Private Edition Pinot noir, dry 0,75 Ltr. 13% #3730R O T W E I NCanteen
07259Prosciutto Cotta Fontana Schinken gek. ca. 2 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
14503Prosecco di Conegliano, 0,75 Ltr. 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
02854Prosecco Spumante IL Fresco 0,75 Ltr. 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
11050Protection goggles - full viewWorkwearNonfood
06245Proxetten Salt-Tabletts 25Kg/BagDecalcifierNonfood
06918Prume Cinnamon Icecream 5Ltr. LangneseLangnese IceTK
01527Puddingpowder ChocolatePudding PowderProvisions
12116Puddingpowder Chocolate Dr. Oetker 900gDr. OetkerProvisions
01530Puddingpowder Vanilla 1PA207Pudding PowderProvisions
07994Puddingpowder Vanilla 1 Kg Dr. Oetker o.K.Dr. OetkerProvisions
01536Puddingpowder Vanilla Oetker 1000g z.K.Dr. OetkerProvisions
00848Puff Pastry 3,5mm 11x910g (Kg) -frozen- frozenCake/cake TKTK
02495Puff Pastry 3,5mm 12x833g (Kg) -frozen-Cake/cake TKTK
12946Puff Pastry pillow Cherry-Vanilla 50 x 120g/box, frozen EDNA 1705Mini - CakeTK
20815Pulled Pork ca. 1,8 Kg (kg)PorkNullraum
13275Pump black L'OccitaneMiscellaneousNonfood
24789Pumpe für 5 Ltr. Kann. ADA DSZU000ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
05967Pumpernickel 12 x 2 pcs.Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
05969Pumpernickel 250g roundBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
00810Pumpernickel 500g 1YE061Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
00950Pumpkin 4250ml/4000gSour Conserv.3/1Provisions
06146Pumpkin Bread 8x500g/box -frozen- EDNA 776Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
04303Pumpkin Cream Soup 3 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
08891Pumpkin Cubes -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
18547Pumpkin Pie 4pcs/crtDessert plate VikingTK
18283Pumpkin puree Bonduelle 2,5 Kg TKFrozen vegetablesTK
07037Pumpkin Seed Buns 80x35g/box -frozen- EDNA 460Brötch/Croiss.TK
06112Pumpkin Seed Oil 0,5 ltr.OIL / FatProvisions
10726Pumpkin Seed oil 500ml WibergOIL / FatProvisions
06432Pumpkin Seeds Bread 15x805g TKBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
05783Pumpkin Seeds Natural (Kg)Nuts / SeedsProvisions
07533Pumpkin Seeds Natural 1000gNuts / SeedsProvisions
05768Pumpkin, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
01880Pure Butter Ghee 1000gMargarineNullraum
24786Pure Herbs Liquid Cream Soap 24 x 300ml PSLS300ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
24788Pure Herbs Refill Liquid Cream Soap 5 Ltr. CULS005ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
24787Pure Herbs Refill Shampoo Hair & Body 5 Ltr. CUBS005ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
24785Pure Herbs Shampoo Hair & Body 24 x 300ml PHE300PSSHBADA PRODUCTSNonfood
13272Purification tablets Peeze 60x2,5gDecalcifierNonfood
02657Puschkin Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
12670Putty plastik 4each unbreakable - flexiblePAINTING TOOLSNonfood
19728Pyramid cake block 2 KgCake/cake TKProvisions
20056Pyrat X.O. Reserve 0,7 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
06725Qimiq Cream Classic 1 KgCream/sour creamNullraum
19407Qimiq Sauce Base 1 KgCream/sour creamNullraum
10779Qimiq Whip 1 KgCream/sour creamNullraum
12876Quail - eggs fresh, 12erEgg - ProductsNullraum
10791Quail breast with skin ca. 3,6 Kg (kg)PoultryTK
11610Quail Egg without basin 50-60ea /800gEgg - ProductsNullraum
18027Quail legs ca. 144x17g frozenPoultryTK
00171Quails 160g+PoultryTK
13601Quails without head 600g (4x150g/package)PoultryTK
18819Quark 5 Kg 20%Quark/Hut cheeseNullraum
07968Queen Pasties 4eaFinishedProvisions
17813Questionaire UK 500erViking NonfoodNonfood
17812Questionaire US 500erViking NonfoodNonfood
18110Questionnaries - Cruise Experience; Europe 1000 pcs./ boxViking NonfoodNonfood
08120Quiche Lorraine 32pcs S2193Finished productsTKTK
18908Quinoa puffed 250gNuts / SeedsProvisions
06386Quitten mustard sauce 180g furoreSeasoning sauceProvisions
19951Quorn sausage 12x ca. 80g, vegetarianFinishedTK
01794R 1 BLUECigarettesCanteen
19724Rabbit Legs 175-225g ChinawildTK
14321Rabbit Rack without bone -TK-wildTK
17746Rack of lambLambTK
06226Racks, Var. Colours # 61015Office suppliesNonfood
20676Raclette Riches Monts Carree 48% ca. 6,5KgCheeseNullraum
07444Radeberger Exclusive-Cups 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
04131Radeberger MW 24x0,33 Ltr.Beer / BottleCanteen
04161Radeberger Pils OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,80° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BottleCanteen
08978Radicchio, redSaladsFresh
08410Radish red fresh /bunchFresh vegetablesFresh
11986Radish salad 5 kgReady-made saladsNullraum
09927Radish scion freshFresh vegetablesFresh
14099Radish Takuwan, yellow, whole, pickled in rice bran 500gGem-cons.1/1-1/2Nullraum
07832Radish white fresh, -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
08875Radishes, red (Kg)Fresh vegetablesFresh
04423Raffaelo Ferrero 230g 23eaSweetsProvisions
05633Ragout Fin 400gFinishedProvisions
08774Raisin Bread sliced 15x750gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
01073Raisins (kg)Dried fruitProvisions
17931Raisins 2,5 KgDried fruitProvisions
01074Raisins 500gDried fruitProvisions
18568Rákóczi Cake / Meringue Cheese Cake 1250g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
05550Rama Creme fine 1 Ltr.Whipped CreamKnorr / MaggiNullraum
00471Rama Margarine 500gMargarineNullraum
02859Ramazotti Amaro Liqueur 1 Ltr. 30%LiqueursCanteen
20641Ramen Noodles 30x180 Gr. MAI WAINoodles dryProvisions
19250Ranch-Dressing 450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
02577Ranch-Dressing 4x450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
14405Rape oil 10 Ltr. PET/FL.OIL / FatProvisions
07849Rapsberry, fresh -bag-Fruit, freshFresh
01889Raspberries, 100% natural, 50gDried fruitProvisions
13590Raspberry - Sherbet-Ice 5,5 ltr. LangneseLangnese IceTK
17780Raspberry brittle slices 125 pcs.Dessert plate VikingTK
19075Raspberry brownie gluten free 1050g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
19873Raspberry Cheese Cake 2500g PfalzgrafCake/cake TKTK
19073Raspberry Cranberry Crisp slices 2100g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
19110Raspberry Cream Cheese cuts 2.000g Erlenbacher -TK-Cake/cake TKTK
18497Raspberry cream cheese triangles 2.000g Erlenbacher -frozen-Cake/cake TKTK
19875Raspberry tarte 1650g PfalzgrafCake/cake TKTK
06939Raspberry Topping 1000gDessert / SyrupProvisions
10722Raspberry vinegar 500ml WibergVinegar / LemonProvisions
18465Raspberry yogurt cream cake 24cm 2100g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
08861Raspberry, freshFruit, freshFresh
00684Raspberry-Sherbet-Ice 5 ltr.Ice creamTK
11937Raspberry-vinegar 500mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
01228Raspbery, frozenFruit TKTK
02660Rasputin Magic Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02662Rasputin Vodka 1 Ltr. 70%W O D K ACanteen
01214Ratatouille -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
14019Rational Care-Tab 100 tabs + 50Cleaner DiversNonfood
08504Rational Cleaning - Tabs 100 Pcs. 6KgSPÜLMASCHINEN REINIGNonfood
13906Rational hand sprayerVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
00317Rational Rinse Tabs 50 Pcs.DecalcifierNonfood
09735Rational Spezialcleaner 10 Ltr.Cleaner DiversNonfood
01973RAUCH APPLEJUICE 12x1LtrJuices / FL.Canteen
02531Rauchkuchelknödel 100g 2x25Stk TKFinished productsTKTK
20581Rauchkuchelknödel 110g roh 2x40Stk TKFinished productsTKTK
01412Ravioli Con Funghi Porcini 1000g frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
13233Ravioli spinach / ricotta frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
10492Ravioli w. cepe filling Bürger frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
07143Ravioli with cheese frozen kgKartoff/NoodleTKTK
20879Raw Black Tiger Shrimps, 8/12, 20% glace Kg (kg) *Fresh fish&TKTK
12834Raz el Hanout 250g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
21225Rebel Red Ale 24/0,33 Ltr. OW Grad Plato: 11,5° Alc.: 4,3%Beer / BottleCanteen
13528Reber Mozart Schokis dark chocolate 480gSweetsProvisions
20571Recas Castel Huniade Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
20574Recas Paparuda Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
20516Red Bull sugarfree tins 24/0,25 Ltr. OWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
07752Red Bull Tn. 24/0,25 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
01209Red Cabbage -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
01125Red Cabbage 5/1 (4040g)em-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
11982Red cabbage salad 3 kgReady-made saladsNullraum
08855Red Cabbage, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
19194Red Chili flakes 190g/470ml WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
19187Red Currant Jelly Fantasy 450gConfit/Baking FillProvisions
08862Red Currant, freshFruit, freshFresh
08061Red Currant, frozen 1FZ020Fruit TKTK
18635Red Groats Jellie raspberry PowderPudding PowderProvisions
00329Red Hot Chili Peppers app. 33 PiecesFinished productsTKTK
00109Red Mullet Filet w. Skin 80g+ (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
08844Red Pepper BellsFresh vegetablesFresh
00262Red Perch Filet 120g+ ITL, PBI FrozenFresh fish&TKTK
00215Red Snapper Filet with Skin IQF 170/220g, IQF, PBO (kg) (malabah)Fresh fish&TKTK
18570Red Velvet 1300g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
13691Red wine and butter icecream 3 ltr.Dessert plate VikingTK
19036Redbreast 12 YO 0,7 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
05917Redwinevinegar 1 Ltr.Vinegar / LemonProvisions
21031Redwinevinegar 500ml WibergVinegar / LemonProvisions
13305Refill Amenityset with logo gray / silver 50ea HKSE011 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
09618Refill Bottlekit D10.1 6x0,75 Ltr. 1204374 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
02363Refill granules for dehumidifiersVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13308Refill Nail file set 500 pcs/box LOMA001 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
13307Refill Sewing Kit 500 St./Krt LONE000 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
13306Refill Shower Cap 500 St./Krt. LODH000 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
13309Refill Vanity Set 500 St./Krt. LOVA000 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
13564Regent 0,75 Ltr. 13,0% Brogsitter # 6714R O T W E I NCanteen
06258Register A4 1-31 # 3031Office suppliesNonfood
06237Register A4 A-Z # 278Office suppliesNonfood
06262Register A4 Jan-Dez LeitzOffice suppliesNonfood
21066Release key for dispenser press + wash PWES010ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
02496Relief Set Christmas, single packed, 3 shapes 36x10gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
08510Remoulade "Thomy"" 200ml Tube"Mayo / RemouladeNullraum
02199Remy Martin Louis XIII 0,7 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02200Remy Martin VSOP 1 Ltr. 40% Cellar Master 16CognacCanteen
02202Remy Martin XO Excellence 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02205Renault Carte 0,7 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
02204Renault Carte Noir 1 Ltr. 40%CognacCanteen
13286Replacement cover 35cm 2eaBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
02443Replacement pad 4915 black 2Pcs / PakOffice suppliesNonfood
02444Replacement pad 4915 green 2Pcs / PakOffice suppliesNonfood
18044Reserve cup 125mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09426Reservoir for Samples 60ml with screw capsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13812Respirator FFP3 RD with Cool-Flow exhalation valve 8833WorkwearNonfood
20182Restaurant Reserved table tentsViking NonfoodNonfood
12167Rheingau Riesling Feinherb, Quality wine dry 0,75 Ltr. 11% #5637 R.WeilWhite wineCanteen
20715Rhonéa Cotes du Rhone Legende des Toques 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
06134Rhubarb frozenFruit TKTK
18463Rhubarb Strawberry slice 2400g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
06108Rhubarb, freshFruit, freshFresh
17762Rib Eye Steak 250g frozenBeefTK
21411Rib steak sausage 20x100g (Kg)Roast/sausagesNullraum
03010Ricard 1 Ltr. 45%APPERITIFCanteen
00748Rice noodles 5Kg RisoNoodles dryProvisions
18899Rice Noodles 5mm 400gNoodles dryProvisions
09804Rice Starch Hoffmann 2 KgWashing powderNonfood
21260Rice vinegar 610mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
09971Ricecracker bar mix 4x500gPastries / CrackersProvisions
08396Ricecracker round, baked, barbecue 300gPastries / CrackersProvisions
08397Ricecracker round, baked, chili 300gPastries / CrackersProvisions
08398Ricecracker round, baked, natur 300gPastries / CrackersProvisions
21657Ricefield rice paper, round, 22cm 300gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
21144Ricenoodles 3mm, 400g ThailandNoodles dryProvisions
13263Ricoh Toner MP 2501E blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21008Ricoh Toner MP301 (MP301 E) black 841711TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21509Ricossa Barbera d‘Asti DOCG 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
04840Riegelein Chocolate cupped eggs 50pcs/tinHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
06149Riegelein Christmas mixed bag 16x150gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04471Riegelein Easterhare 150gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04473Riegelein Eastermixbag 20x100gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
06705Riegelein Gold rabbits 80x5gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
21467Riegelein good-luck-pigs 18x40gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
20427Riegelein Ladybugs 12,5gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04845Riegelein Longeared Hare 24x12gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
19218Riegelein Longeared Hare 40x32gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04475Riegelein Longeared Hare Hansi 20x30gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
18175Riegelein Longeared Hare Hansi 6x30gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
19735Riegelein Poults 80 x 5gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
12398Riegelein Relief Santa Claus 70x7,5g/tinHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
20425Riegelein Santa Claus 11x25g Tn.HOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04846Riegelein Sitzhase 15x150gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
04398Riegelein Smiling Hare Pair 35x60gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
13677Riegelein Smiling Hare Pair 48x60gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
14217Riegelein Solid Easterhare 70x7,5gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
06027Riemerschmid Banana Syrup 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
20549Riemerschmid Bar Eldersyrup 0,7lB A R-S I R U PCanteen
06780Riemerschmid Bar Syrup Coconut 0,7LB A R-S I R U PCanteen
06827Riemerschmid Bar Syrup Lime 0,7LB A R-S I R U PCanteen
06824Riemerschmid Bar syrup Strawberry 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
20548Riemerschmid Barsyrup peppermint 0,7lB A R-S I R U PCanteen
02925Riemerschmid Blue Curacao 0,7 Ltr.B A R-S I R U PCanteen
06797Riemerschmid pomegranate bar syrup 0,7 LtrB A R-S I R U PCanteen
06793Riemerschmid Syrup Almdond 0,7lB A R-S I R U PCanteen
06718Riemerschmid Syrup Cranberry 0,7LB A R-S I R U PCanteen
11084Riemerschmid Syrup mango 0,7LB A R-S I R U PCanteen
06798Riemerschmid Syrup Passion Fruit 0,7LB A R-S I R U PCanteen
13113Riesling "R"" August Kesseler Rheingau/dtsch. 0,75 Ltr * 10,5%"White wineCanteen
13131Riesling "Rote Hang"" Edition zwei Huegel Raddeck 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% *"White wineCanteen
13439Riesling Smaragd Steinertal 0,75 Ltr. * 13,5%White wineCanteen
04049Riga Black Balsam Classic 0,5 Ltr. 45%LiqueursCanteen
01799Rilan Clean 500 ml 9050570EcolabNonfood
18695Rinat. Spelt Bio 500gFlour / flour mixProvisions
12236Rind Flank Steak Poland Bavette frozenBeefTK
21155Rinden-tray 60 x 30cmViking NonfoodNonfood
12412Ring folder standard A4 8cm flatslope, strengthened, blackOffice suppliesNonfood
12413Ring folder standard A4, 5cm flatscope, strengthened, blackOffice suppliesNonfood
24821Rings Roter Satz dry 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
11014Rinse aid Eloma Multi Clean 10 ltr.Cleaner DiversNonfood
19395Rinza Cleaning Pills 120pcs/pakDecalcifierNonfood
24711Riondo Castelforte Amarone de la Valpolicella 0,75 Ltr 15%R O T W E I NCanteen
21424Riondo Collezione Garda Spumante 0,75 Ltr 11,5%ChampagneCanteen
12909Ripe tomatoes (sliceable)Fresh vegetablesFresh
02497Riso Master Roll SF5350 A3 (S-6948E), 2x220 pcs.TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
00791Risotto-Rice (Aborium) 5 kg (kg)RiceProvisions
07471Ritter Sport 100g HazelnutSweetsProvisions
07477Ritter Sport 100g MarcipaneSweetsProvisions
07479Ritter Sport 100g MilkSweetsProvisions
06022Ritter Sport Minituare 9ea 150gSweetsProvisions
20953RITUALS HAMMAM Hair&Body Shampoo 6x300ml, Eucalyptus & Rosemary BHBT300HAM-N-2SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20970RITUALS HAMMAM Hair&Body Shampoo, Refill 6x1 Ltr. Eucalyptus & Rosemary BHBT001HAM-N-1SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
01657Ritz Cracker 12 x 200gPastries / CrackersProvisions
13515Rivella blue 24/0,33 Ltr. MWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
13514Rivella red 24/0,33 Ltr. MWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
20093River Guide "Rhine"" Amsterdam-Basel"Viking NonfoodNonfood
20892River Guide "Rhine"" Main-Danube"Viking NonfoodNonfood
20094River Guide "Rhone&Saone"" Dijon-Camarque"Viking NonfoodNonfood
20095River Guide "Seine"" Paris-Le Havre"Viking NonfoodNonfood
18720River map Bordeaux,Garonel,DordogneViking NonfoodNonfood
18719River map BudapestViking NonfoodNonfood
21178River Map Elbe 100 pcs./ packViking NonfoodNonfood
21173River Map Rhine - Amsterdam to Basel 100 pcs./ packViking NonfoodNonfood
20092River Map Rhine and MoselleViking NonfoodNonfood
20090River Map Rhine- Amsterdam to BaselViking NonfoodNonfood
20091River Map Rhone/SaoneViking NonfoodNonfood
20893River Map SeineViking NonfoodNonfood
09292Road salt 50 KgMiscellaneousNonfood
00319Roast pork with crust raw with skin ca. 4 Kg (Kg)PorkTK
11972Roast pork with honey Tulip ca. 2350 (kg)Finished productsTKTK
13164Roast turkey roll thigh -TK-PoultryTK
00096Roastbeef Arg. ca. 4,0KgBeefTK
20891Roastbeef Argentinien, Grainfeed, vac. Kg (kg)BeefTK
18954Roastbeef without chain frozenBeefTK
13235Roastbeef without chain Uruguay Grain Fed 3,2 - 3,8 Kg frozenBeefTK
21231Roastbeef without chain, Argentina 3,5 - 4 kg frozen GrainfedBeefTK
21232Roastbeef without chain, Argentina 4 - 5 kg frozen GrainfedBeefTK
17697Roasted coffee beans 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
00187Roasted Cold Cut, italian Type ca. 2,9 kg (kg)SausagesFresh
00293Roasted Cold Cuts ca. 2 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
13819Roasting on roll 450mm x 100 lfmSLIDE/BACKPAP.Nonfood
24729Robert Charton Blanc de Blancs 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
21556Rocca Alata Ripasso Valpolicella 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
08040Rock Candy white 500gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
01045Rock Fish Soup 3lFinishedProvisions
05878Rocket Salad-RucolaSaladsFresh
20911Rockslide Brownie 1792g 4x16 Stk/KrtMini - CakeTK
12183Rödelseer Schloßberg, Müller-Thurgau, dry 0,75 Ltr. 12% #2550White wineCanteen
20934Rodenbach Grand Cru 24x0,33 Ltr. OW Grad Plato: 14° Alc.: 6,0%Beer / BottleCanteen
19217Rodenbach Grand Cru 12x0,75 Ltr. OW Grad Plato.: 14° Alc.: 6%Beer / BottleCanteen
02411Rolled ham ca. 750gSausagesNullraum
19883Rolled ham ca. 750g MunzertSausagesNullraum
00349Rolled Ham Filet smoked ca. 700g (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
00252Rolled Herring 3 ltr.Canned fishNullraum
00254Rolled Herring 500gCanned fishNullraum
00193Rolled Herring skinless 3 Ltr.Canned fishNullraum
07364Rolls Gluten free 350g -TK-Lact/Gluten-freeTK
06590Rolls with Poppy Seed 40x60g/box -frozen- EDNA 66Brötch/Croiss.TK
06595Rolls with sesam seeds 40x60g/box -frozen- EDNA 67Brötch/Croiss.TK
21304Romanesco 35-50mm Oerlemans frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
07837Romanesco fresh, -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
01215Romanesco Roses, frozen 35/50 -TK 2,5Kg/KgFrozen vegetablesTK
16686Ron Rotucal Exclusiv 12 Years 40% 0,7 Ltr.RumCanteen
02231Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Rum 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02118Ron Zacapa Centenario XO 0,7 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
24784Ronnefeldt "My Earl Grey Break"" Teacapsules 10x3g"Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
20684Ronnefeldt Assam Tea 25 St. a 1,5 gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
14792Ronnefeldt Breakfast Tee 25 pcs a 1,5 gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
12244Ronnefeldt Camomille Tea 25 pcs a 1,5 gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
19339Ronnefeldt classic green Tea 25 Stk a 1,5gr.TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
12239Ronnefeldt Decaff.Tea 25 Stk a 1,5gr.TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
12240Ronnefeldt Earl Grey Tea 25 Stk a 1,5gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
12241Ronnefeldt Green Angel Tea 25 Stk a 1,5gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
20688Ronnefeldt Jasmine Tea 25 St. a 1,5 gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
20687Ronnefeldt Lemon Sky Tee 25 St. a 2 gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
01893Ronnefeldt loose Tea Peppermint 100gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
20685Ronnefeldt Mountain Herbs Bio Tea 25 St. a 1,5 gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
12243Ronnefeldt Peppermint Tea 25 Stk a 2,0 gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
12245Ronnefeldt Red Berries Tea 25 Stk a 2,5 gr.Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
19375Ronnefeldt Rooibos vanille Tea 25 pcs a 1,5 gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
12242Ronnefeldt Rose Hip Tea 25 Stk a 3gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
20689Ronnefeldt Sweet Ginger Tee 25 St. a 2 gr. TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
18856Ronnefeldt TeaboxPromotionalProvisions
18699Ronnefeldt Verbena Tee 25 Stk a 1,7gr.TeavelopeTea - Tea bagsProvisions
13194Rooibos Breakfast Tea 250g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
04681Rooibos Orange Tea Bags 25ea Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
20511Rooibos strawberry loose Julius Meinl 100gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
15071Room Care basket (plastic) 1207023 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
13369Room Care R10 Plus Pur - Eco 2x1,5 Ltr. 7519640 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
20180Room Service Breakfast Menu 400pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
17777Room-saving laundry bag set of 2 90x55cmMiscellaneousNonfood
12987Roomflavour Ipuro mental balance 240mlToiletriesNonfood
17637Roomflavour Ipuro pure silk 240mlToiletriesNonfood
05749Roomspray Airwick 300ml assortedToiletriesNonfood
05005Root Bread 24x300g Edna 1230Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
12484Rootb Bread mixedbox 4-fach assortet 12x350g/box -frozen- EDNA 1262Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
21479Rose bun 40 x 65g Edna 1687Brötch/Croiss.TK
14558Rose d`Anjou Le Chant du Moulin Demi Sec A.O.C 0,75 Ltr. 10% #0570R O S E W E I NCanteen
04682Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea Bags 25ea Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
05777Rosemary -bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
05164Rosemary grounded 400ccm/130g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
13487rosemary ham about 2 KgSausagesNullraum
05092Rosemary whole 1200ccm/400g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
05702Rosemary, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
01326Rosemary, sliced (kg)Spices / MushroomsProvisions
04234Roses Lime Juice 0,75 Ltr.Juices / FL.Canteen
14560Rosewine Zweigelt 0,75 Ltr. 11,5% #5706R O S E W E I NCanteen
21276Rosmary cut 1 kg WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
19202Rösti Aviko pre baked 2.5 kg / kg -TK-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
02296Rösti potatoes grated 2 kg, frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
19609Rösti Rolls 7 x 1,4 kg PEKAFresh vegetablesNullraum
20432Rothaus Exclusiv-Pokal 0,2 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
13513Rothaus Tannenzäpfle MW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 12,4% Alc.: 5,1Beer / BottleCanteen
12219Rotherbst Sanct Peter, finedry Rose 1 Ltr 10,5% #1080R O S E W E I NCanteen
01798Rothmann's InternationalCigarettesCanteen
01797Rothmans KSFCigarettesCanteen
20337Rothschild & Sicilia Macan Clasico 0,75Ltr. 14% *R O T W E I NCanteen
02801Rotkaeppchen Sparkling Wine half-dry 0,75 Ltr. 11,50%Sparkling wineCanteen
19660Rotspon Sact Peter Tafelwein lieblich 1 Ltr. 10,5% #1030R O T W E I NCanteen
01059Rouille Fisherman’s mayonnaise 500gMayo / RemouladeNullraum
11358Royal Club Bitter Lemon 24 tn/0,33 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
03813Royal Club Soda Tn. 24/0,33 Ltr.WATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
04109Royal Club Tonic 24 Tins / 0,33 Ltr. *LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
20131Royal Dutch beer OW 24x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 10,65° Alc.: 5,00%Beer / BottleCanteen
06638Royale -frozen-Egg - ProductsTK
13505Rraspberry Fruit Spread 850g MövenpickJam port.Provisions
06196Rubber Glove Size M Medical Vinyl 100eaHAND/SHOESNonfood
14683Rubber glove Texxor PVC 27cm acid-resistant, medium, red-brown, full coatedHAND/SHOESNonfood
13963Rubber Glove wo. Powder 100 pcs. Size L BingoldHAND/SHOESNonfood
13962Rubber Glove wo. Powder 100 pcs. Size M BingoldHAND/SHOESNonfood
13961Rubber Glove wo. Powder 100 pcs. Size S BingoldHAND/SHOESNonfood
13964Rubber Glove wo. Powder 100 pcs. Size XL BingoldHAND/SHOESNonfood
11280Rubber gloves , hammered size S "Women"" 100 pcs"HAND/SHOESNonfood
18743Rubber Gloves Marigold Size SHAND/SHOESNonfood
09519Rubber Gloves Medical Vinyl 100ea Size SHAND/SHOESNonfood
09489Rubber Gloves Medical Vinyl 100ea Size XLHAND/SHOESNonfood
09510Rubber Gloves Size LHAND/SHOESNonfood
09512Rubber Gloves Size L Medical Vinyl 100eaHAND/SHOESNonfood
09120Rubber Gloves Size MHAND/SHOESNonfood
09620Rubber Gloves Size S wo Powder Vinyl 100eaHAND/SHOESNonfood
09939Rubber Gloves Size XLHAND/SHOESNonfood
20821Rubber Gloves Vinyl Powder-free Size XL 100eaHAND/SHOESNonfood
07834Rucula fresh, -bunch-Fresh vegetablesFresh
20952Ruf Cake glaze clear 1 kgBaking ingredientsProvisions
19165RUF meal-mix pound gluten free 530gBaking ingredientsProvisions
09338Rule Plastic 30cm clear # 113099Office suppliesNonfood
00924Rum Essence 1 ltrEssences/ColoursProvisions
02218Rusk bread glutenfrei 175g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
18485Russian chocolate cheesecake 2000g EDNA 1827Cake/cake TKTK
02639Russky Standard Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
06493Rye Mix Bread 6x500g/box -frozen- EDNA 659Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
15553Rye Mix Bread sliced 12x750g EDNA 669Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
00836Rye Rolls 100x60g/box -frozen- EDNA 6Brötch/Croiss.TK
18837S - Mixed box "Bio Sweet Temptation"" gluten free 1.26 Kg / box"Pastries / CrackersProvisions
24823Sacchetto La Cortigiana Merlot Veneto IGT 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
18563Sacher Cake 1100g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
01017Sacher Cake 50x20g, frozen, TeufnerCake/cake TKTK
02256Sacher Cake Patisserie Walter 96pcs/boxCake/cake TKTK
18796Sacher Sheet Cake 48pcs. 3200g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18453Sachertorte 28cm 1500g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
24764Sachertorten Coating 15 kgBaking ingredientsProvisions
03009Safari African Drink 1 Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
11881Safetyscraper with blade 4 cm UngerVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
10749Saffron filament 4 x 1g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
10750Saffron, powdered 4 x 1g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
21151Safr. Boiling salt rough 1kg (1,25mm-2,5mm)SaltProvisions
01156Safran Powder 0,1gSpices / MushroomsProvisions
05169Sage cut 400ccm/50g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
06273Sage, fresh -Bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
10979Sage, fresh -Kg-Spices / FreshFresh
13914Sagiang Kroepock 200gPastries / CrackersProvisions
10981Sagrotan all purpose cleanerALLZWECKREINIGERNonfood
09525Sagrotan Spray 250mlCleaner DiversNonfood
02243Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum 1 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
02710Saint Emilion 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
19911Saint Joseph rouge 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
12223Saint Philippe Les Begonias, Fra. Cuvee Reservee Rouge 1 Ltr 13,5% #3993R O T W E I NCanteen
24840Saison d'Erpe Mere 12x0,75L EW Grad Plato: 14% Alc.: 6,9%Beer / BottleCanteen
08795Salad "Lollo Bianco"""SaladsFresh
10941Salad Dressing garlic 5 LtrSeasoning sauceNullraum
01452Salad Dressing Kuehne 500mlSeasoning sauceNullraum
01453Salad Dressing Yoghurt 1 Ltr.Seasoning sauceNullraum
08826Salad Lollo RossoSaladsFresh
19383Salad MesclunSaladsFresh
07937Salad with Gherkins norwegian Type 2650ml PaulsenSour Conserv.1/2Provisions
17987Salami Chili ca. 2 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
17988Salami green peppers ca. 2 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
00398Salami Hungarian original 1A PICK ca. 1,2 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
06546Salami Milano Coati ca. 1,3 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
21520Salami Milano ORO ca. 3,4 Kg BerettaSmoked sausageNullraum
17989Salami mustard seed ca. 2 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
00413Salami Piementa, Spain ca. 2,4 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
00548Salami White ca. 2 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
05872Salami with Parmesan ca. 1,8 Kg (Kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
12646Salami with Parmesan ca. 1,8 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
17973Salami with Peppers ca. 2 kg (kg) MunzertSmoked sausageNullraum
08295Salami, spanish Chorizo "Gran Vela"" ca. 1,2 kg (kg)"Smoked sausageNullraum
20414Salinis Pretzel 20 x 60g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
07654Salitos EW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 14,7 ° Alc: 5,9%Beer / BottleCanteen
20475Salmon 150-170g portion frozenFresh fish&TKTK
00228Salmon 3-4 with HeadFresh fish&TKTK
20625Salmon Canneloni 40x180g SeubertFinished productsTKTK
06294Salmon Filet Vacumated 1,0 - 1,2 Kg (Kg), IQF, PBOFresh fish&TKTK
18923Salmon hot smoked ca. 2 Kg, IQF (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
12267Salmon Norwegian 3-4Kg Head on (Kg) *Fresh fish&TKTK
20121Salmon patty premium Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
00227Salmon Smoked, sliced ca. 1 kg, IQF, PBOFresh fish&TKTK
11533Salmon sushi qualityFresh fish&TKFresh
07210Salmon trout filet with skin 140-170g, IQF, PBO (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
20889Salmonfilet Chile, skin on Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
02482Salomon Sunny Veggie Burger 130g 2,6kg/krt TKFinished productsTKTK
08036Salsify 2650ml/2495g Bonduelleem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
06334Salt Course Italian 1 KgSaltProvisions
08427Salt Dill Gherkins 720ml KuehneSour Conserv.1/2Provisions
09036Salt for Dishwashingmashine 1,2 KgSPÜLMASCHINEN REINIGNonfood
01331Salt in Bag 25 kg/kg 1SP010SaltProvisions
01330Salt in Port. 2000x1g bagSaltProvisions
20054Salted almonds 125gPastries / CrackersProvisions
11807Salted Pretzels 18 x 250gPastries / CrackersProvisions
06494Salted Rolls Assorted 180x45g/box -frozen- EDNA 1068Brötch/Croiss.TK
20494Saltletts Mini Brezel 150gPastries / CrackersProvisions
06729Sambal manis 1 Ltr. KnorrSeasoning sauceProvisions
12899Sambal Nasi Goreng "Königsvogel"" 360g"Seasoning sauceProvisions
21019Sambal Oelek, very hot, 750g, DiamondSeasoning sauceProvisions
15164Sambal Olek 360gSeasoning sauceProvisions
21459Sambal Olek 360g ROYAL ORIENTAsia FoodProvisions
03111Sambuca 'Molinari' 1 Ltr. 42%LiqueursCanteen
05044Samosa vegetarian Pastrybag 160 x ca 16g (2560g/Pkt.)Finished productsTKTK
15095Sample containers 38x64mm with screw caps 600StkVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18038Samueal Smith Organic Pale Ale OW 24/0,355 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 12° Alc: 5% *Beer / BottleCanteen
24839Samuel Smith Imperial Stout 24x0,355L EW Grad Plato.: 18° Alc.: 7%Beer / BottleCanteen
17744San Benedetto glasses 0,2 ltr.PromotionalCanteen
21489San Miguel Especial Beer 24x0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 13° Alc.: 5,40%Beer / CansCanteen
19486San Pellegrino 24 x 0,25 ltr. OWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
20345Sancerre Blanc Guy Saget 0,75Ltr. 12,5% *White wineCanteen
03023Sandeman Fine Ruby 1 Ltr. 19,5%Liqueur wineCanteen
03031Sandeman Fine Tawny 1 Ltr. 19,5%Liqueur wineCanteen
03022Sandeman Fine White 1 Ltr. 19,5%Liqueur wineCanteen
03024Sandeman Medium Dry 1 Ltr. 15%S H E R R YCanteen
19086Sandwich Rye Toast 6x750g slicedBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
10642Sandwich Rye Toast 7x750gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
19085Sandwich Toast 6x750g slicedBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
08281Sandwich Toast 7x750g slicedBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
13824Sandwich tray with lid 185x65x85mm 1000er *MiscellaneousNonfood
01805Sani-Cloth Active 200 wipes 3051080EcolabNonfood
08974Sanitary Cleaner Sun Derku 10 Ltr.SANITARY REINIGERNonfood
09820Sanitation Bags 25pkg. a 30 Pcs (Plastic) 12µToiletriesNonfood
19567Sans Souci Glasses 0,2 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
18845Sans Souci trays, small ovalPromotionalCanteen
18844Sans Souci water without Gas 12 x 0.75ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
11827Santa Clause 36x25g RiegeleinHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
21554Santa Margherita Cuvee di Cabernet Veneto 0,75 Ltr 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
00243Sardines in Oil 125gCanned fishNullraum
13183Sarotti Chocolate Liqueur 0,5 l 15%LiqueursCanteen
17923Sauce Bolognese 3 KgFinishedTK
05632Sauce for Poultry 1 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
20148Sauce Fungi pastös 1,35 Kg HügliSeasoning sauceProvisions
02267Sauce Tartar 3 KgSeasoning sauceNullraum
01448Sauce Texicana Salsa 500mlSeasoning sauceNullraum
01540Saucepowder ChocolatePudding PowderProvisions
13632Saucepowder Vanilla cold hittingPudding PowderProvisions
20804Sauerbraten with hearty Sauße Kg (kg)BeefNullraum
01128Sauerkraut 10 KgSour Conserv.3/1Provisions
02396Sausage 10x100gRoast/sausagesNullraum
12653Sausage 10x100g MunzertRoast/sausagesNullraum
02409Sausage coarse ca. 0,8 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
17983Sausage coarse ca. 0,8 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
07570Sausage in Jars 160g LiversausageSausage canned foodFresh
18859Sausage in pig intestines 10x70gRoast/sausagesNullraum
08997Sausageband 2-Colours 100m (80030)VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
17984Sausages fine ca. 0,8 Kg (Kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
18860Sausages Krakauer type 10x70gRoast/sausagesNullraum
19930Sauternes Chateau Bastor-Lamontagne Blanc 0,5 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
13104Sauvignon Blanc "Pfandturm"" Dr. Koehler Rheinhessen 0,75 Ltr. * 12%"White wineCanteen
11884Sauvignon Blanc 0,75 Ltr. Amy Wine 13,5%*White wineCanteen
12775Sauvignon Blanc 0,75 Ltr. 12% Brogsitter # 3170White wineCanteen
19944Sauvignon Tüzkö blanc 0,75 ltr 13%White wineCanteen
24725Sauvion Haut-Poitou 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
15234Sauza Tequila Silver 38% 1LT E Q U I L ACanteen
21697Sauza Tequila Silver 40% 1LT E Q U I L ACanteen
20966Savory 400g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
20482Savory chopped 1200ml/200g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
05066Savory ground 1200ccm KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
06093Savoy Cabbage, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
01220Savoy Cabbage, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
20628Savoy roulade cooked&tanned 30x210g Karl KemperFinished productsTKTK
19743Scallops-Meat 200/300 USA (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
12081Scarlet runner beans cooked 2650ml/2650gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
21041Scavi & Ray Hugo 0,75 Ltr. 6%Sparkling wineCanteen
13133Scheurebe Kabinett Dr. Koehler 0,75 Ltr. * 9,5%White wineCanteen
18895Schieber Szekszárdi Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 Ltr. 13,5% *R O T W E I NCanteen
03014Schinkenhaeger 1 Ltr. 38% B46FRUIT FIRESCanteen
20423Schinkenspicker fine 8 x 80gSausagesNullraum
19917Schistes d'Agrumes blanc 0,75 ltr 14%White wineCanteen
03028Schladerer Cherryspirit 0,7 Ltr. 42%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
03039Schladerer Raspberry Spirit 0,7 Ltr. 42%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
02983Schladerer Williamspears 0,7L 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
21428Schloß Wachenheim Light Live non-alcoholic sparkling wine 0,75 LtrSparkling wineCanteen
19591Schloss Johannisberger Riesling Gelblack dry 0,75 Ltr. 12%White wineCanteen
21528Schloss Prochwitz Dornfelder Barrique 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
12179Schloss Proschwitz Elbing, trocken Prinz zur Lippe 0,75 LTR 11,5%White wineCanteen
12180Schloss Proschwitz Goldriesling, dry 0,75 LTR 11,5%White wineCanteen
24812Schloss Reinhartshausen Rheingau Riesling fine-grained 0,75Ltr. 10%White wineCanteen
20361Schloss Vollrads Riesling Alte Reben trocken 0,75 Ltr. 13% *White wineCanteen
20362Schloss Vollrads Riesling Auslese 0,375 Ltr. 7,5% *White wineCanteen
21427Schloss Wachenheim Aequor Sparkling wine 0,75 Ltr 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
18404Schlumberger White Secco 0,75 Ltr Alc.: 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
21508Schnaitmann Evoé! Rot 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
02982Schnaps Cherry Specht 1 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
03033Schnaps Forest Raspberry Specht 1 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
21418Schneekloth Rotspon Lieblich 0,75 Ltr 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
20203Schnefrost Semmelknödel 35g 2,5Kg TKKartoff/NoodleTKTK
19794Schoko cream slice 350g gluten and lactose free ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
20426Schulte cinnamon stars 2,9kgHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
18235Schulte Vanilla Crescents 1,8 KgPastries / CrackersProvisions
05763Schupfnudeln, frozen BuergerKartoff/NoodleTKTK
01691Schwartau Apricot Jam 340g ExtraJam port.Provisions
06472Schwartau Blueberry Jam extra 340gJam port.Provisions
10717Schwartau Cherry jam 340gJam port.Provisions
01688Schwartau Jam Strawberry Taste 340gJam port.Provisions
01692Schwartau Orange Jam 340gJam port.Provisions
10718Schwartau Pineapple jam 340gJam port.Provisions
08529Schwartau Plum Butter 350g 1JA185Jam port.Provisions
10663Schwartau Raspberry jam 340gJam port.Provisions
21412Schwarzwaldhof Landjäger 160gSausagesNullraum
21490Schwechater Zwickl Beer 20x0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 12° Alc.: 5,4%Beer / CansCanteen
06046Schweppes Bitter Lem.24btl/0,2Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
06613Schweppes Bitter Lemon 6 x 1 Ltr. MWLIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
06044Schweppes Ginger Ale 24btl/0,20Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
07525Schweppes Ginger Ale MW 6x1LtrLIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
01070Schweppes Indian Tonic Zero 6x1,25 Ltr. PETLIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
13930Schweppes Tonic Water (diet) 24btl/0,2Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
06045Schweppes Tonic Water 24btl/0,2Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
06601Schweppes Tonic Water 6 x 1 Ltr. MWLIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
17962Scones Greens mix flour 280gFlour / flour mixProvisions
02498Scoring pad 200 x 150 x 7 mm, greenTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
09154Scotch Britt, 3Pcs.TÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
06230Scotch Tape Clear 10 Rolls 10mx15mm # 8310Office suppliesNonfood
05042Scotch Tape transparent 66m/50mmOffice suppliesNonfood
09449Scotch Tape, Brown 66m/50mmOffice suppliesNonfood
02113Scottish Royal, Finest Blended 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
06197Scouring Cloth 35x35TÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
16139Scouring Powder 1000gALLZWECKREINIGERNonfood
08104Scouring Salt 1 KgBleachNonfood
09847Scouring Salt 5 KgBleachNonfood
21236Scouring sponge yellow-green 7x9,5cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
05033Screencleaning cloth soaked 100ea # 23003TÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
07390Scroggin Ueltje 20x50g *Nuts / SeedsProvisions
00261Sea Bass with skin 80/120g, IQF, PBIFresh fish&TKTK
06297Sea fruit mixed, cooked frozenFresh fish&TKTK
20756Sea fruit mixed, cooked frozen (Viking)Fresh fish&TKTK
00266Sea SalmonFresh fish&TKTK
00267Sea Salmon slicecd, 1000gCanned fishNullraum
17629Sea weed marinated Wakame 1 kgFrozen vegetablesTK
02096Seagrams V.O. 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
19623Seasoning Sauce Maggi 200gSeasoning sauceProvisions
01368Seasoning Spices 900g MaggiKnorr / MaggiProvisions
20438Sebamed Body Lotion,30 x 50 mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20439Sebamed Every-Day-Shampoo, 30 x 50 mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20437Sebamed Hand Lotion, 30 x 50 mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20436Sebamed Wellness-Dusche, 30 x 50 mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
11069Sebo DUO-P cleaningpowderr 10 x 500gCleaner DiversNonfood
11070Sebo DUO-P filterbags 10 pcs 5093ER /Windsor Sensor XP 12, 15, 18Cleaner DiversNonfood
19439Sebo DUO-P filterbags 10 pcs 7029ERCleaner DiversNonfood
20717Secret de la Vigneronne 0,5 Ltr. 14%White wineCanteen
20591Seedlip - Garden 108 0,7 Ltr. 0,0%G I NCanteen
20592Seedlip - Spice 94 0,7 Ltr. 0,0%G I NCanteen
18731Seife 20g 400x20g/Krt. Classic RESP020ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
24735Seigneurie de Murviel Languedoc-Roussillon Rouge 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
20649Seigneurs d'Aiguilhe rouge 0,75 Ltr 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
06350Semolina 500g, softNutritional agentsProvisions
00740Semolina Ground 1WH070Nutritional agentsProvisions
20139Sempé Armagnac V.S.O.P 0,7 Ltr. 40%BrandyCanteen
19867Sempio buckwheat noodles (soba) 300gNoodles dryProvisions
11924Senseo Café Latte 8 pcs/94gRoasted coffeeProvisions
10582Senseo classic 16 Pads/111gRoasted coffeeProvisions
10668Senseo Pads Decaf 16pcsRoasted coffeeProvisions
01929Serrano ham 500gSmoked sausageNullraum
21045Service fee Viking project (Nespresso)Pledge moneyProvisions
00487Sesame Oil 500mlOIL / FatProvisions
00403Sesame oil 500ml KotanyiOIL / FatProvisions
19679Sesame Paste 300gAsia FoodProvisions
24743Sesame peeled 2,5 Kg/bagNuts / SeedsProvisions
00927Sesame Seed nature 2,5Kg (Kg) 1HE090Nuts / SeedsProvisions
07773Sesame Seeds black 454gNuts / SeedsProvisions
17934Sesame Seeds nature 1000gNuts / SeedsProvisions
05459Seven Up 24 tin/0,33 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
20391Sewing KitViking NonfoodNonfood
18725Sewing Kit 250ea HKNE002-100200-8ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
18974Sewing Kit Hydro Basics 250ea HKNE002ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
14273Sewing Kit Neutral 200 St./Krt. 98BBACSEWNT2SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
18083Sewing Kit Neutral CL-HKNE000-100320-3ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
15133Sewing Kit Uniworld Boutique 500pcs HKNE002-147233 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
01916Sewing kit, mini with 34-PartsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19812Sewing set 500 pcs / box SWLO004COM-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
13071Sewingset, smal box with 210-UnitsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19544SF Apex Rinse N 1,1 Kg 9087170EcolabNonfood
19543SF Apex Ultra NC 3 Kg 9087550EcolabNonfood
19556SF Carpet A Teppichfleckentferner 500ml 3005780EcolabNonfood
17137SF Chromol Edelstahlpolitur 6x500ml 9029390EcolabNonfood
19533SF Clear Dry Classic Klarspüler 5 Ltr. 9013660 *EcolabNonfood
19534SF Click Allzweckreiniger 5 Ltr. 9007230EcolabNonfood
19562SF Copper Shine Special 500ml 9042750EcolabNonfood
19535SF Dip-It Plus Geschirrtauchreiniger (Pulver) 2,4 Kg 9036740EcolabNonfood
17106SF Dishguard Handspülmittel 2x5 Ltr. Kanne 9017260EcolabNonfood
13408SF Eco Bac disinfectant wipes 6x150 pcs/boxEcolabNonfood
17142SF Ecobrite Conditioner Komplexbuildner 22 Ltr. 9040680 *EcolabNonfood
17122SF Ecobrite Emulsion Magic Flüssigwaschmittel 25Kg 9076840 *EcolabNonfood
17124SF Ecobrite Oxy Bleichmittel 20 Ltr. 9038180 *EcolabNonfood
17127SF Ecobrite Power Color Tensid Waschkraftverstärker 20 Kg 9040670EcolabNonfood
17126SF Ecobrite Softener Fresh Weichspüler 20 Kg 9027730 *EcolabNonfood
17112SF Epicare 3 Handseife 12x500ml 9063800EcolabNonfood
17197SF Epicare 7 12x500ml 9025570EcolabNonfood
17111SF Epicare Des Handdesinfektion 6x500ml 9054480EcolabNonfood
13119SF Freezer Cleaner Freezingcleaner 2x5 Ltr.EcolabNonfood
19536SF Greasecutter Plus Grillreiniger 5 Ltr. 9042690EcolabNonfood
17761SF Greaselift 6x750ml 9080580EcolabNonfood
14123SF Helios Brilliant Ceranfeldreiniger 6x500ml 9012640 HEB6EcolabNonfood
20644SF KitchenPro Des 2 Ltr. 9081990EcolabNonfood
19546SF KitchenPro DesSpecial 2 Ltr. 9079720 *EcolabNonfood
20486SF KitchenPro Floor 2 Ltr. 9081870 *EcolabNonfood
19547SF KitchenPro Greaselift 2 Ltr. 9079400EcolabNonfood
19545SF KitchenPro manual 2 Ltr. 9081910 *EcolabNonfood
13120SF Kristalin Bio Sanitary Cleaner 6x1 Ltr.EcolabNonfood
19168SF Laudamonium 2x2 ltr. 9078670EcolabNonfood
19537SF Lime-A-Way Extra Entkalker 5 Ltr. 9035260EcolabNonfood
19557SF Matrix Carpet B Teppichfleckentferner 500ml 3018350EcolabNonfood
17727SF Matrix Magic Maxx Bodenreiniger 12x1 Ltr. 3045460EcolabNonfood
19550SF Matrix Magic Maxx Bodenreiniger 5 Ltr. 3045440EcolabNonfood
19559SF Matrix Sigella Star 5 Ltr. 3028100EcolabNonfood
17208SF Maximum 2 Soap Dispenser 10000005EcolabNonfood
19561SF Mikro Quat Classic Desinfektionsreiniger 5 Ltr. 9044140EcolabNonfood
17125SF Noxa Liquid Stärke 20 Kg 1016280 *EcolabNonfood
21616SF Oasis Pro Acid Bath 2 Ltr. 9091780EcolabNonfood
21375SF Oasis Pro All Bath 2 Ltr. 9091800EcolabNonfood
01754SF Oasis Pro Glass 2 Ltr. 9091820EcolabNonfood
01250SF Oasis Pro MULTI 2 Ltr. 9091900EcolabNonfood
01796SF Oasis Pro Toilet 2 Ltr. 9091880EcolabNonfood
17114SF Oven Cleaner Power Reiniger f. Konvektomaten 4x5 Ltr. 9019640EcolabNonfood
17115SF Owen Rinse Power Klarspüler f. Konvektomaten 2x5 Ltr. 9021430EcolabNonfood
13118SF Polish-Cleaner f. Protec. & Care f. St. Steel 500mlEcolabNonfood
19555SF Pro Shine Holz-Möbelpolitur 500ml 3029990EcolabNonfood
19538SF Regain Fußbodenreiniger 5 Ltr. 9089510EcolabNonfood
19560SF Rilan 750ml 3024750EcolabNonfood
17176SF Sanichlor 6 x 160 pcs. 9065170EcolabNonfood
19539SF Sirafan Speed Flächendesinfektionsmittel 750ml 9033070EcolabNonfood
01907SF Solid Mega XL 4,5 Kg 9005880 *EcolabNonfood
19540SF Solid Power XL 4,5 Kg 9066570 *EcolabNonfood
19548SF Stain Blaster Multi Purpose 500ml 9085190EcolabNonfood
19549SF Stain Blaster Rust Remover 500ml 9085050EcolabNonfood
20059SF Star Glass 6 Ltr. 9005650EcolabNonfood
20060SF Star Rinse 6 Ltr. 9042230EcolabNonfood
17162SF Taxat Color 12,5 Kg 1104050EcolabNonfood
17121SF Taxat Color Waschpulver 20 Kg Sack 1104060EcolabNonfood
17211SF Taxat Future 20 Kg 1011430 *EcolabNonfood
19541SF Trump XL Special Maschinenspülmittel 5 Ltr. 9054810 *EcolabNonfood
02547Shake straws PLA "pure"" Ø 8 mm · 25 cm black 135 St/Pkt"DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
08876Shallots, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
18764Shampoo 100x80ml FREYJA 102699Viking NonfoodNonfood
18880Shampoo 200x40ml/Krt. Hermes HEHS040 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
09649Shampoo Hair & Body 30x300ml ADA PWBS300ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20959Shampoo Hair + Body 180x40 ml Classic ADA ROBS040ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20963Shampoo Hydro Basics 198x30ml FIHS030ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
18421Shampoo Sweet orange & cedar wood Oranic Argan Oil & Eucalyptus 365 x 30mlSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
13912Shampoo Verbena 192 x 30ml L'OccitaneSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
11261Shampoo Verbena 90 x 50ml L'Occitane 98BBSH050VE0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20810Shannon's Irish Cream 1 Ltr. 15%LiqueursCanteen
12388Sharp french Loaf bright 60pcs/boxBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
12389Sharp french Loaf dark 60pcs/boxBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
21060Sharp french loaf Rusticata with green olives 22x310g Edna 1036Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
19240Sharp. Buckwheat flour 500gFlour / flour mixProvisions
09352Sharpener 2 Hole Corona # 203Office suppliesNonfood
09045Sharpener Tin roundOffice suppliesNonfood
20390Shave KitViking NonfoodNonfood
06004Shaving foam Gilette 200mlToiletriesNonfood
20721Shaving set 200 pcs./box L'occitane 98BBACRASNT2CosmeticsNonfood
12087Shaving set Hydro Basics HKRS004-100200 100ea *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20285Shea butte face cream light 600x5ml/box. 98BBCL005KA0 L´Occitane *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20332Shea Butter hand cream 40x10ml/box 98BBMA010KA3 L´Occitane *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
14858Shea Butter lip stick 432x2ml/box 9BBL002KA16 L´Occitane *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
06862Sheep Cheese 16 Kg / BuckCheeseNullraum
20703Sheet Cake Mix 1 2180g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
20704Sheet Cake Mix 2 2145g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
09385Sheet for Plasticator dull A4 / 100ea 80myOffice suppliesNonfood
08118Sheet for Plastificator A3 / 100er # 90066Office suppliesNonfood
09383Sheet for Plastificator A4 / 100ea 80µOffice suppliesNonfood
05031Sheet for Plastificator A5/100pcs 125µOffice suppliesNonfood
05957Sheet Protector Perforated 100ea A4 # 21004Office suppliesNonfood
03029Sheridans Liqueur 1 Ltr. 15,5%LiqueursCanteen
03026Sherry Medium Dry Sack 1 Ltr. 19,5%S H E R R YCanteen
07872Sherry Vinegar 1,00 Ltr.Vinegar / LemonProvisions
10724Sherry vinegar 500ml WibergVinegar / LemonProvisions
19180Shiitake mushrooms 500g driedSpices / MushroomsProvisions
17823Ships along the river 300erViking NonfoodNonfood
13882Shirodashi 1,8 Ltr (condiments)Seasoning sauceProvisions
20187Shirt Board 250 pcs / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
18721Shirt Boards 600erViking NonfoodNonfood
20855Shish kebab skewers, stainless steel 38.5 cm, 4 pcs/PakVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19386Shiso Cress green -bowl-Spices / FreshFresh
19384Shiso Cress Mix -bowl-Spices / FreshFresh
19385Shiso Cress purple -bowl-Spices / FreshFresh
09942Shiso cress, fresh -Cup-Spices / FreshFresh
08388Shitake mushroomsFresh vegetablesFresh
14275Shoe Cleaning Mitt. Neutral 200 St./Krt. 98BBACGANNT1SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
19811Shoe cleaning sponge 500 pcs/ box SPLO004COM-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
18777Shoe Horns 50eaViking NonfoodNonfood
18776Shoe Mitt 50 pcs/pakViking NonfoodNonfood
17694Shoe polish sponge Pure Herbs 200ea HKSS006ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
02290Shoe Shine Hang TagViking NonfoodNonfood
14375Shoe sponge Hydro Basics 200er HKSS004-100200ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
14214Shoe sponge Uniworld Boutique 200 St. HKSS004-147233-5 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
09647Shoe sponge White & Black in cardboard 200 pcs / Krt. ACSS024ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
14976Shoe Spoon Classic 250 Pcs. / Box ALSL024-102120-5ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
12673Shoepolishset, blackCleaner DiversNonfood
17840Shopping bag bigViking NonfoodNonfood
21175Shopping bags, silver L 10 pcs./ bagViking NonfoodNonfood
21176Shopping bags, silver m 10 pcs./ BagViking NonfoodNonfood
21181Shopping bags, silver s 10 pcs./ BagViking NonfoodNonfood
17850Shorex card weiß 2000erViking NonfoodNonfood
18051Shortbread 165g Dr. SchärLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
19813Shower cap 500 pcs/ box SCLO004COM-N-1CosmeticsNonfood
18768Shower Cap 500er FREYJA 102703Viking NonfoodNonfood
14372Shower Cap Hydro Basics 200ea HKDH009-100200ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
14272Shower Cap Neutral 200 St./Krt. 98BBACBONNT2CosmeticsNonfood
14211Shower Cap Uniworld Boutique HKDH009 200pcs *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20958Shower Gel 180x40 ml Classic ADA RODG040ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
20962Shower Gel Hydro Basics 198x30ml FIDG030ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
18422Shower Gel Sunrise Sweet Orange & Cedar 365 x 30mlSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
13900Shower Gel Verbena 192 x 30ml L'OccitaneSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
11259Shower Gel Verbena 90 x 50ml L'Occitane 98BBGD050VE0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
13033Showercap Pure Herbs 250ea PH-HKDH 012ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
18879Showergel 200x40ml/Krt. Hermes HEDG040 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
06776Shrimp Skewers 100g (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
07788Shrimps Pacific cooked 200/300 pcs/lbs (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
20880Shrimps pink peeled 500-800, 20% glace Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
20884Shrimps pinkpeeled 300-500g, 20% glace Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
14655Shrimps raw peeled 13/15 / KgFresh fish&TKTK
12571Shrinkcasing clear, at the top open, 31x60 cmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
04464Sidol Steal & Ceran Cleaner 500mlMETAL POLISHNonfood
24385Sierrra Margerita Tin 24x0,33 Ltr. 4,9%LiqueursCanteen
19701Sieuw Maai 10x960gAsia FoodTK
00172Sild in Tins 90gCanned fishNullraum
17854Silk paper 1580erViking NonfoodNonfood
18997Silken tofu nature typhoon 400gNutritional agentsNullraum
03734Silvaner Fuerst Loewenstein 0,75 Ltr. 12% *White wineCanteen
13103Silvaner Winzer Sommerach Franc./dtsch. 0,75 Ltr 12% *White wineCanteen
13199Silver Needle Tea 100g Newby *Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
09313Silvercleaner 1 Ltr. CupMETAL POLISHNonfood
07760Silverskin Onions -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
00987Silverskin Onions 2650ml (2400g)Sour Conserv.3/1Provisions
08684Silverskin Onions 370mlSour Conserv.1/2Provisions
14540Singing Grüner Veltliner Laurenz und Sophie, trocken 0,75 Ltr. 12% #9075White wineCanteen
13746Single bracket dispenser 98BBSUSIMAN3 *VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
06803Skewer Wood 20cm 1000Pcs/PackageVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20883Skrei Cod loins Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
02643Sky Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
18817Sliced Bread dark 400g glutenfreeLact/Gluten-freeTK
18816Sliced Bread pithy 400g glutenfreeLact/Gluten-freeTK
19967Slip sole pan ready Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
19371Slipper TORNADO Frottee-Slipper open VIKING 100ea SLTO 511-1000051Viking NonfoodNonfood
02958Slivovitz, Badel 1 Ltr. 40% A38FRUIT FIRESCanteen
14480Small Hill Red, Pinot Noir, 0,75 Ltr. 13% #4129R O T W E I NCanteen
00770Smashed Potatoes 4 kg 1WH075 PfanniNutritional agentsProvisions
02678Smirnoff blue 1 Ltr. 50%W O D K ACanteen
02674Smirnoff red 0,5 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02677Smirnoff red 1 Ltr. 37,5%W O D K ACanteen
02673Smirnoff red 3 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
21643Smirnoff red 3 Ltr. 37,5%W O D K ACanteen
00123Smoked Bacon ca. 2 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
04194Smoked Bacon, cubedSausagesNullraum
00335Smoked Cold Cuts ca. 2,2 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
08294Smoked Cottage Ham, Kappe ca. 2,5 kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
00249Smoked Eel, vaccuum 300g-350g 1TF010Fresh fish&TKTK
20771Smoked HaddockFresh fish&TKTK
00405Smoked Ham "Black Forrest Type"" ca. 1,2 kg (kg)"Smoked sausageNullraum
12651Smoked Ham "Black Forrest Type"" ca. 2,2 kg (kg) Munzert"Smoked sausageNullraum
18698Smoked Ham "Black Forrest Type"" ca.2 kg (kg) Wein"Smoked sausageNullraum
00404Smoked Ham "Black Nut"" ca. 2 kg (kg)"Smoked sausageNullraum
12577Smoked herring filet natureFresh fish&TKTK
19186Smoked pork assortment 4-times ca. 1,8 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
07304Smoked Pork Pate "Ruegenwaelder"" 625g (kg)"SausagesNullraum
00074Smoked porkneck with bone 1MP006PorkTK
02399Smoked Sausage "Landjaeger"" Original 8x50g/pak Stöckle (kg)"Smoked sausageNullraum
06423Smoked Sausage "Landjaeger"" Original ca. 800g/pak (kg)"Smoked sausageNullraum
00303Smoked Sausage Cabanossi 10x90g (Kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
07954Smoked Sausage UNOX 285gSmoked sausageNullraum
01824Smoked sausage, frozen (Kg)Smoked sausageTK
18936Smokehouse Ribs cooked in barbecue sauce 1,2 kg/bag VikingFinished productsTKTK
18821Snack bag of newspaper 1000pcs / PakVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
02461Snack sauce Cucumber Relish 875 mlKetch./Searett.Provisions
04414Snickers 20 Pcs /402gSweetsProvisions
08021Snickers 24pcs *SweetsProvisions
19114Snow crab meat 40/60 Chile Kg (kg), IQF TKFresh fish&TKTK
09561Soap 10 Ltr.SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
18767Soap 200x50g FREYJA 102763Viking NonfoodNonfood
19972Soap bins green / blueVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18973Soap Hydro Basics 200x50g RESS050-100200ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
09654Soap Pure Herbs in Softbag 150x50gADA PRODUCTSNonfood
19370Soap-dispenser clivia classic 55 whtite 550mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
11024Soap-dispenser UNI 10, 1000mlVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
10715Soda machine *VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09478Sodium Hydrochloride 20 Ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
05823Soft Cake Griesson 300gPastries / CrackersProvisions
12090Soft Care Des E 6 x 800ml 7516134 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
11558Soft Care Des E Spray 2 x 5 Ltr. 100860440 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
02367Soft Care Des E Spray H5 1Ltr.DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09634Soft Care Man Soapdispenser 7Y3030 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
19270Soft Care Sensisept H34/35 6x800ml 100854162 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
12062Soft hot-dog-buns 128 x 50gBrötch/Croiss.TK
09588Softcare/Lever Lux 2in1 H68 28x300ml 6966700DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
08004Soja Rice Drink 1 Ltr. lactosefreeLact/Gluten-freeNullraum
04029Solberrry 1 Ltr. 19,5%LiqueursCanteen
18976Sole filet skinless 100-120 g 10% glazeFresh fish&TKTK
14730Solena Vollkornbrot 250g Dr. SchärBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
00997Solstis Noir Half Chocolate Bowl 9,6g 45/boxValrhona ChocolateProvisions
21354Somersby Apple Cider 24x0,33 Ltr. Cans OWCiderCanteen
03954Soproni Cuvee 0,5 Ltr. 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
07718Sorrel fresh, -bunch-Fresh vegetablesFresh
24777Sosa Soy Lecithin 500gNutritional agentsProvisions
10484Soup swabian pockets 500x10g -frozen- Bürger 5 kg (kg)Finished productsTKTK
01224Soup Vegetable 3kinds -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
01219Soup Vegetable, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
01127Sour Cabbage 850mlSour Conserv.1/2Provisions
06942Sour Cabbage Hengstenberg 1/1Sour Conserv.1/2Provisions
01126Sour Cabbage Hengstenberg 3/1em-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01058Sour Cherries without Stone 720mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
01232Sour Cherries, frozenFruit TKTK
17219Sour Cherry 0,35 Ltr. 43% ABVFRUIT FIRESCanteen
18572Sour cherry Pie 1150g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18788Sour cherry Sheet Cake 48pcs. 3800g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
00522Sour Cream 1,00 Ltr. 10%Cream/sour creamNullraum
00524Sour Cream 200gCream/sour creamNullraum
01462Sour Cream 200gCream/sour creamNullraum
21291Sour Cream 24 % Bulk 5 kgCream/sour creamNullraum
00525Sour Cream 5 kgCream/sour creamNullraum
20280Sour Cream 5 kg MilramCream/sour creamNullraum
01454Sour Cream dressing 5 LtrSeasoning sauceNullraum
21040Sour cream Ice 5LtrIce creamTK
14010Sourcream butter Lactosefree 250gLact/Gluten-freeNullraum
19058Sourdough Burger, cut 40x100g Edna 1364Brötch/Croiss.TK
00495Soured Milk 500gMilk/condensate.Nullraum
16691Sourz Mango Liquor 0,7 Ltr. 15%LiqueursCanteen
10420South Tiroler Alp Bacon Original wo. rind ca. 1,6Kg (Kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
03027Southern Comfort 1 Ltr. 35%LiqueursCanteen
01838Soy whipping cream 200mlCream/sour creamNullraum
01238Soya Beans -TK- (Kg)Frozen vegetablesTK
01431Soya Sauce 1 ltr. KikkomanSeasoning sauceProvisions
07325Soya Sauce dark 500mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
05757Soya Sauce Light 500mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
13231Soya Sauce low salt 1 ltr. KikkomanSeasoning sauceProvisions
17372Soya Sauce low salt 591ml KikkomanSeasoning sauceProvisions
08892Spaghetti 500g No.5 BarillaNoodles dryProvisions
07345Spaghetti Glutenfree 500gLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
06124Spanish Chestnut 425ml/240gGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
14864Spare Rips, beefily (with chop-rips), frozenPorkTK
18530Sparkler 30cm/10 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
09321Sparkler / Dreamstars 12 Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
19338Sparkler / Dreamstars 5eaDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
20206Sparkler 18cm 40, Pcs./Pak.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
14930Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) Bergweiler 0,75 Ltr. 12% *R O T W E I NCanteen
13107Spätburgunder Winzer Jechtingen Baden/germ. 0,75 Ltr 13% *R O T W E I NCanteen
09933Special cleaner WMF 1 LtrDecalcifierNonfood
13045Specialdescaling 2 Ltr. "Franke"" *"DecalcifierNonfood
02423Spelt roll 20x70g C&WBrötch/Croiss.TK
05272Spezi 24Tin/0,33 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
10637Spice almond Biscuit 400gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
05156Spice for Fish 1200ccm KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
08349Spice for Gyros 1200mlSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
19408Spice sauce ketjap benteng manis 1 Ltr.Knorr / MaggiProvisions
10453Spice sauce ketjap manis 1 Ltr., KnorrKnorr / MaggiProvisions
00949Spiced Gherkins 2650mlSour Conserv.3/1Provisions
00176Spiced Herring 3 ltr.Canned fishNullraum
05241Spiced Herring 500gCanned fishNullraum
07132Spiced Potatoe Wedges -frozen-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
01571Spiced Salad Pusta 3/1 KuehneSour Conserv.3/1Provisions
01570Spiced Salad Puszta 5/1Sour Conserv.3/1Provisions
05112Spices of the Provence dried 1200ccm/270g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
20853Spinach and cheese dumplings Pre-baked 45g 100Stk/BtlFinished productsTKTK
19377Spinach babyFresh vegetablesFresh
06662Spinach minced -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
18830Spinach portions Bonduelle 2,5 Kg TKFrozen vegetablesTK
19736Spinach whole in Portions 30g -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
08060Spinach, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
20228Spiny lobsters iceland (size 5-9)Fresh fish&TKTK
07346Spiral Noodles glutenfree 500gLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
02450Spitzbuben 42x9,3g LäderachPastries / CrackersProvisions
21627Spitztüten Pommes, 170x170mm 1000pcs/pakViking NonfoodNonfood
15248Splenda Sachet 2000x1gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
13743Splendid Aroma Tradizionale - (Espresso) whole bean 1 Kg/PktRoasted coffeeProvisions
02478Sponge cloth 18 x 20 cm blue 10pcs/pakTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
02479Sponge cloth 18 x 20 cm green 10pcs/pakTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
02476Sponge cloth 18 x 20 cm red 10pcs/pakTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
02477Sponge cloth 18 x 20 cm yellow 10pcs/pakTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
01659Sponge Finger Bisquits 200gPastries / CrackersProvisions
19433Sponge Scurer black SIRAL 10eaTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
19434Sponge Scurer red SIRAL 10eaTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
09298Spongecloth 5ea 20x18cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
07857Spongecloth Spontex 5Pcs. 3 coloursTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
10838Sport Cap (Verschluss am Mundstück)VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19057Sport grain sandwich 20x150g Edna 173Brötch/Croiss.TK
00219Sprats in Tins 110gCanned fishProvisions
14420Spray bottle 0,5 Ltr. DI Sani 100 QS 5ea/box 7513959 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
14421Spray bottle 0,5 Ltr. JD Sprint Glass QS 5ea/box 7513964 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
20290Spray pump 500ml/1 Ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13287Spraybottle for Kristalin 650mlEcolabNonfood
13288Spraybottle Laudamonium 10036471EcolabNonfood
18904Spread cheese cream 60x20g 55%CheeseNullraum
00418Spread Sausages, rough 500g (Kg)SausagesNullraum
14989Spreewaffel Cacao Creme Cone 100g 1BR060Pastries / CrackersProvisions
18535Sprehe Chicken Wings Hot & Spicy precooked 4x2,5 Kg/Kg frozen-PoultryTK
08496Spring onions / bunchFresh vegetablesFresh
08835Spring Onions, fresh (Kg)Fresh vegetablesFresh
08032Springroll Chicken 15x170gFinished productsTKTK
06171Springroll Pastry 21,5x21,5 cm, 550g (40 ea)Finished productsTKTK
05057Springroll Vegetarian 20x150gFinished productsTKTK
04136Sprite 12 x 1,00 Ltr. PET MWLIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
04242Sprite 24tin/0,33 Ltr. *LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
01078Sprite 24x0,33 Ltr. Ds (Slim Cans)LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
06751Sprite Btl. 24/0,2 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
04137Sprite Btl. 24/0,33 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
10892Sprite Zero 12 x 1 Ltr. MWLIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
10172Sprite zero 24tins/0,33 ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
12304Squid Loligo 21/40 tubes - cleaned Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
20903Squid small pazific frozenFresh fish&TKTK
06295Squid Tubes U-10, ITL 1FI020Fresh fish&TKTK
01545Sryrup for Bread 450gDessert / SyrupProvisions
13498St. Galler cheese 50% 6,3 KgCheeseNullraum
21633St. Germain Elderflower 0,7Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
13314St. Laurent 0,75 Ltr 13,5% Gebr. Anselmann *R O T W E I NCanteen
20381St. Petersfish, John Dory skin on 150-220g, IQFFresh fish&TKTK
18045Stackable reserve samples drawer for 12 samplesVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19719Stainless steel display for honeycombPromotionalProvisions
20922Stainless steel tray oval-shaped 26,5x20x1cm 10 pcsPromotionalCanteen
00246Stake Mussels, spiced 115gCanned fishProvisions
09346Staple RemoverOffice suppliesNonfood
09347Stapler # 3155Office suppliesNonfood
16372Staples 23/8 1000pcs. # 238Office suppliesNonfood
09345Staples 24/6 1000ea # 247Office suppliesNonfood
18095Stateroom Steward Name Card 250 pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
18099Stationery A4 Letterhead 1000 pcs./ BoxViking NonfoodNonfood
07223Staud`s Jam Apricot 56x37gJam port.Provisions
07227Staud`s Jam Blueberry 56x37gJam port.Provisions
07245Staud`s Jam Diabetic Wachauer Apricot 56x36gJam port.Provisions
07229Staud`s Jam Honey 56x37gJam port.Provisions
07228Staud`s Jam Orange 56x37gJam port.Provisions
07224Staud`s Jam Strawberry 56x37gJam port.Provisions
07246Staud´s Jam Diabetic Raspberry 56x36gJam port.Provisions
08034Steak House Potatoes -frozen-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
01307Steak Pepper 200g BlockPepperProvisions
11871Steak-marker "medium"" 1000 pcs"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
11888Steak-marker "medium-rare"" 1000 pcs"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13038Steak-marker "medium-well"" 1000 pcs"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
11870Steak-marker "rare"" 1000 pcs"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
11872Steak-marker "well"" 1000 pcs"VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14776Steakhouse Pommes 9x18 Lamb Weston 5x2,5 Kg/KgKartoff/NoodleTKTK
05995Steaksauce A1 142gSeasoning sauceProvisions
21651Steaksauce A1 283gSeasoning sauceProvisions
21348Steamworks Heroica Red Ale 24x0,33Ltr OW 5,6% 13,4°Beer / BottleCanteen
21349Steamworks White Angel IPA 24x0,33Ltr EW 6,9% 15,2°Beer / BottleCanteen
20435Steiner System hand towel dispenser RICO line C-FoldVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09943Steinkrug Löwenbräu 0,5 LtrPromotionalNonfood
04037Stella Artois Beer 6 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,35° Alc.: 5,0%Beer / BarrelCanteen
04041Stella Artois Beer OW 24 x 0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,35° Alc.: 5,2%Beer / BottleCanteen
02247Stella Artois 30 ltr. Grad Plato.: 11,35° Alc.: 5,0%Beer / BarrelCanteen
19022Stella Artois glass 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
12151Stem glas 0,2 Ltr GerolsteinerPromotionalCanteen
05581Sterilium Virugard 100mlToiletriesNonfood
10107Sterilium Virugard 500ml (Disinfection)ToiletriesNonfood
15070Sterilium Virugard disinfection 1 Ltr.ToiletriesNonfood
02215Sternmarke 1 Ltr. 26%BrandyCanteen
20368Stevia Streusüße 75gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
01486Stewed Steak Soup 1/1FinishedProvisions
01836Sticky Notes Post-it Z-Notes R330NR 76 x 76mm, Neon 5-Color, 6 Block a 100 SheetsOffice suppliesNonfood
01963STIEGL CAN 20x0,5 Ltr (CREW BIER)Beer / CansCanteen
20324Stiegl glass "Stange"" 0,3 Ltr."PromotionalCanteen
13074Stiegl Goldbräu 20x0,33Ltr. MW 12° 5,0%Beer / BottleCanteen
01960STIEGL GOLDBRÄU, DRAFT BEER 25L Alc. 5%Beer / BarrelCanteen
01961STIEGL RADLER CITRON 20x0,5Ltr ALc. 2%Beer / BottleCanteen
01962STIEGL SPORT WEISSE NON-ALCOHOLIC 20x0,5LBeer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
13409Stirring rods made ​​of wood 14cm 1000eaDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
02334Stirring stick clear, 100eaDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
02679Stolichnaya 0,5 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
02680Stolichnaya 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
07626Stollen comfit 2,5 Kg KuchenmeisterHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
00841Stone Oven Bread 6x500g/box -frozen- EDNA 761Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
20168Stoneovenbaguette "Nizza"" 20x340g EDNA 1035"Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
04040Stonsdorfer 1 Ltr. 32%LiqueursCanteen
21036stool (specimen) collector with spoon 22 X 62mmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14584Storck Caramel "Werthers Original"" 1000g"SweetsProvisions
21227Storck fruit chews 1000gSweetsProvisions
08576Storck Toffifee 24 Pcs. 200gSweetsProvisions
19661Storz Chocolate hearts red 50x9gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
17751Storz Easter-Poults 70x12,5gHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
08266Stracciatella Icecream 5 Ltr. LangneseLangnese IceTK
12106Stracciatella-ice 5 Ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
08999Strapping Bale Press BP-45MiscellaneousNonfood
02328Strathisla Single Malt Whisky 12 J. 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
19665Straw Mushrooms 425gAsia FoodProvisions
02515Strawberries (Viking) 10kg/krt (KG)Fruit TKTK
08820Strawberries, fresh (Kg)Fruit, freshFresh
01225Strawberries, frozenFruit TKTK
19795Strawberry Cheese Cream slice 425g gluten and lactose free ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
18493Strawberry cream role 400g C+WCake/cake TKTK
13504Strawberry Fruit Spread 850g MövenpickJam port.Provisions
12104Strawberry Ice 5 Ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
07147Strawberry Jam 'Primafrutta' 2,5 kg 50% FruitConfit/Baking FillProvisions
01682Strawberry Jam 3 kgConfit/Baking FillProvisions
06473Strawberry jam 450gJam port.Provisions
00310Strawberry Juice 1 Ltr. Package Happy DayJuices (Tetra)Canteen
14826Strawberry tarte 1650g (12 portions) PfalzgrafCake/cake TKTK
07041Strawberry Topping 1000gDessert / SyrupProvisions
18466Strawberry Vanilla Cake 24cm 2150g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
11849Strawberry-jam portion-jar 60 x 30g Bonne MamanJam port.Provisions
20694Strawberry-Lime cake 1050g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
11074Straws 21cm with cover 800eaDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
20291Straws black, stiff, in cover Ø5mm, L 21cm, 500pcs./pakDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
10164Straws flexible 24cm 250ea blackDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
06075Stream - Trouts - Filet with skin 80/120g, IQF, (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
24644Strehn Kult Cuvee rot 0,75 Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
09395Stretchfolie 50cmx300m T23MiscellaneousNonfood
01169String Beans, frz. 1VF045Frozen vegetablesTK
09759String medium 2mmm 80mOffice suppliesNonfood
18516String Noodles 500gNoodles dryProvisions
02438Strip-A-Way 5 Ltr 9034890EcolabNonfood
21612Striploin Continental Trim aged 4/5, 5/6 lbs. frozen -BR-BeefTK
20109Striploin southamerica 3.5-4.0 Kg ex chilledBeefTK
02380Stroh Rum 1 Ltr. 80%RumCanteen
01069Strongbow Cider Original Dry 24x0,33Ltr 5%CiderCanteen
18448Strothmann Weizenkorn 0,7 Ltr. 32%GrainCanteen
06170Strudel Pastry8x300g (kg) frozenCake/cake TKTK
05831Stuffed Wine Leaves 2 Kgem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
00118Suckling Pig 12-15 kg (kg) frozenPorkTK
14913Suckling Pig French Racks without bones -frozen-PorkTK
11268Suckling Pig joint bonesless -frozen-PorkTK
11023Suckling Pig joint with bones -frozen-PorkTK
19016Suckling Pig roll ca. 1,2 KgPorkTK
21376Suckling pig shoulder without bones frozenPorkTK
00721Sugar 1 kg (kg)Sugar/sweetenerProvisions
11882Sugar 25 kg/kgSugar/sweetenerProvisions
11161Sugar brown (sachets) 1000 x 3,6g VikingSugar/sweetenerProvisions
20658Sugar brown (sachets) 2000 x 3,6g AvalonSugar/sweetenerProvisions
21334Sugar brown cane portion 1250x4g sachetsSugar/sweetenerProvisions
14120Sugar brown in portions 2000 x 4,6gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
00718Sugar Candy 500g AUSLAUFSugar/sweetenerProvisions
00993Sugar cane vinegar white 1000mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
09792Sugar Couleur 1000mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
00720Sugar CubesSugar/sweetenerProvisions
00722Sugar Cubes 500gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
05738Sugar for Jam (kg)Sugar/sweetenerProvisions
19417Sugar for Jam 2:1 500gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
14292Sugar in Portions (sachets) 2000 x 3,6g AvalonSugar/sweetenerProvisions
00723Sugar in Portions (sachets) 2000 x 3,6g neutralSugar/sweetenerProvisions
00728Sugar in Portions (sachets) 2000 x 3,6g VikingSugar/sweetenerProvisions
10170Sugar Melon -pcs-Fruit, freshFresh
21335Sugar white portion 1250x4g sachetsSugar/sweetenerProvisions
21301Sugarpaste Dr. Oetker 450gDr. OetkerProvisions
14891Sugarpeashusk, ARDO , frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
05914Sugarpeashusk, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
14458Sugersticks 1000 x 4g ScenicSugar/sweetenerProvisions
19758Sugersticks 1000 x 4g ScenicSugar/sweetenerProvisions
14132Sugersticks Uniworld 1000 x 4gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
13973Suma Base free M4 8x1,5 Kg 7510969 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
18177Suma Cafe AutoTab 3,6g 60eaDecalcifierNonfood
10162Suma Calc D5 10 ltr. 7010047 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09570Suma CIT D 5.8 6 x 2 Ltr. 7516437 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
13974Suma Coffee Tabs C2.2 2x120 Tabs 100857904 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
12856Suma Combi LA 6 2x5 Ltr. 7521465 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
13365Suma Degraser D3.9 Pur - Eco 6x2 Ltr. 7515248 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09595Suma Disinfection wipes 12 Tin a 150 pcs 7515304 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
12971Suma Grill Hi-temp D 9.8 6x2 Ltr. 6068775 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09631Suma Inox Classic D7 6x0,75l 7010209 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
12720Suma Nova PUR-ECO L6 10L SP W2 #7516072 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
13972Suma Plex T38 10 ltr. Safepack 7512186 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
12721Suma Power T57 10L Sp W 1071 #7510151 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09559Suma QuickDes D 4.12 6 x 0,75 Ltr. 100953747 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09602Suma Rinse A5 2x5 Ltr. 7010160 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09544Suma San D 10.1 Conc. 4 x 1,5 Ltr. 7521276 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
13364Suma Select A7 Eco Safepack 10 SP 7516556 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09568Suma Star Plus D 1 Plus 4 x 1,5 Ltr. 7010000 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09603Suma Tera L56 10 Ltr. 7010200 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
12979Suma Unison Brite A1 3 x 4 Ltr. 7010151 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09577Suma Unison Maxi G3 3 x 4,5 Kg 7010119 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
17982Summer salami mediterranean ca. 2,5 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
01184Summer Vegetable -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
06666Summer Vegetable Mix -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
12381Summertruffle carpaccio black, 80g/jarGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
06559Sun Flower Bread 500gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
06495Sun Flower Bread 8x500g/box -frozen- EDNA 763Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
07963Sun Flower Bread glutenfree 500gLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
15554Sun Flower Bread sliced 12x750g EDNA 667Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
00481Sun Flower Oil 1 ltr.OIL / FatProvisions
10728Sun Flower Oil 500ml WibergOIL / FatProvisions
07751Sun Flower Rolls 70x40gBrötch/Croiss.TK
05729Sun Flower Seeds 1DL053Nuts / SeedsProvisions
07535Sun Flower Seeds 1000gNuts / SeedsProvisions
21035Sun of Africa Rose BiB 3 Ltr. 12%R O S E W E I NCanteen
06757Sunflowerbread 10x1060g TKBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
12029Surimi Crabmeat 500g -frozen-Fresh fish&TKTK
14105Sushi Bambusmat 24x24cmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
06695Sushi Rice 1000gRiceProvisions
07745Sushi Rice Nishiki 20kg/bag 1AS005RiceProvisions
14101Sushi Seasoning, clear rice vinegar-relish Mizkan 710mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
00759Swabian DumplingNoodles dryProvisions
10481Swabian dumpling 2 x 2,5 kg, frozenFinished productsTKTK
00577Swabian Dumpling 5 kg (kg) frozenKartoff/NoodleTKTK
05871Swabian Dumplings 500gNoodles dryProvisions
06853Swabian Pockets 100x50g frozenFinished productsTKTK
12580Swabian Pockets with spinach 200x50g (kg)Finished productsTKTK
09305Swap Perfecta 23cm PWT W. ThreadBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
08868Swedes, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
06533Sweet & Low 1000 Portion Bags/BoxSugar/sweetenerProvisions
01109Sweet Corn 2650ml (2125g)em-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01192Sweet Corn, frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
24766Sweet toast, cut -TK- 7pcs/Box a 600gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
11700Sweetener 1200 Stk 72g G&GSugar/sweetenerProvisions
09176Sweetener Equal 2000 Pcs./BoxSugar/sweetenerProvisions
00724Sweetener Liquid 1 Ltr. HuxollSugar/sweetenerProvisions
14130Sweetener Sticks Uniworld 1000 x 1,5gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
12901Swiss Chocolate 300gSweetsProvisions
18985Swordfish steaks 150-170 g, medallions skinless, boneless 10% glazeFresh fish&TKTK
12771Syrah Finca Antigua 0,75 Ltr. 14,0% Brogsitter # 4009R O T W E I NCanteen
24852Szene Cachaca Rum 1 Ltr. 38%RumCanteen
01347Tabasco 350 mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
12370Tabasco Pepper Sauce red 144x4mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
01345Tabasco, small 60mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
08319Table Celery fresh, -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
19382Table Celery mini freshFresh vegetablesFresh
08870Table Celery, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
20459Table tents Sigel A5 portrait TA212Office suppliesNonfood
14800Table tents Sigel TA210 A4 portraitOffice suppliesNonfood
01377Table Vinegar 10 Ltr.Vinegar / LemonProvisions
19519Tableband bayern diamond 20 x 15 cm DuniVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
11299Tableband bordeaux 20m x 15cmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
11305Tableband dark blue 20m x 15cmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12764Tableband green 20 x 15cm DuniVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12765Tableband mandarin 20m x 15cm DuniVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12763Tableband red 20 x 15 cm DuniVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19070Tablesalt G&G 500gSaltProvisions
07433Tablett oval GerolsteinerPromotionalCanteen
19413Tabs for Dishwashingmashine Somat 7 58eaSPÜLMASCHINEN REINIGNonfood
01941Tafelspitz in broth pre-cooed, frozenBeefTK
08419Tagliarini rosso 4mm 1 KgNoodles dryNullraum
00754Tagliatelle green 1FR176Noodles dryProvisions
19497Tagliatelle green Barilla 500gNoodles dryProvisions
19513Tagliatelle nere black 500gNoodles dryProvisions
12974Tagliatelle yellow 500gNoodles dryProvisions
06157Tagliatelle yellow Barilla 500gNoodles dryProvisions
02834Taittinger Brut Reserve 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%ChampagneCanteen
02116Talisker 30Y Single Malt 0,7 Ltr. 49,5%WhiskyCanteen
02020Talisker Malt 10Years 1 Ltr. 45,8%WhiskyCanteen
02246Talisker Single Malt Whisky 10Years 0,7 Ltr. 45,8%WhiskyCanteen
21662Talisker Single Malt Whisky 10Years 1 Ltr. 45,8% #VikingWhiskyCanteen
07739Tamarind Paste 227g 1AS004Seasoning sauceProvisions
18046Tame duck leg confit sous vide ca. 225gPoultryTK
11607Tandoori Masala Spice 100gSpices / MushroomsProvisions
20792Tandoori Naan (Plain) Indian bread, natural 426gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
07738Tandoripaste 300gSeasoning sauceProvisions
01037Tangerine / Oranges 850mlbstkons. 1/1-2/1Provisions
06304TangerinesFruit, freshFresh
08814TangerinesFruit, freshFresh
01038Tangerines-Oranges 2650ml (2500g)bstkons. 3/1-5/1Provisions
03088Tanqueray Dry Gin 1 Ltr. 47,3%G I NCanteen
02234Tanqueray Gin Rangpur 1 Ltr. 41,3%G I NCanteen
03087Tanqueray No. Ten 1 Ltr. 47,30%G I NCanteen
20822Tante Fanny Mürbeteig 300gArticleNullraum
13698Tap head 10 ltr. GaffelPromotionalCanteen
09925Tap head Beck'sPromotionalCanteen
12889Tap head BitburgerPromotionalCanteen
13697Tap head GaffelPromotionalCanteen
19162Tap head HeinekenPromotionalCanteen
18087Tap head KronebourgPromotionalCanteen
13810Tap head LicherPromotionalCanteen
12758Tap head Veltins Gabel verschraubtVARIOUS NONFOODCanteen
13331tap keyBEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
06242Tape - Rewinder 19mm/33mOffice suppliesNonfood
20047Tapioca starch 400gNutritional agentsProvisions
21476Tarhonya Pasta 500g GYERMELYINoodles dryProvisions
07913Tarragon dried 1200ml WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
09004Tarragon freshSpices / FreshFresh
05782Tarragon, fresh -Bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
11936Tarragon-vinegar 500mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
20606Tarte Apple Sauce (Pomme Compote) FrozenCake/cake TKTK
20611Tarte Apricot (Abricot), frozenCake/cake TKTK
20613Tarte Blueberry (Myrtille), frozenCake/cake TKTK
02365Tarte Lemon Meringue (Citron Meringué), frozenCake/cake TKTK
20614Tarte Nut (aux Noix) 2x850gCake/cake TKTK
20605Tarte Pear Almond (Poire Amande) FrozenCake/cake TKTK
20900Tarte Quiche Lorraine 14x180g EDNA 4621Finished productsTKTK
10797Tartelettes 7cm 140pc/boxMini - CakeProvisions
05640Tartelettes salted 48x45g 10cm S2095Mini - CakeTK
02255Tartufo 48pcs/boxCake/cake TKTK
15081Taski Duo Mop Caution Label Slip Hazard Johnson Diversey *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
07664Taski Jontec Forward QS 2x2,5 Ltr. 7517107DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
07903Taski Sani 100 6 x 1 Ltr. 7512812 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
13367Taski Sani 100 QS Pur - Eco 2x2,5 Ltr. 7520035 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
18437Taski Sani Clonet Pur Eco W4f / VE 6x0,75l 7515245 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09596Taski Sani net Fresh 6x1 Ltr. 7521589 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
13366Taski Sprint 200 Pur - Eco QS 2x2,5 Ltr. 7520059 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
07662Taski Sprint Glass QS 2x2,5 Ltr. 7517098DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09621Taski Swing Mop 45cm Tool 7502400DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09622Taski Swing Mop Handle 7500010DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
13384Taski Tapi Extract 2x5 Ltr. 7513206 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09565Taski Tapi-Spotex 1 6x0,5 Ltr. 7513339 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
09566Taski Tapi-Spotex 2 6x0,75 Ltr. 7513334 *DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
02302Tassimo Jacobs Cafe Creme Mild 5 x 16 St.Soluble coffeeProvisions
11728Tassimo Jacobs Espresso 128g 5 x 16 pcs.Roasted coffeeProvisions
12838Tasting glass injection 1000er 100mlPLASTIC GOODSNonfood
01903Tatin round caramelized apple pieces on pressed sheet 18x120g, frozenCake/cake TKTK
19918Tavel rosè 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O S E W E I NCanteen
01811Taxat Profi 20Kg 1101040EcolabNonfood
01993Taylor's Port Tawny 10 J. 0,75 Ltr. 20% B25Liqueur wineCanteen
13534Taylors Tawny Port 30 Years 0,75 Ltr. 20 %Liqueur wineCanteen
13535Taylors Tawny Port 40 Years 0,75 Ltr. 20 %Liqueur wineCanteen
19734Taylor´s Vargellas Vintage Port 2012 0,75 Ltr. 20%Liqueur wineCanteen
15675Tchibo Cafe Crema mild Pleasure Bean 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
15674Tchibo Cafe Crema vollmundiger Genuss Bean 1000gRoasted coffeeProvisions
01435Tchibo Coffee Mild 500g/2x250gRoasted coffeeProvisions
01605Tchibo Coffee Mild 500g/2x250gRoasted coffeeProvisions
01636Tea black 20 bags (Herba) 1TE001Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
19330Tea Caddy Assam Bari 20ea RonnefeldtTea - Tea bagsProvisions
19331Tea Caddy Earl Grey 20ea RonnefeldtTea - Tea bagsProvisions
19328Tea Caddy Lemon fresh 20ea RonnefeldtTea - Tea bagsProvisions
19332Tea Caddy Morgentau 20ea RonnefeldtTea - Tea bagsProvisions
19329Tea Caddy refreshing Mint 20ea RonnefeldtTea - Tea bagsProvisions
19334Tea Caddy Roibos Cream Orange 20ea RonnefeldtTea - Tea bagsProvisions
19333Tea Caddy Sweet Berries 20ea RonnefeldtTea - Tea bagsProvisions
01638Tea Ceylon 500g (kg)Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
20515Tea display loose tea (for 6 tin) Julius MeinlTea - Tea bagsProvisions
20514Tea measuring spoon Julius MeinlTea - Tea bagsProvisions
09945Tea rack acryl Meßmer DisplayPromotionalNonfood
11056Tea Sausage spread 6 x 21 x 25gSausagesNullraum
01668Tea Time Bisquits 1 kgPastries / CrackersProvisions
19412Tea Turkish Apple 20x3gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
01615Tea with Fruits 20 BagsTea - Tea bagsProvisions
01621Teabags Camomille 20 Bag 1TE055Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
01618Teabags Rose Hip 20 Bag 1TE011Tea - Tea bagsProvisions
09946Teabox wood Meßmer buddyPromotionalProvisions
20513Teacan square Julius MeinlTea - Tea bagsProvisions
02088Teachers Highland Cream 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
05898Teekanne Fix green 20x1,75gTea - Tea bagsProvisions
21565Telmo Rodriguez Mencia Gaba do Xil 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21497Tement L&T Welschriesling trocken 0,75 Ltr 10%White wineCanteen
24790Tement Verjus Apero bio 0,75 Ltr. alkoholfreiWhite wineCanteen
21488Tement Zieregg Sauvignon Blanc Grosse STK Lage 0,75 Ltr 13,5%White wineCanteen
06056Tempo Papertowels 15x10 Pcs.TÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
14908Tempura Flour 500gFlour / flour mixProvisions
21563Tenute Rossetti Chianti Classico 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
15671TEQUILA 1800 JOSE CUERVO ANEJO 38% 0,7 LT E Q U I L ACanteen
15236TEQUILA 1800 REPOSADO 38% 0,7 LT E Q U I L ACanteen
03048Tequila Gold J. Cuervo Esp. 1 Ltr. 38%T E Q U I L ACanteen
03037Tequila Gold Sierra 1 Ltr. 38%T E Q U I L ACanteen
03047Tequila Silver Jose Cuervo 1 Ltr. 38%T E Q U I L ACanteen
03036Tequila Silver Sierra 1 Ltr. 38%T E Q U I L ACanteen
03042Tequila Two Fingers 1 Ltr. 40%T E Q U I L ACanteen
14092Teriyakisauce Lee Kum Kee 157mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
12776Terra Noir 0,75 Ltr. 12% Brogsitter # 3340R O T W E I NCanteen
02782Terrassen Federspiel 0,75 Ltr. Wachau 12,5%White wineCanteen
14549Terre di Gioia Pinot Bianco Pinot Grigio I.G.T. 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
14486Terre di Gioioa Merlot I.G.T. 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
20972Terrine of pork & duck liver 4x500g Swiss GourmetFinished productsTKTK
19342Terrine Wild boar with plum 900gFinishedNullraum
06736Terrine with Duckmeat 1,05 Kg (Kg)SausagesNullraum
11454Terroir Assmannshäuser Höllenberg 0,75 Ltr Weingut Allendorf 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
20857Terry slipper "Tornado CLASSIC"" 30cm, 4 mm EVA sole, uniform, closed 100pcs/box"ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
21379Terry slippers closed 31cm neutral 100 psc/BoxMiscellaneousNonfood
09414Tesatape Deskrewinder black # 57327Office suppliesNonfood
19166Test 1VARIOUS NONFOODProvisions
21170Teutoburger pure beef salami ca. 1,7KgSausagesNullraum
20167Thai Green Curry 1,6 Kg HügliSeasoning sauceProvisions
20151Thai Red Curry 1,6 Kg HügliSeasoning sauceProvisions
02523The Beyond Burger ca.114g, 42Stk/Krt (kg)Finished productsTKTK
21234The Kraken Spiced Rum 40% 0,7 Ltr.RumCanteen
20531THÉ VERT & BIGARADE Body lotion 98x50ml 98BBLC050TB0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20533THÉ VERT & BIGARADE Conditioner 98x50ml 98BBAS050TB0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20532THÉ VERT & BIGARADE Shampoo 98x50ml 98BBSH050TB0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20530THÉ VERT & BIGARADE Shower gel 98x50ml 98BBGD050TB0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20534THÉ VERT & BIGARADE Soap 50g 120x50g 98BBSA050TB0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
20138The waste toner box Konica Minolta A4NN-WY4 for Bizhub 554eTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19654The World of Finse Boxset Volume 1 10pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
19655The World of Finse Boxset Volume 2 10pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
16603Thermo Jacket Planam "navy / red"WorkwearNonfood
08591Thermometer for Fridge -40 bis +50VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18272Thermoroll 112mm/25mOffice suppliesNonfood
13285Thermoroll 12mm/25m/110mmOffice suppliesNonfood
16613Thermoroll 57mm/25m/12mmOffice suppliesNonfood
09490Thermorolls for Epson TM-T88, 80mm/80m/12,2mmOffice suppliesNonfood
18251Thermorolls for unprinted Yoximo Mobile deviceOffice suppliesNonfood
00484Thomy Mayonnaise 200ml TubeMayo / RemouladeFresh
01395Thomy Mustard in Tubes 200mlMustardNullraum
07902Thousand Island Dressing 5 LtrSeasoning sauceNullraum
00421Thuringian Blood Sausage ca. 1 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
02406Thuringian Blood Sausage ca. 1 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
12652Thuringian Blood Sausage ca. 1 kg (kg) MunzertSausagesNullraum
06440Thuringian Dumpling Pastry 750g/BagNutritional agentsNullraum
00422Thuringian Frying Sausage 10x100gRoast/sausagesNullraum
11402Thury Zweigelt 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
02375Thyme 1200ml/200g WibergKotanyi SpicesProvisions
21281Thyme rubbed 250g WürzkönigSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05705Thyme, fresh (Kg)Fresh vegetablesFresh
06271Thyme, fresh -Bunch-Spices / FreshFresh
01349Thyme, ground 1HE030Spices / MushroomsProvisions
12626Thyme, ground 1000ccm/175g FuchsSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
05166Thyme, ground 1200ccm/215g KotanyiKotanyi SpicesProvisions
03030Tia Maria Liqueur 1 Ltr. 20%LiqueursCanteen
20448Tic Tac Mint 16x49g *SweetsProvisions
01896Tiedemanns Roed 3 Mixture 50gFine cut tobaccoCanteen
02532Tiefsee Scallops 10/20 mit Wasser roh, ohne Rogen, glasiert 20%, IQF -TK- "Viking"""Fresh fish&TKTK
05974Tikka paste 300gSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
13615Tilapia filet 140-160g, IQF, pbo (Viking)Fresh fish&TKTK
00204Tilapia Filet nature 140/200g, IQF, PBO (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
12287Tilapia Fillet Sk/Off 140-200g (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
04547Tilapia whole IWP EA 500-800g (Kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
03032Tio Pepe 1 Ltr. 15%S H E R R YCanteen
06233Tipp-Ex Optifluid, White # 6666Office suppliesNonfood
18471Tiramisu 1150g ErlenbacherCake/cake TKTK
10053Tiramisu Cream 1000g Dr.OetkerDr. OetkerProvisions
18242Tiramisu Dessert 200g Dr.SchärCake/cake TKTK
19042Tito`s handmade Vodka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
20745TK Kaspressknödel vorgebacken 20x85g WEINB 665Finished productsTKTK
20818Tk Pulpo / Octopus 1000-2000 KgFresh fish&TKTK
20744TK spinach dumpling 50x75g BürgerFinished productsTKTK
20192TK Sweet crispy fries 2 KGKartoff/NoodleTKTK
20747TK Tiroler Schluztkrapferl precooked 1,5Kg WEINB 1465Finished productsTKTK
20657TK Waxbeans, yellow (ca. 8-9cm)Frozen vegetablesTK
12875TM Desana Max (beer drain cleaner) 45gCleaner DiversNonfood
12659Toast ham throughout ca. 3 Kg MunzertSausagesNullraum
07543Toblerone 100gSweetsProvisions
08630Toblerone Gold 200gSweetsProvisions
19727Toblerone gold 360gSweetsProvisions
09050TOILET - ARTICLESToiletriesNonfood
09170Toilet - Brush with HolderBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
09235Toilet BrushesBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
09073Toilet Paper 250 Sheets 3 LayersWC PAPER/KLEENEXNonfood
18905Toilet Paper 250 Sheets 3 LayersWC PAPER/KLEENEXNonfood
09074Toilet Paper white 2 LayersWC PAPER/KLEENEXNonfood
19427Toilet paper, 100% of pulp, micro-embossing, 3 layers, bright white, 250 sheetsWC PAPER/KLEENEXNonfood
11188Toilet-stone green 35 pcsSANITARY REINIGERNonfood
14838Toilettseatbearing 250 pcs/pakVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
01899Tom Kha Paste 400gSeasoning sauceProvisions
14115Tomato dried without oil 1000gFinishedProvisions
01445Tomato Ketchup 10 kgKetch./Searett.Nullraum
11132Tomato Ketchup 5 kgKetch./Searett.Nullraum
01159Tomato Sauce 5Kg , frozen, VikingFinished productsTKTK
11318Tomato seasoning salt 650g/1200ml WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
09859Tomatoe Cubes -frozen-Frozen vegetablesTK
14178Tomatoe Juice 100% 1 Ltr. Tetra WesergoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
12155Tomatoe Juice 98% 1 Ltr.Tetra GlockengoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
01149Tomatoe Paste 4500g 5/1em-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01151Tomatoe peeld 850mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
00990Tomatoe Peppers in stripes 5/1 4250ml/4000gSour Conserv.3/1Provisions
05617Tomatoe Peppers Kuehne 370mlSour Conserv.1/2Provisions
05649Tomatoe Pronto 2 Kgem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01152Tomatoe, peeled 2500g 3/1em-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01497Tomatoecreamsoup 2,7 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
01148Tomatoepaste 850mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
19510Tomatoes blackFresh vegetablesFresh
07140Tomatoes dried 1550g marinatedem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
06464Tomatoes with shrub, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
19512Tomatoes yellowFresh vegetablesFresh
08872Tomatoes, halfripeFresh vegetablesFresh
09236Tomatoketchup gold, Wernsing 10 KgKetch./Searett.Nullraum
05043Toner Cartridge HP Laserjet 2015 Q7553X # 75530TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
10996Toner Cartridge HP Q7570A HV black for Laserjet M5025TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16611Toner cartridge Olivetti D-Copia 283-284MFTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
07118Toner Cartridge Ricoh Aficio 2220DTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
09736Toner Cartridge Ricoh Type 1230D Aficio 2016 (MP 2000)TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
09663Toner Cartridge Ricoh Type 1270 (MP 201)TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14766Toner HP Laserjet M4345 MPF Q5945ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16514Toner Hp Laserjet P2035/P2055 CE505ATONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16515Toner Hp Laserjet P2055 CE505XTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19414Toner Kyocera TK-7105 blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
10881Toner Kyocera TK-825K SchwarzTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18393Toner Samsung MLT D116 S blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
00435Tongue Sausage ca. 1,6 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
21069Tonguesausage slicedSausagesNullraum
20693Tonka Bean Mousse Cake 870g (12 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
20700Tonka Bean Mousse Sheet Cake 40pcs. 2500g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18390ToolboxVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12088Tooth brush set Hydro Basics HKMS004-100200 100ea *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
09080Tooth Paste Signal 75mlToiletriesNonfood
09240Tooth picks 1000 pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09322Tooth picks in Paper / 1000Pcs.DECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
18773ToothbrushViking NonfoodNonfood
09088Toothbrush Dr. Best Flexi-Plus mediumToiletriesNonfood
02280Toothbrush MenViking NonfoodNonfood
02279Toothbrush WomenViking NonfoodNonfood
18774ToothpasteViking NonfoodNonfood
14118Topfen-Palatschinken 40x120g frozenFinishedTK
10439Topping bright 600g #813637Dessert / SyrupProvisions
10440Topping dark 600g #813638Dessert / SyrupProvisions
24835Topping Karamell Butterscotch 1kgDessert / SyrupProvisions
04913Tork Performance Wandhalter black/redVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19903Torre D´orti Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso DOC 0,7 Ltr. 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
18916Torres Celeste Crianza 0,75 Ltr. 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
20338Torres Gran Coronas Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75Ltr. 14% *R O T W E I NCanteen
13329Torres Muscat 0,75 Ltr. alcohol-free *R O T W E I NCanteen
21300Tortellini ricotta-spinach, frozenPastries / CrackersTK
12578Tortellini with meat -TK-Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
06500Tortelloni Ricotta/Spinach 250g freshNoodles dryNullraum
18751Tortilla Chips 10x300g saltedPastries / CrackersProvisions
11148Tortillia Nacho 10x125g ChioPastries / CrackersProvisions
02560Toser Vini Spa Cabernet Sauvignon Il Portone 1 Ltr 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
02558Toser Vini Spa Chardonnay Il Portone 1 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
02559Toser Vini Spa Merlot Il Portone 1 Ltr 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
02561Toser Vini Spa Pinot Grigio Il Portone 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
02557Toser Vini Spa Pinot Grigio Il Portone delle Venezie DOC 1 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
20944Toshiba Toner T-3008E, black, for E-Studio 3508LP 6AJ00000151TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
19346Toshiba Toner T-5070E 6AJ00000115 blackTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18532Tote Bag 40 pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
21369Touchpen 50 pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
20276Tourguide evaluation Card 200pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
13076Towel Spender Kimberly Clark plastic white 6945000VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
19884Traditional Ham smoked ca. 2,5 Kg MunzertSausagesNullraum
11180Traditional Spicy Christmas Cookie 2,2 kgHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
13321Traminer Spätlese 0,75 Ltr. * 10%White wineCanteen
02855Transocean Tours Sparking Wine 0,2 Ltr.Sparkling wineCanteen
02846Transocean Tours Sparking Wine 0,75 Ltr. 11%Sparkling wineCanteen
21048Transparent sleeve for dispenser press + washADA PRODUCTSNonfood
09001Transport costsMiscellaneousProvisions
21370Travel convertor 30 pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
06357Tremezzino classico 4x980g/box -frozen- EDNA 1603Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
19981Trentingrana DOP wedge ca 2 kg/kgCheeseNullraum
20708Trimbach Pinot Blanc-AOP Alsace 0,75Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
13132Triologie Cuvee Raddeck 0,75 Ltr. 13% *R O T W E I NCanteen
21635Trois Rivieres Rum Agricole Ambré 0,7 Ltr. 40%RumCanteen
09797Tropfmuldenreiniger 500mlCleaner DiversNonfood
01234Tropicano Fruits -frozen-Fruit TKTK
14347trout filet "Butterfly"" 200/220g skin off"Fresh fish&TKTK
08474Trout Filet smoked without skin vac. 500gFresh fish&TKNullraum
21081Trout kaviar 100gCanned fishNullraum
17878Trout rainbow filet with skin 140-170g, IQF, PBOFresh fish&TKTK
00189Trouts Filet, 500g, IQF, PBO Smoked SkinlessFresh fish&TKTK
00190Trouts, 220/240g, IQF frozenFresh fish&TKTK
18562Truffle Cake with Orange 1350g (14 portions) KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
18786Truffle Cake with Orange Sheet Cake 48pcs. 4000g KezmuvesCake/cake TKTK
13178Truffle Oil white 100mlOIL / FatProvisions
05833Truffle Oil with flavor of white truffles 250mlOIL / FatProvisions
07378Tuborg Gold Beer OW 24/0,33 Ltr.Beer / BottleCanteen
04316Tuborg Green Label Ds. 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 10,3° Alc.: 4,6%Beer / CansCanteen
12366Tuc Partycrackers 24 x 100gPastries / CrackersProvisions
18894Tuezko Estate Chardonnay 2014 0,75 Ltr. 13% *White wineCanteen
17648Tulip Bacon sliced ​​2,50 Kg (Kg)PorkTK
02210Tullamore DEW 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
12270Tuna fillet Sushi qualityFresh fish&TKFresh
05620Tuna in Oil 195gCanned fishProvisions
02345tuna loins smoked (kg), frozenFresh fish&TKTK
18225Tuna Loins YF a-grade 2 KgFresh fish&TKTK
00273Tunafish chunks in oil 2/1 1705gCanned fishProvisions
07804Tunafish Loins without skinFresh fish&TKTK
00165Turkey big ca. 7 kg (kg)PoultryTK
12645Turkey Breast 3,5 Kg (Kg) MunzertPoultryNullraum
06823Turkey Breast cold cuts, smoked ca. 3,5 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
18951Turkey breast fillet Hahn individually vacuumedPoultryTK
21287turkey breast hot smoked ca 2,5 kgPoultryNullraum
13488Turkey breast leeks ca. 2,5 KgSausagesNullraum
00164Turkey Breast Roil Special 1PO002PoultryTK
05859Turkey Breast with pepper ca. 3,2 kg (kg)Diet sausageNullraum
14153Turkey Breast with Skin, fresh ca. 2,5 kg (kg)PoultryTK
00166Turkey Breast, frozenPoultryTK
19607Turkey ca. 11-14 kg (kg)PoultryTK
18960Turkey Escalope nature 150g VikingPoultryTK
02533Turkey Escalope nature 160gPoultryTK
21068Turkey ham lightly smoked ca. 1,6 KgSmoked sausageNullraum
14346Turkey Legs skinless, boneless -frozen-PoultryTK
00167Turkey Legs with bonePoultryTK
00163Turkey LiverPoultryTK
09832Turkey Salami 1/2 ca. 1,4 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
04645Turkeymeat in Aspic with mushrooms ca. 2 Kg (Kg)SausagesNullraum
07517Turnips fresh -pcs-Fresh vegetablesFresh
20631Tutti-Frutti 5000gSweetsProvisions
19595Tüzkö Domb Cuvee 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
14972Twinings English Breakfast 25x2g Bags in bagsTea - Tea bagsProvisions
05921Twinings English Breakfast 50x2g Bags in bagsTea - Tea bagsProvisions
12708Twinings TeeboxPromotionalProvisions
13419Twist Green 80 St. (Chocolate plaques)Baking ingredientsProvisions
11098Twix 25x50g *SweetsProvisions
01095Tyrolean soup dumplings precooked 4x1,65kg, frozenFinished productsTKTK
20706Tyvek mailing bags B4 229x324x38mm, white 55 g, pressure-sensitive, 100 pcs.Office suppliesNonfood
20640Tyvek mailing bags B4 250x353mm, white 55 g, pressure-sensitive, 100 pcs.Office suppliesNonfood
02550Uerdinger1 Ltr. 38%GrainCanteen
10358UK Stilton cheese 50% ca. 1 kg (kg)CheeseNullraum
21380Ültje peanuts salted / roasted 10x50gSweetsProvisions
13428Umbrella (Uniworld) *VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
05635Uncle Bens Rice 1000gRiceProvisions
04050Underberg 2cl 44%B I T T E RCanteen
20817Ungarische KolbaszArticleNullraum
20816Ungarische Kolbasz ca. 1 Kg (kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
20820Ungarische Paprika gefüllt mit Kraut 720gArticleProvisions
21357Ungava Premium Gin 1 Ltr. 43,1%G I NCanteen
12510Unger Buck 18 Ltr., greenCleaner DiversNonfood
14756Unger Ergotec support part 25cm (plastic)VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14757Unger Ergotec support part 35cm (plastic)VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14758Unger Optiloc 2x2, 0m (telescopic pole 2-pieces)VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14755Unger replacement Strip 25cm (Monsoon Washer)VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14754Unger replacement Strip 35cm (Monsoon Washer)VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14759Unger wiper 25cm (squeegee with handle)VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14753Unger wiper 35cm (squeegee with handle)VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
12509Ungers Liquid Konzentrat 1 Ltr.Cleaner DiversNonfood
13652Universal plug adapterVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14652Uniworld RHC Tote Bag 50pcs/box *VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
05955Unwinder for TapeOffice suppliesNonfood
13499Urnäscher Bergkäse 1/2 LB 50% ca. 3,5 KgCheeseNullraum
02528URNEX Grindz Coffeegrinder Cleaner Future 430gCleaner DiversNonfood
20974Urthel Samaranth OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 24° Alc.: 11,50%Beer / BottleCanteen
18799US Beef Ribs (with bones) Kg (kg)BeefTK
00008US Beef striploin 3,5 Kg Grainfed -frozen-BeefTK
00758US Cottage Cheese 5 KgCheeseNullraum
06375US Philadelphia Cheese 1,65 kg cupCheeseNullraum
06900US Philadelphia Cheese Port. 60x16,6gCheeseNullraum
00540US Philadelphia fresh Cheese 175gCheeseNullraum
17838USB StickViking NonfoodNonfood
19015V8 Vegetable Juice 1 ltr.Juices (Tetra)Canteen
05124Vacu Fresh Granulate 10er *VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
09456Vacuum Bags 150x200mmFREEZER/VAC-BEUNonfood
09455Vacuum Bags 300x300FREEZER/VAC-BEUNonfood
09454Vacuum Bags 400x400mmFREEZER/VAC-BEUNonfood
09453Vacuum Bags 400x600mmFREEZER/VAC-BEUNonfood
20790Vacuum cleaner bag for Kenbo Ecoplus 15, 10pcs./pakToiletriesNonfood
08612Vacuum cleaner bag for menalux 5pcsMiscellaneousNonfood
09299Vacuum Cleaner Bag Nilf. 5ea # 8222800MiscellaneousNonfood
09063Vacuum Cleaner Bag Swirl 48 8eaMiscellaneousNonfood
10109Vacuum cleaner bags Cleanfix Kärcher S10L 10 pcs.MiscellaneousNonfood
05408Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Kärcher T7/1 T10/1 10 Pcs.MiscellaneousNonfood
14788Vacuum Cleaner bags Numatic NVM 1CH 604015 10ea / PAKMiscellaneousNonfood
05496Vacuum Cleaner Bags Taski Vento 8 10 pcs. 7514886DIVERSEY LEVERNonfood
02369Vacuum cleaner paper bag for Sebo/Evolution/XP TM375/370/470/RSX/G1/G2VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21009Vacuum cleaner paper bags Taski AERO 8/15 10 pcs. 752489VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
17778Vacuum storage system 135x90cmMiscellaneousNonfood
21027Val de Rance Cidre Bouché brut Cru Breton IGP 5% 0,75 Ltr.CiderCanteen
18762Valdivieso 0,75 Ltr. 14,5% #6656R O T W E I NCanteen
24707Valiano Chianti Classico 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
19423Vallefiore Vino Rosato bag-in-box 10 Ltr. rosé 11%R O S E W E I NCanteen
19421Vallefiore Vino Rosso bag-in-box 10 Ltr. red 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
17951Valrhona 8x250 gr. Box Almonds & Hazelnuts Dark & Milk *Valrhona ChocolateProvisions
20678Valser water classic 12x0,75 Ltr. glassWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
20679Valser water classic 24x0,33 Ltr. glassWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
20680Valser water classic 24x0,33 Ltr. glassWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
20677Valser water still 12x0,75 Ltr. glassWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
01980Van Nelle Halfzware 50gFine cut tobaccoCanteen
01981Van Nelle zware 50gFine cut tobaccoCanteen
06602Vanilla cream powder kgBaking ingredientsProvisions
01351Vanilla Stick 25 pcs. 15cm bourbon (jar)Baking ingredientsProvisions
00932Vanilla Sugar 1000gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
11382Vanilla Suger bourbon 470ml WibergSugar/sweetenerProvisions
00539Vanilla Yoghurt with Fruit 150gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
00931Vanilla-Essence 1 ltr.Essences/ColoursProvisions
12107Vanilla-ice 5 Ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
21656Vanish Oxi Action Gel Pink 750mlBleachNonfood
19808Vanity Box for self-filling 50 pcs/ box GFBO014COM-N-2CosmeticsNonfood
18769Vanity Kit 500er FREYJA 102704Viking NonfoodNonfood
14274Vanity Set Neutral 200 St./Krt. 98BBACVANNT2SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
14376Vanity Set Hydro Basics grey & silver 200er HKVA007-100200ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
18163Vanity Set in Kartonage White & Black 200ea/box ACVA024ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
14213Vanity Set Uniworld Boutique 200er HKVA007-147233-5 *ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
18897Vantage waterbottleVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21311Vantastic Seitan Fix 1kgFinishedProvisions
20597Varga Egri Bikaver 0,75Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
02099Vat 69 Whisky 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
00013Veal Bones, cut frozenVealTK
06826Veal Breast boneless 1MV026VealTK
11165Veal Breast head for filling boneless frozenVealTK
04656veal cheeksVealTK
00049Veal feetVealTK
19153Veal fillet steaks 150gVealTK
12656Veal Frying Sausage 100g MunzertRoast/sausagesNullraum
18824Veal goulash from the lobe Kg (kg)VealTK
20773Veal Hind Shank Center CutVealTK
00040Veal Hind Shank frozenVealTK
00360Veal liver sausage, fine ca. 1 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
19768Veal liver sliced without Skin 80g TKVealTK
06057Veal Liver, frozen 1MV03VealTK
06058Veal Nut, Bahlmann frozenVealTK
06061Veal Osso Buco sliced frozenVealTK
00016Veal Rack Boneless 1MV016VealTK
00011Veal Rack with Bone Kg (kg)VealTK
08593Veal Rack, loin (without inner chain without silver skin)VealTK
06068Veal Roll, frozenVealTK
20750Veal rolled roast ca. 2KgVealTK
18834Veal rolled Roast from the neckVealTK
02442Veal sirloin "Lummerlachse"" -TK- (Kg)"VealTK
20627Veal Spare Ribs Smoky BBQ cooked 420-580g Karl KemperFinished productsTKTK
06336Veal Stewed Steak, frozenVealTK
06290Veal Tenderloin frozenVealTK
08389Veal Tenderloin Kg (kg)VealTK
14649Veal Topside rose with lid, frozenVealTK
19161Veal topside without cap and coarse fatVealTK
00021Veal Topsides Bahlmann frozenVealTK
11374Veal-Sausages ca. 2,7 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
11604Vealshuft grownVealTK
02219Vecchia Rom. Et. Neg. 1 Ltr. 40%BrandyCanteen
12028Vegemite 220gConfit/Baking FillProvisions
04295Vegeta Spice (Kg)Spices / MushroomsProvisions
01468Vegetable Broth 1 Kg KnorrKnorr / MaggiProvisions
07002Vegetable Broth 12 KgKnorr / MaggiProvisions
01091Vegetable fries Ardo 2Kg, frozen (Kg)Finished productsTKTK
19087Vegetable Juice 100% 1ltr. WesergoldJuices (Tetra)Canteen
13280Vegetable roasties 75g Avita 2x2,5 KG (KG)Kartoff/NoodleTKTK
11205Vegetables in aspic 1/2 ca. 1,9 kg (kg)SausagesNullraum
20800Vegetarian pockets 25x85g TK BürgerFinished productsTKTK
18382Velour Nubuk Care Spray 200ml neutralShoe careNonfood
18387Velours Nubuk brush for suedeShoe careNonfood
11769Velours Slipper closed 100er Neutal SLPA521ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
15120Velours-Slipper Scenic 100er ADA HWCS006ADA PRODUCTSNonfood
13889Veltins beer coasterPromotionalCanteen
02520Veltins beer 20 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,1° Alc.: 4,80%Beer / BarrelCanteen
04045Veltins beer 30 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,1° Alc.: 4,80%Beer / BarrelCanteen
13929Veltins cleaningbruchPromotionalCanteen
17718Veltins CoasterholderPromotionalCanteen
13392Veltins filtering tankPromotionalCanteen
13445Veltins Glasses 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
21018Veltins Glasses 0,4 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
13226Veltins metallic bottle openerPromotionalCanteen
20419Veltins penPromotionalCanteen
12750Veltins Pilsener 12/0,33 Ltr. EW Relief Grad Plato: 11,1° Alc.: 4,80%Beer / BottleCanteen
12751Veltins Pilsener 24/0,33 Ltr. EW non alcoholicBeer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
19300Veltins Seidel glasses 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
20411Veltins Seidel Glasses 0,4 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
19518Veltins Seidel Glasses 0,5 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
13223Veltins Szene Glasses 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
13224Veltins Szene Glasses 0,4 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
04115Veltins Tins 24/0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,1 ° Alc.: 4,8 %Beer / CansCanteen
13225Veltins TrayPromotionalCanteen
13944Veltins waiterblockPromotionalCanteen
20503velvet bag LIMA 92x100mm 50 pcsViking NonfoodNonfood
19325Velvet Slipper Deluxe closed neutral 100 St / box.MiscellaneousNonfood
20251Vendour Voucher 25pcs/pakViking NonfoodNonfood
08565Vension BoneswildTK
07016Vension legs without Bones frozenwildTK
11789Vension-Entrecote. spain frozenwildTK
14267Verbena Bodylption 72x75ml 98BBLC075VE2SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
14269Verbena Conditioner 72x75ml 98BBAS075VE0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
21000Verbena Handlotion 300ml 98BBLM300VE0 L´Occitane *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
17755Verbena Leaf Soap 250 x 25g L'OccitaneSOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
19563Verbena Liquid soap 300ml L´Occitane 98BBSL300VE0 *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
14268Verbena Shampoo 72x75ml 98BBSH075VE0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
14266Verbena Showergel 72x75ml 98BBGD075VE0SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
17647Verbena Soap 50g 120x50g 98BBSA050VE1 L´Occitane *SOAP/SHAMPOONonfood
18753Vernaccia Di san Gimignano 0,75 Ltr. 12,5% #5850White wineCanteen
10324Verschluss-Clipse 50mm 1000 St.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
17833VES Schnapsgläser Viking shots 6erViking NonfoodNonfood
02870Veuve Clicquot Brut 0,75 Ltr. 12%ChampagneCanteen
15147Veuve Cliquot brut Rosé 0,75L 12,5%ChampagneCanteen
02729Viala Rose 0,75 Ltr.R O S E W E I NCanteen
24713Victor Bérard Beaujolais rouge 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
24726Victor Bérard Bourgogne Blanc 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
24695Victor Bérard Chateauneuf du Pape 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24731Victor Bérard Côtes du Rhône 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21409Victor Bérard Côtes du Rhône 1 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24706Victor Bérard Crozes Hermitage 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
24705Victor Bérard Gigondas 0,75 Ltr 14,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24674Victor Bérard Macon Villages 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
24668Victor Bérard Mercurey 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
06605Victoria Persh Filet 300/500g, ITL, PBI (kg) frozenFresh fish&TKTK
12196Vieille Prune Nusbaumer 0,7 Ltr. 42%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
00865Vienna Cake bottom 500gPastries / CrackersProvisions
07764Vienna Cake Bottom dark 500gPastries / CrackersProvisions
19431Vienna Kipferl 30x45g/BoxBrötch/Croiss.TK
00434Vienna Sausages 20x70g/kgRoast/sausagesNullraum
00431Vienna Sausages 35x90g (kg)Roast/sausagesNullraum
09507Vienna Sausages 50gRoast/sausagesNullraum
02398Vienna Sausages ca. 35gRoast/sausagesNullraum
12657Vienna Sausages ca. 35g MunzertRoast/sausagesNullraum
14484Vienna Trilogie, Zweigelt, 0,75 Ltr. 13,5% #4224R O T W E I NCanteen
21566Vieux Château des Combes St. Emilion Grand Cru 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
24710Vignobles & Compagnie Chateau de Grande Gardiole Chateauneuf du Pape 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
24673Vignobles & Compagnie Cotes du Rhone Les Combelles 0,75 Ltr 14%White wineCanteen
24684Vignobles & Compagnie La Vigne du Roy Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
20336Vignobles Brunier Telegramme 0,75Ltr. 14% *R O T W E I NCanteen
24739Viking "Gift Sticker"" (A4 sheets, 10 motives a 5 sheets with 12 labels)"Viking NonfoodNonfood
24737Viking "gift wrapping paper"" (silber, 0,7x3m)"Viking NonfoodNonfood
21636Viking Aquavit 1 Ltr. 40%A Q U A V I TCanteen
17819Viking around the world 750erViking NonfoodNonfood
21622Viking Blueberry Jam 35x28gJam port.Provisions
13594Viking Caesar Dressing 3 KgSeasoning sauceNullraum
18102Viking Dailies masthead A3 800 pcs./ boxViking NonfoodNonfood
20265Viking Explorer Society invitation card 500 pcs. / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
13591Viking French-Ranch Dressing 3 KgSeasoning sauceNullraum
18691Viking Guide to good BusinessViking NonfoodNonfood
13596Viking herbs Dressing 3 KgSeasoning sauceNullraum
13595Viking Italian Dressing 3 KgSeasoning sauceNullraum
18249Viking Magazin "Explore More"" current Issue 25 pcs./ box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
18250Viking Magazine issue 2 30pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
21624Viking Orange Jam 35x28gJam port.Provisions
21620Viking Raspberry Jam 35x28gJam port.Provisions
13600Viking reason Sauce Blue Cheese Dressing 3 KgSeasoning sauceNullraum
19348Viking receipe BookViking NonfoodNonfood
21623Viking Rosehip-Apple Jam 35x28gJam port.Provisions
19954Viking Sheet Apricot pie 80pcs. 3800g, frozenCake/cake TKTK
19956Viking Sheet Chocolate Cheese Cake 4000g, frozenCake/cake TKTK
02872Viking Sparkling Wine Board Brand 0,75 Ltr. 11,5%Sparkling wineCanteen
21621Viking Strawberry Jam 35x28gJam port.Provisions
13599Viking Thousand Island Dressing 3 KgSeasoning sauceNullraum
20113Viking Vodka 0,7 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
06199Vileda Bucket with HandleMOP/FENSTERP/Nonfood
13034Vileda Quickstar Micro 38x40cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
21229Vileda SuperMop Micro AG 138495VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
21230Vileda SuperMop Stem 138cm 100273VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
02377Vileda Ultraspeed Pro set 25 Ltr. Grey, single bucket with chassis and pressMOP/FENSTERP/Nonfood
20343Villa Maria Private Bin Pinot Noir Marlborough 0,75Ltr. 13% *R O T W E I NCanteen
20354Villa Maria Reserve Sauvignon Blanc Clifford Bay 0,75Ltr. 13% *White wineCanteen
04248Vilsa Applejuice with Gas 12/0,7 Ltr. MWLIMONADE 1 Ltr.Canteen
04246Vilsa Mineral Water 12BO/0,7 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
07893Vilsa Mineral Water with Lemontaste 12x1 Ltr. MWWATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
19245Vinaigrette-Dressing 450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
02572Vinaigrette-dressing 4x450gSeasoning sauceProvisions
14379Vinegar 1 Ltr. FeldmannVinegar / LemonProvisions
10780Vinegar 10 Ltr. 10%Vinegar / LemonProvisions
09217Vinegar Cleaner 1 Ltr.ALLZWECKREINIGERNonfood
01378Vinegar Essence 25% 400gVinegar / LemonProvisions
00556Vinegar Essence 80% 1 Ltr.Vinegar / LemonNonfood
01369Vinegar with Herbs 0,75 Ltr. KuehneVinegar / LemonProvisions
02746Vino da Tavola Bianco 15 x 1,00 Ltr. 10,5%Cooking wineProvisions
02745Vino da Tavola Rosso 15 x 1,00 Ltr. 10,5%Cooking wineProvisions
21161Vinyl apron, 80x120cm whiteWorkwearNonfood
10725Virgin olive oil, extra 500ml WibergOIL / FatProvisions
14234Vita Malz Maltbeer MW 6/0,33 Ltr.LIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
05117Vital Bread Mix 500gLact/Gluten-freeProvisions
07798Vital cereals Dr. Oetker 600gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
10738Vital vegetable bouillon, 1,2kg WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
08035Vitalis Cereals with Fruits Dr. Oetker 500gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
20304Vitalis with honey 600g Dr.OetkerKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
02499Vitamalz 24x0,33 Ltr. Ds EWLIMONADE 0.33 lCanteen
04157Vlies/Viskose towels 6ea 38x38cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
02685Vodka 1 Ltr. 75%W O D K ACanteen
20479Vollmer -50HL- Weißburgunder Spätlese trocken 0,75Ltr. 14,5%White wineCanteen
20480Vollmer Altum Cabernet Sauvignon trocken 0,75Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
20604Vollmer Cuvée H.V. rot 0,75 Ltr. 12%R O T W E I NCanteen
20451Vollmer Meisterstück Rotwein Cuvée 0,75Ltr. 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
20450Vollmer Riesling trocken 0,75Ltr. 13%White wineCanteen
20004Vollmer Weißburgunder 0,25 ltr./btl. 13%White wineCanteen
20449Vollmer Weißburgunder trocken 0,75Ltr. 13,5%White wineCanteen
14929Volratz 1573 Riesling Vollrads 0,75 Ltr. * 12%White wineCanteen
19301Voltage converters 230 to 110 VVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
15246Volvic apple 6/1,5 Ltr. PETLIMONADE 1.5/2lCanteen
15242Volvic Cherry 6/1,5 Ltr. PETLIMONADE 1.5/2lCanteen
07785Volvic Mineral Water MW 6/1,5 Ltr.WATER WITH & WITHOUT GACanteen
15245Volvic red fruit 6/1,5 Ltr. PETLIMONADE 1.5/2lCanteen
15243Volvic tropic fruit 6/1,5 Ltr. PETLIMONADE 1.5/2lCanteen
20751Voralberger Mountain cheese 1/4 leaf 45% fatCheeseNullraum
21557Wachtenburger Winzer Cuvée Rot Edition Pfalz 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21391Wachtenburger Winzer Deidesheimer Hofstück Riesling 1 Ltr. 12%White wineCanteen
21527Wachtenburger Winzer Dornfelder 0,75 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21404Wachtenburger Winzer Dornfelder trocken 1 Ltr 13,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21495Wachtenburger Winzer Rivaner 0,75 Ltr 12%White wineCanteen
21402Wachtenburger Winzer Rosé 1 Ltr 12,0%R O S E W E I NCanteen
02341Wafer portion cup 126x4g 78458 DelifranceMini - CakeTK
06409Wafer unsweeted 48x40g -frozen-Mini - CakeTK
14291Waffle Mixture 1 KgBaking ingredientsProvisions
18807Wall bracket plastics 0,5 ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
18806Wall bracket plastics 1 ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
11045Wall holder ADAADA PRODUCTSNonfood
02251Walnut Caramel Cake 56pcs/boxCake/cake TKTK
08268Walnut Ice 5 Ltr. LangneseLangnese IceTK
06795Walnut Ice Cream 5ltr. SommerlandIce creamTK
21262Walnut kernels 1kgNuts / SeedsProvisions
05834Walnut Oil 0,5 ltr.OIL / FatProvisions
10727Walnut Oil extra 500ml WibergOIL / FatProvisions
06644Walnut Rolls 70x40g/box -frozen- EDNA 57Brötch/Croiss.TK
06765Walnut Shell Break 2,5kg (kg)Nuts / SeedsProvisions
00933Walnut with paring (kg) KgNuts / SeedsProvisions
06164Walnut, whole 1,8 Kg / TinNuts / SeedsProvisions
12065Walnut-mountain-farmer-bread 15 x 500g Delifrance s7021Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
06347Wan Tan Pork/Shrimp 48x15g frz.Finished productsTKTK
00306Wan Tan Sheets 500g frozenFinished productsTKTK
04171Warsteiner Beer 24/0,33 Ltr.Beer / BottleCanteen
04181Warsteiner Beer 30 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,6° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BarrelCanteen
04184Warsteiner Beer 50 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,6° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BarrelCanteen
04179Warsteiner Beer non alcoholic OW 24/0,33 Ltr.Beer / Alcohol-freeCanteen
04178Warsteiner Beer OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato: 11,5° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / BottleCanteen
00981Warsteiner bottle openerPromotionalCanteen
10004Warsteiner Coasters 100eaPromotionalCanteen
19502Warsteiner Double Hopped Beer 24/0,5 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 11,6° Alc.: 4,8%Beer / CansCanteen
09982Warsteiner Glasses 0,3 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
09959Warsteiner Partymug 0,50 Ltr.PromotionalCanteen
09960Warsteiner tap headPromotionalCanteen
06360Wasa wholemeal, 260gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
01494Wasabi 43g TubeKetch./Searett.Provisions
19774Wasabi Caviar 90gCanned fishNullraum
07201Wasabi Mix - extra hot Mixture 1000gPastries / CrackersProvisions
17954Wasabi peanuts 800g LorenzPastries / CrackersProvisions
11702Washing net for washing machine ca. 60x40cmMiscellaneousNonfood
07430Washing Powder 20 KgWashing powderNonfood
06239Washing up Brush, PlasticBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
20709Waßmer Sauvignon Blanc 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%White wineCanteen
20243Waste bin Inlay round 2000pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
18724Waste bin Inlay round 1000erViking NonfoodNonfood
20273Waste bin Inlay square (225x225) SQUARE II 1200pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
18646Waste bin Inlay square 1700er (195x195)Viking NonfoodNonfood
19424Waste toner box Konica Minolta A2WY-WY7 for Bizhub 552TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
20457Waste toner box Konica Minolta A4Y5WY1 for Bizhub C3850TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
21034Waste toner box Konica Minolta AAJ5WY1 for Bizhub 308eTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18874Waste Toner Container 008R13061 Uniworld *TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14855Waste Toner Container 008R13061 VikingTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
17826Wastebin Inlay Square 195x195 1850 pcs./ boxViking NonfoodNonfood
11342Water Biscuits 125g Carr's TablePastries / CrackersProvisions
10677Water Chestnuts whole peeled 580ml/567gGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
15915WATER DECAF 100% Arabica Brazil 500gRoasted coffeeProvisions
08878Water MelonsFruit, freshFresh
01951waterbottle for CDIVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20253Waterbottle hang tag 1000pcs/boxViking NonfoodNonfood
20383Watercaniser with tap 20 ltr.VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
07844Watercress fresh, -bunch-Fresh vegetablesFresh
08752Watercress, smallSpices / FreshFresh
21196Waterkant feta cheese 45% 1,8kg/bucketCheeseNullraum
09314Waterpusher Perfecta PBT 55cmBÜRSTENWARENNonfood
06854Wax - String - Beans 4250ml/4000gem-kons.3/1- 5/1Provisions
01154Wax - String - Beans 720mlGem-cons.1/1-1/2Provisions
09309WC-Ente 750mlSANITARY REINIGERNonfood
08097Weetabix 432gKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
21483Wegeler Rüdesheim Berg Schlossberg Riesling Kabinett VDP 0,75 Ltr 8%White wineCanteen
21453Wegeler Wehlener Sonnenuhr GG trocken 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21484Wegeler Winkel Jesuitengarten Riesling GG trocken VDP 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
06131Weihnachts Mischung 125g GruytersHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
21507Weingut Alphart Zweigelt Pinot 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
21558Weingut Cobenzl Blauer Zweigelt Bisamberg 0,75 Ltr 13%R O T W E I NCanteen
12206Weinheimer Sybillenstein, Grauburgunder Weingut Schlossmühlenhof, Kettenheim 0,75 Ltr. 14%White wineCanteen
03118Weis Gin 1 Ltr. 37,5%G I NCanteen
03114Weis prunespirit 1 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
03117Weis Schnaps Cherry 1 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
03116Weis Schnaps Raspberry 1 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
03115Weis Williams Chr.-Pears 1 Ltr. 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
10807Weißburgunder Glatzer 0,75 Ltr. * 13%White wineCanteen
13102Weißburgunder Kirchner 0,75 Ltr * 12,5%White wineCanteen
19659Weißburgunder QW mild, Rheinhessen 1 Ltr. 10,5% #3470White wineCanteen
19725Weiss Magenbread 8 KgHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
13111Welschriesling Madl 0,75 Ltr. 12,5%*White wineCanteen
19398Weltenburger Barock dunkel 11x0,5 Ltr. MW Grad Plato: 12,5° Alc.: 4,7%Beer / BottleCanteen
19397Weltenburger Kloster Anno 11x0,5 Ltr. MW Grad Plato: 13,1° Alc:: 5,5%Beer / BottleCanteen
20654WEPOS Anti-mold impregnation 750 ml, chlorine-freeVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
01806West redCigarettesCanteen
01817West silverCigarettesCanteen
13560Westf. country ham without rind ca.1,4 Kg (Kg)Smoked sausageNullraum
15705Westmalle Tripel 24x0,33 Ltr. EW Grad Plato: 19° Alc.: 9,5%Beer / BottleCanteen
19215Westmalle Triple 12x0,75 Ltr. OW Grad Plato: 19,86° Alc: 9,5%Beer / BottleCanteen
21062Wheat baguette 24x280g Edna 560Bread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
01616Wheat bran 200g SchneekoppeNutritional agentsProvisions
00821Wheat Bread 750g slicedBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
05678Wheat Burrito 8x 18pcs 30cmBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
00666Wheat Burritto 12x12 pcs. dia: 25cmBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
06399Wheat Flour 550 25Kg (Kg) FrießingerFlour / flour mixProvisions
00779Wheat Flour Type 550 1 KgFlour / flour mixProvisions
13602Wheat pita bread 6st./ Pkt 400gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
10819Wheat toast bread 8x500g, slicedBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
07909Wheaten flakes 5 Kg/KgNutritional agentsProvisions
00517Whipping Cream 250ml TinCream/sour creamNullraum
00523Whipping cream fresh 5ltrCream/sour creamNullraum
05800White and dark chocolate striped 25x40mm 350erBaking ingredientsProvisions
10062White balsamic vinegar 500ml WibergVinegar / LemonProvisions
13801White beef tripe (tripe)BeefTK
08880White Cabbage, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
21316white cane sugar 500gSugar/sweetenerProvisions
10522White Flakes (Frosties) 750g G&GKelloggs / MuesliProvisions
02093White Horse Whisky 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
10742White pepper, whole 1200ml/735g WibergSpices Can/Gl.Provisions
08852White radish, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
02503White Spirit 5 Ltr. 96%GrainCanteen
18079White tapioca pearls 400gNutritional agentsProvisions
01187White Turnips FrozenFrozen vegetablesTK
08833White turnips, freshFresh vegetablesFresh
06136White Wine Vinegar 1 ltr.Vinegar / LemonProvisions
19760Whitebread not cut. 750gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.TK
07368Whitebread not cut. 750g glutenfreeLact/Gluten-freeTK
19565Whole garlic cloves 1 Kg frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
12958wholemeal spaghetti 500gNoodles dryProvisions
02094Whyte & Mackay Whisky 1 Ltr. 40%WhiskyCanteen
10831Wiberg Acetoplus Currant 500mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
10829Wiberg Acetoplus Passionsfruit 500mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
19429Wide neck barrel, 30 liters blue (for Nespresso Pads)VARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
14543Wiener Gemischter Satz 0,75 Ltr. 12,0% #5664White wineCanteen
19600Wieninger Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC Nußberg 0,75 Ltr. 13,5%White wineCanteen
19599Wieninger Wiener Trilogie 0,75 Ltr. 14%R O T W E I NCanteen
01683Wild Berry Jam 3 KgConfit/Baking FillProvisions
00139Wild Boar Leg without Bones frozenwildTK
00173Wild Boar Rack frozenwildTK
17220Wild Cherry Liquer 0,35 Ltr. 20% ABVFRUIT FIRESCanteen
10058WILD GARLIC oil nativ extra 500ml WibergOIL / FatProvisions
12073Wild Rice Joe R. Millers 3 Kg/KgRiceProvisions
08399Wild Rice mixed 2 Kg/KgRiceProvisions
08980Wild Rice Uncle Bens 5 kg BagRiceProvisions
21608Wild Turkey 1 Ltr. 40,5%WhiskyCanteen
02101Wild Turkey 1 Ltr. 50,5%WhiskyCanteen
13833Wildboar goulashwildTK
09055Wilkinson Oneway-Razor 5 pcs.ToiletriesNonfood
18053Willi Glass 0,3 Ltr.BEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
18054Willi Glass 0,4 Ltr.BEER ACCESSORIESCanteen
02978Williams Chr.-Pears Kranz 1 L 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
02981Williams Chr.-Pears Specht 1 L 40%FRUIT FIRESCanteen
17217Williams Pear 0,35 Ltr. 43% ABVFRUIT FIRESCanteen
03065Wilthener mountain herbs 1 Ltr. 30%LiqueursCanteen
01814Winbston blueCigarettesCanteen
12952Wind asher stainless steelMiscellaneousNonfood
18545Window Cleaner 32cmMOP/FENSTERP/Nonfood
09289Window Cloth Vlies 36x39cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
01949Wine Guide "Elbe"" 100 pcs./ box"Viking NonfoodNonfood
20309Wine Guide France - A Votre Sante 100 pcs / boxViking NonfoodNonfood
19982Wine Guide RMD 100 pcs./ boxViking NonfoodNonfood
19410Wine Italia bag-in-box 10 ltr. 12%redR O T W E I NCanteen
19411Wine Italia bag-in-box 10 ltr. white 12%White wineCanteen
21177Wine list menu paper A3 100 pcs./ PackViking NonfoodNonfood
01382Wine Vinegar 0,75 Ltr. KuehneVinegar / LemonProvisions
21123Wines sorted see delivery noteArticle
01813Winston redCigarettesCanteen
21498Winzervereinigung Freyburg Hiesiger Cuvée weiss halbtrocken 0,75 Ltr 11,5%White wineCanteen
20522Witor's Praline Selection Classic 1000gSweetsProvisions
02490WMF Milk cleaning tablettes 100x10gDecalcifierNonfood
17892Wojnar Liptauer mild 2 KgCheeseNullraum
19657Wolf Tarhonya 1 KgNutritional agentsProvisions
20951WolffishLoins, 140-160g, iqf 10% glaze, IcelandFresh fish&TKTK
12569Wood-handle-cork slab PE-buckler 19mmVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
20850Wooden boat 120 × 60 mm 50pcs/pakVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
13549Wooden clocks yellowDECORATIVE CASH REQUIREMENTSNonfood
20722Wooden comb 200 pcs./box L'occitane 98BBACCOMB1CosmeticsNonfood
13207Woodford Reserve Distillers Edition 0,7 Ltr. 42,3%WhiskyCanteen
07058Worchester Sauce 1000mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
01354Worchester Sauce 200mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
18103World of Viking brochure 15 pcs./ boxViking NonfoodNonfood
13806Wrap bag 5 cm Box/500pcsVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
02562Wratislava Spiritus 96%GrainCanteen
20445Wrigley's Extra Strong Mint 30x10 Pcs/Box *SweetsProvisions
13878Würzkönig Safran String 5 gr.Spices Can/Gl.Provisions
02980Xante 0,5 Ltr. 38%LiqueursCanteen
20950Xanthan (E-415) 100gNutritional agentsProvisions
11926Xellent Swiss Vodka 0,7 Ltr 40 %W O D K ACanteen
18875Xerox Cartdidge for Workcenter 7530 CYAN 006R01512 Uniworld *TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16724Xerox Cartdidge for Workcenter 7530 CYAN 006R01512 VikingTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18877Xerox Cartdidge for Workcenter 7530 Magent 006R01511 Uniworld *TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16726Xerox Cartdidge for Workcenter 7530 Magent 006R01511 VikingTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18876Xerox Cartridge for Workcenter 7530 Yellow 006R01510 Uniworld *TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
16725Xerox Cartridge for Workcenter 7530 Yellow 006R01510 VikingTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18878Xerox Drum Cartridge 013R00662 7525/7530/7535/7545/7550 Uniworld*TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
17620Xerox Drum Cartridge 013R00662 7525/7530/7535/7545/7550 VikingTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18873Xerox Toner Cartridge black 7530 006R01509 Uniworld *TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
14610Xerox Toner Cartridge black 7530 006R01509 VikingTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18872Xerox Transfer Belt Cleaner 001R00613 für Workcenter 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556 Uniworld *TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12703Xerox Transfer Belt Cleaner 001R00613 für Workcenter 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556 VikingTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
18871Xerox Transferroller 008R13064 für Workcenter Uniworld *TONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
12440Xerox Transferroller 008R13064 für Workcenter VikingTONER/CARTRIDGENonfood
01942XOX Asia Lounge Mix 1kgNuts / SeedsProvisions
20493XOX Genießermix 200gPastries / CrackersProvisions
12954XOX Peanuts roasted and salted 1000gPastries / CrackersProvisions
18748Yeast 6ea 42g/Box (pak) G&GBaking ingredientsProvisions
11133Yeast dumplings filled with plum butter 30 x 170gFinished productsTKTK
00888Yeast Fresh, 24x42g/Box (pak) DHWBaking ingredientsNullraum
18508Yeast plait with raisins 1.400g -frozen-Cake/cake TKTK
00893Yeast, fresh 1YE010Baking ingredientsNullraum
20878Yellow Fin Tuna vitamine C, skinless, 180-200g, 10% glace, PBO Kg (kg)Fresh fish&TKTK
08842Yellow Pepper BellsFresh vegetablesFresh
14229Yellow Turnips diced 120-140g frozenFrozen vegetablesTK
21684Yeo´s Satay Sauce 270g/250mlSeasoning sauceProvisions
09840Yoghurt Froop assorted 150gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
21289Yoghurt Greek Plain 10% Bulk 10 Ltr.Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
01062Yoghurt Lünebest 150gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
06116Yoghurt Peach-Maracuja 3,5% 5 Ltr.Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
21290Yoghurt Plain 1,5% Long Life, Bulk 5 kgYoghurt / KefirNullraum
09019Yoghurt with Crisps Mueller 150gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
00533Yoghurt with Fruit 125g 0,1% Fat FrankenlandYoghurt / KefirNullraum
08763Yoghurt with Fruit Ehrmann 115gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
06119Yoghurt, Apricot Mango 1,5% 5 Ltr.Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
06118Yoghurt, Cherry 3,5% 5 Ltr.Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
11008Yoghurt, Fruit 150g lactose freeLact/Gluten-freeNullraum
10369Yoghurt, nature 3,5% 150gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
00991Yoghurt, nature 3,5% 5 ltr.Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
14137Yoghurt, Peach/Maracuja cream 5 Ltr. 1,5% longlifeYoghurt / KefirNullraum
00531Yoghurt, plain 10 ltr. 1MK150 NS2Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
00530Yoghurt, plain 150g 1MK150Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
00534Yoghurt, plain 5 Ltr. 0,1 %Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
00520Yoghurt, plain 500gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
06117Yoghurt-Strawberry 3,5% 5 ltr.Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
14135Yoghurt-Strawberry cream 5 ltr. 1,5% longlifeYoghurt / KefirNullraum
13892Yogurt with fruit 125g 3.5% Bauer (strawberry, cherry blueberry and raspberry)Yoghurt / KefirNullraum
00619Yogurt-Raspberry Icecream 5 Ltr. LangneseLangnese IceTK
08101Yolk Of Egg 1 ltr.Egg - ProductsNullraum
08955Yolk Of Egg 1 Ltr. frozen 1EG030Egg - ProductsTK
20793Yuzu juice 100% 180mlVinegar / LemonProvisions
06641Zaziki 1 KgMayo / RemouladeFresh
21493Zenato Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
21510Zeni Bardolino Classico DOC 0,75 Ltr 12,5%R O T W E I NCanteen
21573Zeni Chiaretto Classico Bardolino DOC 0,75 Ltr 12,3%R O S E W E I NCanteen
21456Zeni Lugana Vigne Alte 0,75 Ltr 13%White wineCanteen
21464Zeni Soave Classico Vigne Alte DOC 0,75 Ltr 12,5%White wineCanteen
03113Ziegler Gin Classic 0,7 Ltr. Alc. 45%G I NCanteen
10322Zimtsterne 2,1 KgHOLIDAY ITEMSProvisions
01834Zino Cigars SumatraZ I G A R R E NCanteen
15157Zipfer Pils MW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 11° Alc.: 5,20%Beer / BottleCanteen
15154Zipfer Pils OW 24/0,33 Ltr. Grad Plato.: 11° Alc.: 5,2%Beer / BottleCanteen
07456Zisch. cellphane bags 95x160mm 10erVARIOUS NONFOODNonfood
02353Zollner Microfiber cloth blue 40x40cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
02352Zollner Microfiber cloth green 40x40cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
02354Zollner Microfiber cloth pink 40x40cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
02351Zollner Microfiber cloth yellow 40x40cmTÜCHER/BLACKSNonfood
13001Zottis classic export Longlife 1,5% 4 x 115gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
13624Zottis fruit export Longlife 1,5% 4 x 115gYoghurt / KefirNullraum
02698Zubrowka 1 Ltr. 40%W O D K ACanteen
19380Zucchini mini freshFresh vegetablesFresh
05769Zucchini yellowFresh vegetablesFresh
08885Zucchini, CourgettesFresh vegetablesFresh
20057Zwack Unicum 0,05 Ltr. 40%B I T T E RCanteen
02948Zwack Unicum 1 Ltr. 40%B I T T E RCanteen
04921Zweigelt "L"" Gmeiner 0,75 Ltr. 13% *"R O T W E I NCanteen
02448Zwergenwiese FruchtGarten Apricot 70% 6x225gJam port.Provisions
02447Zwergenwiese FruchtGarten Strawberry 70% 6x225gJam port.Provisions
15702Zwettler Bier Original 30Ltr. Grad Plato: 11° Alc.: 5,1%Beer / BarrelCanteen
08027Zwieback Brandt 225gBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
04663Zwieback in portions 68 x 2 pcsBread/Wasa/Zwieb.Provisions
Item No.Article descriptionTypeArticles mark